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Player: @DeadKittie
Biographical Data
Real Name: Niri
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Female
Species: Draconic
Ethnicity: Light Dragon
Place of Birth: Algoaan
Base of Operations: Confidential
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 18*
Height: 5'4 Glamoured*
Weight: 110 Glamoured*
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Brunette
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Circular Runes cover her body
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: Algoaan
Occupation: Confidential
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
Elemental, Deconstruction, Reconstruction
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Memzie's Appearence

Memzie spends most of her time Glamoured* when she is in public. In her Glamoured form she alters her body using Deconstruction, and Reconstruction to appear as virtually anything. She is often seen as a teenage girl, standing about 5'4, brunette hair, and faintly glowing purple eyes. Her eyes glow purple while she is fully Glamoured.

Memzie big wide.jpg

Memzie's true form stands 30'5 feet tall, and is 55'6 feet long from Snout, to tail tip, with a wing span of 82 feet,weighing 18,367lbs. Her scales are covered in golden circular runes.

Short Back story

Phase 2.
Location: Shi-vitha, Algoaan.
Date: The Second Waning Gibbous of Aspris.
Time: Half past dawn.
Subject: Hatch-ling, Life Dragon of the Crown Peaks region.

Test 37:

The failure of the previous subjects has prompted us to a stronger species. How foolish it was for us to assume that such a lowly creature would be able to survive the fusion process. We have finally succeeded in capturing a hatch-ling Light Dragon. Years of research and observation has suggested that the creature’s regenerative capabilities should be able to withstand the fusion process.

The subject is prepped. We are now ready to commence the fusion process. The sages have completed their Symbology circles, all is moving according to plan. The time is now.

The fusion process has begun. The subject’s body appears to be going through a stage of deconstruction, and reconstruction. It appears that the subject’s body is now trying to reject the artifact. This is the moment where our previous attempts have failed.

After Two hours, and thirty five minutes, the subject seems to have run out of energy. The subject is hardly alive. This is the longest any subject has lasted. My hopes are high that this will be a success, however there is still lays a chance that the subject will not recover. We are unsure of what will happen next. How exciting this is! We have never come this far!

Symbology circles have begun to form on the subject’s body. This is such a strange phenomenon; it’s as if the Symbols are being etched by flame right before our eyes. Quite intriguing indeed. We have begun to analyze these symbols, however they are quite complex even for our highest level Sages. The subjects condition appears to be stabilizing. It would seem that our years of research on this species have proven to be correct. The regeneration capability is truly astonishing.

It has been nearly a full hour since the final symbol has appeared on the subject’s body. However we are completely perplexed about their meaning. It’s a form of symbology that any of us has ever seen. From now on, we have agreed to refer to these markings as “Runeology”. We will continue to study these markings for the remainder of the evening as the subject recovers. I look forward to the moment of awakening.

Date: The First Quarter of Aspris.

Time: 09:26:22
The subject seems to have made a full recovery over the night. Simply amazing! I now stand by as she opens her eyes to the world. There seems to be a strange ring of runes circling inside the subject’s eyes.
Her eyes give off a faint golden illumination. How beautiful they are. She has not yet spoken a word. I am not sure if she can speak at this point. She is after all the first success. The others are now celebrating and congratulating their success. However I am now feeling a sense of worry. I do not know if this is because I am overwhelmed by the success or, slightly afraid.

Time: 10:01:19
The subject is able to move, although weakly, she is able to show basic motor functions. She seems to be very curious about the world around her, often making soft chirp noises, custom to her dragon heritage. I am doubting that speech will be possible. Time will tell.

Time: 11:37:33
The subject has shown incredible learning capability. In a mere hour she is already able to distinguish shapes, colours, and process basic math. She is clearly able to understand us. This is truly beyond anything that I have expected. Perhaps speech is still on the horizon.

Time: 13:16:24
Amazing! The subject’s intelligence continues to amaze us all. She has spoken her first word. It is as if I am witnessing evolution right before my eyes. She is slowly forming full sentences. Perhaps it is time to tell her what her purpose in life is.

Transcript log:
Head Research Sage: Hello little one.
Subject: H-h-hello?
Head Research Sage: Yes, very good. Perhaps it’s time we give you a name. Subject 1529 simply will not do any longer will it.
Subject: A. N-name?
Head Research Sage: Yes, you know what a name is don’t you? We have decided to call you Niri. How does that sound, Niri?
Niri: Nnniri? Is me?
Head Research Sage: Yes, that’s right. You are Niri, my loyal pet. I am Hedger, your Master.
Niri: Hedger. Ma-master? I don’t underrr S-stand
. Hedger: Oh? I created you. Therefore I am your Master, your god.
Niri: god? C-created Niri? You?
Hedger: It’s quite alright if you don’t understand now. You’re a very smart creature, you’ll learn fast. Now then. How about we go outside, and run some tests, hmm?
Niri: Oh-oh-kay. . .

