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The transcripts appear to abruptly end. The research facility appears to be sealed using the learned Runeology, Red tape litters the site.  What happened here?
The transcripts appear to abruptly end. The research facility appears to be sealed using the learned Runeology, Red tape litters the site.  What happened here?
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Player: @DeadKittie
Biographical Data
Real Name: Xiaolian Lu
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Female
Species: Foxxen
Ethnicity: Huli Jing
Place of Birth: Algoaan
Base of Operations: Confidential
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 18*
Height: 4'8
Weight: 90
Eyes: Fire Red with Blue Limbal Rings
Hair: Gingeer
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Petite
Physical Features: Extremely faint Runes cover her body
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: Algoaan
Occupation: Confidential
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
Elemental, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Telekenetic, True Sight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Xiaolian's Persona

```°˖✧◝ ˖✧◝ ◜✧˖ ◜✧˖ 马克思背后的狐狸 ˖✧◝ ˖✧◝ ◜✧˖ ◜✧˖°```


Distinguishing Features:

  • Crescent moon marking on forehead
  • Chocolate brown tipped Fox ears
  • White tipped Fox tail
  • Longer, slender Canidae like canine fangs.
  • Sexuality: Anything goes
  • Inflection & Speech claim.** Xiao would sound a lot like Luna Lovegood In terms of her speech patterns and inflection.

Mischievous nature that tends to get her into trouble, and childish arguments. Can be very sassy, and often plays harmless tricks on acquaintances. Xiao often does not grasp the concept of modesty, or privacy. She can and will be a motor mouth and will often spout whatever happens to be on her mind.
When not occupied with 'people watching' Xiao is often honing her musical skills. Xiao has a deep appreciation for the arts, particularly music. Xiao also loves to learn about the world around her. She will take any opportunity to broaden her knowledge, thus she loves to read.


Xiao is able to shift her form, however seems to be limited to various states of Fox. She is often portrayed as a humanoid with Fox ears, and a single tail.
Xiao's skin is littered with very faint silver runes. The shapes become more prominent while she is channeling magical energy, causing them to illuminate a vibrant blue.

Xiao's base power is the ability to manipulate the elements. However being a young Huli Jing, she is only able to reliably control Fire and Electricity. She has developed the ability to Reconstruct and Deconstruct matter due to the experimental trial she was put through via the Shal-Gal Project.
She posses the ability to see through the cosmos if given a location to observe. The effects of her true sight ability highly depend on Moon Phases of her current terrestrial location, and interference from celestial bodies.
Being a Huli Jing, Xiao posses minor psychic abilities, however she has yet to awaken them.

Short Back story

Project 2 Phase 1.
Location: Shal-Gal Peaks, Algoaan.
Date: The Fifth Waning Gibbous of Aspris.
Time: First Light.
Subject: Huli Jing Kit.

Test 01:

We have recovered documents from the Shi-vitha project. Their methods, while informative and progressive were flawed. The subjects that were chosen for such an experiment were unconventional. Though, who would point blame as the project was the first of it's kind. And while, the end result was a catastrophic failure, they did push the countries military might beyond inconceivable limitations. Such destruction.. Our refined process will begin half past this hour. May Aspris guide us to victory.

The chosen subject has been prepped. I feel that a part of me is worried that we may be on route to repeating history. No, we will be the first to succeed where other's have failed. The Runeology engravings are complete. The process shall begin.

The fusion process has begun. Just as The Shi-vitha project. The subject’s body appears to be deconstructing, and reconstructing. Just as it was documented. The rejection phase has begun. We will all hold our breath.

Three hours have passed. Longer than the Shi-vitha project. But the subject seems to be alive. Now we wait.

The Runeology patterns have appeared as expected. The dancing flames are indeed mesmerizing. The subject seems to be slowly recovering. So far the experiment has yielded similar results as the Shi-vitha project.

The runes have subsided. After years of research we have decoded the meaning of these Runes. The symbols of the heavens. Fire, Earth, Wind, Ice, Water, Thunder, Matter, Light, Dark. I would lie if I were to say that this is not mildly terrify. The power potential. May Aspris have mercy.

Date: The Third Quarter of Aspris.

Time: 07:00:22
The subject has made a full recovery. Quite extra ordinary. She possesses similar eyes as the Shi-vitha project's experiment. They are a brilliant blue as opposed to gold. Simply beautiful.

Time: 08:58:00
Xiaolian has begun to move on her own. We have named her after the rare Blue Flower found in our region. A beautiful name, for a beautiful creature. However, her physical form seems to be unstable. She has shifted between a Feral Fox, to a Humanoid form, to a creature between world. I fear she may harm herself if not learned to control this.

Time: 10:22:19
Xiao, like the Shi-vitha project has shown incredible intelligence. She is extremely curious, and playful. It's quite joyful to interact with her. The levels of intelligence is astonishing. She appears to be able to see into the heavens. Our experiment seems to have amplified her natural abilities, as a Huli Jing.

First Transcript log:
Prof. Rain: Hello Xiao, how are you feeling today?
Xiaolian: Hello Rain! I, feel hungry. Bring food yes?
Prof. Rain: You've developed quite the apatite my dear. But yes, it is time for breakfast isnt it?
Xiaolian: Yes! Good eats! We will have the Eggs and meats please?
Prof. Rain: If that's what you wish. Perhaps some apples too?
Xiaolian: Apples? They are also good eats?
Prof. Rain: My, has no one introduced apples to you? What a travesty.
Xiaolian: I want the apple eats, please!
. Prof. Rain: Of course, of course my dear! Come, let us enjoy breakfast, then we shall train, deal?
Xiaolian: Okay. As long as there are many eats yes? Yes!

Time: 15:22:05
Xiaolian is quite the little house of power. However, she seems to only have full control over her Fire and Thunder. This not unusual for her species, however I would lie if I were not mildy disappointed. I assumed the merge of Artifact would accelerate her growth. However, her control of the two elements thus far, are beyond anything I could begin to comprehend. Her ability to see into the heavens, through the world. Shift her form. Astonishing. I suppose, I can not complain with the results. She is our little wonder. Our Little Lotus.

Second Transcript log:
The wars have taken a surprise turn for the better. Peace appears to be on the horizon. It seems the need to utilize Xiaolian as a trump card might not be needed. Thankfully, we will not have to witness destruction that took place Shi-vitha.
The transcripts appear to abruptly end. The research facility appears to be sealed using the learned Runeology, Red tape litters the site. What happened here?

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