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Player: @Kite197
"Being a hero is highly overrated."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Purple Eye'd Ninja
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185
Eyes: Purple?
Hair: Unknown
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: N/A
Occupation: Mercenary
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Highly Trained Swordsman. Expert in the field of stealth and intelligence gathering, augmented by Ability as a Magus
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Sneaking Suit, A seemingly normal Katana, Standard UNTIL Field Kit
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Where Wraith came from is a mystery indeed. Due to his connection to a mysterious clan of ninja it is presumed that Wraith is Japanese; though his speech and accent do not confirm this. Wraith first started appearing on the radar after a string of assassinations. For a time no one could pick up a trail, or even pin a suspect. But over time witnesses were left behind. As were calling cards and brief security footage. He was not working alone; and after capturing members of his clan. UNTIL was able to obtain an identity for the unknown Assassin. Wraith managed to evade capture for many years while simultaneously continuing his work as an Assassin. His strange abilities to suddenly vanish and appear in the strangest places only re-enforced his label as "Wraith". His methods of Assassination were classical, never did he utilize modern weaponry; instead opting to strike at his targets with his blade. Some Targets were found completely dismembered; and others were pale with no signs of attack or struggle. This lead UNTIL to believe Wraith was utilizing some form of magic involving another dimension. A Special Task-Force was formed to track his movements and apprehend him.


Wraith was captured in an attempt to assassinate UNTIL's Captain Alexei Fyodorovich. Thanks to an anonymous tip; UNTIL was prepared for Wraith and set up an ambush. Wraith walked right into the Ambush. He was hit with a QG device; removing his ability to phase out of existence; thus removing Wraith's ability to teleport. Wraith attempted to escape by conventional means but was shot many times by perusing UNTIL agents. The pursuit came to an end when an UNTIL Sharpshooter hit him from an adjacent building. Wraith was shot twice in the arm, once in the leg; and was hit in the chest from the Sharpshooter. He was evacuated and received Emergency medical treatment before being held prisoner in UNTIL HQ for his crimes.


Wraith made things difficult for his captors. Three guards were seriously injured in just trying to remove his mask, in the end it was decided he would keep his mask as long as he agreed to cooperate with UNTIL's guards. Wraith was kept under heavy surveillance. Not a waking moment went by where someone wasn't watching him. When he left his cell it was in a straitjacket. Wraith refused to eat, fearful if what might be put into his food, this caused his condition to deteriorate; and his wounds healed slowly. A UNTIL Major by the name of Natasha was placed in charge of obtaining information from Wraith chiefly the whereabouts of the rest of his clan and allies. Though Natasha grew to respect and even admire Wraith and his iron will and willingness to resist. Wraith eventually warms up to her; he begins to eat, his wounds heal up. Slowly but surely Wraith begins to reveal secrets about his role as an assassin. Detailing assassinations past, safe houses and bases used by his clan. Wraith knew full well that having been captured his clan would never take him back... Natasha presented disturbing evidence to him; that it was indeed his own clan who tipped UNTIL off. The Clan's Grand-Master Helena; the closest thing Wraith had to a mother had indeed betrayed him.


Wraith has expected to die in the hands of UNTIL. Either behind bars, or executed at their hands; he had little expectation of living. It was Major Natasha whom made the suggestion of using Wraith to locate and apprehend his own comrades. She knew that no one was more qualified to take on that task. The proposition was proposed to Captain Alexei Fyodorovich; the very man Wraith was tasked with killing. Little surprise to anyone he was against the idea. In the end it was decided that Wraith would remain incarcerated in the bowels of the UNTIL HQ. Wraith holding no citizenship in any nation; he was not granted any legal rights; and was treated as an Unlawful Enemy Combatant. Major Natasha managed to avert the possibility of execution; but that did little for Wraith. Now he was forced to live out the rest of his life behind iron bars, the greatest of all dishonors.

