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Player: @Maekada
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Delphi Melody Arlen
Known Aliases: Delphi, Ampula
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Cyborg
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Base of Operations: Millenium City, MI
Relatives: Julie and Brian Arlen, Parents, Deceased.
Age: 40
Height: 5'8 (possibly 5'10 since cybernetic limbs)
Weight: 85 lbs. without cybernetics, 140 lbs. with cybernetic limbs, 200 lbs. in full armor.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic upper body
Physical Features: Cybernetic limbs
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 15
Citizenship: Legal Citizen of USA
Occupation: Cybernetics designer
Education: K-12, Doctorate in cybernetics engineering
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Cybernetic limbs, powered armor.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Born to a dentist and an office secretary, Delphi Arlen seemed an average, inquisitive little girl. However it was soon noted that she learned things at a very quick rate, learning new concepts easily, and learning things within those concepts almost immediately. In middle school it was obvious she was well above her age-grade, so she was bumped up to high-school two years early. Even there she excelled, graduating with top grades at the age of sixteen. She was not an ugly girl, nor very pretty, and her way of dressing unpopular. She was younger than anyone in her grade, and often picked on for it. This caused her to be more withdrawn, and possibly helped focus more on her studies without the distractions. However, she was asked to Senior Prom by one of the cutest guys in school, a guy she'd had a secret crush on. After prom, her date, Derek Ford, took her to the local 'makeout' spot and took her virginity. Afterwards she fell asleep and when she woke up, he was gone, and there were people outside the car, laughing and pointing at her, even some taking pictures. She was horrified to find Derek foremost among them, mocking the noises she made and things she said the night before. Delphi was devastated and vowed to never let anyone make a fool of her like that again. Her self-confidence and self-esteem took a heavy hit that day which followed her through life, solidifying her withdrawn nature.

She went on to attend college with several scholarships based on her exceptional academics. She managed an astonishing feat, gaining a doctorate in cybernetics science by the age of twenty. It was a subject that had begun to fascinate her as it became more prominent in the world. Delphi landed a job with a small, well-respected prosthetics company that allowed her to delve into the newer cybernetic prosthetics. The owner, Samuel Gleeson, was a kind man who eventually came to look to Delphi as a daughter after her parents died in a vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. Delphi also took several military contracts, helping design powered armor.

Delphi was in her mid twenties, working at Gleeson Prosthetics, when a prominent gang-leader demanded she make powered armor to give his men an edge in the street wars. She refused and she began to receive threats. After reporting it to the police, she was kidnapped and brought to an abandoned warehouse where it was demanded once more that she design the armor for them, with the threat of torture. They had a sorcerer capable of keeping people alive through the torture that would normally kill them. She still refused. They began to cut her up, one knuckle at a time, then her toes, then at each joint of her limbs, keeping her alive and conscious through it all. A hero with super-hearing heard her screams and broke into the warehouse. He took out the gang-leader and his men before they could kill her, unfortunately including the sorcerer, whose power began fading quickly after he lost consciousness. The hero managed to get her to the hospital in time for them to keep her from dying, though she remained on life support due to many of her vital organs and systems going into shock. After a few weeks, Gleeson Prosthetics offered to take over the care of her, and once it was proven they had the capability to support her she was released to them.

Her closer colleagues were allowed to use the obsolete scrap to make cybernetic arms for her with basic tri-claw hands. Using these she designed more advanced cybernetic limbs. This process repeated itself several times over the first year, and in the second year she had also developed cybernetic legs, and a suit to contain her life support. This suit was large, and the helmet had to remain on at all times. It served to cut her off even further from the world. Later that year, the gang who'd threatened her before launched an attack on Gleeson Prosthetics itself. They set fires all over the building, and disabled the fire alarms and extinguishing systems. Delphi worked hard to get as many people out as she could, using her strong limbs to lift debris as well as people, but she was unable to save the owner, Samuel, before the building collapsed. Devastated, she went into true seclusion, shutting herself off from the world.

Samuel Gleeson had left everything to Delphi, having no family or children of his own. After debts and funerals were paid off, Delphi still had quite a fortune to her name, and not all of it from her inheritance, as her military contracts had proven quite lucrative. She began to develop her suit and her limbs, with a new purpose in life. She could not allow evil men to make others suffer any longer. Her suit became armor. Her arms and legs became powerful weapons. She began studying into energy weaponry, and Tesla's research. She adapted this all into her armor and limbs. As her knowledge grew, her armor shrank, became more advanced, more powerful. Over the course of ten years, she has become one of the most advanced power-armored heroes on Earth, now known by her superhero alias, Ampula.

