Wave Breaker

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Wave Breaker
Player: @Sharks
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Class Focus:
Power Level:
Research & Development:
Personal Data
Real Name: James Walker
Known Aliases: Shark, Wave
Species: Mutant (Shark humanoid)
Height: 6' 4"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color:
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S
Occupation: Store Owner
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations:
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Known Powers
Known Abilities

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James Walker is a mutant who changed in his mid teens to the humanoid Shark he is today. After suffering all manners of discrimination as he grew even from his father, he and his older brother who shares the same mutation have become pretty close. An avid environmentalist, he is known internationally on the seas.

He was born in England, though the family moved to the US when he was eight years old.

He and his brother make their living as joint owners of a fishing supplies store. The store does decently well, their status as part time heroes helping business to an extent, though they have suffered some anti-mutant vandalism at times. He is well learned in oceanography, and is a lover of adventure and detective/mystery novels.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Super Physical Abilities (12 tons lifting, Super Agility, Steel-tough body.)
  • Enhanced Leaping and Running speed.
  • Water Creation-Blast, Water Control. He can create water at his body and blast it from any part, but usually does so from his hands or jaws. This seems to have no limit, which leads some to believe he's tapping into an extradimentional source. He can do some things with telekinetically controlled water that defy conventional physics, such as 'harden' it into a shield of a restraining rope. He also flies around on a wave, or board of water.)
  • Water Breathing (Via Gills, Water tolerant lungs)
  • Hyper swimming speed
  • Regeneration + Systemic Antidote
  • Shapeshifting (One form only: Great White Shark of varying size which he can control, up to about 40ft long)

Other: he lacks claws or nails, but his teeth are diamond hard, and his other bones roughly as strong as titanium. He has been known to lose teeth when biting as normal sharks do, and likewise they grow back quickly.


  • Oceanography
  • Geography
  • Acrobatics
  • Martial Arts (Kickboxing)
  • Basic First Aid

OOC Trivia

Wave Breaker is one of my oldest characters, and it is he I got my acct name from. He was originally concieved in the Third Edition DC Roleplaying system, now known as the Blood of Heroes system. Since then he has migrated to City of Heroes, and now here in Champs.