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Player: @theesotericlatte
Basic Data
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Support
R & D:
Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Renley Bennett
Known Aliases: Agenla, Aggie
Identity: Classified
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'1"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Teal w/ Glow
Hair Color: Marine Blue
Blood Type: Unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Ballina, New South Wales
Birthdate: April 23
Nationality: Flag AUS.png Australian
Current Residence: Millennium City, MI
Religion/Faith: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Preston Bennett (Father), Courliss Bennett (Mother)
Known Powers
Water Support
Training / Abilities
Unnatural, Unfit, Unfortunate


Renley Bennett was a product of New South Wales, Australia. Oftentimes quiet, thoughtful, and a bit of a daydreamer even from a young age, she was precocious. The first time she saw the ocean, she fell in love. It encompassed all that she wanted to be as a person: life giving, enigmatic, beautiful, deep, and treasured. In her opinion—and an opinionated child she was—the sea was meant to be a wonder of the world, something that couldn't be compared to a mere temple or museum of grand artifacts.

Where she ventured in mind, the ocean followed closely and became her motivation in life. Renley's ultimate goal: to show the sea to the world the way her eyes perceived it, with every litre of its romanticised nature. Although dedicated and loyal she was, she was rewarded with irony. Through unrelenting fate or simply coincidence she became all she believed the ocean to be. And it was with that heading, that her life became forever changed with no hope of reversion.

At a young age—around five—she and her family moved to Cairns in Queensland. Her parents were the sorts to encourage her interests. The father, Preston, had a fondness for music, one that led him to a position at the School of Music in Brisbane, though it was an administrative job than instruction, which was what he preferred. Her mother, Courliss, had studied fashion design and for a few years already been working on a versatile line for women, extending through young adults to flattering maternity wear. Courliss could work from home, an idea in hindsight that caused Renley to grow up a mite overly codependent.

A bit socially awkward, Renley often seemed to blend in at school functions. Ever kind mannered, rude behaviour was uncharacteristic of her, but arrogance was not. So supportive were her parents that she was undeniably entitled at times, though never at the expense of another. More oft than not, she remained observant and pensive, and frequently caught herself drowning in thoughts of the ocean depths, rather than doing her schoolwork. A bit plain, if not mousey, Renley was more or less overlooked and not a child with leadership qualities. But her sincerity and genuine compassion granted her the ability to keep the few friends she made. Quality versus quantity, evidently.

Grade school and middle school were fairly easy times. As a child, she had no obligations other than performing her best in studies and the self-voluntary trip to the nearest beach, be it alone or with other companions from school. With her father's background in music, she was enrolled for harp lessons after she protested a guitar would be too complicated. (Little had she known that she'd regret that choice and suffer aching fingertips from plucking strings.) Her mother continued the adventure into fashion, eventually expanding her line to adolescent females, and often sent Renley to school in her designs—which was mostly hit and miss with classmates. The Bennett family in its entirety had some penchant for creativity, liberal views, and mostly open-minded behaviour.

With the sometimes silly, but mostly passionate and easily distracted mindset, life for Renley Bennett was good.


There will be text here one day!


There will be text here one day!