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Player: Nerubenking
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ab'da
Known Aliases: Green, Green Guy
Gender: Male
Species: Zuhlarian
Ethnicity: Green
Place of Birth: Zuhlaria
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Age: Unknown
Height: 6"9
Weight: 3060 Pounds
Eyes: Green
Hair: None
Complexion: Green, ironlike, sleek
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3/4 year
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Crimefighter
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Great endurance and strength, ironlike skin
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Partially covered in Armor, Kendrium Gloves
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The Plane Zuhlaria

Ab'da-zuhl was born on Zuhlaria, a plane only reachable through the means of magic. Not much is known about this world, as the only beings summoned there are those magically brought to earth and, usually, enslaved as summoned servants. According to himself, Zuhlaria is a brutal and merciless world, featuring high level threats each day due to it's aggresive fauna and flora. Also, nearly all of the inhabitants of Zuhlaria live on their own, herds being a rare thing as the plane doesn't provide enough food for two beings living alongside each other. The permanent fight for survival, in which only the strongest survive, enabled a straight forward evolution of the few species inhabitating the plane.

The Meaning of Zuhlaria for Mystics

The existence of Zuhlaria is widely unknown even amongst practicers of the mystic art, the knowledge being held by few, mostly mighty summoners, magicians. Those who know of Zuhlaria and it's possible uses usually keep this secret for them, giving it only to their successor or taking it to their grave. Those possesing both the required knowledge and skill can use the plane as a source for mighty servants, dragging one or more of their kind from their world to ours. However, the strength of a Zuhlarian is a two-edged sword for the summoner. As long as he is able to maintain his control over the summoned, he has a mighty force at his side. As soon as his control slips, even just for a brief moment, he is to feel this might directly.

The coming of Ab'da-Zuhl

While there are reported cases of summoners being killed from Zuhlarians they had summoned, Ab'da-Zuhl presents a exception for UNTIL, as his summoner has been killed in the process of the summoning. Research has not yet been fully completed yet, due to the secretiveness of the mystic society, but we assume the person who tried to summon Ab'da-Zuhl was Georg Earnest, as his time, cause and location of death seem to match the reports of Ab'da-Zuhl. Mr. Earnest was the apprentice of the mage Gregor Hartschmitt, who's actions since Ab'da-Zuhls appearance often interfered with UNTIL and the international law. According to the information UNTIL could gather from various sources including own researches, on the day of the Qularr invasion, the young apprentice tried to summon a servant on his own, without the knowledge of his master Gregor Hartschmitt. However, due to the inexperience of the young mage, his protection circle was uncomplete. The highly potent energy involved in the summoning was set free and struck Georg in a critical point of the summoning, just between bringing the being to this world, and the laying of restrictions on the summoned. This allowed Ab'da-Zuhl to be on this world with nearly free will, as, according to Ab'da-Zuhl, there was just one restriction Georg could lay upon Ab'da-Zuhl. This one restriction forbids Ab'da-Zuhl to kill without being allowed to, probably as a safety mechanism. While most summoned beings are sent back to their respective world in case the summoner should die, this specific point of the summoning made Ab'da-Zuhl unable to return to his world.

Events directly after the summoning

After surprisingly being ripped out of his known surroundings and thrown into this one, Ab'da-Zuhl instantly applied the rules he had learned in Zuhlaria to what he saw here, attacking anything he percieved moving. Even though he did not lethaly injure the forces assigned to defend Millenium City against the Quallars, nor the invaders, he still caused enormous damage to both sides. The involvement of Defender was neccessary to stop the rampage Ab'da-Zuhl was in. Defender was clearly superior to Ab'da-Zuhl. Defender understood Ab'da-Zuhl wasn't evil, but merely confused, so he offered him to let him live in case Ab'da-Zuhl helped defending the city. Ab'da-Zuhl, realising Defender would be able to kill him, agreed. His direct influences in the following battles is not completely clear as the reports various sources differs.

Agreement with Defender

When the Qularr invasion was stopped, Defender wanted to avoid Ab'da-Zuhl's imprisonment or death due to him being a risk for public safety. He had a long conversation with Ab'da-Zuhl trying to convince him to fight against crime and live in this society which had much to offer to him if he worked alongside with it. According to multiple witnesses, it took Defender one hour to teach Ab'da-Zuhl the concept of peace, in which time the Zuhlarian tried to kill him twice because he felt threatened. After being shown and explained the relative safety and calmness living in Millenium City means, as well a tour through the Stronghold Prison to show him where he'd spend the rest of his days if he wouldn't cooperate, Ab'da-Zuhl agreed to live here like a citizen of the city, ever since taking orders from UNTIL, Defender and other enforcers of justice.