The Qularr; and The Fight for Freedom

When the Qullarr launched their attack; UNTIL HQ was locked down, and all available personnel were tasked with repelling the invasion. Wraith was left alone in his cell as the battle raged around him. A transport crashed through a nearby wall; and invaders stormed the holding area. Wraith was powerless; if they opened his cell he was practically defenseless; without his weapon he was of little use; and worse yet his magic circuits were being suppressed by UNTIL's Technology. As the invaders moved to pry his cell open and presumably abduct him, Major Natasha kicked the door in and opened fire on the aliens. Though many were killed and wounded in her assault; she was overwhelmed and mortally wounded by the Qularr; as she lay there bleeding out, she reached down into her pocket and pressed a button on a small device. The QG generators in the cell block ground to a halt; and Wraith's circuits soon returned to normal. Wraith tore the cell door apart, and gored the invaders taking vengeance on Natasha's behalf. Natasha laid there on the verge of death; wondering aloud if letting Wraith go was a good idea. Wraith did not have the answer; in truth he was glad to be free, glad to feel the rush of battle again, but at the same time he was confused. He had never been close to anyone, and Natasha was the only friend he had ever really had. Unsure of what to do, or how to feel; Wraith watched Natasha's life fade away. He shook off the strange feelings and suited up. He climbed through derbies into a battered city; people running for their lives, calling out to Wraith for help as chaos enveloped the city. Wraith started by assaulting the nearest group of invaders; putting a swift end to their lives, before chasing down another group who had made off with innocents. They thanked him dearly for saving them; and again Wraith stood in confusion, unsure of how to react. But that had to be set aside, invaders were constantly on the offensive; and Wraith did what he was raised to do. Fight.

Second Chance

As the battle raged; Wraith moved through the streets leaving a bloody path in his wake. Eventually making it to a small makeshift UNTIL outpost that was being overrun by Qularr invaders. Running on instinct he jumped into the fray; slaying Qularr and saving soldiers that rushed to the would be hero's aid. In the midst of fighting Wraith found himself back to back with the very man he was tasked with killing Captain Alexei Fyodorovich. Given little choice the two allied with one another and fought back the invaders saving the small outpost from being overrun. Only moderately impressed with Wraith's actions; which Alexei believed Wraith only did to improve his image. Captain Alexei Fyodorovich grudgingly agreed to Major Natasha's original request; if only to honor her in some way. Wraith was granted a pardon for his crimes due to his heroism in the invasion. And though many praised him for turning over a new leaf, Wraith knew he fought on instinct alone. He didn't try to save people; it just happened because he was fighting the Qularr. Or... Did it? Wraith could only ponder all that had happened, never did he think he would be put in such circumstances. Part of his pardon required him to work with UNTIL, chiefly to capture Helena, his clan's master. Though he knew he would be doing much more. In many ways he hated it; it was like slavery. But he had a desire for revenge; he wanted Helena to pay for the betrayal. And if he had to work with UNTIL to achieve that goal it was a small price to pay.

Work After Until

Having completed his work with Until, Wraith has once again drifted into mercenary work, there are many rumors about the contracts and jobs he's taken, though concrete information is difficult to obtain. Rumor has it that Wraith will do just about anything if the price is right; though if this is true or not remains to be seen.

Relation to other Heros

Wraith has a hard time mingling with other heroes. Most if not all individuals he views as a threat of some kind. Those who are caught up in the idea of justice and mercy; like Defender he views as misguided and easily manipulated. While crazed Vigilantes he views merely as Villains fighting on the other side. It's a bleak outlook where few can be trusted, and everyone should be suspected. Wraith is slow to make friends; and those who do catch his eye typically get stalked by him, Wraith tries to learn as much as he can about them and their powers. Needless to say he likes to work alone; other heros more often than naught give his position away, and he thrives on completing his objective without anyone even knowing he was there. It isn't an uncommon sight to spy Wraith following heros on the rooftops of Millennium City; Or even tucked away in the rafters in Caprice, watching other heros and learning about them in the process. Likewise Wraith is typically viewed as untrustworthy by other heros. And those who know of his criminal background may yet be appalled he is even considered a hero. Still; actions speak louder than words, and no one can deny the good Wraith has done. Many villains have been put behind bars; and the rumors circling him are enough to scare some criminals straight.

