Adamantine Man

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Adamantine Man
Player: @Dankaar
I've Soloed Therakiel! What have you done with your life?
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Adam Mann
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Milennium City
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 25
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 160
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Smooth
Physical Build: Light
Physical Features: Wears Glasses
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Since the recent Qularr Invasion ((6 months playtime))
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Superhero, Full-Time
Education: 4-year degree
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Powers and Abilities
Access to a suit of Powered Armor
Equipment and Paraphernalia
See above
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Adamantine Man was a registered hero a week prior to the Qularr Invasion. This is not about him; the hero who was registered as Adamantine Man is a confirmed casualty of the invasion. However, a civilian who goes by the name "Adam Mann" now holds the title.

The Qularr Invasion

"Adam Mann" claims to have been making a stopover in MIllenium City when the Qularr struck. Rather than follow evacuation orders, he decided to head directly into the danger zone. He claims that he felt he could be a better help by finding civilians who were unable to evacuate until First Responders or other heroes arrived on-scene.

He eventually came across the corpse of Adamantine Man- a Qularr weapon had somehow breached his powered armor and fatally wounded the occupant. When he realized that Adamantine Man was dead, "Adam" decided to try and wear the armor- figuring that it would increase his ability to help the EMTs within the danger zone. After a few minutes, he claims the armor teleported around him.

Eventually, he found his way to one of the first responders stations, near a SOCRATES terminal. He was mistaken for Adamantine Man,and was asked to help in the defense of Millenium City. Realizing that he shouldn't argue the point, given the circumstance, he dove in and was one of the heroes who helped Ironclad and the rest of the champions defend the city.

It was during the cleanup that his identity as a civilian was revealed. Due to his assistance during the Invasion, however, the Champions assisted him in the transfer and registration of Adamantine Man.

Later Activity

After the invasion, he performed in a manner as expected for a hero of his caliber. He did, however, gain a reputation for taking on Elite-class missions by himself. He gained significant noteriety during one of Mayor Biselle's speeches- VIPER made an assassination attempt, and Adamantine Man was the only hero who was available to respond. VIPER's attempts escalated until they called in their star soldier, Viper-X. Adamantine took on Viper-X in one-on-one combat, and managed to not only hold his own, but actually drive him off. A WCOC news team was reporting on the speech, and captured the whole fight live.

Since then, he has been accepting and perfomring Endorsment ads for varius corporations, as well as continuing his duties with various organizations, such as PRIMUS and UNTIL.

The Vibora Incident

Not too long ago, Adamantine was involved with an assult on the High Apostle Church in Vibora Bay. Five superheroes went in, and only he and Robert Caliburn were the ones to leave. Since then, there seems to have been minor changes to his powers and abilities- see the Power Armor section for more details.


Close to the turn of 2012, Adamantine Man had dissapeared from all records, as well as public appearences. An individual, "Robert Jameson" claims that Adamantine Man was having issues with his suit and would need to retire from his duties. In Feburary of 2012, Adamantine Man started to make appearences once again. Since his sudden resurgance, he has been in talks to push for an animated series based on him.


As noted above, he has gained popularity in the public eye, starring in commercials and billboard advertisements as Adamantine Man. He has not reached the popularity of the Champions, however.

As for heroing, he has become what is known as a "bunker buster." He is called in to storm significant enemy outposts, the kind that usually require a team of skilled superheroes working together to succesfully destroy. As of date, he has only requested assistance in performing his duties once, and only because he physically could not take down the enemy on his own.

Power Armor

"Adam" claims that all of his abilities come from his Powered Armor- and he's right.

Offensive Abilities

Unlike most power armors, Adamantine Man's powered armor lacks built-in weaponry. He uses a large sword (which he calls a "BFS") to attack. The suit also significantly enhances his strength, so he is capable of weilding his sword in combat.

Defensive Abilities

The suit, however, does not lack in defensive capablities. Physically, it is made of an unknown material that is resistant to damage. If damaged, the suit has an auto-repair function that can fix most damage almost immedately, and scales somewhat to the level of damage incurred. "Adam" claims that the few times something has penetrated his suit, it healed his injuries fairly quickly. It comes equipped with an Inertial Dampening Field, as well as a short-lived, but very strong, energy field.

