Allastor Darkflame

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Allastor Darkflame
Player: @Allastor
"Power is nothing without the skill to use it. And too much power, regardless of skill, corrupts."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Allastor Darkflame
Known Aliases: Al, Alla/Allas, Allie, Big guy, Scaley/Scales, The Mythril One, Allastor of the Light, Bahamut.
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon (species name unknown)
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Stirling Castle's catacombs. Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Earth Prime.
Base of Operations: Mobile
Relatives: Tal'kar (Father, deceaced), Kyline (Mother, deceaced), Illidan (Brother, assassinated), Illyanna (Sister, MIA), Tavah (Mate), Kayla (daughter).
Age: 693 years
Height: 15'9" (over 6' in human aspect)
Weight: 4,064 lbs (roughly 220 lbs in human aspect)
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Hair: N/A (silver in human aspect)
Complexion: White scales, black tattoo-like birthmark all over his body (see image). Smooth and warm to the touch.
Physical Build: Athletic/muscular
Physical Features: Large dragon, large membraned wings and long tail. Wears purple/black flexible leggings, a belt with several pouches, a golden chest strap and black/yellow fingerless long-sleeved gloves.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 32
Citizenship: N/A. Resident of Primal Earth
Occupation: N/A. Guardian of Earth, protector of dragons.
Education: Doctorate equivalent. Knowledge passed on by his clan's Elders.
Marital Status: Mated (Tavah Moonshire)
Known Powers and Abilities
Acute senses. Magic spells. Ability to tap "see" auras (permanent). Ability to tap into the Mythril Aspect and manipulate Bahamut's essence. Fligth via wings. Ability to assume a "human" form. (See "Powers and Abilities")
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Comm-link attached to his chest strap. Utility belt with non-harmful gadgets and several compartments. Umbra-metal bracelets. Belt: Aasterinia's Warp. In storage at den: Lendys' Judgement (war-mace), Tamara's Guard (shield). (See "Accessories and Gadgets")
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Powers and Abilities

