Amy Pearce

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Amy Pearce
Player: charmy2
'I take no joy in what I do. I take joy in seeing the innocent smile, and live another day.'
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: Intermediate
Research & Development: Misticity
Personal Data
Real Name: Amy Pearce
Known Aliases: The Stepvampire; The Bloody Mother
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 22
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 125.6 lbs (57 kgs)
Eye Color: White iris, black scera
Hair Color: Black/Ashen
Biographical Data
Nationality: English/German
Occupation: Vigilante; Foster Care Worker (sort of)
Place of Birth: Germany, Binz
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single, Straight
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Powers
Thaumaturgy; Flying; Phasing
Known Abilities
Control over blood; Transformation (minor)
Cellphone, wallet
"And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints.." Revelations 17:6

2013, October 13:
I've survived the attack. My father, mother, sister, even my dog are dead. I can't explain it any other way, just this bluntly. Anger, sorrow and nihilism fills the void in me. I've no time to grieve. I must find the one responsible for this. The attacker, a vampire, I assume, must have had a reason to attack. That, or it was out of its mind. Doesn't matter. I'll have my revenge.
2014, April 17:
I sometimes still think of that night. The night of the attack. The monstrosity, the bloodshed, and dying. I was afraid to show up to others. The newspapers said that my dead body was probably taken away, but with the amount of blood on the scene, I can't have survived. All my friends buried me, I guess. Good thing I didn't have that many. Sometimes I miss Esther. Maybe one day I'll reveal myself to her. However, as a vampire (am I even a vampire?) my life will never be the same, anyway. Learn to let go, Amy..
2014, November 21:
I found a job. Finally I don't have to scavenge for clothes and money. On the isolated middle of nowhere, there is a foster home. The staff was very kind. Of course, I worked the night shift, and spent my time in an abandoned apartment, in a darkened room. The children are nice, so far. I love them. Feels like I have a family again. Maybe this is my new life. God only knows.
2015, May 5:
"I've survived yet another attack. Someone set the home ablaze. The staff did not survive, neither did the children, except for 3 of them: Ben, Katie and David. Whoever did this was the one who attacked me on the night of my vampiric beginning. The attacker must have been some kind of higher-being. It used its blood to set the place ablaze. Blood. I see blood in a different way than most. Maybe using it, I can track him and have my vengenace. The children...they have my "gift" now. They will be able to get by. And I promised to be back."
2018, June 2:
I'm back in the city. It has been done. Illusions, dreams, the scent of blood and even other supernatural beings lead me to the killer. He was out of his mind. By the time I met him, I was different. I had control over every inch of my being, I had the strenght to fight like a real fighter. It wasn't an easy fight, and I'm surprised I came out victorious from it. I beheaded him. It felt awful, yet satisfying. Still, I never wish to do it again. Tonight I will go back to my abandoned apartment room. I'm sure it's still abandoned. I'll try to find my children, Ben, Katie and David, and finally have my best life yet.
2018, June 11:
Still haven't found them. I'm sure they would never have separated from each other. Maybe someone else took them in? I'm not worried, but I miss them dearly. They are like what? 9 or 10 year olds now? I pray to God I will find them. But I need to rest. I am tired, and has been tired for almost 3 years. I think I deserve some slack-off. Millenium City, here I come..