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I'm a 27 year old guy from Norway who's a huge fan of comic books, D&D, music and anything pop culture related.

In the summer of 2005 I returned to my nerdier roots and re-discovered my love for comic books. My love for the superhero genre grew bigger and bigger. It even reached the level where I started to play city of heroes for several years on my character of Owl Man. So it did not take much for to gather an interest for the new super hero MMO in town, Champions Online. Having played it since beta, It became much about the same problems that I had with city of heroes, the ability to create the hero I wanted. Costume pieces where lacking, powers not quite there. My first days in CO beta where primarily used to try and re-create my Owl Man character, something which I failed to accomplish with the tools I where given. So I had to walk away from it for a while and re-think what I wanted. Owl Man came to trough playing around in the City of Heroes character creation for the umpth time. Failed to create whatever character I wanted back in the day, piece by piece a new hero was created before me and the rest wrote itself. It became a fun character and it would it's while before I would able to banish all thoughts and character concepts from my mind before the character of Astromancer would one afternoon accidentally be created.

Months later, while fooling around with his costume in the creator, what become his silver age costume was born and with it, A planned lore behind the character. He would be someone. As I always had the interest of joining some roleplaying supergroup and then roleplay with my character. A concept many has followed trough in a game with such an customizable character creation as Champions. The chance to superman or batman of our own superhero universe. But as the story behind the character became more and more refined, a retcon became unavoidable. It meant new powers, or better said, more defined powers. A new costume followed behind soon after. With a new and more refined background story, this wiki was created to tell the tale of the Astromancer.

Now, the character's biography and personality from a roleplaying perspective is heavily based on several heroes and characters from the comic book world. The Silver surfer, Thor, Firestorm, Jor-el and Green Lantern. The planet of Titan is inspired by the planet vulcan from Star Trek. The city of Escalion based of Asgard in the 2011 live action Thor Movie. And their civilization, the concept around the Astromancer and the council of science is based of the planet Krypton.

List of my characters:

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Astromancer is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in the Free-to-play superhero-themed multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Champions Online by developer Cryptic Studios, based on the Champions Role-playing game system. A modern age hero with a dash of silver age flair. Since his debut in the game in March of 2011, the character has become somewhat of a fan-favorite.

A mutant male alien from the planet Titan. Before his mutation, he was one of the most brilliant young scientists on his planet, and his name was Nara Tor. He broke one of the great vows of his soceity when he fell in love with princess of Titan and when she returned her love for him, they began an affair forbidden by Titan laws. When it was discovered, he was banned from the great city he been raised in and he ventured out into the ruthless waste his homeworld had been reduced too.

Here he encountred an warlord who ruled the wastelands of Titan. Tal Rasha, an former scientist of Titan like Nara Tor, also banned from their city. He performed several of his experiments on Nara Tor, many that where the subject of his own banishment. Transforming Nara Tor into a Thermonuclear being.

Nara Tor escaped Tal Rasha's clutches and ventrued across the galaxy, mastering his new given powers as he sought trough new worlds one to call home. In the end he discovered earth. Here on this new planet, he encountred the Hunter family who decided to take him in and teach him all he needed to know of his new adoptet homeplanet. He took on the alias of Jack Hunter and the alias of Astromancer, a hero who would defend earth from the forces of evil.