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AsterionSq.png Asterion has supernatural strength, a Hellforged golden axe, and bloodthirsty tendencies which make him a fearsome creature to behold. Though his mission of demon hunting is considered a good one, his violent methods keep him on the fringe of what is considered justice, and his supergroup and law enforcement relationships are strained.
AsterionLogo.png The Minotaur

BambiSq.png Bambi is a retired U.S. Marine who's become a mercenary. Born in the Silverglade within the Lost Forest deep in the arcane mists of Ireland, her southern American accent, beefiness, and crass attitude do not suit a magical forest creature such as herself.
BambiLogo.png The Faun Marksman

BirdmanSq.png Birdman was a gladiator marine from the planet Aegle on a scouting mission to Earth when Qularr shot his unit's ship down. He allied with the local superheroes and has since become a protector of Earth, utilizing his gladiatorial and military training to keep citizens safe.
AegleGladiatorMarineLogo.png The Avian Super-Man

BloodMageSq.png Blood Mage was a psionic detective who survived a vampire attack only to have her abilities mutated. Still operating out of Vibora Bay, detective has become vigilante, utilizing her sleuthing skills and her new lifestealing powers to root out dangerous criminal cliques and remove the heads of snakes.
BloodMageLogo.png The Psionic Detective

CASq.png Captain Ally was super-powered by the BUFF superserum by a secret organization within the U.S. government, and declared himself an ally to criminal justice systems across the globe. He uses his super strength, speed, and fortitude to battle villains hand-to-hand and aid in the capture.
CALogo.png The International Super Soldier

DemonetteSq.png Demonette is a demon chained to the mortal realm, who has been serving UNTIL for a decade. She was a relatively weak demon in Hell, but combat training has since enhanced her magical abilities and turned her into a powerful mage on Earth.
DemonetteLogo.png The Demon Sorceress

DjinnSq.png Djinn Blade is an ordinary modern girl, except she's been imbued with the knowledge and abilities of a millennia-old genie. Determined to use those abilities for good, she battles evil with two holy blades and a spunky well-to-do attitude.
DjinnLogo.png The Paragon of Swords

FelixSq.png Dr. Felix Frisk was a genius neuroscientist working in the field of astral projection when he accidentally transferred his consciousness into a cat. So far unable to reverse the process, Dr. Frisk keeps his human body frozen in cryosleep until he can figure out a solution.
FelixLogo1.png The Accidental Cat

FreshSq.png Fresh D. Roi D. is a gifted psion in an unusual form. He's an android, constructed from car scraps and discount computer parts. He proudly claims to be from Westside, and shows a friendly, happy-go-lucky personality. He has no memory of his construction or programming, but has occasional flashbacks to a human past life.
FreshLogo.png The Psionic Android

GammaSq.png Gamma Corvi is an anarchist vigilante who gets his powers from starlight. He's an ex Hunter Patriot who left after gaining his superpowers through a VIPER super serum. He's neither friendly nor charitable, kicks men while they're down, and likes giving the bird to news reporters.
CorviLogo.png The Star-Powered Vigilante

HotshotSq.png Hotshot is a fireman with superspeed, who gained his powers after attempting to stop a fire in a chemical laboratory. The building exploded with him inside, but a vat of hyperspeed molecules dumped over on him, granting him enough superhuman speed to escape the blast and save all the scientists inside.
HotshotLogo.png The Fireman Speedster

LadybugSq.png Ladybug is tech genius who harbors a personal hatred for thieves. Her power armor utilizes all kinds of tech and gadgetry designed to snare and placate--not lethally, but certainly painfully.
LadybugLogo.png The Thief Hunter

MMSq.png Magic Mole was affected by a magic artifact stored in a basement under her burrow. She grew in size and intelligence until she achieved a level of self-awareness previously unknown to molekind, and, determined to use her newfound understanding and magical powers for good, she became the first known mole superhero.
MMLogo.png The Enchanted Critter

MissBlizzSq.png Miss Blizzard has an affinity for ice and snow that goes back to her childhood, snowboarding and skiing on the slopes of the resort her parents owned. Her talents secured her a place in the Winter Olympics, and she was destined to be a star. She won silver for India, but after discovering her powers, she gave up on the Olympic gold to become a superhero.
MissBlizzLogo.png The Super Snowboarder

MorwenaSq.png Morwena is descended from a long line of primal magic users forming the Cabala Lupa, and she is the first of her family to venture back into the civilized world to use her abilities for the betterment of mankind. The Cabala Lupa use primal magic to communicate with and control animals, primarily wolves.
MorwenaLogo.png The Wolf Queen

NadiaSq.png Nadia is a spirit medium from Haiti who uses Vodou to empower her abilities. When she channels a spirit or a ghost, she takes on their personality and gains their magic powers. She can emit necroplasmic energy to ensnare foes or heal allies.
NadiaLogo.png The Medium of Personality

