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Warning: Mild Language
Alley Cat
Queen of the Lanes
Can ya dig, Daddio?
Player: Benevon.png
Super Group
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Real Name
Catherine Blackwood
United States
Millennium City
Basement under bowling alley
Owner and manager of Lucky Strikes Bowling
Legal Status
Upstanding citizen
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Yeah right!
Body Type
Black w/ platinum highlights
· Distinguishing Features ·
Pierced lip, tattooed
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Brain processes mathematical equations such as angles, velocities etc at superhuman speeds
· Equipment ·
Pistols, glider, anything she can throw
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Early Years


There really isn't much to say about Cat's early childhood. She was just a normal girl, spending a lot of time at her father's garage learning how to fix cars. She enjoyed it a great deal, and eventually went on to build her own custom rods.

It wasn't until she was 16 when her powers began to develop. At first, she noticed little things like tossing paper into a waste basket. It seemed she could not miss, so she started to try bank shots. They all landed in the basket. Eventually, she began to use this new gift for the typical things a teenager would use them for...scamming people out of money. She would hang out at the local bowling alley, running pool shark scams and betting on games on the lanes.

By the time she had (just barely) graduated high school, she was dating Billy. Billy was a few years older than her and played in a rockabilly band. The two enjoyed partying, scamming and causing general mischief around the city all night long. They also liked to play around with anything resembling the occult. Witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, you name it, they were trying to mess with it. And that's when the "incident" occurred.

One night during a ritual in Billy's basement, something went wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it. The spell actually worked this time!). An actual demon appeared before the two granting them each a wish. Before Cat could say anything, Billy asked the demon for eternal power. A flash of light and all Cat could see what Billy hunched over on the ground. His power had been granted...for a price. As he stood up, Cat screamed and ran out of the house. Billy had no face. He was now one of the soulless undead!

Life After the Demon

The next few days were spent trying to accept that demons and monsters were real. And drinking whiskey. LOTS of whiskey. Once she woke up, with a massive headache, she turned her attention to research. No longer to summon things, but to fight them.

She studied, almost non stop for several weeks before deciding to head out and hunt down a monster. Over the next few years she hunted anything that could be called the undead, often teaming up with other like-minded monster hunters. She actually enjoyed it, and everything was going swimmingly until one day...

Zombies are a girl's best friend?

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!" A head rolls across the floor as our hero wipes blood from her machete, then her face. "Hot DAMN killin' zombies is fun!" she yells out, looking over to the door as a figure enters the room. Pete, another monster hunter helping Cat clear out a pack of the undead, brain munching creatures glares over the mess she made. "You know a bullet to the head does the same job with half the mess, right Cat?" he asks as he hears the squish of zombie brains under his boot. She grins and sheathes her machete. "I can't miss the bastards with a gun, where's the challenge in that?" "Whatever" Pete says, shaking his head, "let's just head to the bar for some celebration shots".

I kissed a ghoul and I liked it...


Costumes and Equipment

Cat's '59 Coupe de Ville

  • Costume - Cat usually goes out to fight crime in simple clothes. Logo shirt, cargo pants, motorcycle boots, some padding and her mask.

  • Weapons - Anything she can throw! Cat will typically carry varied styles of boomerangs and shuriken along with a pair of pistols "just in case". But she has been known to pick up anything available to use as a weapon should she run out of her own.

  • Equipment - Cat's backpack not only allows her to carry basic survival gear should she need it, but also houses a retractable hang glider for getting around the city rooftops. For moving around the streets, she prefers her tricked out 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

Powers and Abilities

Cat's brain is able to process complex mathematical equations dealing with angles, density, velocities etc. effectively giving her the ability to "never miss". She rivals most sharpshooters with her skill in firearms due to her ability, but prefers the use of thrown weapons as they offer more control in speed and angle of flight allowing for more difficult bank shots in tough combat situations.

Other than her ability to not miss, she is still a human being. She has very little training in hand to hand combat, she can win a quick scrap with somebody who doesn't know what they are doing but will lose against anybody with more than a few months training.

Physical characteristics

Cat is a tall girl, standing 5'11" with a slender build. Classically beautiful, many have told her she should have been a model. She usually just flips them off, lights a cigarette and goes back to work on her car.

Personality & Hobbies

Cat in front of one of her custom hot rods
Cat isn't what you would call a girly girl. Growing up helping her father at his garage, she learned how to spit, curse and tell dirty jokes with the best of them. She also seems to brush off dangerous situations as if it were nothing, usually bragging about a deadlier encounter with some undead from her past adventures.

She likes fast cars, tattoos and bowling. When she isn't managing her bowling alley, she is either bowling after hours on her personal lane (fitted with reactionary obstacles of course. How fun could regular bowling be for somebody who can never miss?) or working on her hot rods.


Super Group

Alley Cat eventually becomes a member of the rag tag group of heroes known as the Super Serious Brooding Vigilantes. Cat provides a good amount of knowledge on the realm of the supernatural for the group, and they all bowl for free at her alley!

Rogue's Gallery

Psycho Billy
Psycho Billy - Ex boyfriend turned powerful undead who is missing his face.

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