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The characters created by Astrosimi did not pop alone into existence. Their backstories include distinct characters, organizations, events, and timelines that are important to them. Since expanded exposition on these does not often fit neatly into the biographies of these characters, this page is a dedicated dumping ground to the particular details of these lore tidbits.

Particularly developed or important portions of this page may be moved into the Database proper, if necessary.

The Peacemaker: Legacy

Despite his fame as an individual and as a hero, Sebastian Steinman's story begins far before his arrival and activities on Champions Earth. The events of the parallel universe he comes from has a large role in shaping the hero now recognized across Millennium City.

Peacemaker Prime: Samuel Steinman

Arc-Angel: Michael Steinman

The Multiverse and the Interstitial

Strong Suit: Foundations

Family is what first tossed Teresa Toledo rather reluctantly into the superhero world. The peril her father faced, however, has roots in a tragic tale of heroes, friends, and lovers.

Los Amigos Invencibles

The Toledo Family

Force Ten Industries

Years ago, the Peacemaker attempted to repurpose his significant intellect towards publicly accessible scientific progress, having grown tired of his technology being used only for combating crime. The venture proved ill-fated - running at a loss by design, and constantly besieged by the enemies the Peacemaker had made over the years, the optimistically-named Aquarian Age Technologies was shuttered and the bulk of its limited advancements were acquired by Triskelion Dynamics.

However, the Peacemaker still had use for a dedicated think-tank able to develop and test practical inventions, useful both to himself and the wider world. To this end, he founded Force Ten Industries in 2016. The radical workplace structure includes 10 scientists, including Steinman himself, with unfettered access to the cutting-edge technology used by the Peacemaker. The collection of specialists is small but collectively brilliant, and by using the Peacemaker's existing infrastructure, are able to generate fascinating technological advancements at relatively minimal cost.

With the Peacemaker now frequently more occupied with hero work, the members of Force Ten have begun to fill an interesting role. Sometimes, they can be found doing field research in a support role for the hero, gathering data when it would be specially time-consuming for the Peacemaker to do it himself.