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Welcome to my user page. I've been playing Champions Online for two years I joined back in 2011 and my first character was an archer girl named, Emerald Archer before finally making my main who I named, Magic Girl she started off as The Grimoire archetype before becoming a subscriber and made Magic Girl freeform. I'm mostly a tomboy since I have 3 older sisters and was always wanting to hang with the guys. So anyway there are some of my characters, more are to come and feel free to friend me in game, @webclim5er45.

Main Hero

Magic Girl - Young girl who was treated as a slave on her home planet of Artisan before quickly fleeing and becoming a hero by the name of Magic Girl

Other Heroes


Warrior Girl

Ms. Canary


These inactive characters are obviously as said inactive. Reasons are for stories, costumes, powers, and/or origins are still being planned.