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Player: @morana
Class Focus: Sorcery/Force/Fire
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arcana Mystical
Personal Data
Real Name: Alorana Stratos
Known Aliases: Alorana
Species: Nux (Near-Human species)
Ethnicity: Outward appearance is Caucasian
Age: 30
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Slender build
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Lavender with added black streaks
Biographical Data
Nationality: Legally-born Canadian citizen
Occupation: Full-time hero
Place of Birth: St Catherines, ON
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Engaged to Major Gray
Known Relatives: Sister (Morana), Parents (Starfall, Stratosphere)
Known Powers
Arcane with nature supplement
Known Abilities
Natural flight ability, superhuman talents disguised as witchcraft

A Brief History

A second-generation hero, Alorana was raised to follow in the family business. She'd inherited her parents' otherworldly powers, though her rebellious streak as the younger daughter kept her from reaching her full potential for many years. After all, you don't have to measure up to your oh-so-perfect sister if you don't bother to try.

She grew up in a fortified manor on the Niagara peninsula, hidden behind the guise of a family winery. It was a central location for her parents to fly off to wherever they were needed on the East Coast, and it provided them with a life and hobby they enjoyed in their off time, as well as an income to fund their true work.

In her early teens, the reclusive Alorana started reading a book series about a teenage witch. She found it fascinating, and she began researching into witchcraft. Her parents found her new hobby to be odd and a little disturbing, so in typical, teenage fashion, she dug into it even deeper, twisting her powers into something mimicking the arcane. She surprised herself by finding she actually could tap into the magical ley lines and use them for power, augmenting her natural abilities.

She continued delving into “witchcraft” as she found she really enjoyed it, collecting tomes and spells wherever she could, scratching spelling circles into the hardwood floors. She could find and feel different schools of good magic, but she also found some very dark places that power could come from. She probed there with great caution, sealing most of it away from herself.

As a young adult determined to find her own destiny, Alorana moved to Millennium City. She found a job working in a small wicca shop selling crystals, books, and useless trinkets to people who wanted to pretend they could tap into the arcane world. The pay was terrible, barely helping her pay her rent, but she was content with her life. Or at least she was satisfied that it was "hers".

It wasn't until she was robbed at gunpoint one night as she worked the shop alone that she learned her true lesson in responsibility. Of course, the robber was the one who limped away crying after she blasted him through the front windows, but Alorana could finally see just how ugly Millennium City was beneath the shiny surface. The people there needed her help, and she was selfishly hiding away trying to be "normal".

With the help of her parents, she moved to a bigger apartment with enough closet space to house her second wardrobe, and she slowly found her feet as another hero in Millennium City. And instead of being merely content with her life, she's found fulfillment in accepting her responsibilities.

The recent Qularr invasion kicked her hero career into overdrive as she helped defend Millennium City, and it also brought a crime-fighting partner into her life. Now they travel together all over the world as they are called or needed.

A More Recent History

A superhuman named Shadowstalker was her first partner, another hero she'd encountered during the Qularr invasion. They were thrown together as they happened to be in the same neighbourhood when it all happened, and from there on they were just lumped together as a duo. But they discovered that it was nice having double the firepower, and it was safer than going alone. Alorana kept expecting Shadowstalker to go his own way, but he stuck with her though everything that the various agencies could throw at them. Their relationship was initially purely professional, and with time it slowly moved towards a comfortable friendship. Together they joined a well-known supergroup known as The Guardians, putting their names on the map and action figures on store shelves.

They worked hard to fit in with their new team, slowly gaining their rank to full Guardian membership, and found themselves opening up to new friendships.

A Love Story

How does a girl say no to a 500lb cybernetically enhanced super soldier (and former VIPER super villain) when he decides he wants a second date? Especially after a romantic first date involving killing zombies on a submarine and picking entrails out of her gear?

Even after being bombarded with warnings about getting herself mixed up with Major Gray, she found herself drawn to his strong personality and open frankness, not to mention his ability to track her down wherever she went. She fully expected to find herself used as a pawn in one of his games and steeled herself to that end, but she was surprised to find his affections were very genuine. Their relationship took off quickly, and she found herself moving into his home within only a couple of weeks. They've kept their relationship quiet and out of the press for the most part, but news of their engagement is slowly starting to trickle out.

Despite how very different they are and how very different their lives have been to this point, Alorana can't imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else.


Alorana's powers come from three sets: Force, Sorcery, and Fire. The force powers are her inherited powers, strictly raw power harnessed as best she can. When she's defending herself, these are the skills that she instinctively uses. But she'd also discovered a fascination for arcane magic and witchcraft, and she found that she can also draw on these powers to augment her natural skills. She also found that she can pull from elemental magics, and purple fireballs have become her specialty.


While growing more each day into her offensive powers, Alorana is very careful of the fact that her physical body is very mortal. She has developed some spells and shields to defend herself, but she is certainly not bulletproof nor able to withstand too many attacks. She didn't worry about it too much as a small-time hero patrolling the streets of Millennium City, but now that she's made a name for herself, she's facing tougher and tougher villains. It may not show, but it scares her sometimes.