  • Heightened Senses: Allastor has heightened senses of smell, sight and hearing, beyond those of normal humans. His sense of smell can be compared to that of a shark, making him capable of detecting single scents amongst a group of aromas up to a mile away. Due to this, unless a subject has a means to mask their scent, it's impossible to hide from him within his immediate vicinity (up to 30'). Allastor's vision is a keen one, allowing him to see four times better and farther than a human under similar conditions of light and dim light. Flares and sudden changes of light don't affect his eye-sight, and he can actually stare at the sun without suffering any damage. He also possesses a form of telescopic vision, which allows to "zoom" his vision in on things, allowing him to see distant objects in magnified scale. Additionally, Allastor has the ability to see in the dark, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness, up to 60' and in grey scale. His vision, however, cannot pierce through fog, effective stealth abilities and powers, or magical darkness, as well as similar obstacles that effectively block line of sight. His sensitive ears allow him to detect a larger array of frequencies than must humans and animals. Allastor can hear sounds with frequencies from around 10 Hz and up to 60,000 Hz, which he can hear across great distances. If he concentrates enough, Allastor can pick up every single sound, decipher layer upon layer of differing sounds/conversations, locate the source of noise or pick up a sound from a mile away in a busy city. As every dragon, he posses a 'blind sense', which allows him to spot individuals he cannot detect with his other senses, perhaps via vibrations, shifting of air currents and other clues in the environment he can detect, making him very hard to catch unawares, for as long as they are not farther than 60'.
  • Extrasensorial Perception: Allastor is capable of detecting auras around other objects, areas or beings. He can automatically determine the nature of it (magical, evil, good, demonic, celestial, aggressive, etc.) by just looking at the source of it. This ability is always active and it has a repercussion in his eyesight, allowing him to 'see' them. However, this ability is cannot be 'turned off' and he cannot detect beings or objects that do not posses a strong aura of a specific type via this sense.
  • Resistance: His scales provide a tough hide that serve as a body armor, head-to-toe and muzzle-to-tail. Minor projectiles and low caliber bullets would simply bounce off his scales. Piercing rounds and higher caliber projectiles would likely harm him, however. The only exception would be the membranes of his wings, which are treated like leathery skin. He has been known to deflect energy attacks and show remarkable resistance to the elements. His scales offer but minor protection to corrosive substances. Allastor is capable of resisting relatively extreme temperatures, being able to withstand a range from -40 ºF to roughly 158 ºF without needing protection.
  • Dragon Physiology: Allastor's physical structure, 'blessing' and training make him capable of lifting over 20 tons with his bare hands over his head, standing still and supported by his two hind legs and his tail. It has been theorized that he could possibly affect more weight if he rather pushes or drags objects. When tapping into Hybrid Aspects, his physical strength is doubled, being able to affect over 40 tons of weight with ease. There is no manner of telling how much weight he can affect in Full Mythril Aspect, and the exact limit of his physical strength is unknown. Allastor seems to move a lot like a cat, and his reflexes rival with those of one, making it seem like his reaction times are instantaneous. Furthermore, while under stress, intense emotions and in danger, he has been seen to display short bursts of blurring speed with localized movements, although he seems unaware of this himself. Allastor is also capable of moving in both bipedal and quadrupedal motion, preferring the latter one to travel long distances by land. While galloping down on all fours, he can reach speeds that go as far as 70 mph, even though he has been witnessed to move faster. His strong legs can propel him up to 2-3 stories upwards or 60 yards forward with a single leap, and fall roughly twice as much, sustaining minimal damage if any. His wings allow him to perform rapid flights and take offs, with a maximum speed of 200 mph by taking advantage of air currents that soar in the same direction he flies, and 600 mph when diving like a falcon would, and amazing maneuverability in mid-air. He's barely affected by the alterations of altitude and he can reach the higher layers of our stratosphere when he flies up. Solar radiation doesn't affect him at these heights. However, he can be forced to descend when oxygen is in short supplies. Allastor is a fairly good swimmer, propelling himself by making short wing flaps and weaving his long tail to the sides like a crocodile, and he can reach speeds of 40 mph when in calm waters. Allastor's tail is slightly longer than he is actually tall, which he can use as a weapon (see below), and it weaves casually behind him when he's standing or walking (as both bipedal or on all fours), and it never touches the ground unless he is exhausted or depressed, in which cases he drags it. His lungs' capacity allows him to hold his breath for up to 20 minutes before he risks choking. He has the innate, unconscious ability to regenerate wounds at a faster-than-normal rate, almost lizard-like. However, he cannot regenerate lost limbs without the aid of strong healing magic, at least out of either Hybrid or Full Mythril Aspects. Like every dragon of his species, Allastor ages at a very slow rate, to the point of being able to live for over 4,000 years before reaching their Twilight (point at which dragons begin to decay out of age until their death). However, it's unknown if Allastor can die of age, provided he possesses what's considered a divine heritage.
  • Training: He was trained in several martial arts styles, making him a formidable combatant at close range. He excels in the following styles: Leopard, Tiger, Dragon, Shotokan (all stances), Judo and Aikido. Allastor can subconsciously and intuitively analyze and learns about others movements to further adapt, move and react properly when in combat. However, his own pacifist nature sometimes gets in the way, rendering this ability completely useless. Allastor has also developed minor resistance to psionics through training and meditation, even if it does not provide complete protection against these type of attacks. His own willpower allows him to shrug off mental manipulation, but it does not block mind reading. A psychic once witnessed him show the capacity of sending off some sort of 'psionic feedback' against a Rikti Mentalist, but the effort rendered him dazed.
  • Magics: Allastor was trained in arcane and divine magic, but he was restricted in this art due to his nature as the Mythril Dragon by his mentors. It has been but recently that he has developed this trait and he is capable of casting spells, glyphs, rituals and wards of medium complexity.
  • Limited Camouflage: Like every member of his race of dragons, Allastor can blend with his surroundings and may remain unseen if he doesn't move. He can't become completely invisible, however.
  • Inherent Draconic Empathy: Allastor is capable of communicating with other dragons (and anyone part dragon) telepathically. This ability is known to work even across great distances and fairly good across dimensions. However, Allastor is limited to projecting speech and surface emotions. He cannot, for example, project what he is currently seeing or hearing. He can "turn off" this ability at will, and he may not be reachable by mental scrying unless said psychic is powerful enough to do so.
  • Natural Weapons: Allastor has sharp claws (on both wings and hands), talons and teeth with which he fights, all of them capable of piercing metal. He could easily dig his claws and talons into concrete to help him climb vertical surfaces or even rip large chunks of asphalt or rock from the ground. His jaws' strength limits have not really been measured, but eye-witnesses have stated that Allastor has pulverized solid rock before, and Vanguard operatives have seen him bending Impervium with them. Allastor's 16' long prehensile tail functions as a very versatile limb, capable of performing very punctual and delicate tasks, like pressing buttons, as well as delivering powerful blows that could bring a concrete wall down. He can wrap his tail around objects with a minimum sectional area of approximately 5" in diameter and it can presumably lift as much the weight he could lift using his hands with it, but possibly crush more. He also uses his tail for balance while walking and running, and it serves as a rudder while flying, swimming and running (all fours or bipedal). His wings have limited combat capability, mostly used to block certain type of attacks or push individuals away from him. His S-curved horns on his head don't really have combat functions, but they seem to protect his skull, and he has spikes over certain joints of his body (shoulders, elbows, etc.).