This is the point where his suit stands out from other forms of Powered Armor.

It is capable of creating an energy sheild that absorbs energy from most damage (also partially negating it in the process.) Once absorbed, the suit then transforms it into power, which allows him to perform more powerful attacks with his "BFS." It is also capable of creating a protective cirlce around his feet, which somehow not only increases his defenses, but gives him a minor regenerative ability as well, in addition to his suit's auto-repair functions.

Misc. Info

The suit has a pair of built in jets in the soles of the boots. It has a grappling hook (probably added before the jets) that Adamantine uses to literally pull enemies to him, as well as a "vacuum" mode that he uses for underwater work.

The suit has been determined to contain a bound Anaktal as it's power source, meaning that some or all of it's defensive capabilties may actually be magical in nature. As the previous owner left no notes on the suit, we can't be sure as to how much of the suit's abilties are derived from this.

The suit seems to leak some of the energy from the Anaktal, and was absorbed by "Adam's" body. He has taken a precationary measures, specifically in the form of a gem that absorbs some of the excess energy to help contain and redisburse it. It is located in the center of his chest armor.

Post the Vibora Incident, the powers from his suit have behaved oddly. He now radiates Nephilic energy strong enough to be mistaken as one by those who can sense auras, and there are unconfirmed reports that he's able to transform into a form that resembles a Nephilim.

Combat Tactics

Adamantine Man's tactics seem to be fairly simple- he is methodical about which enemy groups he takes on. He attempts to move into range (or pull the enemy into range) and proceeds to, as he puts it, "wail on it with my sword until it's down." Although simplistic, this tends to be effective with most enemies, as he has significant damage output.

Defensive-wise he ensures that his Internal Dampening Field is active (which it normally is) and throws up his energy shield to absorb energy from incoming attacks. Futher activation of the suit's defenses may occur if he feels it is neccisary for the battle.

In essence, his battles are those of attrition- in most cases, he simply outlasts his enemy due to the regenerative/repair nature of his suit. There have only been a handful of circumstances where his suit's abilities were not enough, and he was in actual danger of dying.


In person, "Adam" is friendly and easygoing, though somewhat cocky. Considering his reputation, this last part isn't surpizing. However, he does have a good idea of his own strengths and weaknesses, and will be the first to say what is likly to happen, good or bad, if he faces tough enemies. He claims to have a bit of a "protective" sprit, and has a tendency to help those around him, even while off-duty.

He does display knowledge in a variety of feilds, usually scientific in nature, and can usually understand new concepts fairly quickly.

Defeated Enemies

This section lists enemies he has defeated. It details who he has defeated, as well as what power level he was at when he accomplished the feat, and what enemy base of operations where applicable. Unless otherwise noted, all defeats and locations were on his own. This list does not track enemies classed as Super-Villain-Class or lower; it is expected that individual heroes can take on such enemies by themselves.

Legendary-Class Enemies

Viper-X- Level 20

Hangin' Judge Hensly- Level 20

Buster- Teleios's Tower (elite)- Level 30

The Ultimate Mind!- Teleios's Tower (elite)- Level 30

Necrull- The Burial Caves- Level 31

Dr. Destroyer's Clone- Dr. Destroyer's Factory- Level 35

Mega-Destroyer- Dr. Destroyer's Factory- Level 35

Chimera- Dr. Moreau's Laboratory- Level 37

Dr. Moreau- Dr. Moreau's Laboratory- Level 38

White Rhino- Dr. Moreau's Laboratory- level 38

Mega-Terak- Level 38

Ripper- VIPER's Nest- Level 39

Dr. Dino Demogaard- VIPER's Nest- Level 39

The Bronze King- The Mandragalore- Level 40

Hyrg Corsucator- The Ruins of Andrith- Level 40

Vikorin the Blind- The Ruins of Andrith- Level 40

-- Note: Adamantine Man was unable to defeat this villain by himself. After being rescued by UNTIL, he made a second successful attempt with a full group of Superheroes.

Therakiel the Bright- Therakiel's Temple- Level 40

((OOC: This was accomplshed with 3 other heroes, whos only aid was in helping deal with spawned Hellementals and when Therakiel performed his Hold-of-death. They did not give buffs, attack Therakiel, or gave any other sort of aid.))