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Player: @Tyrant96
Screenshot 2015-06-16-18-49-32.jpg
Ace, piloting the Ladon Small Scale Exo-Armour with an open cockpit.
Class Focus: Hybrid (ranged)
Power Level: Huh?
Research & Development: Nah, I don't work in that department.
Personal Data
Real Name: David Rickley
Known Aliases: Ace
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White American
Age: 28
Height: Approximately 6"
Weight: 178 lb
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mechanised Operation - Ardacorp
Place of Birth: Arcadia, California
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single, and looking!
Known Relatives: Harriot Rickley (mother), George Rickley (father)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
People say I'm a natural at what I do!
Whatever the company gives me. Normally, it's a giant-ass, mechanized weapon; or a smaller power armour-type thing.


Yeah! That's my 'radio name' -- also my nickname in general; I guess you could say it's something I've gained through demonstrating my skill in my field of work. Not to brag, of course.

What's my field of work? Oh.

Well, to sum it up simply: I get to drive crazy shit for money! It's a damn decent job, if you ask me; lots of enjoyment, very rewarding, a generous paycheck, insurance... Yeah!

Working for Ardacorp is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Honestly; Ardaman's a really good employer - well... It's not like I see him directly too often, but when I do? He's nice; professional, but nice. I mostly keep in contact with Saunders, who I guess you could say is his... 'Secretary'? He's also the guy who keeps tabs on the radio channels and such - and he acts as an operator to me when I carry out assignments. He can be a bit... Serious.

Why so serious?

I guess it's because he needs to be. His job's pretty heavy... I mean, he's gotta make sure nobody's up to any funny business on the comms, arrange things for Ardaman, AND play 'Mission Operator' when the time calls for it. He gets my respect, for sure.

Previous Work

Current Work

Well, thing is, I don't actually stick around with one particular project; the company'll bring out some new unit that needs to be manually operated, and they might throw it my way, and say "Here, have fun."... Not complaining.

The Ladon Small Scale Exo-Armour

I love this thing. Heavily armed, heavily armoured... Sure, it might be clunkier than Defender's power armour, but this thing's also got a teleporter. Yeah. Don't ask me how it works, because I couldn't tell you the first thing about it; all I know is that it's some crazy piece of tech about the size of my head -- makes this big electrical discharge, and POOF!~ Gone. The Ladon's plated in kendrium, but its inner frame uses titanium, in order to keep costs down. It's got missile pods, a twenty millimeter autocannon -- and even a LASER BLADE; really dazzling, I tell ya. Got a nice, bright blue glow to it.

The Amarok Large Scale Exo-Armour

Damn, this thing's a BEAST! Where should I start? Weapons. Let's see... That huge thing it has for a right arm? That's a large-scale particle projector. I know, right? This is something I can explain; basically, it excites the air particles within a specialized chamber housed in the weapon's casing -- riles them up, shakes the particles around and makes them hot, right? After it's done charging, electromagnets will activate at the back of the chamber, as well as along the length of the barrel, forcing the stimulated particles out at speeds that would put a bullet to shame. Yeah. That thing on its left arm? Questionite vibro-blade; sounds fancy, eh? It's a really sharp saw blade built onto a mechanism that causes it to subtly jab in a back-and-forth, sawing motion -- It moves at least twelve times a second, so that's pretty damn fast; because of that, it can slice its way through almost anything! Well... It's messed up pretty much everything we've tested it on, at least.

Oh, and the Amarok also comes equipped with two twelve millimeter anti-personnel machineguns, mounted on each side of that big orange cockpit. This huge machine ALSO uses much the same teleporter technology as the Ladon does; difference is, the Amarok's bigger. It takes longer for the module to cool down enough to let you make more magic happen; so... It's good, but it's not perfect. This unit's also armoured in kendrium, but it's a lot thicker than the Ladon's; if you angle it properly, you can deflect tank shells.