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Philip Glass
Metamorphosis One

So what about me?

I suppose you can describe me as an addict. We each have our addictions; our quirks of desire and enjoyment, our personal perfections and flaws. My addiction is for nothing quite so detrimental as drugs, gambling or any other baser chemical stimulation.

I am addicted to story.

A story can be whatever you make of it. While I try my hand at writing, at weaving a story in words I often find lacking, I always get that desired thrill from writing with others. Playing a role along with other capable writers is something I enjoy keenly, for many years now.

I consider myself a relaxed individual; I value my free time and time to write, to enjoy playing video games of different kinds and to role play with many. For years now, my focus has been Champions Online.

Creating many characters there, certainly more than I ever have time to play or role play properly, I enjoy the community immensely as a whole. In order to create an environment of Role Play that I find acceptable; I work along with others to run a group called Black Sun Rising.

Events and story points are important to me; character development in either a negative, or positive way are also integral to moving and enjoyable role play as far as I am concerned. Having my character learn from, be effected by and to effect others is the point of the exercise.

I have created pages here for a few of my most loved characters, in varying degrees of completion. They are constantly a work in progress, as the story is always progressing.

Kahi, The Golden-- Be careful what you wish for.

16, The Guilty Raven-- Unbreakable Red.

Xaphan, The Burning Heart-- Fire never changes.

Styx, The Horned Devil-- True Anger