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I'm an LTS (since September '12) CO player and started CO a little before it first launched F2P model of the game. My first ever character was Mentella. I was first introduced to Roleplaying by a friend who sadly no longer plays the game. Going on from there I was able to fully define my characters (still being fleshed out in some cases) and met some really great people and made good friends. People usually refer to me as Raven in game or Rae.

My characters are in the main, either from another planet or from another dimension but, some come from Earth.

I've got a page in place to collect all the pages together, for the most part they are interlinked but I'd like a title page if you's a work in progress but here it is:

The Summerstone Sisterhood

I've also had the pleasure of writing a few stories which are linked to the pages of myself and my friends. They are based on events and situations our characters have found themselves in:

I hope you enjoy reading them as part of their respective pages! I'm hoping to write more of them as time goes on!

Apologies if some of the pages have pics missing, since the restarting of PRIMUS (which I am SO happy about) I've been re-writing pages (such as Mentella and Techna Ology) and trying to get pictures in the right places!

I hope you enjoy reading my pages! I'm @Ravenforce in game!