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Need to Know

-RP related information! [STORY TWIST]-As of September 23, 3012

Adela has been a test subject for a Doctor determined to create a serum to help soldiers come back from the brink of death during war. However, the serum has had an altered effect and has given her body the appearance and ability to live once more. Her hair is now blonde, her eyes bright green once more, and she has some skin color. She has lost a few of her memories and the ability to attach herself to the darkness. She can only use her Vampiric strength. The blood of the Ancients has been forced out of her heart with the serum and has been absorbed in to her veins, now corrupting her fresh flowing blood. She still feels the need to feed but not as much as before. She has a fully working digestive system and is able to age.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength
  • Mediocre Healing
  • Ability to smell werewolves and see ghosts


  • Religious Anything (Cross, Blessed Water, ETC)
  • Hunger for Blood

Can be killed

  • Werewolf Blood (its poison to her)
  • Too much damage to the body to heal from
  • Total Destruction of entire body(fire is an example of this)
  • Beheading


With several different beliefs on Vampires out there, I wish to post the information that my character will be following. If you have a problem with this, please..cry to someone who cares :3

Adela's info goes off several different lores. Mainly mainstream and World of Darkness. If going by World of Darkness, she is considered an Elder Vampire due to her age. Icly, she also holds a blood mixture inside of her body called "Blood of the Ancients". This was granted to her when she was forced in to sexual activities with her handler (Sire). Her Sire was that of Antediluvian Status (the effective 'boogeymen' of vampire lore, third-generation and with enough power to be considered demi-gods.)While he did not drain her soul, he did have her feed off him, taking in his own blood which was that of ancient. The blood she fed on has remained clotted in a large ball inside her still beating heart, causing her skin to age much more drastically then what she would have normally. The pigment of her skin now being that of a Vampire thousands of years old rather than that of one only a few centuries. However, her blood is an altered state due to this. If one wished to get a hold of the blood inside her heart, they would literally have to rip it out of her chest, keeping her alive long enough to get what they needed. Of course, she would not be able to heal from having a heart removed from her chest and thus would perish.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Senses
  • Super Healing
  • Immortality
  • Ability to smell werewolves and see ghosts


  • Sunlight/Garlic(Only cause slight discomfort. Can cover up and be outside. Cannot have skin directly touch sunlight without discomfort)
  • Reflection (Cannot see her reflection or have her pictures taken)
  • Religious Anything (Cross, Blessed Water, ETC)
  • Hunger for Blood
  • Rigimortis (Sets in if she does not feed)

Can be killed

  • Wooden Stake
  • Werewolf Blood (its poison to her)
  • Too much damage to the body to heal from
  • Total Destruction of entire body(fire is an example of this)
  • Beheading


Adela before the serum change
Adela was born and raised in a small village outside London, England in 1492. Her childhood was that of your average farmer's daughter. She had no brothers or sisters, she was born an only child. Her family lived in a small community which only specialized in farming and produce. . Many of the higher ranking officials would often come to their land and buy their crops for their own council and family, finding their produce to much more enjoyable then that of which they could try and gather from the Farmer's Market in the city. However, business soon came to a stand still as a war that had been raging on for years soon found itself at their doorstep. Lycan and Vampires, creatures which had been fighting for years soon found their village to be a choice location to 'recruit' for their cause. Over the next several years, villagers would randomly be taken at night by either side, turned for the cause. As time went on, Adela's family tried to make what they could off the land as the market within their village shut down due to the constant taking of humans within their village boundaries. Money was not able to be earned so her and her family was only able to live off wheat and water as their livestock soon dwindled down to nothing.

Adela's mother, Andrea, soon grew ill from lack of substance as she made sure Adela ate all she could over her. She gave her anything she made, saving very little for herself and soon began to starve. She believed if Adela would be able to survive, she perhaps would meet a city man and live happily, free from the fears that currently bounded her within the confines of her own home. Her father did what he could, laying traps around the home to try and catch the rats that came out to feast on the crumbs of their breads, everyday, heading out to try and fish, fearing he may not come back.

