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Alto MK-7 v2
Player: Alto MK-7 v2@NessarnWarrior
Alto mk-7 v2 artwork by waifupanda Milky@squishykittyy.jpg
Hiyas Nyah ?
Biographical Data
Real Name: Andreas[past name]
Known Aliases: The Mechanical Spirit,Alto MK-7 v2(or Alto for short),robocat
Gender: Male
Species: Android / Destroid
Ethnicity: [classified]
Place of Birth: [classified]
Base of Operations: [classified]
Relatives: Albert Zerstoiten(Step father),

Satin Angel (Older step sister),

Height: 4' 6
Weight: 48
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Dark
Complexion: Dark Metalic Bronze Shade
Physical Build: Mechanical
Physical Features: Robotic
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: [classified]
Citizenship: [classified]
Occupation: [classified]
Education: Basic
Marital Status: [classified]
Known Powers and Abilities
Electric/Tesla Weapons/Robotic Weapons/Nano Repairs/Ammunition/Gadgets
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Robotic Equipment,Tech Devices ,ammunition equipment ,Gadget equipments
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada



The back story of the infamous villain known to many as Dr. Destroyer, is also known as Albert Zerstoiten, a scientist in former employ of the (redaction). His role in science involved the machinery and weapons sector of Area 51's (redaction).

But before that, he had a step son, an unexpected tragedy had befallen the boy.his step son had (redaction). His father received the call from the hospital, and received the bad news from the hospital staff. His step son was barely breathing or holding on when the doctors arrived and tried to help him in the hospital room. Due to the lacking hospital staff, this (redaction) would be the suspected cause of a (redaction). Filled with thoughts of regret, there was nothing else that could help Albert Zerstoiten feel more angry than he already is.

Albert Zerstoiten: "I wish there was something i could do have done (redaction)

he whispered to himself. That day, he retrieved his dead son's body and attempted to revive him in his private lab, located in a. To this process, his spirit was transferred into an android replica which was still at early ages for nanotechnology and machines to be as such in this era. However, the process of revitalizing his mechanized son was done so with the help of stolen (redaction) science equipment in which the (redaction) clearly forbid spies and infiltrators working on behalf of the (redaction) to breach the (redaction) owned sector of Area 51. Regardless of the case, it is with the help of (redaction) science that have brought Zerstoiten's son back to life...

(redaction) were not accessable to the (redaction) at the time, or to Dr. Zerstoiten, so he had to study and research the advanced perimeters of (redaction) and power cores, in which the (redaction) corporation stole from the (redaction), by having the the joint staff of the (redaction) to build good relations with the (redaction) and attempt to manipulate the (redaction) in assisting the (redaction) with weapons to defeat Viper, Argent.

The (PURGED) knew better to limit the (redaction) supply of (redaction) because the (redaction) and (redaction) scientists feared that technology would be used against them. Three hours were spent as Dr. Zerstoiten decided to seek the aid of (redaction) in secret. Luckily he encountered one in the Detroit conventional center. Dr. Zerstoiten approached the (redaction). (redaction) and expressed his lament, about the tragedy of his son, and already was in tears when he spoke of this to the (redaction) scientist.

scientist: I will help you...

the scientist said.

scientist: "I know how to operate these (redaction). If you take me to where you son is in secret, I can help you revive him..."

then Dr. Zerstoiten questioned the scientist.

Dr. Zerstoiten: "You didn't have to do this,,, but why?"

Dr. Zerstoiten answered.

scientist: "Because nobody deserves this. We shouldn't let bad things happen to good people."

the scientist replied.

Dr. Zerstoiten: "You have a million thanks from me."

Dr. Zerstoiten replied with a slight relief of sigh, as the scientist accompanied him to where his son is... With the following success of the asylum operation, his son woke up, surprised and confused with his new body.

Alto MK-7 V2: "What happened to me?"

the boy questioned.

Both the scientist and Dr. Zerstoiten explained everything about the whole situation and what his father did to help bring him back. And it would've never been done without a (redaction) help.

scientist: "I must return to my lab sector, Dr. Zerstoiten, for my people need me back at (redaction). I'm happy to see you got your son back..."

the scientist replied as he left his lab.

Dr. Zerstoiten's son was shocked at the news told by both scientists but mostly by his father, but relieved to hear the news that he has been saved. However, the (PURGED) heard of the success of Dr. Zerstoiten's operation of bringing his son back, so they raided his lab with (redaction).