Powers and Abilities


What could arguably be his most useful ability; Wraith is a highly trained agent; capable of tactfully inserting himself into dangerous situations, accomplishing a goal and leaving no trace of his presence; it is also his preferred method of accomplishing a mission. Even in a combat scenario Wraith will use his ability to move undetected and position himself to exploit an enemies weakness or outright attack them in the back. With reflexes that could be considered super human; and a keen and agile body, it should be assumed that Wraith will engage his enemies from the most unexpected of places and vanish before others are even aware he has attacked.

Drang Gral

Wraith can command various dark tendrils that emerge from the Ebon Void

A Staple in Wraith's arsenal of powers; though technically without name like most of his abilities, those who have endured the attack have gone to dub it many things. Using his own innate powers Wraith conjures up shadow tendrils from his own hand; they are capable of interaction with physical objects, typically Wraith makes use of that by using them to beat down an enemy, or to constrict them; and in some extreme cases to hurl them across long distances. Many have grown to outright fear this ability, as rumor has it if angry enough Wraith is not above using the tendrils to tear limbs from bodies; or even suffocation. Though these are of course just rumors and speculation among criminals.


Foregoing modern means of attacking at a range; Wraith opts for a more magical approach

A simple means of attack when Wraith cannot reach his foes. Wraith gathers energy in his palms and uses it to unleash a devastating ranged attack by hurling the balls of energy at his target. By no means a method of attack he favors, it can be useful in throwing an enemy off guard, or attacking an enemy that takes to the skies. While Wraith refuses to allow his abilities to be studied formally. It is believed the energy he accumulates in this attack is a mass of Anti-Protons. The fact Wraith is able to handle such energy and on his own is likely due to his own latent abilities. The strength of the attack is proportional to the amount of energy put into the attack. Wraith could use very little if he needs to keep up a sustained and rapid attack, or a great deal of energy in one large attack

Cursed Boundary Layer

Using his power Wraith is able to conjure a temporary tear in the fabric of reality; while not large enough to cause significant damage to the surroundings; it is enough for powerful energies to leak into Wraith's location. The shadow pulls objects towards the center, where gravity turns. Those caught in its effects usually end up fighting to keep their footing; others are hurled around like ragdolls. Though Wraith's most common use of the attack is to cause his enemies to black out from all the positive G-Force the rift puts out. What could potentially be his most devastating attack is instead used as a non-lethal one. Though the threat still remains, Wraith could cause serious damage to property and and life if he bothered to enlarge the rift. Though with the strain such a small rift puts on his body he likely does not because the strain would be to great.

Shadow Shift

A lesser form of Wraith's ability to teleport; Wraith is able to meld with the shadows around him and deliver a sneaky sucker punch to an unsuspecting enemy. Used primarily to get the drop on an enemy; the very nature of this attack is a confusing one, because even if someone spots Wraith initiating the strike it is unknown where he will emerge to deliver the attack. A common practice is a strike directly to the face; usually leaving his enemy dazed and in some extreme cases unconscious. This ability can also serve to dodge an enemies attack and deliver a powerful counter of his own.

Spatial Transportation

Spatial Transportation gives Wraith a great amount of mobility in combat and allow for ambushes and deadly hit and run attacks

Arguably his most notable ability. Wraith's ability teleport gives him many advantages, especially in espionage missions. Giving him a sense of complete unpredictability; Wraith often teleports around his foes in orders to confuse them; Wraith also uses this ability to get himself out of danger if he feels the need. It is a power with many uses, and Wraith revels in using his power to bust enemy morale, and strike fear into the heart of enemies; enemies whom suspect he is nearby typically stress themselves out before a fight even begins; others have even turned tail and fled fearing a fight all together. It is unknown how exactly Wraith is able to teleport, though it is suspected he enters and travels through a separate but parallel dimension. Attempts to track him both technologically, and magically are meaningless; the moment he phases out he cannot be detected by most known methods. Even telepaths lose track of him during the process.

Imaginary Numbers

On more than one occasion Wraith has credited with recovering from fatal wounds and attacks. What keeps him going is unknown. Or how he can shrug off wounds that would kill a lesser man. Some have wondered if it is more dark magic of his, others credit it to his incredibly stubborn nature and iron will. It has been reported that villains have broken his arm, shattered ribs; there are even the more dubious reports that he's shrugged off fatal gunshot and knife wounds. Many times enemies have thought him to be dead, only to pay the price for their false assumption. This is beleived to be a Sorcery Trait retained by those of Wraith's bloodline.