One night, cries of fear and death plagued what was left of their village. The Vampires and Lycan took no remorse in where they decided to fight, making the fields of the village their bloodied battleground. A pack of Lycan during this time rampaged through the Village, deciding some recruiting was in order to take care of the numbers that may fall during battle, as well as an attempt to out number the Vampires, or at the very least, use the villagers freshly turned as a distraction. They broke in to homes, taking no prisoners. The Lycan's plans however were not completely sound as by this time, several of the villagers had grown ill from lack of proper nutrition to their diet and would break easily as they turned, seeming to die in half transformation. Vampires noticed this, deciding that the villagers where not worth the time or effort to turn. They just killed any that got in their way as they tried to kill what Lycan they could.

Huddled in a corner within their own home, Adela's father, William was working on barricading the door when a Vampire and Lycan burst through their small window, destroying the frail wall that created their home. Outraged and fearing for his family's safety, William took it upon his own measure to try and take the two out with one blow. He grasped what he could, a small wooden chair and slammed it down upon the Lycan which had pinned the Vampire down, tearing in to the flesh of his arm. Enraged, the Lycan turned, barring his bloodied fangs and took a hard swipe at William, his claws tearing the flesh across his stomach and sending him back towards Adela and her mother who where bundled up in the corner. The Vampire seemed to be out, having lost his battle and the Lycan soon turned his attention to the mother and daughter. He decided he would make them 'recruits' for the war and made a leap forward. Andrea quickly jumped in to his path, taking his bite with full force to her tiny starved frame of a body. The sheer weight of the beast and with her current illness, she fell to the floor, whispering quietly to Adela to try and run.

Adela in Beast form

Adela refused, grabbing a piece of the chair that was broken off from originally being slammed down upon the Lycan by her father, ready to defend herself. The Lycan, noticing that the mother would not survive being turned stepped over her, slamming his clawed foot down on to her throat, ending the pain she was suffering before moving closer towards Adela. She backed up against the wall, having no where to go as she swung the broke wooden leg of the chair frantically, trying to keep the beast back. The Vampire, down, but not out came to her rescue, though it was not on purpose. Bloodied and beaten, the Vampire used another piece of the wooden chair, stabbing the wooden piece as hard as he could through the beast's chest. The Lycan let out a cry, spinning around and taking a swipe at the Vampire, his blow landing but only causing him to be thrown back in to a wall. Adela, did not know what to do and could only watch at this time.

The Lycan slowly walked over and knelt down, ready to finish the deed only to have the wooden leg of the chair come to the side of his skull, sending him to the ground with a thud. Behind him, Adela stood, her eyes wide with fear. She seemed to lose all control, seeing the beast, one of the creatures that had plagued her family, her village for years on the floor before her. She let out a cry, sending the wooden leg down at the beast's head constantly, the sounds of its skull cracking between her violent swings. The Vampire could only watch on, wondering if he was next to be done in by this crazed human. However, his time did not come. Adela's mind soon returned to sanity as she fell to her knees, crying as it finally hit her. She killed a Lycan. She looked at the Vampire only to back away and run over to the bodies of her fallen parents. The vampire slowly gained his composure and stood, making his way over to Adela who cried upon the corpse of her father. He was amazed at such strength and determination this one human had, a female one at that. Even if it was just an adrenaline rush, he wanted her. He leaned forward, trying to grasp her arm and pull her close so he could bite her but she pulled away, having much more strength then the Vampire due to his injuries.

"I will have you..." he spoke softly to her, glaring. He was not one to be refused.

Adela glared back, her hand sliding over to the wooden leg she had used against the Lycan, ready to fight for her life. "You cannot have me!" she growled.

Within that moment, a large group of Vampires entered the house, having won the battle and sending the Lycan back in to the woods. They all looked at her while a few tended to the injured Vampire. As they made their way towards Adela, she could do nothing but back away.

"No, she is mine." the Vampire hissed, hunched over in pain as he leaned against one of his brethren. They all looked at him and then Adela before backing off. "I will have her when I am able, until then, she is not to be touched!" he continued on, watching as his brothers and sisters nodded in agreement. Adela just stood against the wall, holding the weapon up as she weighted, not trusting any of them, ready to attack should they charge forward. Instead, they left, caring out their comrade in to the night.

Over the next several years, Adela went in to hiding, constantly feeling as if she was being watched, followed. At times, even attacked by the same Vampire that had vowed to take her as his own. She soon lost that fight, the Vampire finding her one night and getting his way. She was turned, becoming nothing but his slave. She had no will of her own, being made to do anything he asked of her for almost three centuries.