Powered Armor's Abilities

Strength - Ampula, with the aid of her cybernetic limbs and powered armor, is capable of lifting over 50 tons.

Armor/Cybenetic Limbs - Ampula's armor and cybernetics are plated all around with hardened Kendrium, while the framework of her limbs is titanium with a hardened-Kendrium layer around it. This makes her armor quite durable, and her limbs as well. Her armor also provides support for her body to allow her to utilize her strength without breaking her back. Her more advanced armor is capable of folding up into a belt through the use of advanced miniaturization fields and a complex system of interlocking parts, organized by a computer program. Her headgear has the same function, but goes into a compartment of her armor. Her advanced armors and cybernetics also have a neural network throughout them that allows her to feel as if she had skin. However, this is limited to determining pressure and heat.

Energy Shielding - Ampula's main defense relies on layers of highly advanced energy shielding. This 'skin-tight' shielding will deflect physical objects, energy blasts of just about any sort, radiation of various sorts including EMPs, and she has been saved on one or two occasions by phasic shielding, which prevents anything from phasing into her, such as to cause harm. Her energy shielding also absorbs a portion of all energy directed at it, including ambient energy. This makes her shielding hard to overcome without a quick, powerful offensive, and also provides extra energy to her weaponry if needed. She has various ways to amplify this shielding if needed, by applying more power to shields.

Sensors - On a less physical side of things, Ampula's armor and headgear are equipped with various sensors that monitor her vitals as well as different factors of her surroundings, such as lighting, temperature readings, radiation levels and sources, energy levels and sources, and a bio-scanner that tracks and provides information on living beings, and extensions to this that do the same for mechanical and unliving things. In addition to passive sensors she also is capable of viewing things in various levels of the electromagnetic spectrum, including ultraviolet and infrared, and even X-ray, though she doesn't often use this due to focused radiation output. She also has a targeting system based on her entity-detection scanners mentioned before, allowing her to sync with most of her weaponry.

Computer - Similarly to her array of sensors, her headgear connects her directly, through neural pathways, to a computer, which allows her access to several databases, and also serves as her access to conscious use of her sensors. Certain aspects of this, where necessary are displayed on her HUD. She specifically refuses to include more than basic pseudo-AI into any of her systems.

Weaponry - Ampula's armor and cybernetics, combined, have many forms of weaponry, almost all of them energy-based. Most prominent are her advanced Tesla cannons, directed along her cybernetic arms. When charged, these cannons can unleash powerful electrical discharges. However, she is able to adjust these energy levels based on the data from her bio-scanners to avoid killing her targets. Her entire armor and cybernetics can also emit electrical bursts to enemies who get too close, though this fires more at random than at a target. She also has other energy-based weapons, particularly the concussive energy beams from her hands and chestplate. These weapons can also adjust their power to compensate for an enemy's strength. They can also be modified with settings to make them project heat instead of just concussive force, allowing her to cut or blast through objects if more than pure force is needed.

Jet Boots - Ampula can hit speeds up to Mach 5, though only briefly. She can sustain a stable velocity of Mach 3 under normal conditions. The power of these jet boots allow her to carry heavy objects. Her stability is monitored by her computer systems, translating her neural signals into controlled flight. She can also use these jets to launch herself into a similarly-controlled rocket-jump. Her armor and cybernetics can withstand the forces during flight and the impacts of landing from jumps.


Intelligence - Ampula is possessed of a highly genius-level IQ, bordering on super-genius at 250. More than just the number, she has a very innovative and adaptive mind, allowing her to improvise quickly in various situations. It is unknown whether this level of intelligence is superhuman in nature or simply natural.

Cybernetics, Electronics, Robotics, Neurology, and Anatomy - Ampula has a doctorate in cybernetics design and application. She was one of the leading designers of cybernetic prosthetics until the company she worked for was burned down, its owner killed, and all assets passed on to her. Her particular brand of cybernetics does not interface with a computer in the brain, but instead functions by connecting directly into the nervous system. As such, she has an intimate knowledge of cybernetics, and by extension, electronics, robotics, neurology, and human anatomy in general. She is a qualified surgeon as well, though her experience extends only to cybernetic surgery.

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