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Player: captain.skittlez
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged/DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Andromache
Known Aliases: Andrea O'Neill
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Ethnicity: Red Dragonkin
Place of Birth: Avalon
Base of Operations: Milenium City
Relatives: Drake (brother); Davidian (brother); Jasarian (Step-Father); Raziel (Creator/Father);
Age: 411 (Dragon years); considerably more in human years.
Height: Variable.
Weight: Variable.
Eyes: Purple (Usually)
Hair: Red, caramel and blond highlights
Complexion: Lightly tanned.
Physical Build: Average.
Physical Features: Enochian tattoos.
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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2,000BC - Present day
Citizenship: Citizen of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Occupation: Dealer of Mystic Antiques; Agent of UNITY;
Education: Mistress of Mysticism
Marital Status: Widow
Known Powers and Abilities
Longevity, superhuman speed, dexterity, stamina, large knowledge of most known and a great many unknown magics.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Tooth of a black dragon, woven in silver on a bracelet. Green jewel on a chain which she claims is a minatue, minatue giant space hamster. It's true importance is unknown.
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In the Unseelie Court in Avalon, a red dragoness left her nest of eggs with a young healer of the court. The fae Lady knew that she couldn't keep a nest of dragons, nor could she raise them. The Unseelie Court, allies of the red and black dragonflight during their war, decided that a trust-worthy dragon would be found and the eggs would be left in his or her path, so that they might offer them the chance to raise the younglings.

They chose the black dragon Drake, and left them where he might stumble upon them. On this very same night, the Arch-Angel Raziel decided that he would manipulate one of the eggs into a ploy for his ultimate goals. This egg would be the dragoness Andromache. Drake did just as the fae had hoped and the healer watched over them for a few years, before deciding that he would do a good job raising the eggs. Thus it was that after incubating the eggs, and them hatching, Andromache was born in the village that Drake lived in. He had always been more a brother to them than a father figure, but he was also quickly passing on his skills to them. Andromache absorbed all she could about magic from him and shapeshifting, with little to no interest in things like flying, fighting or wrestling like her brothers were. She had only ever been interested in being a scholar, and having been raised as a human first and a dragon second, Andromache was - like her younger sister - completely uninterested in war.


Andromache studied as Drake defended the village, and often helped out around the place with her knowledge which expanded as she visited different places and learned about the world. She was interested in science, art, religion, sculpting, magic and anything else she could learn about. She was considered fairly strange by the villagers, being a red head, tall and slim, and always walking around with her nose in a book, paying the boys of the village no attention.

Drake met and married a woman whom Andromache enjoyed spending time with, and also spent time with their children when she was in the village. She became an aunt to them, but understood that she would outlive all of them and didn't grow as attached as she would've liked.

At her funeral, after returning when Drake contacted her about Bella's death, Andromache and the others were attacked by a higher demon. Immediately, all launched into the assault, with Andromache using the magic she'd learned in various places to combat the demons that attacked. Drake was defeated, but his recovery was almost instant and he led their foes away from the village.

Andromache's brothers and sister followed Drake to the mountains to fight, but Andromache returned to the village to protect the people and her nephews and nieces. She fought the hordes of demons that swarmed the village and battled valiantly to protect the survivors, but she was overwhelmed. As the higher demon tore through the village, Andromache felled his minions and used her magic to hide herself.

Later Life

After the village was destroyed, Drake found Andromache battled wounded and hurt, and took her away from the village as they no longer had emotional ties there. Drake raised Andromache to be strong, training her to be a warrior like he was and forcing her to become strong. They roamed across the planet, with Drake pushing her into more and more battles. In the mean time, she furthered her magical studies; although her brother wasn't ecstatic about this, he didn't stop her. She learned magic from, basically, whoever would teach it, as her draconian nature made her a natural sponge for the things she was being taught. She picked up on things from blood magic to Enochian magic, something that – by the time she was learning it – was already dying out, as those who spoke to angels were dying out.

Drake and Andromache finally got in a battle that was far greater than either of them could handle; a demon so powerful that both were decimated rather quickly, despite the valiant effort both put up. Though both died, they both revived after the battle. Though shaky and pained, Andromache felt the surge of pride that came with that kind of pyrrhic victory. Her bother, happy that she had learned the hardships of life and was ready for their world, parted ways with her, allowing her to live her own life and do her own thing- though they kept in close contact with a telepathic bond.