As humans soon began to understand and fight back over the years, creatures known as Hunters soon came in to play. They used their knowledge, their weapons to clear out Vampire hotspots within cities and villages, trying to save the human civilization from this menace. Her master, a Vampire which abused her constantly for her body was hunted down with ease and destroyed before her very own eyes as she watched from the shadows. She was overjoyed to be free from his will, his unwanted touch and quickly fled the area to be safe from the hunters. Over the years, she had moved from place to place, continent to continent, looking for a home she can call her own. She, unlike most Vampires, enjoys helping those in need, knowing what it was like to live and wanting others to enjoy the time they have.

The Slave

Adela as a Slave.
While she was under the control of her master, Adela committed several crimes towards humanity. She tortured, killed, and maimed several people. She would join in blood thirsty riots in villages, burning their homes to flush them out. She had killed parents, begging to be saved while they held their own children in their arms. She had even killed children. Her will was not that of her own but she could see everything that was going on. She hated it, hated every minute of what she was and what she had become. As the years went on, the Vampire was slowly allowing her to gain some sense of her own control, feeling that she had perhaps seen it -his- way. As she gained control of her body once more, she did her best to help people escape during the pillaging without being caught. She would demand that she would be the one to kill the families, always making sure to keep livestock around so if a bloody scene was needed, she could use a pig's blood instead.This worked for several years, her master finally giving her total will back but stating he could take it back at anytime. Which, he did on several occasions when Adela refused to lay with him. After having her will stripped away and being made to degrade herself, her body for him, she decided to finally get her revenge and free herself. She slipped out in to the shadows one night, claiming she needed to feed and went out, looking for someone who could help. Unable to just know anyone, she walked through a village, spouting what she was and she was willing to give up her vampiric master's location for any hunter who wished to have it. A group of hunters called 'The Walker Family' soon appeared. They were ready to slay her on the spot. She just stood there, deciding she had no need to run. If she was to die, she would die. However, one of the Hunters decided she would be more useful alive rather than dead. If she was willing to give up her own kind, then they would use her to track down other vampires. A deal was struck that she would live in return for giving up not only her master, but the major locations of several Vampire 'Get-togethers'. She agreed and lead the Hunters directly in to the castle through an underground tunnel after taking a scout with her the first time to ensure they were not being set up. The Hunters where quick to take out Adela's master as well as several other Vampires who had made the castle their home. While the battle raged, Adela made her escape in to the night.

The Vampiric Hero

Unlike most other Vampires, Adela handles her life as a 'Hero'. She holds the Hero Persona of the 'Golden Shadow' and happily helps those in need as well as handles missions that would even require her to take out her own kind. She handles missions mainly at night as the sun burns at her pale skin as well as causes complications along the way. Her main enemy is that of the New Shadows in Vibora Bay. Constantly under harassment by these Vampires, they do their best to try and ruin her missions. They feel she is not a true Vampire due to her allegiance being that towards Good and not Evil. Despite what they think, Adela is proud of what she does and is happy to make others think twice about how Vampires should be looked at.Due to her determination to help out Mankind instead of harming them, a local Corporation called "L.A.B" is supplying Adela with synthesized blood packs. These packs are constantly being altered to handle taste, availability for other vampires, and nutrition. Adela in return tells them how it tastes, if she gains enough nutrition from them to become energized and not have rigimortis set in(as if she had real blood).

A Hero's Rise

Golden Shadow
When Adela gained her will back after her Vampire holder was killed by hunters, she decided to do something for the people she had been forced to hurt. At first, she would try and help those who needed food by stealing stuff from the castle she was stationed at and selling it for money. She would use the money she made and find humans who were not afraid of her and trustworthy to handle her market shopping. At night, she would take the bundles of food she brought and drop them on the doorsteps of those in need, knocking before she disappeared in to the night. However, after awhile, money soon became an issue as she was unable to sneak in and out of the castle after being caught by another Vampire one day. One night while sitting upon a rooftop in the city of England during the mid 1800's, she heard a female scream for help. Upon looking over the ledge of the rooftop, she noticed a female being held by several men while another tried to have his way with her. Refusing to see such an act she came to the female's rescue, using her vampiric strength to take out the men and save her. Adela feared that after witnessing her in action, the female would fear her and run off, and thus tried to climb back up to the rooftop without another word. However, the female called out to her, asking her to come back. Adela, full of surprise did as she was asked and jumped down to the woman.

