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Varlabania as "Bronze Thunderhawk" out at the Ren Center.
Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Two Bears, Bronze Thunderhawk, Naki Shash, Varla
Mescalero-Chiricahua Reservation, New Mexico
Chiricahua Tribal Nation, U.S.A.
West Side, Millennium City
West Side
Motorcycle mechanic
Legal Status
PRIMUS registered
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Hope Runner (father), Ya'áí Gah (mother)
Physical Traits
Native American (Chiricahua Apache)
Apparent Age
Body Type
Dense athletic
Coppery smooth
· Distinguishing Features ·
Lip piercing
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super strength, Super durability, Super Leaping
· Equipment ·
Armored outfit
· Other Abilities ·
Waitressing, mechanical, dual identities


Early Life

Varlabania with Caroline and Ciara on the X-pelled school grounds.

A young girl was born on the Mescalero-Chiricahua Reservation in New Mexico 16 years ago. She was raised in the traditional tribal life of the Chiricahua Apache for several years until she began to manifest mutant abilities at the age of 5. She began to exhibit enormous strength and durability. The tribe began to call her "Two Bears" or in her language, "Naki Shash". Two Bears became protected and admired by the tribe who saw it as a gift from the spirits that one of their children was so strong.

Like many Native American children, she grew up in poverty and although she was raised with tribal knowledge, life was difficult. Bye age 13, she was smoking and getting into trouble, as well as drinking. The school system was very poor on the Reservation so she was not receiving a proper education of things outside her tribe. She began hanging with a crowd that went out into the desert for wild parties and did some vandalism and tagging in the nearby town of Ruidoso. Things really got out of control when she received a DUI at age 15 while driving around with friends. It was at this time that the elders decided they needed to work with Two Bears to be better than the circumstances of her life.

At 16, she was taken outside the reservation in New Mexico and given a spirit quest as part of a warrior rite of passage. It was then after three weeks alone in the desert that she had visions of a dark future and visions of horrible things befalling her tribe. She was given the rite name of Varlabania, which means "forever" in Chiricahua. Varlabania, began to temper some after her spirit quest. The time alone made her contemplate what life was about and how to be a better person.

Because of her delinquent background, she was unable to get into good mutant schooling around the nation. The tribe helped her and eventually sent her to Millennium City to work with an academy that deals with troubled mutants. She joined up with the X-pelled Mutant Academy after having an interview with Carolina Mitchell.

X-pelled Mutant Academy

Varlabania in the desert as Two Bears.

The Academy has been very helpful for Varlabania. Upon joining, she's been getting to see a lot of the big city and take classes in a less impoverished environment. She has been keeping up with her studies, though does get distracted by friends. She works as a waitress at a cafe in Westside to afford spending money to supplement her tuition.

After X-pelled

After graduating from X-pelled, Varla decided to become a crimefighter. She hasn't been doing too well, but does her best to keep some of the places as clean as possible. She made enough from waitressing to attend a motorcycle repair trade school. During the days, she now works at at a motorcycle repair shop and fights crime in the evenings.

She has decided to fight under two indentities: Occasionally she fights as Bronze Thunderhawk, a mysterious winged and helmeted hero. The other identity she fights in is as Two Bears, her tribally given name.


Varlabania comes off as mostly snarky, quiet and unambitious. She doesn't talk much, and when she does, they are usually quips or zingers. She can be outgoing at times, especially after drinking, and tries to maintain a quiet cool. Behind all of that, she is very insecure and has low self-esteem. She dresses provocatively for attention, and hangs out with the wrong crowds to fit in. Even after her spirit quest, she is still searching for herself.

Powers & Abilities

Varlabania has super strength and super durability. High levels of adrenaline seem to provoke even more strength and durability within her and she has truly never tested the limits of her own strength.


  • Hope Runner - Her father. She hasn't seen him since she left the reservation, but still keeps in touch through email.
  • Ya'áí Gah - Her mother. Her mother has always been caring, but also has an alcohol problem as well.
  • Bloodryn - Lya was a good friend of hers at the academy. She still tries to keep in touch with her even though both have parted ways from school.
  • Carolina Mitchell - No one helped her as much as Dr. Mitchell. She really respects her and looks up to her as her mentor. Even after leaving school, she sometimes checks in with her for advice.


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