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Captain Collider - Protons. Neutrons. Electrons.

All-Star - Soldier. Spy. Patriot.


The Flea - Crimefighter. Eccentric. Clinically Insane.

Henchman - Experienced. Entrepreneurial. Expendable.


Citizen Z - Experiment. Legacy. Perfection.

Mach V - Speed. Time. Velocity.

The Lovecraftian Man - Spooky. Scary. Abominations.

Screwball - Everybody. Cut. Screwloose.

Kid Billionaire - Dollar. Dollar. Bills, ya'll.

Science Stork - Scientist. Superhero. Stork.

Huckleberry - Beer. Guns. Aliens.

Bearzerker - Claws. Jaws. Paws.

Captain Cash - Money. Money. Money.

Flintlock (Coming Soon) - Fire. Brimstone. Teeth.

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Active: Captain ColliderAll-Star
Inactive/Incomplete: Mach VScience StorkThe FleaBearzerkerKid Billionaire
HenchmanCaptain CashCitizen ZThe Lovecraftian ManScrewballPatricia Pan
Misc: Frontiersmen