Life In Greece

Andromache found her way to Greece, not long after this, where she found safety on a small island; the Isle of Thera. An island populated entirely by women, Andromache finally settled on a human form- red hair, green eyes and a stout build. She became a priestess, learning about the deep nature of fire magic and it's bond to the dragonkin from a spirit who lived in the volcano the island nestled on. The priestesses believed that their praying and offerings kept the 'beast' calm and the island from being devoured, but it was merely nature. It was here that Andromache first took said name, which means 'Battle of a Man'. From Thera she was soon shipped off to the great city of Troy, destined to marry the prince Hektor. She fell in love with his battle-brother, however, the warrior known as Helikaon. Helikaon was injured in a battle and, while healing, was in a fever dream. During this, Andromache made love to Helikaon and purged the disease from his body with her celestial magic. She fell pregnant with his child, but the child was passed off as being that of her husband, Hektor who couldn't have children.

When Hektor was slain by Achilles in the Trojan War, Andromache and Helikaon became lovers. They survived the Trojan War and founded the small city of Seven Hills with Odysseus where they lived until Helikaon's death. Andromache had used her shapeshifter powers to aesthetically age herself, and shortly after Helikaon's death, she too 'died' and was sent off in a similar manner (a funeral pyre on a boat) she waited until she was out of the sight of the island and flew off, only then realising what Drake went through with the loss of his own family.

Life After Greece

Although having left her life in Greece behind her, she retained the name Andromache. She decided to spend the next thousand years in relative solitude, travelling from learned mage to wizard, from shaman to medicine man. She learned the magical arts that all could offer, even going so far as to learn demonic magic. She never did retain a proper grasp on demonic magic, although she can still use it. She often broke her cover to battle demons and monsters, using her magic and draconic nature to win the battles she fought.

Bound To Lilith

When Andromache was travelling through Africa, she met a demon called Lilith. Lilith tricked Andromache into being trapped by a small army of demons, who were slowly weakening her. When Andromache was getting worn down and desperate, Lilith came to her and seduced her, tricking her into consuming demonic blood to fight off the demon hordes.

Andromache managed to fight off the demonic hordes, slaying them with relative ease but at a price; with the amount of demon blood she consumed, she became tainted and addicted to the blood. She became bound to Lilith after this, who – without Andromache's knowledge – was using this to break into Andromache's knowledge of the angels. She remained bound to Lilith for a few hundred years, basically her blood-addicted slave. Lilith used her to attack various places, against her will, until she got the attention of the Arch-Angel Raziel. Raziel sent Barachiel and Uriel to strike down Lilith, but she managed to escape by forcing Andromache to attack them. Although Uriel wanted to kill her, Barachiel intercepted him and instead purged the demon blood from Andromache with a touch of his angelic power.

Staying Out Of Trouble

Andromache tried to stay out of trouble after this, deciding that after the whole 'Trojan War' thing, she should keep her head down. She tried her best and managed to mostly keep out of the public light, aside from one "minor mistake" in the Royal Library Of Alexandria, where she got into a 'tiff' with the Librarian and 'things were said, choices were made, Julius was childish, let's not talk about it'.

She returned to her life as a scholar, and lost almost a thousand years when she spent what seemed like thrice that long in the kingdom of the fae, living as a student to some of the great magical minds of the world, including the fae goddess, the Morrigan, who stylised herself as Morganna le Fey and the wise wizard Merlin.

America, Two World Wars and Millenium City

Andromache went under the radar for a long time, keeping her quests and actions out of the public eye. She decided it was better to not be remembered, since she was a little bit of a hellion. The next recorded surfacing of her was as a scientific mind during the early 20th century, before she went on to move against German super-powered forces in the defence of the Entente Powers, and then later again in World War Two, against the super-powered Nazi menace. She was, in the mid-forties, one of the first to be trialed for the Silver Avenger initiative and helped work on it, too. She would later be one of the early members of the PRIMUS organization and has been with it since then, who believe her to be a human with superhumanely gifted powers of sorcery. She is happy for them to believe this.