The Essence of Bahamut

The first manifestation of the powers embewed upon him by the grace of Bahamut, the Dragon God, granted him with superior strength and resistance, as well as the ability to emit and control fire and ice for a variety of effects. He was also capable of absorbing energy from his surroundings to enhance his abilities, toughness or channel it into a personal force field, which he calls "Dragon Shell".

Eventually, his abilities evolved and so did his powers. Currently, unless he does it through magical spells, he is unable to create fire or ice. Instead, he has attained the ability to manipulate a mystic energy that it's believed to be Bahamut's very essence, which allows him to perform several tasks, like projecting raw energy in the form of concentrated blasts or devastating physical attacks, boosting his own strength, regeneration and toughness.

At times, he is capable of tapping into the Mythril Aspect, which is the closets to the Avatar of Bahamut himself, and his scales become brighter, making him look like a large dragon made out of small mirrors shards. Only in this aspect, and for only a few minutes every once in a while, Allastor is capable of becoming more energy than matter, an entity of light, making him nearly impervious to harm. Every single ability and powers become considerably increased for as long as he remains in this state. However, Allastor is unable to sustain this aspect for extended periods of time. He is still a mortal. After this transformation, and due to a overly superhuman amount of strain at channeling this immeasurable amount of energy, Allastor will drop from his Mythril Aspect and become exhausted and weakened. Willing to extend this transformation may result in lethal consequences for him.

Allastor's abilities are still growing on his way to becoming the true Avatar of Bahamut, and some believe Allastor has been appointed to become His successor as the God of Good Dragons, if the prophecy is not fulfilled. With the recent 'awakening' of the Well of the Furies, his powers have grown exponentially, discovering new and fashionable ways to channeling the power of Bahamut more directly. His most recent one being the ability to extend and enhance his Dragon Shell into an impenetrable barrier to protect nearby allies (Destiny Incarnate slot) and the ability to summon forth a devastating current of raw power and energy (Judgement Incarnate slot).

Unknown to most, Allastor has also been followed by two elusive presences that seem to protect him, with auras of the same characteristics as his own. It is believed that they may be a favor of Bahamut himself in sending two of His seven guardians (Lore Incarnate slot).

Full potential and extent of his powers are still unknown...

Allastor's Mythril Aspect

Accessories and Gadgets

Vanguard Belt and Armor: Due to his vast services and successful operations performed for the Sword division of Vanguard against the Rikti, Allastor has been made an honorary member of the anti-alien organization, and provided with a special hi-tech utility belt which also provides him with a retractable, flexible Impervium armor. The armor is adjusted to Allastor's large size and physiology, crafted for a quick setup and build up to form within seconds, and Allastor can choose between a basic set armor or a heavy combat set armor. The belt itself holds several compartments where he holds minuscule, non-harmful gadgets, like a personalized radio-comm also adjusted to work with cell phone frequencies, an digital GPS/compass, among others. Even though the armor provides little restrictions to his movility, Allastor rarely uses it, and he prefers using the belt to store the accessories.

Enchanted Shoulder Pads: Granted by the Midnighters Club's close ally from the past, Imperius, after defending Cimerora from the forces of Romulus Augustus, these gladiator-like shoulder pads were crafted by Daedalus himself. Other than providing Allastor with additional armor, these steel pads are incredibly light for their size, representing little to no impediment for the dragon's mobility.

Umbra-metal Bracers: These seemingly ordinary bracers have acquired a red tonality when Donavon Roivan crafted them. His blacksmithing ability, along with this metal's innate ability to affect spectral and incorporeal beings, allow him to build this pair bracelets that now allow Allastor to defend himself from hostile spirits and ghosts. It is yet unknown why Donavon presented them as a gift to the dragon, but they sure have come useful in many of Allastor's exploits.

