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Almost Heroes

Nobody just wakes up and decides they are off to go on that grand adventure... unless it is called a mid-life crisis and those never turn out so well. Most adventures happen to us, and are not so much fun as survival is in question and not always in our favor. This is my page of beings who are not heroes or villains. They happen to help others because it is their nature, they are on assignment, or they are just protecting the place they call home.

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Model 286

An inorganic life form from planet Zero. This vanguard was sent to Earth to find and eliminate an infection known as "The Flesh".

Burgundy Beetle

Once a common cucujoidea (maroon scarab) when she was mysteriously bit by a radioactive human. Surviving the transformation it left her with increased lifespan, knowledge, and a rather disgusting homo sapien form.

Red Inferno

The daughter of two inter-dimensional beings. Her mother, Llorna Zorg, and her father, Count Zorg, are from a forgotten realm known only as Neverwinter.

Raging Princess Blaze

Protector of the Pandemonium Gemstone she came across the Phantom Network from another world known as Mesa Abyss. Tangerine the Nightmaster stole the Pandemonium Gemstone and escaped to this dimension.

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