Alyssa Q'Uzixola

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Alyssa Q'Uzixola
Player: @agentx5
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"Magic is just like any tool, it's in how it is used that matters"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Queen Alyssa Q'Uzixola of Xzianthia
Known Aliases: The Red Queen, Lil' Witchy, and The Savior
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Diamorian (light skinned)
Place of Birth: Othgantown, Bioma, Xzianthia
Base of Operations: planeswalker / NA ; has a condo in Millennium City
Relatives: Kali Q'Uzixola (half-sister)
Age: Appears to be in her 20's
Height: 167 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight: 57 to 62 kg (125 to 137 lbm)
Eyes: Emerald green, unless she's using necromancy (in which case glowing red)
Hair: Cherry red, unless she's using necromancy (in which case it grows black)
Complexion: Light/fair
Physical Build: Slim & toned (which is unusual for a mage)
Physical Features: No scars, thanks in no small part to her ability to self-heal with her positive-energy necromancy
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Identity: Public
Years Active: Depends on what you consider her taking an active role in shaping world events
Citizenship: Xzianthian
Occupation: Queen, executive leader but now as more of an ambassador planeswalker of her people to other realms needing aid
Education: non-standardized education
Marital Status: single, but engaged
Known Powers and Abilities
Primary: evocational magic (electric and force predominately); 2nd: necromancy (both positive and negative)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Diamond of Summoning (a rare and powerful artifact); Robes of the Red Dragon Priestess (once made to fit their tyranical and cruel mistress, was simply too soft & durable to not re-purpose and re-tailor into a sexy & comfortable dress)
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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About Alyssa



In Xzianthian society, wizards and witches are considered to be trained mages with a little talent in magic (typically adept with enchantment, conjuration, and transmutation magic), whereas sorcerers and sorceresses are mages who have a natural talent they cast from emotion and intuition (typically adept with evocation/elemental and necromancy magic).

Alyssa, like her sister Kali, is a natural sorceress and a very powerful one at that.

Theme Music

The following soundtracks capture the essence of Alyssa Q'Uzixola.

She has had a lot of tragic events in her life, but still strives to courageously fight for freedom and never gives up hoping for a brighter future:

Her epic battle with her allies against the unstoppable evil of the Nha Si'Marat and their Dark Master leading them:


Alyssa neo-armor.jpg
Her armor is actually a stole Nha Si'Marat technology. It literally grows like a second layer of skin over her body when she activates it and it will regenerate any damage it takes at the penalty of life drained from the user. Fortunately Alyssa is talented enough with necromancy magic to easily self-heal any damage taken. The red wings are her iconic symbol of the rebellion she had lead in the previous millennium, now a source of hope to others and a reminder to herself. Since the creation of this armor, her red wings have eventually become the official seal of the modern Federation of Xzianthia.

Her Original Adventuring Party

Party members in order of appearance:

Primary antagonist character: Empress Kali Q'Uzixola, her half-sister and a fallen hero.

Her Second Adventuring Party

Party members in order of appearance:

Primary antagonist character: The Dark Master Azazel Yrre, a twisted evil ancient Nectean and leader of the Nha Si'Marat.


The Prophecy

A child born from the true love between Sarah O'Shea and King James, forbidden her parent were to be together, into the rainforest she shall go. One day she will rise as the equal to the empress, the great conqueror of the world, as the savior of the people to liberate them and save them from evil. One will become the master over the other sister and in so doing decide the fate of the entire world, but neither can do so nor can live in peace until the other is no more. Only by one dying may the other truly live.


Alyssa was born in a remote town alongside a harbor on Bioma. Although Sarah O'Shea, Alyssa's Mother, was set to protect her daughter via isolation, but unfortunately a prophecy was made about Sarah's daughter being a threat to Empress Kali's reign. Fearful & paranoid, Kali hunted down her former master who refused to strike at Kali or relinquish her child to die. As a result, Kali shot Sarah with an enchanted arrow (bypassing her enchanted defenses) to the face. Sarah and the baby Alyssa in her arms fell backwards off the high cliff, and Kali thought the evil deed was done. But Sarah has planned for this and had enchanted a brooch on the cloth bundle Alyssa was wrapped in that made the baby fall as softly as a feather. The elder druid Zuphias found the baby alongside the river bank with her mother's broken body nearby. He felt pity for the baby and took her as an adopted daughter, against the wishes of the other elven elders.


The Diamorian Wars

The Shadow from the Past

A Tale of Two Empires

Escape & Exodus

The Rebellion

The Battle at Ays Lake

The Rise of the Nha Si'Marat

A Millennium Later...

The Dark Master Arrives

The Apocalypse and the Search for Hope

The Battle of Pherol

The Battle of Xzianthia

The Omega Weapon

Post-Apocalyse Plane Walking

A New Mission

Alyssa powerhouse.jpg

Arrival in Millennium City and the Qularr Invasion

Westside Crime Buster

Demons in Canada

Canadian Terrorism

Gigaton's Attack

Witchcraft and Talisman

Meeting Zero

Foxbat Tries to be Alyssa's Nemesis

VIPER in Canada and the Desert

Mission: Serpent Lantern

Meeting XMTSX and Tundra

Teleios's Tower

Mission: Demonflame

Gorothok and Ynnea join

Mission: Demonflame

Monster Island Crisis

The Lemurian Civil War

Mission: Aftershock

Alyssa using her lightning against the Kings of Edom