Lendys' Judgement: The enchanted warhammer, one of the ancient Dragon Relics crafted by the Dragon Pantheon's respective Gods, Allastor wields this weapon to deliver judgement where it's due. Allastor found this relic within one of the semiplanes from the Nine Hells of Baator, used to liberate his Praetorian from the influence of yet another relic, the Dragon Skull. However, Allastor mostly holds the relic in the safety of his den, for fear that the relic may fall into the wrong hands. The weapon, however, delivers powerful blows that can create shockwaves at the point of impact, as well as channel any abilities the bearer possesses. Furthermore, it is said that the enchanted war-hammer can only be wielded by those worthy of it; however, this statement is relative and very subjective. The hammer itself can detect ill intentions coming from the bearer, causing it to automatically disable its properties, and damage dealt with it becomes greatly reduced, turning non-leathal at the most, as the hammer itself refuses to harm it's target. Lendys' Judgement is virtually indestructible by regular means.

Tamara's Guard: Tamara is the Dragon Goddess of Good and Mercy, Her Benevolence, and bestowing her blessing upon this ancient Spartan-like shield, it serves to protect the good hearted. Allastor's secret journey has lead him into Cimerora once more, this time to discover this Dragon Relic hidden in time, within one of the many cattacumbs under the Cimeroran peninsula. He rarely uses this shield in conjunction with Lendys' Judgement, and he mostly keeps the relic in the safety of his den. The shield itself constantly reads the purity of heart of those around it. When a good hearted bearer attempts to block an attack of any source, the shield creates a suitable, invisible force-based sphere of protection around the bearer and those he is trying to protect. Even though the maximum extent of the sphere is unknown, Allastor was once capable of shielding himself and an entire assortment of allies -at least 20 others- from a missiles barrage delivered by a group of Zeus Titan Robots.

Aasterinian's Warp: Another of the Dragon Relics that Allastor has but recently found in his journey through the Outer Planes, this elaborated bronze belt allows him to open warps for inter-dimensional travel. However, the belt itself is unable of opening gateways on its own. The cavity at its "buckle" requires the energy of certain extradimensional crystals and magical gems, like the ones the Midnighters Club and the Circle of Thorns possess. Allastor has been unable to obtain this material without the need of either engaging lengthy and tedious paperwork for the Midnighters to have access to small samples, or venturing into the Circle of Thorns' lairs in search for it. Allastor wears this belt at all times and protects it with his life.


Allastor is normally very calm, polite and wise, and he rarely shows the pride a dragon of his kind would normally have. Or at least he tries. However, Allastor is still young by dragon standards, and he could be qualified as the equivalent of a human in his mid/late 20s. He possesses an urge to protect humanity and dragonkin, driven by the belief that the prophecy of the Mythril Dragon will not be fulfilled if he can help it.

Allastor is normally very approachable, and he will gladly share information and protection to those who really require it, but when he or his friends are threatened he can be quite ferocious and distant. A clear dragon trait, and even though a large amount of humans have already mistreated him (physically, emotionally and socially) and even directed open threats at him, which has lead them to slowly drop his ideas of forging an alliance between humans and dragons, he is always careful and watchful about those trying to provoke him. He will, however, avoid killing humans and dragons if he can, and doing so created great remorse upon him.

Bravery and courage are often two of his bast traits, as well as nobility and respect even with those who are his enemies. The only exception to this perhaps would be his Praetorian, Allastor Nightfire. He mostly hides his at times shy aspect, especially around attractive females (As of now, of any race and kind). His life offered little to no interaction with members of the opposite sex that were not his mother or sister, or one of the female Elders that survived the Massacre and until he arrived to Rhode Island.

Allastor takes his past very seriously, and he can be very emotional about it. He would not share that kind of information unless he has developed a certain level of trust with someone else.

Enter the Mythril Dragon

Allastor is one of the few members of an ancient race of dragons that has lived to protect Earth for eons. Long ago, humans and dragons had agreed to cooperate with each other in whatever way needed. Allastor hatched during a decayed age of corrupted kings, treason, sickness and swords, a long time ago. His mother was a Sapphire -Blue- dragon and his father was a Ruby -Red-. He never really met him, for he was too busy serving the Kingdom of Scotland in the name of Bahamut, the patron deity of their clan, The Silver Talon.

