Acantha Cellek

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Acantha Cellek
Player: @Vendince
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level:
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: 93661-D
Known Aliases: Three
Species: Teleioclone
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: Don't ask.
Height: 165 cm (5 foot 5 inches)
Weight: 61 kg (134 pounds)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Monster Island
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Do other clones of the same person count?
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Several guns and a sniper rifle



Apart from his genetic genius, there is one thing Teleios is known for. His massive narcissism. So it was inevitable that he'd eventually decide to create a female version of himself, for his...entertainment. Not that it was difficult for one of his genius. A bit of genetic tweaking was all it took.

To his disappointment, when 93661-D came out of the cloning vat, she was, in his words, defective. In his disappointment he beat the poor clone half to death. He would have thrown her right back in the vat to be reconstituted, if not for the fact that he wasn't in his usual lab in Canada. He was on Monster Island. And of course, a bunch of heroes chose that very moment to interrupt his work.

The end result was that Teleios was believed dead. When UNTIL moved in to clear out his hideout, they found one badly beaten clone. Usually, Teleioclones are viewed with a certain amount of suspicion. But it seems being a reasonably attractive blonde female does have its benefits sometimes. She was brought to a millitary hospital for medical attention.


Of course, what does one DO with the world's only female Teleioclone? It was decided to try to integrate her into society. After all, she was guilty of none of Teleios' crimes.

Of course, she could not go through life being called 93661-D. When asked to pick a name, she chose Acantha Cellek. The last name came from a book series on famous galactic bounty hunters she'd been brought while recuperating in hospital.

Testing showed that she was physically and mentally an adult, even with being a few months old at most. Emotional maturity, not so much, but that would come with time.


Pondering the tower she was supposed to have lived in.

While Teleios would have considered himself Austrian, Acantha ended up with Canadian citizenship. So she was taken there to get acquainted with human culture. For some reason, she got to watch a lot of movies featuring bounty hunters, vigilantes, gunslingers and similar. Which led to a fascination with guns. She begged and pleaded, and was finally allowed a firearms license and a gun of her very own. She practiced every day, becoming quite the good shot. She began to accompany Steelhead soldiers on missions, making a bit of a reputation for herself.

Thus she was judged to be adult enough to begin her own life. Originally it was suggested she move to Quebec, but she protested vehemently. In the end, she was let loose in Millennium City, with a small stipend and an apartment to live in.

At first, she found it quite hard to get work. After all, you couldn't throw a dead cat in Millennium City without hitting a superhero or vigilante. She persisted, though, getting a reputation for getting things done, collateral damage notwithstanding.

Kaufmann Inc.

She eventually came to hear of Kaufmann Inc, a private security company led by one Dr. Kaufmann. Being what she was, she thought that perhaps working within an organization would be a good thing. She was accepted into the company, under the code name "Doppelganger".

The Doppelganger perched on a rooftop, waiting for her prey.
Despite the fact that her boss was more or less crazy, Acantha found herself enjoying the job. It seems that some Teleioclones naturally enjoy a rigid structure and being told what to do. The training was hard work, but she discovered she enjoyed it. Especially her hitherto undiscovered athletic ability. She delighted in acrobatic feats of an impossible nature.
Doppelganger at work, displaying her acrobatic skill.

As a member of the Professional rank, she was given relatively much personal freedom, as long as she got the job done, of course. She didn't get shouted at as much as the lower ranks, being useful and all.

Her personal transport, bristling with invisible improvements.
One of the first things she got herself after joining Kaufmann Inc. was her own Hawkwing Jet. Though it looks just like the commercial model, she's used Kaufmann Inc. resources to improve the thing to its current deadly capability.


Unlike other Teleioclones, she doesn't worship Teleios, or consider him all that perfect. After all, if he was as perfect as he claims to be, would he have created her imperfect in the first place?

Common Knowledge

She tends to react with anger if addressed as 93661-D. She'll angrily correct the speaker, and insist she's nothing like Teleios.

She's known to be a member of Kaufmann Inc, and one of the less subtle ones. She's not as sneaky as her boss, that's for sure. The fact that she's Doppelganger isn't something she bothers to hide either.

She has no known criminal record, and each and every weapon she owns is licensed. She's also known to be a Canadian, and legally allowed to reside in the United States.


Younger Than They Look Looking at her, nobody would guess that her chronological age is in the single digits.

Troubling Unchildlike Behavior Look at the above trope, and think about the fact that she's got a bounty hunter license, and is a professional hero at that age.

Cloning Blues She is not happy about being a clone.

Opposite Sex Clone Of Teleios.

Superhero Packing Heat She likes her guns. A lot.

Improbable Aiming Skills She does amazing things with said guns, though.