Ability as a Magus

Magic Circuits

The number of circuits Wraith posses is unknown, though many have estimated the number to be around 40-55. Above average, or even abnormal when compared to the average Magus. The quality is far more difficult to know, many assume that due to the high number of circuits, they are of low quality. How much mana his magic circuits can hold is unknown, though it has been observed that when fully loaded his parameters are boosted by a factor of 2; though the strain this puts on his body is unknown; but it is suspected to be severe, and prolonged use could carry with it catastrophic side-effects. It can safely be inferred that Wraith wears his gear and outfit in such a way as to hide his circuits from view when activated.

Mystic Eyes?

A true mystery, the nature of Wraith's eyes are completely unknown all due in part to the fact he keeps them covered with his mask. Though their glow can easily be seen bleeding through though the head-wear. Their color would akin them to Cybele Mystic Eyes, under the Jewel classification, though this is mere speculation. Experts in the Magus's Association believe them to be more in-tune with his Mage-craft. Perhaps glowing as they do because his Magic Circuits run through his eyes. This theory may prove factual, as the color of his eyes is usually a shade or two removed from the color of his magics. It is currently unknown if his eyes are true Mystic Eyes, or just a side-effect from his Magic Circuits.



Wraith has a nasty temper that doesn't take much coaxing to see. Often Wraith enters a fight angry as can be; this often leads to him having inner conflicts with himself on if he should kill an individual or not. Wraith holds grudges; and can be extremely spiteful. Wraith has often devoted a great deal of time to perusing plots of personal revenge; and sometimes vengeance in the name of others. Those who become an enemy of Wraith typically stay an enemy; even if they attempt to make amends or apologize.

Socially Backwards

Wraith has a difficult time in social situation. Never one for friendship or companionship, Wraith grew up caring only about the mission. He worked alone, even among his own clan he remained distant. This leads to awkward situations where Wraith will offend someone without really meaning to so, often putting him in situations where he has no idea how to act. This only frustrates and confuses him. Wraith typically slips into anger; though not with others, but himself at his inability to express himself correctly. His few attempts to actually be friendly have failed, and Wraith only has an extremely small number of individuals he calls "friend". And those individuals are either extremely understanding; or just as socially awkward.

Questionable Ethics

Wraith has no problem employing tactics other heros might shy away from. Rumor suggest Wraith has on more than one occasion violated the rights of criminals in order to apprehend them. Entrapping them, and employing many tactics to both lure them out, and away from others. He has no quarrel about sneaking into residence; and forcibly taking a known criminal. Wraith has shown -very- little regard for the rights of a known criminal and typically they are treated harshly. Faced with deadly force Wraith typically responds with his own deadly force. Rumor does suggest though that Wraith isn't above removing a trigger finger or two; especially if he managed to catch a bullet or two. Though again; these are mere rumor and speculation. These tactics might make Wraith seem unacceptable to some; and desirable to others. Whatever the case may be, his actions more often than not are shrouded in rumor and superstition.


For better or for worse; Wraith is shrouded in mystery. There are rumors a plenty about his actions, and just what he'll do. It does not help that Wraith embraces this and purposely shrouds himself in the rumors. This might actually sway heros to believe some of the rumors they've heard furthering ruining his public image. Though with the proper research and intellect, the lies can be sorted through and a clear pattern can be observed in Wraith's behavior. Indeed it may yet appear that Wraith has a code of conduct he adheres to. It may even suggest he is not as fearsome as the rumors make him out to be. Or is he?


Wraith has severed all ties and is currently a lone-wolf


The Holy Church

Wraith has long since been labeled a heretic by the Vatican, and Wraith has done nothing but make his standing with them worse. The Holy Church has long since been engaged in conflict with what was once Wraith's clan and family, though they have long since disbanded into tiny splinter factions, Wraith still remains at the top of their list as the most prolific, the exact reason is unknown. Beyond his use of mage-craft, which the Church does not look favorably on, his use of curses and other dark-arts easily drew the ire of the Church, though many within the church believe their to be another reason, a reason only shared among its senior clergy and exorcist. To the Church, Wraith is no different than a Demon, or Vampire; a vile existence that must be eliminated.