The woman introduced herself as Emilia Worthington, she was the daughter of a rich aristocrat who lived in the city and wanted to know more about Adela. Adela of course told her story and that she only wished to help people for all the bad things she was made to do under the Vampire's control. Emilia, kind hearted and full of understanding offered Adela a place to stay as well as herself to feed from as long as she did not turn her. Adela agreed and soon found herself in a decently sized mansion as her new home. As Emilia and Adela got close, Emilia asked Adela to become her personal body guard to protect her and her father during night events. Adela happily agreed and followed Emilia's father to Opera events, Orchestra events and even Balls. Emilia's father Richard Worthington of course knew of Adela and what she was, but unlike his daughter, was very wary of her. He did not trust Adela and hated the fact his daughter offered her blood to Adela for feeding at least three times a week. One night during a social ball, Richard asked Adela to dance with him on the floor. Adela, not sure of how to dance tried to request him to find a different partner. However, the father insisted and soon got his way. While out on the dance floor, several figures seemed to move closer to the two as they danced. The father kept idle chatter going to make sure Adela would not notice until it was too late. With the group of people surrounding them, the father whispered in to Adela's ear.

"I hope you run better than you dance."

Golden Shadow VS Lord Darius Von Ruden
Adela, unsure of how to take it quickly pulled away, only to notice she was surrounded by Hunters. Emilia quickly ran to the rescue, trying to push Adela out of the way as one fired off pistol towards her. Emilia of course made it in time, only allowing the arrow to fly over both her and Adela's figure and in to Richard. Shocked at not only her father's betrayal of her friend and now his death, Emilia turned to yell at the Hunters, only to see nothing there. They had already fled the scene, not wanting to be arrested for harming a human. Emilia grabbed Adela and lead her out the back and in to the night. Even though she had lost her father, she felt closer to Adela then she had ever been with her father. After several days of just being locked away in the Mansion, Emilia and Adela attended Richard's Funeral. Since he had no other children and his wife had died years ago, Emilia inherited all of his riches. Emilia used those riches to try and please Adela. Adela feeling babied asked Emilia to stop, only to find out why Emilia was so opened to keeping Adela around. Emilia had fallen in love with Adela, soon asking her to turn her in to a Vampire as well so they could spend the rest of eternity together. Adela did her best to explain to Emilia that not only would she turn her, even upon her asking, but she did not see her in that light. She saw her as a friend, a sister she never had. Emilia, still in love with Adela decided that she would respect her wishes and do something nice for her. She bought Adela special clothes and made a golden colored scarf for her to wear, asking her to go back out and help people as she had with her. She figured that Adela would slowly grow to love her as she did her if she was about to appeal to the side of wanting to help people. It was then she dawned on the outfit, however, as she saved people she did not speak or even respond when they had asked for her name. As the years passed, Emilia grew old and ill. Adela stayed by her side the entire time, taking care of her when others would not. One day while Emilia was in the slow process of passing away, she called Adela her 'Golden Shadow', saying that Adela what the shadow that was always around, watching and taking care of her as well as having a heart of gold. Soon after, she passed away at the ripe age of 54, but left her fortune to Adela so she could continue to have an easy life. Adela sold the mansion, not wishing to live in such a large home while others still could not even afford shelter and used the money from the sale to donate to the local charity. She invested the rest of the money and moved to America, making sure she would have access to funds anytime she would need.

After several years of being a hero in America, she was soon asked by one she had saved; what her name was. Adela, wishing to honor her friend finally spoke, saying her name was the 'Golden Shadow'.

The Rise of Lady Shade

Lady Shade
After several centuries of being sought after by her handler's brother, Darius Von Ruden has come to Millennium City for his revenge. Darius, known as Lord Darius to those of his clan, was the brother of Adela's Handler. After Hunters were brought in to the castle and killed her handler(the brother), he vowed revenge for his brother and the other fallen members of his clan as well wanted to feed off the blood in her veins to gain the strength of the 'Ancients'. After spending several centuries trying to track Adela down, he soon got a tip off that she was in the hero business as 'Golden Shadow'. Using this information, he decided to stage an attack on the local Museum to try and draw her out. His planned worked, Adela A.K.A Golden Shadow appeared to try and set everything straight. However, upon her arrival she took notice of the several Vampire like minions that blocked the halls. As awkward as it seemed to her, she took no second thought in it and took her time making sure to save those in need along the way.

