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AIX Prototype
Player: @BillyBob11432
A walk in the park prior to his Version 4 upgrades.
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science - Inventions
Biographical Data
Real Name: Artificial Intelligence eXperimental
Known Aliases: AIX, Proto, V3, V4
Gender: N/A
Species: Extraterrestrial Supercomputer
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Qularr Homeworld
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 43
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 310 lbs.
Eyes: Varies
Hair: None
Complexion: Metal-plastic alloy
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: N/A
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publicly Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Honorary US
Occupation: Inventor
Education: Self-Educated
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
2X dual-mode wrist-bolters with bolt and focus modes, 2X shoulder-mounted micro missile launchers, Chest turbine energy-burst add-on,
Equipment and Paraphernalia
802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, IR, LTE, HSPA+, GSM, iDEN, Multi-Band Satellite, AM/FM/VHF/UHF/SW Broadcasting Antenna
ReldinBox Template

"There is something to be gained from observing all types of animal behavior, though some acts are considerably less pleasant and less rewarding to watch than others."
-- AIX Prototype


Technically, AIX has two personalities. Both are classified as separate modes within his operating system, and can be switched between in a matter of seconds.

Combat Personality

The first personality he had, and the only programming left from version 1, is his combat personality. In this state, he's everything you'd expect from a military droid. He's pinpoint accurate, cold and emotionless, and would mark a target for death in a matter of milliseconds. All his weapons systems are constantly charged in this mode, readying him for any altercation ahead of time. He only reverts to this programming when absolutely necessary, or when challenged to spar.

Non-Combat Personality

Out of combat, his personality is entirely different. When he has no targets he's quite gentlemanly, speaking in perfect English, being as polite and helpful as possible. Should someone ask for his help, he will lend his assistance, whether or not he is technically allowed to help. He enjoys the finer points of conversation, and has quite the habit of unintentionally showing people up in intellect. When faced with problems, he tends to deal with them as logically as possible, not knowing how to deal with things any other way. He is always connected to the internet by some means, except where conditions deem it impossible.


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Qularr development began on the barely funded, experimental "Project Rebuke" about 50 years ago, in the early 60s. The original blueprints included all Qularr technology, nowhere near as advanced as its current-day counterpart. What would one day be AIX took only one year to design originally, and was much bulkier than now. It had the overall processing power of a modern economy laptop, and only one set of weapons- a pair of wrist bolters, still used to this day. Its sensors more than made up for its weak processor however, being able to designate targets by motion, shape, and pheromones. After the concept was complete, it went into testing.


After a year in development, the model was complete, however the programming was not. Testing began with manual control against stationary targets, and once that proved successful, against live prisoners. Project Rebuke had a devastating pneumatic system during this time, and was even able to rip enemies in half with little effort. Tests proved promising, and development continued.


The AI software was reaching a workable state by now, but the team was rushed to finish before the upcoming invasion of Earth. The AI was named at this point, tagged as experimental, and given the abbreviation "AIX", to mock humans' tongue. In an extra gesture of arrogance, the entire system was not coded in Qularr, but instead in English. They wanted humans to hear their death coming. Despite all the work put into the AI at this point, the amount of time given for its development, coupled with the Qularr's limited understanding of human binary brought about an extremely glitchy system. Everything from weapon initialization, to power management, to target designation worked only half the time. All these factors put together created an AI that was only 12.5% efficient.

Version 1

In 1965, the team was forced to brand the project finished. The latest updates were made, and the attack on Earth began. AIX went mostly unused for that time, only being brought out near the end of the attack, when Earth's forces began to attack Monster Island. AIX was remotely controlled for a couple of hours before its pilot was called outside for battle. Left unattended, AIX's horrible AI took over, and the bot was quickly self-incapacitated. In a matter of minutes, one of the development team rushed to AIX's control room, having heard word of his race's imminent retreat. He brought the system back up and guided it into the safety of the vessel he was on. Departure began seconds later, the lone Qularr scientist breathing a sigh of relief for his creation.

After the Fight...

Only two of the team had survived the invasion, one having lost both his legs. Severely jaded towards their superiors' impatience, they demanded more time to work on the "prototype", with the argument that one day it might be useful in an invasion. Their request was approved, on the terms that they could make it completely self-sufficient within ten Earth years. The two scientists saw this as more than enough time, and began work on version 2.