They demanded Dr. Zerstoiten to hand over his son to the (redaction), and weaponize him for the (redaction). Furthermore he was to assist the (redaction) and inserted that no questions about his son were to be asked. At first, he refused to give his son to the (redaction), there was a rather heated argument.

The (redaction) stated that if Dr. Zerstoiten does not let them take his son, he would be (redaction) and sentenced to (redaction) in a way the (redaction) sees fit. Weak as he was, he could do nothing as he watched those shady paramilitary types and their cold agents take his son away from him. The father had but no choice but to submit to the (redaction) demands and continue working for them...

Seven days later, they arrived at the (redaction). From there, they placed his son in a testing lab to experiment with mechanized weapons. The (redaction) demanded that Zerstoiten is to weaponize his son and have him serve military operations to assist the (redaction), the (redaction), the (redaction), and the (redaction) in their mission to destroy (redaction) and serve the (redaction), or so he was told. Because of the armed guards near his son, Dr. Zerstoiten could do very little other than trigger an explosion inside the weapons lab.

The (redaction) sector of Area 51 could hear the ruckus outside, but shrugged it off and insisted the (redaction) are stupid in their own little accidents. They were not very distracted over the news of such a disaster and continued their research for the (redaction) programmes that would later serve the (redaction), as (redaction). The explosion put most of the lab in shambles, and unluckily Dr. Zerstoiten and his son were caught up in the debris from the explosion pact...

Albert Zerstoiten woke up and discovered himself in a rubble. Luckily he was able to pull himself out of the mess he created, as he was able to stand on his two feet and find his son. Unfortunately he wasn't able to. This broke Dr. Zerstoiten's faith and good will, at this point he was filled with thoughts of hate and anger, from this point he swore vengeance against the world.

Albert Zerstoiten returned to his private lab from where he created his imfamously known power armor in which he shall be recognized as Dr. Destroyer in that uniform. He assembled his army of Destroids and prepared himself for a long and gruelling war against the (redaction)...

Two days later, his son woke up from the destroyed section of the weapons lab, and survived, miraculously. He believed his father died in the destruction of the lab, so he was left to his own conscience. Not knowing (redaction), he had to make his escape.

Stealth was his only option due to the fact he had to hide from (redaction) and (redaction) securing the (redaction) sectors of Area 51. In front of him was his exit, which was on the (redaction) side of Area 51. He sought to that exit, but in the process of his escape, he was greeted by (redaction) deployed (redaction fireteams at flashpoint. He was afraid but in a certain way, he knew he had to be calm and focus on his mission.

The (redaction) fired their weapons at him, but out of nowhere, a huge gunship hovered over the surface of Area 51. The VTOL had engraved letters, U.N.T.I.L. , which is also an important ally to the world strongest superhero team. The boy was confused, but he knew that someone would save him.

He felt the vibe of a presence, but it was unknown to him but somehow he felt he was part of that. A huge mechanized war-machine deployed from a massive VTOL craft big enough to carry him. He inserted onto the ground in a hard landing, right in front of the (redaction)...



  • the (redaction) opened fire upon the robot*


the Robot opened fire at (redaction).


thing did settle down after huge gun fight between (redaction) and the UNTIL robot, as the battle had settled down the UNTIL VTOL landed near by.

as the vtol landed, a man stepped out and said...

UNTIL General: "give me status"


UNTIL General: "alright."

General answered.

UNTIL General: "I'll be having a serious discussion with the (redaction) about this, and a personal word with the (redaction). If they take any more children to be used as weapons, I will declare (redaction) on the (redaction).",

The boy looked confused at both the presence of the General and his mechanized ally. Strangely enough that machine stood 12 ft. tall compared to others, in comparison about 2 inches taller than most ,

the (redaction) who also was an enemy to DR.Destroyer in the (redaction) populated (redaction) known as (redaction).

None of these factions or these characters were known to the child, so the UNTIL general approached the boy.

The boy had his eyes covered the whole time during the (redaction) and (redaction) on the (redaction) pawns.

Alto MK-7 V2: "Y-you're not here to kill me?"

the boy shilled nervously as he noticed the commander of (redaction) standing tall before him.

UNTIL general: "You can trust me. I am a friend. You have survived, and so has your father. I am sorry to say, but a certain madness has befallen your father after the tragedy he subject witness to. Forgive me, child. He cannot be saved."

