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Race: Human (Augmented)
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Age: 30s
Body Type: Athletic
Day Job: Programmer/R&D Specialist
Hometown: Westside
Combat Skill:
Mental Discipline:
Psionic Ability:
Magical Affinity:
Known Powers
  • Innate
    • Scientific Aptitude
    • Basic Martial Arts Training
  • Technology-Based
    • Superb Dexterity
    • Regeneration
    • Resilience
    • Short-Range Teleportation
    • Enhanced Athletic Ability
    • Uncanny Aim
Special Equipment
  • Energy Pistol (x1)
  • Wrist/Ankle Augmentation Cuffs (x4)
  • AI-Enhanced Swords (x2)


Aesica was born and raised as a poor girl in Westside, but was able to rise out of poverty thanks to her intelligence and scientific aptitude landing her a high-up job in the tech sector. Once she was set financially, she left her job and set up a program to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies on her behalf, allowing her to enjoy life on her own terms. Due to her upbringing, she's not as refined as she probably should be, but she's okay with that.

In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, keeping in shape, practicing martial arts, and on occasion, hitting the clubs to hopefully meet fun and interesting guys. When the mood strikes, she also likes to use the fancy tech she's made for herself over the years to hit the town and play superhero, thwarting crimes around Westside and the surrounding areas. Although generally well-liked because of her heroics, she's also made plenty of enemies with the local gang members, crime syndicates, and other assorted ne'er-do-wells in the area--all of which would just love to see her dead one day--or worse.


    One of her more successful technological inventions was a serum of nanites which are the sole source of any perceived superpowers she has. They have the following properties:
    • Improved Health: This means everything from disease resistance to improved physical prowess--fitness, reflexes, intelligence, etc.
    • Regeneration: The nanites are capable of sustaining their host through injuries and exposure that would otherwise kill other humans. Given time, they can repair just about any injury, mend broken bones, and even restore lost limbs.
    • Safeguarded Technology: Realizing these could be abused in the wrong hands, she keyed them to her own physiology so that they only work for her. If used by anyone else, she can issue a command to either render them inert as they break down into their base compounds, or in extreme cases, she can force them to wreak havoc in the target's body in potentially fatal ways.


    Since she has no actual superpowers, Aesica relies on technology she's created to give her an advantage. These items include, but aren't limited to:

    • Graviton-Plasma Pistol: Despite its imposing name, this energy gun was built more for utility than for killing. Depending on the setting, it can be directed at objects to push/pull them, knock things away, stun living targets, heat metals, or cut through objects.
    • Nanite-Screen Wrist/Ankle Bands: These advanced pieces of technology help shield the wearer's body from harm by networking together to cover their wearer in an invisible force screen that hovers just above the skin, acting as armor but without encumbering the wearer.
    • Quantum Phase Blades: A pair of large swords that serve as Aesica's weapons of choice. Each one is composed entirely of virtual particles that phase in and out of existence on command, allowing her to both summon and dismiss these blades at will. The controllers for these weapons are part of the Nanite-Screen Wrist Bands. They can even be directed to fight on their own, independently of their user's actions.

    Character Tropes

    • Absolute Cleavage
    • Badass Normal
    • Combat Stilettos
    • Girly Bruiser
    • Hot Scientist
    • Lightning Bruiser
    • She-Fu
    • She's Got Legs
    • Stripperific
    • The Smart Girl
    • Thrill Seeker

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