Time: 17:43:12
Such extraordinary power Niri possess! I have created a creature cable of harnessing the elements freely! Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water, Light, and Dark! It seems the runes that she poses allows her to harmonize with elemental energy, Amazing! I can’t wait to see what other surprises she has in store for us. The Inner Circle members seem to be growing fearful of her power, and have begun questioning how long our control over Niri will last. We have ultimately decided to place a Containment spell upon her. This will allow us to control every aspect of Niri to our liking.

-Several pages seem to be missing-

Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Niri’s intelligence, and power has grown at alarming rates. She has been questioning authority, and has the audacity to question the Inner Circle.

Transcript of Events from the Inner Circle Meeting;
Circle Leader: Hedger, it seems your “Perfect” creation is beginning to become quite the handful. Does she not recognize authority?
Hedger: Perhaps I may have under estimated her ability to learn. She has become far more intelligent that I had expected.
Circle Leader: Perhaps it's high time for a second prototype, hmm?
Hedger: Perhaps you are correct. Now that I know the secret behind a successful fusion process, I can use a species of far less intelligence, and easier to control as a base. Yes Niri, your services have indeed been useful to us. But now it’s time to make way for the next generation. Every imperfect must be purged.
Niri: Imperfection? Do you honestly believe that you can _Create_ such a life form?
Hedger: I don’t believe I asked you to speak.
Niri: I’ve sat quietly long enough.
Circle Leader: Hedger, your pet is proving to be quite insubordinate.
Hedger: Silence, creature! I am your creator, your god! I gave you live, and I can just as easily take it from you as I gave it.
Niri: God? *she laughs, a chilling laugh* You are still foolish enough to place yourself on a pedestal next to god? You’re weak, nothing more than a mere human, with the knowledge of symbology. Don’t make me laugh. You didn’t create me. All you have done is made Aspris vengeful. Please, you honestly think you have the power to create?
Hedger: “That’s enough!” Hedger had taken a dagger from the table before him and approached Niri, who was in shackles. “I think it’s time to show you who’s in charge. Let’s see Aspris avenge your death.” Hedger would strike Niri directly into her heart with the dagger, twisting the blade slowly, a wound that should have for sure killed her. Niri’s blood poured from the wound, a brilliant shimmering gold river of blood, her eyes dimmed as screeched in pain, a cruel smile spread across Hedger’s face, as the Inner Circle members looked on.

Hedger: “You see Niri. I am your god.” Hedger turned towards the Circle Leader, grinning pleased with himself. “I will not make the same mistake twice.”

Just as Hedger had finished this sentence, a bone chilling laughter filled the room. The laughter of children, echoed through the air as Niri’s eyes slowly opened, the ring of runes in her eyes shining brightly, blood red. Horrified, the Circle Leader stared dead into her eyes of crimson, unable to move, a choking dark shadow slowly crept around the chamber. “You have asked for the wraith of Aspris. And now I shall grant you your wish” Niri’s voice came as if she were speaking in several tones. “What is the meaning of this?!” The Circle Leader shrieked. “Hedger! Stop this madness at once!” The runes covering Niri’s body morphed into thousands of eyes, each eye staring directly at the Circle Leader. Suddenly a slew of crimson tendrils exploded from the ground beneath the Leaders throne, stabbing through his arms hoisting him into the air, as he screamed in pain. “This is the wraith of Aspris. Your Order has for too long used the life blood of this world against itself. Did you honestly think you could truly control its energy? Listen, to the cries of the helpless souls that you condemned!” The defining cries of a thousand pleading , weeping souls filled the chamber. The Leader stared into the thousands of eyes covering Niri’s body in horror. “Please stop! Stop it now! Hedger help me!” Hedger cowered on the floor in a fetal position covering his ears. “Still you are foolish enough to assume that such a coward can save you. The gate of Aspris shall be your only escape.”
The chamber trembled, as Niri Lifted her hands slowly, the shackles holding her captive melting to molting iron as two eye shaped runes on her palms opened, shedding tears of blood like light onto the ground. The light danced across the floor, leaving a trail of glowing blood red light as it etched a giant Runic circle into the floor. “Think of this as purging imperfections.” The massive rune spreading across the floor would open into a giant eye, in the center a ring of runes spins around a black mass that begins to consume the life within the chamber, leaving Niri standing alone in the darkness. The eye would slowly dissolve, pieces of it floating upwards like ashes, as Niri’s runes dim returning to their original infinity shape before she collapses to the floor.

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