As soon as she entered the main exhibit room, her fears soon hit her. The past had come back, and it came back with an iron fist straight to her face. When she had entered the room, Lord Darius had already been waiting for her, quickly knocking her down. He swore revenge and that he was going to have it on this day. With several people looking, he exclaimed to all that he would kill her before them, making sure her death was slow an painful, for that of his brother. Adela fought back with all her might. Both seemed to be at a standstill, though Darius was quick to injure Adela. Adela as the Golden Shadow refused to use any of her Vampiric powers. Feeling that it would be the last link to humanity she would have to give up. After barely defeating him with traditional means, Adela decided it was time to use what she had been pushing away her whole life. Her Vampiric powers. She spoke to UNTIL, letting them know that she was retiring the Hero Persona of 'Golden Shadow' to save the image of that of a heroine who used only guns and swords. It was then she dawned the name 'Lady Shade'. A name to accent the abilities she had tied herself in with, darkness.


Adela mainly works under PRIMUS. She has a contract with them to follow certain rules. Which mainly state she is to fight only other vampires. Humans and Demons are to be off limits should something happen and she loses control. However, she works with UNITL as well. Handling missions given to her as well as being supplied with small packs of blood from daily random drug testing from Soldiers are well as new recruits. Instead of disposing of the blood, they send it to her, fulfilling her wish not to directly feed from people (especially after betrayal of L.A.B.) She is currently on a waiting list to join UNITY, still having to prove herself.

Project Darkness

Project Darkness is a code name for a PRIMUS observation project on Adela. Her boss, General Pratt (who has known her since his joining of the military and effectively falling in love with her) is set to not only keep an eye on Adela, but make sure no one is to take her away or cause her distress. His job is to make sure that she stays on the side of good and does not fall to the dark side and become a villain. He knows of the Blood of Ancients and the power she is able to wield if she ever unlocked it all. He knows of Guy and has threatened to kill him if he should cause Adela to go mad. His direct quote to Guy was, "A woman in love can do crazy things..." He knows that should Adela ever turn, she is to be locked up in PRIMUS quarters for the rest of her 'life'. He does not wish to see that happen and is keeping a close eye on Guy to make sure he has no second motive to wanting to be with Adela. (IE: have her turn him, giving him the Blood of the Ancients as well)

The Change

Altered Adela.

After her first meeting with P.A.T.R.I.O.T (Guy Kenson), Adela and Guy had become somewhat of friends. One night at the bar, she refused to feed, feeling it embarrassing do such around someone who seemed so interested in her. However, a case of Rigimortis set in and Guy was forced to use the P.A.T.R.I.O.T suit to take her home, since he was not very strong at the time and was small for his size. After her had taken her to her home, he placed her in to her bed, knowing exactly what she needed. Using the suit, he got a small tube of his own blood for her. Adela however was far too gone at this point, her instincts taking over as soon as he placed the vial of blood near her. In a blind fit, she pounced Guy and pinned him down, effectively taking his neck hostage with her fangs. As soon as she began to fed, she was returned back to her senses, feeling completely terrible and sick to her stomach for what she did. After removing herself and running off to the bathroom, Guy felt the need to defend himself, instantly going in to the suit. With his heart racing and the loss of blood in his system, the suit reacted hysterically and began medical procedures, pumping him up full of anything it had. When Adela returned, she found the suit on the floor with him inside, panting uncontrollably due to the serums pushed in to his system. She finally convinced him to get out of it and tried to help him out. The serum was causing his heart to beat too rapidly and she knew that it could literally stop due to overuse at that point. She offered to help him by lowering his blood pressure (by feeding). Guy agreed and Adela fed once more, only to have the Serum now effecting her. It literally made her own heart beat and caused her to feel as if she had ran several miles within a few seconds. After explaining this to him and waiting it out, he became determined to use the mixture to try and help soldiers as well as Adela.

After awhile, Adela had grown fond of Guy and was finally convinced to feed off him upon his request. The reason for the request was that he wished her to be as human as possible, and humans deserve a good meal every so often. To him, the blood packs were like prison food. Disgusting packs filled with only the bare needs to help her get by. He wanted to change that and he did. At first she would request him not to tease her so much about it. Soon, it just became a normal joke for her, something she would play along with. He even got her to feed in public, which itself was a feat in its own.