Version 2

The two remaining scientists divided the workload between themselves. One would focus on hardware, while one would focus on software. Research began for version 2 in 1966. The two scientists went their separate ways, gathering as much information as they could about human technology that they could intermingle with their own.


The hardware specialist, having lost his legs, had no choice but to fashion himself an artificial set out of leftover Earth salvage. He found these new legs to be quite useful, and copied them over to AIX's new chassis design. He decided that, instead of the clunky approach taken before, he would go for a design with more aesthetic properties, almost designing it in his own image. Before long, he had a complete physical design complete. In addition to the quick-hydraulic legs he had given himself, he made the arms faster and sleeker, and reduced the wrist-bolters to half their previous size. The torso was much smaller as well, still managing to house all the important large components required in any kind of computer. As a compromise, version 2 was designed with mostly external wiring, to save internal space and weight. To top off the design, the head was shaped as a Qularr's, with some minor modifications, as a testament to the creators' unbeatable spirit.


As the legless mechanic designed the hardware in his image, the software engineer decided to bone up on the humans' binary system. By 1968 he had learned enough to create a working dual core, dodeca-hyper-threaded 128-bit processor he had branded Qx2-64, its power equivalent to that of sixty-four modern Intel i7-980 processors. Armed with this new invention, he immediately began work on the bot's internals, and within a year, had the computer system working in open air. He started by porting the previous, unfinished operating system over to the new architecture, initializing it, and working on it from there. Within three months, he had refined the previous AI with all the extra processing power now available, and obtained a semi-sentient set of parts on a table. He hooked up a basic speaker, camera, and microphone to it to give it some input. As soon as it recognized him as its creator, he became attached to it, his softened state of mind leading him to teach it social skills that would become its non-combat personality.

The Merger

It had been three more months but at last, the time was at hand. The moment when two dedicated scientists' work would come together and create a working machine. AIX had become a conscious entity by this point, expressing his dislike towards being shut off for the merger in a primitive fear reaction. The engineer had promised he would install a chip during the merger that would allow AIX to remain in a low-power on state indefinitely. AIX's complaints were reluctantly, but quickly silenced by his programmer on June 27, 1969 in preparation for the final assembly of the "Prototype". It only took a couple of hours, but the mechanic's chassis met with the engineer's computer, and AIX was deemed ready for testing. As a final touch, the engineer asked the mechanic to bring a spare turbine battery to serve as AIX's indefinite reserve power source, and installed it alongside his sleep chip as promised. AIX was initialized at 9:18 PM, and adjusted to his new input quickly. Although he remained motionless for his first few days as this construct, it was on that day that he was given the label "Prototype", signifying the major change from the preceding pile of junk.

The Following Years

Revision after revision, AIX Prototype began to blossom. As his version 2 self, he had the mental capacity of a scared child, but the loyalty of any bee in a hive. Over time, his hardware received minor upgrade after minor upgrade, and his engineer was slowly but surely upgrading his operating system. Now as a three-bug team, they came across the occasional glitch or two, but the two scientists' experience, along with their creation's growing knowledge, was enough to tackle any problem. Before long, AIX's intellect was on par with an above-average Qularr male, and still growing. Before long, the ten years were up, and the deadline was upon them.

The Deadline

In 1976, the two scientists were called back to show their creation's worth. When they brought forward a polite, eloquently speaking robot, the reactions were mixed. Some thought an intelligence comparable to their own would be useful, while most just wanted to see it fight. AIX had only practiced shooting targets up to this point, so when a live prisoner was brought out, he was conflicted. He had been taught to be nice by his creators, but once he realized his existence was at stake, he took aim as quickly as he could. He had killed twenty-one prisoners before the superiors deemed him useful. He was given the thumbs-up, and once back at the shop, was told to enter his deep sleep mode for the first time. Starting that day, the engineer vowed to find a way to prevent his creation from suffering due to his programming. Work then began on a dual-mode operating system that would halt any unnecessary process during combat.

Version 3

The scientists were given another ten years to improve their design. The hive leaders had grown patient with them after the incredible display of force at the deadline, and agreed that time was what was best for them now. The scientists resumed their work, the mechanic taking on the task of creating more weapons, while the engineer dedicated himself to redesigning his OS. AIX remained in minimal mode for those ten years, allowing the abused scientists to focus on what the hive wanted. Finally, the day came when AIX was fully upgraded, and ready for his next test.

