Vixen (Vivienne Xen'thalas)

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Player: @DDSilverChrome
Classic Power Armor
Character Build
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Vivienne Xen'Thalas
Known Aliases: "Vixen", "Silver Vixen", "Vix", "Vivi", "V"
Gender: Female
Species: Space Zanovarian
Ethnicity: Alien
Place of Birth: Zanovar
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Eve Xen'thalas (sister/nemesis)
Edric Xen'thalas(father)
Fox Silver(clone)
Callidora Xen'thalas(mother)
Alisen Terna Xen'thalas(daughter)
Age: 29
Height: 5,7
Weight: 140
Eyes: Lavender glow
Hair: Lavender/white
Complexion: Jovial, non-tanned
Physical Build: Fit, not muscular
Physical Features: Full body tattoo
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3 1/2 years
Citizenship: Diplomatic status
Occupation: Physician
Education: College Graduate (Zanovar Medical Institute)
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Powers and Abilities
Low level telepathy
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Silicone based breast MP3 implant
Off-planet communication headset
Personal emergency shield generator
ReldinBox Template


Vivienne Xen'thalas, an alien princess from a far away kingdom, was sent on a journey to save her homeplanet from dying. She eventually arrived on Earth looking for scientific support, to discover after a month that her planet had broken from its gravity well and plunged to its sun, leaving the remnants of her race to drift in quasi-space aboard a giant space armada. The now codenamed "Vixen" set to seek redemption from her people, acting as a ambassador on Earth, and organize supply runs back to the armada in exchange for her help to protect Earth against whatever threatens mankind.

In the fleet, Vivienne acts the typical princess, doing nothing much beyond her royal duties and yearning for a family and kids. She was married to a young lieutenant and soon had a baby on the way, she couldn't have wished for anything more. However, her envious sister, Eve, saw her as a threat in her thirst for power. She set about scheming and plotting Vivienne's demise. She struck Vivienne with her father's sceptre, killing her unborn infant, Vivienne never admitted that her sister was the cause for the child's death, explaining it to her family as a mere accident. Following these events, her husband left and Vivienne's mother scorned her. Her father, disappointed, sent Vivienne away on a distant mission in a small blue planet in the other corner of the galaxy. She left without a word.

Soon after her arrival, she found herself in the middle of the desert, completely lost. She wandered, looking for the nearest settlement, but found a badly wounded soldier who was bleeding and suffering from heat stroke. She quickly patched him and dragged him along for a few hours, only to finally find his squad. She properly introduced herself and explained the situation. The soldier, watching the girl who came from space and was naive from the Earth's culture, felt he should help her and offered his place to stay while she searched for a proper home. And so Vivienne met the soldier, codenamed "Proud Patriot".

They lived together for quite sometime, and her complete ignorance of the human culture led to some funny situations in more than one occasion. Soon they grew fond of each other, but never went further than platonic love - and like all good things - it came to an end with his promotion followed by his departure. Left alone and depressed, she got lost between private parties, dance clubs and failed dates, only to find out Mustafa Macduncan, the second man in her love life, who played an important role in her destiny.

They dated, from there came marriage and a child on the way, and when she just finally reached her dream once again, Eve plotted her kidnapping. Mustafa came to her rescue, but in the end it was all a diversion to kidnap her real target, the king. This left Vivienne without a father and another miscarriage.

With her father kidnapped, Eve took the seat of power. In response, Vivienne made several clones of herself to keep watch of her sister's movements and went undercover, no longer a diplomat for her people. She would keep using her medical skills to make ends meet at the nearest hospital. Life became difficult and Mustafa, once a popular cage fighter, took another fight, against Vivienne's concerns. He ended up in the hospital, leading to their divorce and choice to go their separate ways.

Being once more on her own, she decided to go back to crimefighting whenever her dayjob time schedule allowed, during one of her breaks at night in the club, she became more intimate with an old friend of hers, Jess Terna, after a complicated start, and Vixen's fragile state, they decided to interlope, being concerned at their future together, she decided to retire from being a vigilante (for the time being, at least), slowly taking charge of her wife's corporation at her very own request, Vivienne eventually partially resolved the planet wide war being fought at Jess's homeplanet, along with changing many of her company's agressive policies, specially regarding on how to handle protests.

Soon after things settled, Jess somehow got pregnant of Vixen, she tried to explain nothing more than simple DNA sample was required for the unusual conception, but Vivienne never quite figured out how that happened. Being quite advanced in her age, Jess was slowly turning blind, and Vixen seeing how this was another problem piling up on Jess's already large list of problems, she made herself volunteer for a full retina and iris transplant, thus, restoring Jess's sight, and against her protests, she finally agreed.

Despite their brief and happy moments together, their relationship became turbulent, constant arguing and suspicion from both sides has finally taken it's toll, leading to their marriage's demise. Vivienne never took this event well, and avoid the subject whenever possible. Being through a few other affairs, three of them being quite memorable, such as with Alex, Van Hircine and the troublesome and dangerous encounter with Faust, she finally decided her chances at someone's side would be practically null from now on, as she had much to learn on how to be happy on her own, and perhaps mature a bit on that matter.

(work in progress)


Personality: Although she was raised to be a lady, she's far from it, either from being a rebel at heart or because she never had a chance to express herself.
She likes drinking, dancing, flirting... a child of the night. Despite these traits, she's quite responsible, her duties always comes first, although having quite a chaotic way of sorting her priorities. When talking to her, people may notice she has a low sense of shame. She's also quite naive to earth costumes and cultures, generally leading to some funny situations. Skills: Heavy weaponry, diplomatic protocols. Passive, low level telepath (can receive communication of those willing to talk to her) Age: 29 Interesting Facts: -her silicone breast implants has built in mp3 functions -gets drunk with caffeine. -she flirts a lot, doesn't always mean she wants something else. Inventory: -1 ring, it says "Jess" on the side. -a beautiful white gold ring with saphire details. -1 silver necklace. -a fae sunshard.



Comments and quotes

This is a quote. -quoteer

"I've only gotten to talk to her a few times. I don't see her around much, but she seems like good people." - Stitch

"Vivi's a nice girl... well, girls. Keep it real, Vivister!" - Humungor

"Vix? Man it's been awhile since I've talked to her, hope she's doing alright...I wonder if she can still fit inside that fridge..." - Proud Patriot