Current state


Observations have shown Ab'da to be calm and unemotional. He does not seem to trust anyone, and is always alerted when approached. Even minor threats can cause him to react in ways to prevent any harm done to him. It is suggested to keep any weapons away from him and not to do anything he could percieve as hostile. However, even though being quick to react violently, he always stays calm and reasonable. Also, he did not grow up with the concepts of honor or morality and, as a result, is not held back by these. This results in him being cold and calculating, however not acting aggresive, but always reacting to impulses.


Like the majority of personalities and beings registered in the UNTIL-database, Ab'da is currently fighting criminals around the world. He is employed by UNTIL, for which he will fight and work in exchange for services to make his life more comfortable, such as food, a penthouse, and coverage of most of his expenses, as well as relieving him from tasks he might find bothersome or complex, as he didn't grow up with this society, such as tax declarations. Right now, Ab'da is mostly used for hit-orders. He is given the location of a problem along with instructions on how to deal with them. According to his capabilities, those are mainly problems that have to be solved with the use of force. As his trustworthiness and personality have not yet been fully explored, he will not be given tasks of higher responsibility for now. However, from what we know about him, he would be an ideal bodyguard for important personalities such as high-ranking personel of UNTIL. His awareness for dangers and determination, along with his durability and strength would make him perfect for such.

Attitude towards common society

Ab'da, due to his activity as supernatural crimefighter, rarely deals with civilians. However, having read some of the books offered to him by UNTIL, among those Frankenstein, he seems to be afraid of society to a certain degree, stating that he thinks there would be mobs hunting him down should he ever scare them to a point they would see him as a threat. Trying to prevent such hostile reactions, he made several attempts at adapting to society, including a streetwear outfit made by his tailor.
Ab'da, wearing his streetfashion to blend in with civilians.

Abilities and other noteworthy attributes


Though a high amount of strength (compared to the humans) seems to be a common trait shared by the Zuhlarians, Ab'da's capabilities excel even amongst them. Though there have been no exact measurements from our side, we estimate him to be able to lift about 40 to 60 tons of weight. There are various reports of feats where he showed this strength, as he has been seen more than once using a VIPER transporter as a weapon.


As he does not belong to this world, his relation to his surroundings seem to alter from that of natural inhibitants. Though his presence here is mostly physical, he also seems to partially understand and act in it as a being of magic, having effects on the physical surroundings. Though he has not yet stated details, he once said that physical and magical planes co-existed in which he could move. Due to those circumstances, he is able to fly, to which no limits are known yet, and even dissapear and reappear, though mostly, the points of dissapearence and reappearance are not more than 20 meters away from each other. More recent reports state him to be able of creating shockwaves and small ruptures which, even though his great physical strength, should not be possible for him in the way he displayed. We assume this is also related to him being able to manipulate his physical surroundings through magical means.


One of Ab'da's most outstanding features is his skin, in many ways behaving like iron and sporting a thickness of about half a centimeter. Most usual calibers of fired ammunition, as well as most sorts of blades, unless used with exceptional strength, are unable to penetrate his skin. In addition to that, his skeletal structure outdoes his skin in terms of hardness and durability, making breaking even one of his bones a near impossible task. In addition to his physical traits comes the psychological aspect of his personality, as he has learned that surrendering equals death, and will fight through the worst injuries rather than dying.

Fighting skills

Ab'da's life in the dangerous enviroment, constantly fighting Zuhlarians and other threats, has made him a exceptional fighter, able to quickly recognise and use his opponent's weak points, as well as using his full body in a fight. Even now, he keeps training in Carl's Gym to keep up his shape. In a fight, he will prove to be faster then his appearance might suggest, either throwing devastating punches in a quick succession, tackling enemies with his full body weight or grabbing them and crushing them with his strength and mass. His horns, as strong as the rest of his bones, can be used as higly lethal weapons, able to pierce even through Questionite platings up to a thickness of 2 Centimeters. He is also higly aware of his enviroment, quickly spotting even hidden dangers.


Though Ab'da lacks experience in actual social interaction, he is able to communicate with everything able to communicate. Though UNTIL's researchers have still not made out how exactly this mechanism works, they are certain it is of magical nature, possibly linked to the conditions of his summoning. Experiments have shown him to be able to talk in any language he is being confronted with. It seems to us that he will, upon aproaching a person, talk in a language they will understand. It is not clear how he chooses which of them to use if said person is able to talk in multiple languages. When being talked to, he will almost always respond in the language he has been talked to, though exceptions have been reported already. We are still working to find out how this works and if it was usable by UNTIL, as it would revolutionise modern communication, making translators as well as the need to learn a language unnecessary and improving international cooperations for UNTIL.


As this report might not only fuction as source of information for UNTIL's agents, but possibly could be open for the public in the future, it has been decided to collect several opinions and quotes regarding Ab'da to better represent what he is and means for those who know him.

"Next time, I'll teach you what feelings are." -Defender

"Monster krees Aksda." -Monster