When she and Drake settled in Detroit, they stayed low and off the radar, with most of Andromache's PRIMUS work being as a consulting specialist, until the devastating attack by Dr. Destroyer. Drake and Andromache both died in the blast, and upon waking, decided it was time to fight back. After helping rebuild the devestated city, they went about recalling old contacts and getting back into 'the game', when the Qularr invaded. And, well, they had to shut off ALL those beacons.


As a shapeshifter, Andi can look like anyone or anything, but she's chosen her own 'look' that she's stuck too since first discovering the Earthrealm. In her human form, Andromache appears as a young woman in her mid twenties, with bright purple eyes that have an almost eerie glow to them. She's about six foot two, although she's been known to give herself a shorter appearance when she needs to. Her hair is usually just below her shoulders, ranging between red, red and orange, and red, yellow and orange. It looks like it's been stylishly dyed and cut, most of the time. Her nose ends in a tiny ski-slope and she's been told it's “adorable” very often. Her ears a long and elfen like in appearance, and the left is pierced twice on the bottom, while the right is pierced only once on the bottom and twice along the top.

Her body is lean and well built; although she doesn't bulge with muscle, she quite obviously radiates strength. She has quite a voluptuous figure, with wide, swaying hips and very long, attractive legs. Her right leg has a tattoo that starts on her foot and curves its way up the outside of her leg all the way up to her thigh. It is tribal looking in design and seems to glow, fading in and out slightly. Her skin is richly tanned, and she often wears light make-up. Her fingers end in sharp, white claws which she can recede at will.

Among her locks are a few dark red spikes that are somewhat visible unless she chooses to hide them.

As with most shape-shifters, Andi can wear practically anything she wishes. However, she has taken to wearing a signature set of clothing that sets her apart. She wears a dark red mini-dress with skirt that drops down to the middle of her left thigh at it's lowest point. It has a zipper that runs discretely from her neck to below her navel. Going from her left hip to her right thigh is a twice looped brown belt featuring a few pure silver buckles, which usually, she'll hitch up and tuck the right side of her skirt into, giving the dress a sloping look. Below the dress, especially when flying, you can catch a glimpse of dark purple hotpants.

Wreathing most of her long legs are a pair of thigh high dark purple boots. The right one is slightly longer and the holster for a gun is clasped around it. The left is a few inches shorter, and around the top is tied a silver chain with a sparkling green jewel hanging off it, which Andromache tells people contains a miniature, miniature giant space hamster. What it's importance actually is, is in fact unknown. The left boot is also decorated with arcane, dark magic symbols.

Finally, Andi has a purple leather jacket. The sleeves are long, and slightly flared, ending in white edging and the right features silver-grey leather buckles near the wrists, with black metal clasps. Further up, the upper arm features the same buckles and two chains hang from the edge of coat's breast, going around the arm and chaining onto the back. The coat's lapels are folded out, also featuring dangling silver chains and the collar is popped up. The left arm is covered in arcane symbols, neither Enochian or dark magic, but something else. The jacket halts just below her breasts, rather than going down to her waist and the edge is lined with white.

In addition to these clothes, she also wears a loose fitting silver bracelet with a black dragon tooth on it, which has been surrounded by a delicate looking silver 'cage'. A pair of black wrap around goggles also rest on her forehead, but they're decorative as she hardly needs them for protecting her eyes during flight.

Dragon-kin Form

Between her human form and true form is what she calls her dragonkin form. This is because it resembles something halfway human and dragon, kin of both. This form is considerably taller and broader; she's about eleven feet tall, and her skin is a dark red, with yellow and orange thrown in, almost like stripes. She has two red wings that come from her back, and are around the same size she is, give or take a few inches. Her total wing span is roughly twenty five feet. Her face is less human looking, with a flat nose, more visibly larger fangs and her eyes are sharper. Over all, her form is still mostly humanoid, however. Her entire body is now littered with spikes and spines, however, coming from her upper arms, forearms, thighs, shins, back, shoulders and even more around her head, including a pair of long ones that slope backwards from around the top of her forehead. Her hair is more shaggy now, almost like a lionesses mane, and stays dark red.

Her hands are now even more clawed, longer and each hand only has three fingers and a thumb, and her feet end in three clawed toes with a back claw. Her skin has also taken on a visibly scaly look, although her chest is bare of scales; instead spikes protrude from it. She also has a long, prehensile tail which ends in four white spikes, almost mace-like.