As a hatching, Allastor was looked at with distrust, since his scales were pure white, almost diamond-like, Mythril-like, imprinted with what the others called the Mark of Bahamut, making him the Mythril Dragon. Amongst his clan and the ones that shared a close alliance, it was said that Mythril Dragons possessed great power once they were mature enough, and that every two generations a Mythril would be born by the grace of their Dragon God, to guide them into a new golden age. However, there was also a prophecy:

"That who would me marked by the Platinum Dragon shall determine the continuance of the everlasting cycle of death and rebirth, or break it."

This encouraged most of the dragons in Allastor's clan to shun him. Very few younglings, his two younger siblings -Illidan, a Sapphire, and Illyanna, a Ruby- among them, really seemed to hang out with him. For the greater part, he spent a lonely childhood.

Allastor as an adolescent

As he grew, he was taught about etiquette and courtesy, and learned the ways and manners of the nobles; to read and write, and treat everyone with respect and humbleness, mostly in hopes to be accepted by the ones of his own.

However, gossip, intolerance and superstition lead to the event that Allastor has known as The Massacre. Humans started to look at them with distrust and a group of nobles, mages and knights that shared information and goods with their clan became aware of the legends and beliefs regarding the Mythril Dragon. The dragons of his clan were betrayed and were hunted down until only a few dozens survived and fled, some to alternate dimensions. During his escape, Allastor, along with his mother and his brother, Illidan, were separated from his father and Illyanna. In an attempt at escaping the assault, Allastor's father cast a spell that transported both him and Illyanna to another dimension, still unknown to Allastor.

Within months, their race seemed to be eradicated. There were no more dragons flying over the hills. They were rather laying dead on it and burned to ashes. The few that remained and didn’t vanish into parallel dimensions, were forced to survive, hiding in caves. Some even starved to death, because of the lack of food or for fear of going out.

At that moment, and from then on, Allastor has lived under the belief that The Massacre and their misery, everything happened because of him. Ever since, some of his own looked at me with hatred, and even Illidan had started to openly blame him. For decades, his mother took care of them, Illidan and Allastor, until her passing away.

With great power...

Centuries passed, hiding and moving places, towards the West, eventually crossing the ocean into what is now known as North American soil, eating whatever they could find nutritive and at times emerging in secrecy to look for whatever was eatable in the area. There were few lucky days. Because of need, they learned to adjust and train their bodies to digest rock and metal, through the use of spells and even forced to steal goods from abandoned places, formerly occupied by humans, both to survive and get to know about what was happening outside. They witnessed the coming of the Modern era, the industrialization, the Illuminism, Napoleon's Revolution, both World Wars, the coming of crafted electricity, and many more events that would reveal their evolution and change throughout the years without the intervention of the still surviving dragons.

But the thought of being responsible for all of dragon kind's current situation grew in Allastor's mind. In loneliness, he drained the sorrow and anger by punishing himself. A day he was especially upset with Illidan, when he had said something related to their family loss, Allastor's feeling triggered several changes in him: His scales turned brighter and a sudden rush of power filled him. The part of the stone he smashed his fists against was partially melted and his arms were on fire. He panicked at first, believing that the prophecy of the Mythril was being fulfilled. He retreated, trying to assimilate what just happened, feeling fear rush into him. At the very point he was standing, a patch of ice formed, starting from his digitigraded feet. It was then when he discovered that he could ignite the particles of air out of anger, and freeze them out of fear. With secret training, he learned to control and manipulate both elements at will. He was reluctant to share this with the others, even with Illidan, and he decided to consult the High Elder of the clan. Allator realized that it was up to him what to do with what Bahamut had granted him with.

Raise of the dragons

Close to the beginning of the 21st century, a group of dragons, Illidan and Allastor included, went out for supplies, only to find that the air eventually filled with sound of destruction. Curious by nature, the small dragon convoy headed towards the detonations. The sight terrorized them when they saw an entire city had been wiped out from the landscaped, Baumton, and huge air crafts hovered high above them. Down on the ground, strange creatures with weapons that were out of their comprehension were hunting down the surviving humans.

The convoy of dragons were getting ready to leave, but Allastor stayed, driven by something within yet unknown. Illidan tried to drag him, but Allastor felt the urge to protect them. Determined and making his choice, he engaged in battle and fought these creatures with the help of his new powers and saved a few humans, who then ran out of fear at the presence of the dragon. When it would seem to be over, more of these creatures appeared. It didn’t take long for them to outnumber the siblings and they were determined to eliminate them as well. Allastor and Illidan held their ground as well as I could, using my powers at their fullest. For every wave they defeated, two came after. Shortly, there were too many of them to handle. The last Allastor remembers after a huge sourge of power being released upon the aliens is a group of hi-tech armored humans coming to their aid. Or perhaps to take them as well?