The Magus Association

Though not entirely an enemy, the Association have long since ousted him and his kind from their ranks for their use of curses, and magic that many claimed would lead to "Absolute corruption of not just ones body, but soul". A passive organization by nature, they by no means make attempts to hunt down Wraith or provoke him, at-least not officially, though they do speak out against him and his methods of magecraft. A subject of study by some aspiring Magus in the group, on what -not- to do.


Millennium City's finest officially want Wraith captured for rampant vigilantism and multiple suspected murders, assaults, etc. Though behind closed doors it could be a different matter. While some officers believe his methods to be unjust, and far to cruel to be accepted by society, others think different; perhaps believing his methods to be right, even if somewhat radical at times. Though however an officer feels, Wraith is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Though what is to be done with him... Remains to the discretion of whatever unfortunate officer manages to stumble upon him

Thoughts and comments

Those who meet Wraith are free to put their thoughts here


A Handful for an Eye Wraith fights dirty; he'll make use of whatever he may have to get an edge, dirt to the eyes is a cheap and effective strategy

Becoming the Mask Wraith has long since abandoned his civilian life. Whatever is under the mask; doesn't matter to him. He -is- Wraith

Betrayal Insurance Wraith trusts no one, and suspects everyone. Typically Wraith makes it a point to discover secret identities; and weaknesses of heros, -even- his own friends.

Bulletproof Vest Perhaps a source of humor; many think the vest Wraith wears is something special. It isn't. Bullets hurt.

Combat Pragmatist Rules, honor; none of it matters to Wraith in a fight. Some may even call him a cowardly fighter, but to him it is all about winning. And a fight you can't win, is a fight not worth fighting.

Dark World Where many presume he ends up when he teleports

Defensive Feint Trap A time honored tactic; Wraith will easily portray himself weaker than he actually is; only to go all out when his enemy least expects it

Dodge the Bullet Wraith has been known to dodge bullets, and even deflect some with his blade

Honest Advisor Wraith only has one person whom he (kind-of) trusts, and that's Lily. If he ever wanted advice, she would be the source

Hero With Bad Publicity Wraith isn't liked by a great deal of people, which is... fine. He doesn't care much for others either

In The Back The prefered method of starting a fight, if you're lucky it can end it before it even truly begins

It Gets Easier Wraith started his career as a Ninja at a young age, whatever difficulties he may have endured; it doesn't seem to matter now. He rarely bats an eye at his actions

Ninja Practically the defining trope; Wraith is a Shinobi, a practitioner of Ninjutsu

Properly Paranoid Wraith has serious trust issues; in that he doesn't trust anybody, or anything. And he makes sure he's got a plan for if something or someone wrongs him

Stealth Hi/Bye Out of necessity, or maybe amusement. Wraith does not care to announce his presence, nor does he care to tell others when hes leaving.

Stock Ninja Weaponry To any whom has had the honor of seeing his base of operations, a simple look in his armory reveals many tools and weapons quite stereotypical of a Ninja

Super Reflexes Wraith's only real Super Power; his reflexes allow him to move at superhuman speed and dodge attacks, which is good because beyond that he is as fragile as a human

The Cynic Wraith is a dark and jaded person, whom the only humor he is familiar with is dark. He has little to no faith in others, and only trusts himself. Needless to say his outlook on things is quite cynical

The Dark Arts His powers are a mystery to many; however it can be assumed that they only have one application, and it isn't "nice"

Rumors and Gossip

-Strangely enough it is rumored that Wraith is a big fan of the pop singer and Champion Sapphire; some report seeing him tucked away in the shadows during her concerts

-Some rumors suggest that Wraith isn't just one man, but rather a group of individuals who share the identity; though Wraith denies this.

-Wraith seems to enjoy high vantage points; some say he's quite envious of those capable of flight.

-Rumor has it Wraith's killed a man just by touching him

-Other rumors suggest Wraith's killed men by sneaking into their homes and cutting their throats.

-Rumor has it Wraith is indeed a ghost of a man whom was gunned down by a gangster in West-Side