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Academy-X was founded by a group of mutants with the aim of teaching "Gifted" people how to use and control their powers. Over time the academy has been slowly growing in numbers. The Headmasters of the Academy are Dissy, Violet, Quiver, These are the three Heroes who dedicate their lives to saving their fellow Heroes and teaching a new Generation about how to be the best at being a Superhero. The three heroes first banded together during the Battle of Detroit, Trying to contain the threat of Dr. Destroyers robots to a limited area. They all lost many loved ones during this battle, Quiver lost his Father in a raid on his temple and his brother working with Dr. Destroyer, Violet lost her sister in a collapsing building and dissy lost everyone close to him when A destroid attacked his home. Despite their grievances, it was the losses that gave them their motivation for becoming true heroes and dedicating their lives to stopping people fro abusing their power anymore.

Qulaar invasion.jpg
Academy-X was one of the first locations attacked by the Qulaar in an attempt to thin the number of heroes able to fight back, While the academy did a good job of defending itself their numbers were quickly thinning. In a desperate move the remaining heroes decided to flee. Now being called to help the Champions fight back the Qulaar, Academy-X was vital in defeating Black Talon and launching Iron Clad into the mother-ship ending the invasion once and for all. Although they knew it wasn't the last they would see of the Qulaar they still rebuilt the Academy and made a Qulaar Protocol as a means of defending the Academy and Millennium city from any future attacks.


You can spot the members of Academy-X everywhere but they are most commonly seen in Millenium City as their Headquarters and School are located there.The Academy-x Building is located in Central Millenium City, It serves as the HQ and Safehaven for all students and Teachers who attend. It is currently funded by Vision Industrials, Owned by Quiver. The HQ is currently formatted with state of the art Technology. This includes a training room filled with traps, Automated turrets, Holographic Machines and LMD's (Life Model Decoy's).

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