In the back of Guy's mind, he was still determined to make Adela feel as human as possible and he knew she enjoyed the fact her heart was beating the way it was when she first fed on him. He was able to get a hold of a man nicknamed 'Doc' who had been laying low from the P.A.T.R.I.O.T project after it had been scraped (View P.A.T.R.I.O.T's PRIMUS for info when available)and had apparently saved a blood sample from that night. He gave it to the 'Doc' and explained everything. The 'Doc' decided to try and pin-point the serum's used to create a new one, one that will help soldiers come back at the brink of death during wars/battles. Guy was all for it but still, wanted it to be for Adela.

After being asked to handle a few tasks by 'Doc', guy was able to obtain blood from a New Shadows Vampire for testing, though 'Doc' wanted it to be a live test subject. Guy refused and just returned with the blood sample, explaining the problems that would arise if they were to kidnap one of the New Shadows. After a few days had passed and Adela was told about 'Doc', the serum, and the testing, 'Doc' stepped over Guy and made direct contact with Adela. He asked her to be his live test subject for the serum. Adela agreed. Upon arriving at the 'Doc's' lab, Guy soon entered, amazed to find her there and the plan. Adela assured him all would be fine and that she was going to be a hardhead and refuse to wait for further testing. After stepping in to a tube like pod, the 'Doc' had a machine inject the serum in to her limbs (arms, legs). The serum was designed as a virus that could think for itself. Set to rebuild tissue to perfect working order. Adela received a large dose, something that was 10x's more than what they had been testing with. After throwing up the blood that she had fed on from the past week, the serum took effect, not only clearing out the Blood of the Ancients in her heart, but effectively merging with it, causing it to seep in to every vein of her body. It now was corrupting her normal human blood (fixed by the serum) in to that of a vampire hybrid. As the serum worked around her body, it messed with her mind. Anything related to her beast (feeding, attachment to darkness, etc) was pushed back in to her subconscious. This caused the side effect that every time she had fed on someone or had the desire to feed, she did not remember or it was nothing but a voiceless, faceless, memory. She however unlocked massive vampiric strength due to the blood of the Ancients, but no longer is able to twist the darkness (shadows) to her will. She is able to eat food like a normal person now, sleep and dream, go out in to the sunlight and more. Currently, Guy is trying to help her with her memories since sadly, she only remembers their first meeting at the bar and a few fuzzy memories.

In Game Info

Theme Song: Within Temptation - It's the Fear [1]
Name: Adela
Age: 520
Race: Vampire (Altered)
Attitude: Adela is a very calm person. She enjoys drinking her synthetic blood and helping those in need. She has somewhat of a sass when confronted in a negative manner and is quick to hold a grudge. She dislikes talking about her past to random strangers and what she is. Though is it not hard to figure it out by her looks. She refuses to drink from anyone even if offered and will not turn anyone, even upon their asking. She refuses to put her curse upon anyone else.

Adela was born in 1492 in an Old English settlement outside of London. Her family lived within a small farming community where the villagers where constantly under attack from Lycan and Vampire alike due to a war that had broken out between the two species. These Lycan and Vampires would often force recruit villagers to their side to try and win the tie of the war.

Adela, at the age of 20 was unable to avoid her fate as the battle continued to rage on over her entire life. The battle came full fold to her village, Vampires and Lycan fighting to the death in the fields, houses burning and innocents dying. While within her own home, her family hid, huddled in a corner only to have a Lycan and Vampire burst through the window, locked in battle. Her father, trying to protect the family grabbed a small wooden chair, trying to slam it over the head of both of the creatures. Upon doing so, he only enraged the lycan and caused a quick demise as he was sent in to to the wall with a clawed hand.

Her mother soon also met the same fate as a Lycan tried to take in new soldiers after defeating the vampire. He turned on the mother who was too weak to be turned due to illness and died upon his bite. As he went to bite Adela, the Vampire gave it one last go, beaten, but not out. Adela was quick to help the Vampire, deciding to taking her chances with a half beaten Vamp then the Lycan.

After its defeat, the village was lost and Adela was without a home. However, the Vampire was determined to take Adela for his own. Afterall, she had helped him win against the Lycan. She traveled the area, trying to avoid him for two years. In the end, she was unable to hide and was turned by this Vampire who was later slain around 1789 by Hunters. Free from his control, she now roams the world just looking to make others lives better.

Artwork/Doodles of Adela

P.A.T.R.I.O.T and Adela as Lady Shade -Art by Vio-lena
Adela by Toonexterminator