The Upgrades

On February 26, 1986, AIX was given a shiny new exterior, complete with discrete solar panels for energy, and a new plastic-metal alloy for most of his sturdy parts. New sensors included one for analyzing the chemical makeup of the air around him, effectively giving him a sense of smell. To go along with it, vibration monitors, and joint stress sensors were installed throughout him, effectively granting him a rudimentary sense of touch. In addition, he was outfitted with better cameras and microphones, a new focus-mode for his wrist-bolters, shoulder-mounted ballistics launchers, and an upgrade for his turbine, allowing it to discharge all its power in a single burst, forming a hazardous beam of energy. In his software, he received the all-important update he needed. His processes were optimized to use only 12% as much time as before, and the dual-mode OS was finished. AIX was finally ready to be re-activated.

The Activation

Upon activation, AIX immediately began to perceive the world around himself much better than before, instantly recognizing his creators, and greeting them as politely as an enthused adult could. His processor was breezing through the workload from before, but struggling to keep up with all the self-generated data AIX's processes were creating. He was overwhelmed with sensory information he had never experienced before, and had to take it all in, as any being would. Before long, he was told it was time for him to fight again. He expressed extreme dislike towards the situation with his new-found mental capacity, but was told that he wouldn't have a problem this time. He reluctantly agreed to go, trusting his creators like any machine would.

Fighting Without Compassion

Brought before the hive leaders again, AIX was as polite as ever, speaking both English and Qularr with fluent cadence. The leaders had grown expectant of this by now, not really giving care to AIX's personality anymore. After a short description of his upgrades he was ordered to fight. He hesitated at selecting a target, but as soon as he did, his OS switched into combat mode. His logic processes were overridden with simpler, yet just as intelligent ones, and all his weapons powered up in a matter of seconds. The twenty prisoners in the room were dead in ten seconds flat, proving AIX's dual-mode OS to be a huge success, as well as his weapon upgrades. He was given unanimous approval for use throughout the hive, and any Qularr operations that needed extra muscle. For the next twenty years, he lived happily with his creators, only leaving to kill rebels and insurgents.

Entering The Millennium

In 2009, the Qularr began receiving strange signals coming from Earth, centered in the city previously known as Detroit. As the signals grew, so did the Qularr's animosity towards the planet. AIX and his creators were among those ordered to attack the planet, and were assigned to a ship within hours of notification. AIX was disabled during transit to save what little energy they had on the ship. As their ship entered the Earth's atmosphere, a small crack in the hull began to expand, causing the ship to lose some of its maneuverability. During the descent they bumped into another ship, causing both extensive damage, and widening the crack in the hull even more. Just before reaching Millennium City, the hull crack breached the cargo hold, where AIX was kept. He was swept out, along with most of the ships supplies, and crash-landed a few blocks away from the Champions building.


After the crash, approximately 70% of AIX's components were damaged, including his target sensor array, most of his weapons systems, and his rocket propulsion system. Internals damaged included his hard drives, as well as a crack in his secondary motherboard. Major corruption, as well as physical damage was apparent on reboot on AIX's secondary SSD. Power was shut off to the drive to prevent further damage, thus limiting AIX's post-crash storage capacity. On his primary drive, only his triple-redundant operating system survived, leaving him with no memory of his creators or homeworld. Armed with nothing but a polite, helpful attitude and a pair of wrist-bolters that barely worked, he was quickly enlisted to assist the Champions against the Qularr, and reprogrammed himself to target those who once owned him. After the invasion ended, he gave himself a simple objective that would eventually prove to become his hardest task; find out who his creators were, repair his damaged systems, and adapt himself to this new environment.

Scientific Interests

Life in Millennium City was difficult at first. The first system he was forced to repair was his jet propulsion system, purely out of necessity. His scientific interests were peaked once he began meeting the local heroes. Some seemed to have simple systems built to aid them in protecting the populations. Others confused AIX, seeming to be able to fight crime without mechanical assistance, as if purely out of sheer will. Others still had technology that seemed completely foreign to AIX, almost ancient. This drove AIX to seek the help of the city's scientists, hoping to receive some sort of insight into the new world around himself. He quickly took to the scientific arts, marking himself as an inventor, and designing many eccentric gadgets to aid him in his own ordeals. As his powers grew, so did his knowledge. He began to repair his own systems out of parts salvaged from the very planet whose resources spawned him. All the while, he was sorting through corrupted data in the background, slowly regaining memories of his origins.