Her tattoo on her thigh is replaced by Enochian symbols that move and ripple below her skin. They're usually black, although when she's tapping into Enochian magic, they'll flare red, then blue and then finally white depending on the power level.

True Form

Andromache's true form, her full dragon form. No longer bipedal, although capable of rearing up, Andromache is no longer visibly female, either. Her body is now huge, almost the same size as Godzilla. The entire thing is covered in plated armour, which is mostly all spiked. Below the parts of the armour, visible between the plates in the chest, shoulders, hind legs and neck, what appears to be molten, white hot flames flicker below the surface. The forelegs end in three black claws, as do the hind legs, however they feature a forth, back claw. She also has a longer tail, this time ending in about seven or eight spikes, all of which are white hot, possibly even molten. Her wings also feature regular, plated limbs with white hot molten 'blades' replacing the leather-like skin that stretches between her dragon-kin ones.

Powers And Abilities


Andromache's strength, durability, healing factor, speed and endurance are all in the superhuman level. She can press about sixty-to-eighty tonnes, take blows from miniguns and superhumanly strong opponents, move about twice as fast as the finest human athlete, heal practically as quickly as an eye can blink and go for hours without tiring. Andromache can produce and control magical fire, although not natural fire. She is immune to both her own fire and naturally occurring fire, however, as she's a fire dragon. As she says, “I was born of this.” She can generate and control fire within one hundred yards of herself, and she needn't see it to control it. She is also, as mentioned, is a shapeshifter, and she can perfectly mimic a person down to their scent, although she can't mimic any kind of magical or psychic knowledge, meaning that the changes are aesthetic only. As a dragon, Andromache is essentially immortal. She has a longevity that is based on magic, and so long as magic exists, Andromache will continue to live.


Andromache is a highly skilled sorceress. Her knowledge and expertise stretch over centuries, millenia even, and over many different forms of magic, both remembered and forgotten. She's one of the only living practitioners of Enochian magic, the magic of the seraphim. She also has deep knowledge of fae magic, dark magic, white magic, necromancy, transfiguration, charming, magical imbuement and blood magic. She is able to disguise her own magical skills, too.

Andromache is a scholar; her brother, Drake, is the warrior of their family. As such, she's well versed in literacy, history, ancient magics and can preform rituals that have passed out of the memory of most humans. She is, despite being the scholar, highly trained in combat by her brother. She's not got any select combat styles, as she's more of a walking explosion of fire and magic waiting to happen. She's quick and agile and can put her claws to good use. She's also half decent when it comes to using guns.

In addition, much to her chargin, Andromache has celestial powers that she doesn't quite understand. When Raziel altered her DNA before birth, he hard-coded angellic magic into her that gives her an edge when combatting demons and their ilk. She is able to recognize angels and other celestials, but can be recognized by them in turn. She doesn't have any real knowledge about this, other than that imparted on her by her contacts. She is very well known for being able to create and manipulate magical items, and is a dealer of magical antiquities and artifacts.


Don't be daunted; Andromache isn't unstoppable. In fact, if one has a brain and some inginuity, it's not difficult to put her down. Rapid drops in temperature are a big problem for her, and she - like her brother - is a massive hot-head. Although, she's tempered by having to deal with Drake, it's easy to find her 'spot' and press down on it. She is a petty, vindictive bitch, too, when it comes to her family, so you'd best use that to your advantage, or not at all.

While she has amazing regenerative powers and can take a beating, she isn't indestructible. The application of enough force without relenting will wear her regenerative powers down quickly, and as long as you're fast enough to keep her on the defensive, you can remove the advantage of her magic; however, she is still an old and powerful noble dragon, and it would be very difficult for any ordinary human to get that kind of power over her. She was once susceptible to angelic control, but she recently performed a dark ritual that 'tainted' her in a way that would prevent all but the most powerful of angels from manipulating her mind - manipulating her heart, however, is a different matter.

Growing up with Drake and being involved in his battles, especially with demons like Jasarian, means that Andromache isn't as easily fooled by illusion based magics as you might think. She knows subtle gives that will allow her to break certain illusions, although powerful masters of the art would have no problem hiding this from her.



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