NinaSq.png Nina Antancia is a fire spirit who took on her physical form decades ago to help heroes fight evil magic users. Millenia of wisdom make her a great leader, but also leave her somewhat aloof, so she works alongside other heroes to keep her grounded. Her fire magic is powerful and can even be used to heal allies.
NinaLogo.png The Firebird

OmegaSq.png Omega Knight is the last knight remaining of a monastic order from England, with a unique suit of power armor and a holy mission. Though the order is dying out, Omega Knight's crusade lives on, as zealous as ever.
OmegaLogo.png The Armored Crusader

PatchesSq.png Patches is a voiceless, faceless cyborg with a huge stature and unnatural strength, capable of smashing through walls with his robotic arm. He was once a PRIMUS soldier assigned to Project Greenskin, reanimated by Dr. Madman after having died of radiation poisoning.
PatchesLogo.png The Zombie Titan

RenegadeSq.png Renegade used to work for VIPER developing a serum which allowed its user to absorb superpowers. The nest was destroyed, though, and all but Renegade were killed in the attack. VIPER had no sympathy for his fallen comrades, only interested in duplicating the serum which saved Renegade's life. He turned against VIPER and swore to make up for all the harm caused while on their payroll.
RenegadeLogo.png The VIPER Betrayer

SilverBulletSq.png Silver Bullet is a bounty hunter specializing in supernatural enemies such as vampires, werewolves, and undead. Bitten by a werewolf, he's now become one of the monsters he hates so much, but it hasn't stopped him from continuing his career.
SilverBulletLogo.png The Werewolf Hunter

SnakeMSq.png Snake Master is a veteran martial artist who's been the leader of multiple supergroups, but she now works alone, battling old nemeses and preventing new evils from taking power. With her abilities tinged with magic power, and calling on the names of her ancestors, she's capable of superhuman feats of athleticism.
SMLogo.png The Martial Arts Veteran

SpacegirlSq.png Spacegirl works for the IDDSS maintaining peace and safety on and around planet Earth. She has an arsenal of space-engineered weaponry, including a sonic ray, combat-ready mini robots, and and interstellar dual-engine jet pack. And no villain, whether planetside or in open space, can withstand her immense stubbornness and old-fashioned morality.
SpacegirlLogo.png The Righteous Protector

SpectraSq.png Spectra was born with a talent for magic, but a Qliphothic attack on her school left her possessed by a particularly driven and innovative dark spirit named Nyxtus. Spectra is no wilting violet herself, however, and the two share her body and mind, utilizing both white and black magic alternately to combat forces of evil... as long as Spectra keeps her hitchhiker in check.
SpectraBWLogo.png The Shared Identity

SpurnSq.png Spurn is a man returned from Hell, seeking vengeance upon those who would harm innocents. His sentient, shapeshifting suit takes on many fiery, wrathful forms to help him combat evil, though the suit is of evil origin itself and therefore disgruntled. He can also create weapons using the necroplasmic energy of his suit, such as guns or an axe.
SpurnLogo.png The Hellspurned

SynthesisSq.png Synthesis is a sentient program who controls nanomachines to create her physical form. She is formal and polite with everyone, even enemies, though free will allows her to choose moral sides. She is allied with the Order of Hope, where the supergroup's techies perform regular diagnostics on her to keep her sane. She has a history of instability and falling into existential crises.
SynthesisLogo.png The Living Code

UnknownSq.png Unknown is a shapeshifting creature from outer space. His body appears to be made of black goo, visible when he's between forms. In everyday life, he appears to be a black male in his 20's named Tyler Root.
UnknownLogo.png The Alien Shapeshifter

VaqueraSq.png Vaquera Roja is a gun-slinging vigilante who belongs nowhere. She believes in the wild west justice of an eye for an eye. While wandering the wilderness and small towns across Mexico, she tracks down criminals and murderers to take them out of the picture before any more innocents can be hurt.
VaqueraLogo.png The Judge and Executioner

WeightlassSq.png Weightlass inherited her gravity control suit from her father, who invented it in his quest to find his missing girlfriend, Weightlass's mother. After her father disappeared under similar circumstances, she donned the suit and made it into a superhero's mantle, despite her well-meaning aunt and uncle's protesting.
WeightlassLogo.png The Gravity Girl

WilowiSq.png Wilowi Pamola is the child of a Thunderbird and an Icebird. She's a relatively young spirit most comfortable in stormy, cold weather. When summoned in physical form, she can manifest elemental magic that freezes or electrifies, but hasn't yet learned to use her powers to nurture.
WilowiLogo.png The Stormbird

WrackSq.png Wrack is a humanitarian who uses her powers to combat socioeconomic crises, governmental corruption, and weather damage just as often as supervillains. Due to past trauma, Wrack's psionic powers can only manifest while she's in pain, and she wears the Burnsuit to chemically keep her in that state.
WrackLogo.png The Mental Martyr