Becoming an Avenger

When Allastor woke up, he was lying on his back on a special stretcher, a pure white light hovering above him and he was restrained, too weak to even bother trying to escape. A woman, known as Lady Grey, and a few others appeared. They introduced to him as Vanguard. Protecting humanity ever since it was founded, Allastor sympathized with them, but the fact that they were humans made him feel uneasy. Lady Grey seemed to know what had happened to his kind, with impressive accuracy and detail. She told him that he should leave the Rikti, the name for these aliens, to Vanguard and that he should deal with the other matters going on in this planet, more specifically Paragon City.

A struggle against a Kronos Titan

After a few days of recovery, Allastor and Illidan left Vanguard’s facilities. However, the witnesses both dragons had saved back in the devastated are, which they now happened to called “Boomtown”, had given them credit for their actions. Allastor was willing and eager to help Vanguard fight the Rikti menace, but she advice him he should prove himself worthy to become a defender of humanity. This is when Allastor and Illidan contacted a group of these so-called heroes, who fight for similar ideals: Avenging Flame.

Both dragons went through a technology generated portal that led them to Atlas Park, where they were supposed to meet this leader. They stepped out of the building and some Vanguard operatives escorted them outside. Amazed by the look of Atlas Park. Hidding the best they could on top of Atlas Statue, both dragons could see the so called "heroes" saving innocents from being robbed or stooping them from causing mayhem in the city. Every time a hero saved civilians they could hear them greeting and thanking them for saving their lives. When they finally met with Green Flame Avenger, accompanied by Philly Girl, they found they both were waiting for the dragons for a few days, but for obvious reasons the dragons didn’t reveal themselves to the public. They were intrigued by the fact that Lady Grey had recommended them and Green Flame Avenger placed them a task regarding the kidnapping of civilians by the Circle of Thorns in The Hollows, when they first met the lost city of Orangbega.

Allastor and Illidan managed to free the hostages, but to their disgrace, they also found out that their father had been somehow brought back to this realm. The rituals performed upon him were successful: he had been turned into a powerful demon the Circle called the Envoy of Shadow. They tried to make him regain his former consciousness in vain, for he attacked them with his newly enhanced abilities and magical powers. Clearly no match for him and the others, they had no other choice but to escape with the civilians through the portal that lead them there.

Once on the surface, Green Flame Avenger was waiting for them at the entrance of the cave. He was accompanied by others: Philly Girl, the arch-angel Zephyr Deathblade, the hero know by The Man With 10,000 Volts and Azuria. The last one, a member of M.A.G.I., informed them about the Circle of Thorns’ purpose and the kidnapping of these civilians. The dragons had become Flame Avengers, but the loss of their father left a scar that is still itching...

The Ebon Wrath

After thwarting Lord Recluse's schemes for stealing all of the heroes' powers, fighting a demi-god inside a place called the Shadow Shard and traveling to the ancient city of Cimerora to face a major threat to out time, Allastor's name and a group of the Avengers' started to sound across all Paragon City. It seems that his names even reached corners of the world that he wouldn't have imagine. All of a sudden, and within week, Allastor started to see more dragons roaming around, following his ideals and putting themselves into peril to save the humans. Among then, Illyanna. She told him she had spent some time now on Earth, but most of her live she spent in the Netherrealm, where she gained her new spells and abilities. She was also captured by the Circle of Thorns but somehow she managed to escape. Allastor introduced her to his fellow Avengers and she to hers, to his surprise, all dragons. One of them, an ancient one they called Golden Dragon, along with his lovely mate Silver Dragon, told him that their society had existed only recently and the had followed his activities for some time now. They knew Allastor was the legendary Mythril Dragon and they sought fortune with his appearance once again after many decades. The society focused on vanquishing evil wherever it existed, and the called themselves The Dragons of the Silver Moon. They offered him to join them and together rebuild their race of dragons.