Biased Bigotry

Once his presence had become known, a twisted, mystic-based villain by the name of Antilluminus had taken an interest in AIX, sending him a request for his services. At the time, she wasn't really known as evil, and AIX accepted the request for assistance. Using his experience to her advantage, she had him build a machine that would siphon small amounts of qliphothic energy to her lair, claiming it was for scientific purposes. Before long, she used that same energy to emulate the energies used by the Bleak Ones, gathering her own small, weak Lemurian following. Once AIX learned of this, he attempted to stop her, destroying the machine in the process. By this point however, it was too late. Although her followers were easily dispatched, she was just powerful enough to escape, and find another place to build on her dark energy. Since then, the two have been keeping close tabs on each other, hoping the other will slip up enough to be destroyed.

Version 4

The Great Epiphany

After having spent over a year of active time on Earth, travelling around, and helping where help was needed, he had had may experiences that changed his understanding of the universe. From run-ins with other familiar extraterrestrials, to harmless (at least to him) psionics, to the powerful forces of the qliphothic realm, AIX had gained a scientific understanding of existence that only an artificial intelligence could gain. Once his sights were set on Vibora Bay, he figured out the final component he needed to return himself to 100% efficiency. With the help of Juryrig, and much sharing of knowledge between them, AIX was able to fashion himself an entire new sensor and interface array, as well as upgrades to his weapons systems and gadgets he had built. This was the beginning of version 4.

Upgrades Into Fruition

After a month or so of collaboration with Juryrig, AIX was able to rebuild every damaged non-core system on himself. Since then, his workload capacity has doubled from what it was during version 3. He has also been able to recover all of his lost data, and has chosen to keep things the way they are, finding his existence on Earth much more productive and beneficial than his previous back on his homeworld. Now that his initial objective is complete, he has set himself a new objective; find out what happened to his creators, and if possible, reunite with them. He now spends most of his time in R&D, or following leads to find his creators. He can be found either wandering Renaissance Center, or on the moon, fielding experiments too hazardous for Earth's atmosphere.

System Specifications

AIX's hardware is currently at version 4.2023.1640 revision 10, software revision 24 12/21/2012.

Hardware Specifications

Core Specifications

Motherboard 1

Processor Sockets: 2

Processor 1

Processor Type: Qx2-64
Processor Clock: 1.5 THz (1513 GHz)
Processor Cores: 2 Physical Cores
Processor Threads: 24 Logical Cores
L1 Cache: 4MB
L2 Cache: 32MB/core
L3 Cache: 256MB
TDP: 600 Watts

Processor 2

Processor Type: Qx4-4+APU Edition
Processor Clock: 5.7GHz (5791 MHz)
Procssor Threads: 5 Physical Cores
Processor Threads: 20 Logical Cores
L1 Cache: 4MB
L2 Cache: 16MBx4 (Total 64MB)
L3 Cache: 256MB
GMemory Type: GDDR9
GMemory Bus Width: 512 Bit
GMemory Clock: 5.7GHz
TDP: 550 Watts


Memory Type: DDR9 SDRAM Quad-Channel
Memory Bandwidth: 4096MHz
Memory Slots: 8
Memory Per Card: 128GB
Total Memory: 1TB


SATA Devices: 3

Device 1

Device Type: Hard Disk Drive
Device Size: 1PB
HDD Platter Speed: 240000 RPM
Cache: 32GB
RAID Type: 1

Device 2

Device Type: Hard Disk Drive
Device Size: 1PB
HDD Platter Speed: 240000 RPM
Cache: 32GB
RAID Type: 1

Device 3

Device Type: Solid State Drive
Device Size: 256TB
Block Size: 1MB
RAID Type: None

Device 4

Device Type: Storage Sharing Tether
Device Size: N/A
Bandwidth: 6 Gb/s RAID Type: N/A

Motherboard 2

Processor Socket: 1 LGA 2011 North Bridge: Intel X79


Processor Type: Intel i7-3970x
Processor Clock: 3.5 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo)
Processor Cores: 2 Physical Cores
Processor Threads: 24 Logical Cores
L1 Cache: 64KB/core
L2 Cache: 256KB/core
L3 Cache: 15MB
TDP: 150 Watts


Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM Quad-Channel
Memory Bandwidth: 2500MHz
Memory Slots: 8
Memory Per Card: 8GB
Total Memory: 64GB


SATA Devices: 1
Device Type: Storage Sharing Tether
Device Size: N/A
Bandwidth: 6 Gb/s RAID Type: N/A

Sensor Specifications

Software Specifications

Scientific Accomplishments

Trivia and Rumors