UNTIL general: "I wish we would've known this beforehand."

the UNTIL general replied with a said what would-be solution had the boy and his father remained under (redaction) protection.

UNTIL GENERAL: "I am sorry to see this happen to you, child. Had I known the (redaction) would threaten terror amongst you and your father, I would've stopped them a long time ago. If there's anything we can do to help, let me know."

said (name redaction) as he turned to his dismissal from the scene, as he boarded his VTOL hovercraft escorted by his elite until soldiers.

UNTIL Female Commander: "Who's the kid?"

UNTIL general: "That doesn't matter."

UNTIL general: "He is (redaction) responsibility now. The way I see it, DR.Destroyer would be the father and creatorof this robot..."

UNTIL Female Commander: "i see"

UNTIL general let out a slight smile but boarded the craft and took his leave with a stern look, thinking about(PURGED)...

Alto MK-7 V2: "Wh-what do you mean my father is still alive and believes I'm dead? But, he can't be saved from his insanity, I don't know what you mean by that..."

replied the boy.

Alto MK-7 V2: "And,,, that Commander,,, she said your name was (name redaction)?"

UNTIL general: "That is correct."

UNTIL general replied.

UNTIL GENERAL: "Though you may call me (redaction) if you prefer, or (redaction) for short, as (redaction) and his people call me. And yes, that (redaction) is (redaction), the leader of the (redaction) here on (redaction). I'm not surprised you didn't seek out the protection of UNTIL, though you were scared and I don't blame you..."

said the UNTIL general as he looked upon the boy with it's own eyes.

UNTIL general: "The reason why he went crazy is because of corruption in the (redaction), which I know (redaction) himself will eventually declare war on. They too, will push him to the peak of war, and (redaction) make a very good argument against their enemies. It will get messy, but least you and I will not be victimized by these would-be human savages in this war. I trust (redaction) and he will protect us all. He's a good man... I'm sorry about your father by the way, child. You can't save him as he is now, but the only way you can save him is to set him free from this world. You must end his suffering, and doing so, you will have to face against him in battle eventually. But you will not be alone, child. I will aid you in your quest to save your father's soul. For now, consider me as a father type. I will watch over you, I will protect you, and I will train you how to defend yourself, and be strong."

Alto MK-7 V2: "I,,, understand..."

  • the boy replied.*

Alto MK-7 V2: "But w-wait!" the boy reached out in angst. "I want to join you..."

the UNTIL general paused at his footsteps and looked down at the boy...

UNTIL general: "Hmm, I see yet potential in you child. Perhaps that can be arranged. If you wish to join me, UNTIL is looking for any helping hand to stop dr.destroyer's evil plans..."

Alto MK-7 V2: "Yes,,, I'll do whatever it takes"

Unknown Robot: "As from this day, you are now part of the UNTIL. We aid the allies of the superhero team the champions. There are things you must do first, once you harness your power and abilities,I will help improve you as we go on."

said the UNTIL general,on the field who took the young boy as a recruit amongst UNTIL...

Alto MK-7 V2: "I i shall aid UNTIL from stopping DR.Destroyer's evil plans"

the boy replied.

UNTIL general: "Then it is settled. Accompany me aboard my vtol, and embrace your new path, and your new future..."

the UNTIL general said.

UNTIL general: "So what's your name, little one? Do you have a name?"

the UNTIL general asked.

Alto MK-7 V2: "My name?"

the boy questioned.

Alto MK-7 V2: "I,,, don't have a name. I don't even know if I have a name, or if I even,,, remember..."

UNTIL general: "Then how about Alto MK-7 v2?"

The UNTIL general replied.

Alto MK-7 V2: "Alto,,, MK-7 v2? "

Alto answered ...

The two arrived on the UNTIL base, the (PURGED), which serves as UNTIL's forward operations base, and a (redaction) for (redaction). Days went on before the final battle between Alto MK-7 v2 and his mad father, Albert Zerstoiten. During the days were the uprising of the Destroids in millennium city.

The day it happened however, is when Alto MK-7 v2 battling his insane father and trying to save his soul, but luckily Alto MK-7 v2 conformed to referring the until general as a father figure. His new father said he is to be strong and true, help those who are in need. Alto MK-7 v2 agreed to UNTIL general's terms.

This concludes the history of Alto MK-7 v2, the mechanized spirit...


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