However, and from the shadows, emerged a black dragon, a twisted version of Allastor himself at the service of the Evil Dragon Goddess, Tiamat. A mirror image, the Ebon Wrath, Allastor Nightfire. He sought in the Dragons of the Silver Moon a threat and dismantled the clan along with his slithery henchman, Anceroth Deniath. Allastor took on a hunt for his Preatorian and finally faced him withing the depths of the forest of Bloody Bay. He too had brought allies to match the Avenging Flame. In the end, they were defeated. Nightfire and Deniath intended to flee to the Isles but Allastor followed them, his siblings close to him. Enraged and thirsty with power, Nightfire seemed to gain the upper hand, but he ended up defeating himself under the heavy structure or a warehouse. Illyanna and Allastor made it out, but Illidan did not have the same luck. Anceroth tore his spine with his magically enhanced claws before vanishing into the shadows.

Records on the Shards

Allastor in the Shadow Shard, interrogating a Council soldier

Allastor and a squad of his allies were called into the Shadow Shard to investigate the Council and their operations regarding Void Stalkers and Nicti. Deep into the strange dimension, they faced the organization and thwarted their plans. However, with the destruction of one of the Cyst containing a powerful Nictus, Allastor somehow absorbed it into him. Unnoticed to him or his allies, the Nictus escaped the Shadow shard with the dragon as a host.

The elusive presence within him slowly began to cloud Allastor's mind and granting him the ability to channel his powers in unexpected, sinister fashions. Even tapping into Mythril Aspect caused his scales to turn into a reflective dark grey. This also affected his perception of his surroundings and his own behavior towards his close ones as he became a lot more reserved and mysterious. Eventually, a voice in his head talked to him, inciting him into delivering merciless justice upon those who attempted at disturbing the order in Paragon City. He soon began to refer to himself as "we", seemingly unable to notice this and further began to work solo and under his own terms, which did not please the authorities and Longbow. Many attempts at working to make Allastor to cease his action were futile and many Longbow operatives resulted in direct or indirect casualties to the dragon. Atomic Star was the first to notice his strange behavior and along with Zephyr Deathblade and a handful of his companions decided to confront him.

Surprisingly, Allastor did not take long to turn aggressive on his allies and they battled close to the highest spire at 'Eden'. They shortly realized that this was not their dragon ally and attempted several times to restrain him, but his turning into the alternate Mythril Aspect made the task fairly difficult. The Nictus within him did not count with Allastor being unable to maintain this aspect for long and it eventually drained him, leaving the dragon vulnerable. The essence forcefully rip himself from Allastor, emerging as a powerful Unbound Nictus, which they destroyed, preventing it from merging with anyone else.

Even though his allies knew what had happened, law-enforcement within Paragon City began to see Allastor with watchful eyes, and Longbow would since look at him as a vigilante.

Friendships and Known Ones



  • Allastor pays a lot of attention to his body and works out regularly. He has an impressive stamina and it takes a great deal to get exhausted, and he doesn't mind spending an entire day flying, swimming or galloping in the fields, showing off his physical capabilities. To regain the vast amounts of energy Allastor spends in the daily exercise, he needs to eat an amount of food equivalent to two cows. He is sensitive about his weight and body though, so he takes especial care of the amounts of food vs. the amount of exercise.
  • Allastor starves for knowledge. If he doesn't feel like showing off his body's maximum capacities, he spends a great deal of time reading books of almost every kind. He especially enjoys history books, fables and narrative stories, as well as anything related to Arcana and occult lore.
  • Allastor is sensitive about his tail. He would normally avoid being touched or teased at his tail, although he is slightly ticklish on it. Grabbing and pulling it would make him upset by default, although it depends on the trust he has on the one grabbing/pulling it.
  • Allastor normally shows both animalistic and humane behaviors. He tries to remain the most humane possible in order to fit in today's modern society, but Allastor is still an animal. Allastor is prone to emitting animalistic growls, grunts, grumbles, gurggles, moans, whimpers and various other sounds, depending on his mood. He normally walks on his two hind legs, but he can also be seen walking on all fours. Allastor is territorial, and he would defend his protectorate, which includes his own friends from potential dangers, for as long as it doesn't collide with his ideals. Allastor particularly enjoys scritches and petting, especially behind the ears, under his chin, between his wings and, despite being sensitive about it, at the base and middle section of his tail.
  • Allastor speaks in English with a British accent, and Draconic at times, which is rather strong even for dragons. He also speaks Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Russian and Latin, as well as a few forgotten tongues, like Sylvan (language of Fae and the creatures of nature), Elvish, Dwarven, Drow, and a little Celestial (language of angels), Abyssal (language of demons) and Infernal (language of devils). Allastor can also read and understand ancient Runic, Egyptian hieroglyphs and very few other symbolic languages.
  • Allastor is very sensitive. Dragons are said to normally experience emotions as a human does, tenfold. He is prone to intense emotions, anger capable of becoming an uncontainable ire, happiness to blissful joy, and sadness to deep depressions. Allastor's emotions, more noticeably anger, would make his eyes glow in intense white, each capable of emitting as much light as a lantern.
  • Allastor's mind can be normally read by psychics. However, attempts at reading thoughts and memories prior to his coming to Paragon City can take a while to decipher, provided they are, for the most part, versed in Draconic. Moreover, his mind is saturated with knowledge and information that perhaps only dragons may be able to understand on a first attempt.
  • Allastor is subject of recurrent nightmares when he is under deep stress. In such cases, he would normally dream about the Massacre, and in rare times, he is revealed visions of a possible future where there is only destruction and death around him, with in his Mythril Aspect... By default, these dreams would awaken him violently.
  • Allastor possesses an aversion to clowns in general, but he developed an irrational fear to harlequins and jesters, due to an event during his childhood.
  • Allastor strongly defends his believes on Bahamut's dogma and his religion, and he worships him as a patron deity. He also respects other gods within the Draconic Pantheon. He highly respects Chronepsis and Io, for they are supreme over other dragon deities. Allastor values Lendys' ideals on balance and justice, accepts Hlal for her storytelling and music, and welcomes Tamara's dogma on mercy and goodness. He also believes in Aasterinian's dogma about thinking for themselves. He cares little about Sardior or Astilabor (possibly why Allastor has no hoard), and he both fears and repudiates (but still respects) Tiamat, Faluzure and Garyx.

Theme songs:

Main Theme: "Wisdom of the Kings" by Rhapsody of Fire.

Deep Meditation/Thoughtful/Depression: "A Past and Future Secret" by Blind Guardian.

In combat/Danger/Action 1: "Throught the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce.

In combat/Danger/Action 2: "Dragon Flight To Tartarus" by Peter Crowley.

What do others think of Allastor?

Others' opinnions on Allastor

"Papa? Well, he's only the best and tallest dragon around! And the strongest, too. Nobody can beat papa, not even papa. And believe me when I say it, because I've seen that fight happen. Plus, he's got Grahm and I. You show me a dragon that has all that and papa will still beat them. Also, he's a good painter." - Mixa

"Allastor is a good friend, and noble, even if I find him a little naive. I suppose that is just the difference in our respective upbringings, however, and not any fault of his own or mine. Still, it is admirable that he's managed to cling to his beliefs despite all that goes on in the world." - Rowan O'Neil

"I like him. He's nice, considerate, and a good guy to have around if you're expecting trouble. Hopefully we won't be at odds since we follow different paths." - Delphi Oracle

"Allastor is a good guy. Well, a good Dragon. .. You know what I mean. We're from separate worlds, him being arcane and dragonic while I'm half tech. However, hurt is universal, and I'll drop a big one on somebody if they try to do the big guy wrong." - Fen

"Dad...Allastor... has faced more bad things in his life than I'd wish on anybody. That he still believes in people and fights for what's right says more about him than I ever could. He's a skilled mage, a great hero, and an outstanding person. I consider myself honored to know him, much less call him family." - Grahm Ashland

"Allastor, He is the closest I have ever had to a real brother, the disputs and differing stances on subjects included. To think about them now, our disputs seem quite amusing and childish. But without them I cannot see our brothership growing in the way it has and such has led me to thank those disputs for occuring. If he needs anything of me I will not hesitate to render aid to the Mythril Dragon, The Champion of not only my people but the champion and hero of many peoples. " - Artimus CrimsonClaw

"Allastor is quite easily one of the nicest and genuinely kind Dragons I have met in my time. While at times we have disagreed, I consider him to be a truly valuable ally. While I have wronged him several times, and all but destroyed our previous trust, Allastors willingness to let me redeem myself and forgive leaves me both honored and humbled. Despite this, I am truly honored to call the Mythril an ally and, even if he does not feel the same way, to call him a Brother." - Agaris Sirilye

"He's quite the gentleman, that's for sure. Got to love a big guy with a british accent. But man, one compliment from the fairer sex and he turns RED. And his ears do that cute thing too. Poor guy! Hehehe, still, we might not see eye-to-eye on everything, but I can definitely say he's someone to count on." - Riou Hotaru

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