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| name = Trailblazer
| name = Trailblazer
| player = @izycheezy#8492
| player = @izycheezy#8492
| image = [[File:]]
| image = [[File:20190813192737_1.jpg]]
| caption = The only way to do something - is to do.
| caption = The only way to do something - is to do.
| focus = melee
| focus = melee

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Player: @izycheezy#8492
[[Image:20190813192737 1.jpg|300px|]]
The only way to do something - is to do.
Class Focus: melee
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: science
Personal Data
Real Name: Edward "Eddie" Tarkovsky
Known Aliases: Trailblazer, Torque
Species: human
Ethnicity: white
Age: 25
Height: 5,10 feet (178 cm)
Weight: 167 pounds (75 kg)
Eye Color: green; uses black lenses in suit;
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: research specialist at Harmon Industries
Place of Birth: Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Gennadiy Tarkovsky, father (missing); Alina Tarkovsky, mother (missing); Megan Townsend, fiancee (deceased???)
Known Powers
enhanced tremor sense (natural); vibration and magnetic manipulation, artificial gravity field generation (suit)
Known Abilities
engineering skills, photographic memory, hand-to-hand combat
Trailblazer suit, thermal goggles, noise bombs, listening devices, painkiller serum


Public information

Trailblazer is well-known for his participation in search-and-rescue operations throughout Millennium City. It seems that the hero isn't fond of public attention as he disappears from the sight of cameras and reporters as soon as his work is done. Trailblazer is held in high regard by the fire department and all of the emergency response units in Millennium City. It is rumored that he also had a bone to pick with the Maniacs but there is no confirmation of such information.

Early years

Edward Trakovsky is a son of Russian emigrants who moved to the states in the late '90s. His parents were independent scientists in the field of engineering and geology who were lucky enough to start their own small enterprise in Anaheim, California. It was obvious that their child will follow in their footsteps and Edward didn't disappoint - at the age of 10 he already won several engineering contests with his projects and has shown his aptitude towards robo-science. By the time he was 12 family moved to Millennium City and opened head office of their enterprise - "TarLabs".

The Ural incident

When Eddie was 15, his parents (owners and head researchers for small independent enterprise "TarLabs" in Millennium City) were among scientists sent by Harmon Industries to investigate strange geothermal activities in the Ural Mountains. But their plane never made it disappearing right above the area where scanners detected abnormal heat levels. Five days later rescue team would finally reach the place of accident only to find the wreckage with no sign of crew bodies... as well as with no traces of any thermal anomalies. The only thing that left was a short audio clip from black box recorder which was never published or revealed to the public – no one even knew such record existed.

After that Eddie was taken under the care of Lynn Townsend, longtime family friend and owner of "MedTown Pharmaceuticals". Her husband was also part in the expedition to the Ural Mountains and one of the lead scientists for "TarLabs" so she wasn't a stranger to these tragic events. Refusing to accept that his parents are dead because their bodies were never discovered, Eddie with the full support of Lynn and her daughter Megan began his own investigation on that matter.

The Qularr consequences

After the Qularr invasion, there was a big fuss over all things alien-related. Private and government companies salvaged technologies that were left after the battle for Millennium City and began studying them in order to achieve a technologic breakthrough. Eddie was not an exception – by that time he was 19 and deeply interested in his parents' projects about the usage of vibration and magnetic fields. Interest wasn't spontaneous at all as he believed that the reason for his parents' disappearance may be connected to their work.

Being a son of the scientists who owned "TarLabs" allowed Tarkovsky to use one of its facilities and vast science data to conduct his own researches. Megan Townsend (with whom Eddie developed romantic relationships by that time and was engaged) also participated in his experiments as an assistant. Eddie and Megan wanted to replicate and shrink qularr portable vibration generators to finally finish "Project Trailblazer" – an advanced suit for emergency response units that working in an extremely hazardous environment. This is also was one of the most important creations of Tarkovsky's parents and Townsend's father. But one day their tinkering went completely wrong and led to the malfunction of the whole device. As a result, it exploded and emitted a large portion of unknown energy that affected Eddie and Megan.

At first, it seemed like post-traumatic syndrome – Tarkovsky started to feel strange vibrations as if his body could sense even the slightest movements within a certain range. But after a few tests, it became obvious that he received a supernatural power. Eddie decided to keep it secret and to this day very few know of his superpower.

On the other side, Megan wasn't that lucky – her brain activity increased tenfold as she acquired tremendous psychic powers, but as the mutation progressed her mental condition worsened to the point of no return. Within a month Eddie's fiancée could levitate a few lightweight cars with ease but couldn't recognize her own name and became extremely impulsive. After a few incidents, it becomes clear that Megan's unstable mental condition is a threat considering her exponentially growing powers and she should be contained until the cure was found. But despite combined efforts of Eddie and Lynn, they were unable to avert those changes. Within two months after the qularr experiment, Megan Townsend completely lost her sanity and died from suffering brain damage caused by her immense power.

"TarLabs" and "Harmon Industries"

After Megan's death, all went downhill for Eddie. Lynn blamed Tarkovsky for what happened to her daughter and cut down any sorts of relationships with the heir of "TarLabs". Furthermore, Townsend used an army of lawyers and an overwhelming sense of Eddie's guilt to make him give up on his share in "TarLabs", leaving 20-year old almost without a single penny. Consumed by grief and anxiety, Eddie would've completely fallen into despair if not for his friends, that came clutch in bringing the usual Tarkovsky back to life.

He somewhat came to his senses 4 months after Megan's death. By that time all of his scientific researches were claimed by "MedTown Pharmaceuticals". All except for one – though almost all data on "Project Trailblazer" was destroyed during the incident, some of the blueprints and calculations were still in Eddie's mind. Determined to finish what his parents started, Tarkovsky applied for an internship at Harmon Industries. In two years he was able to acquire the position of junior research specialist at one of the labs as well as restore "Project Trailblazer" to pre-incident state.

Unexpected findings

At Harmon Industries' research department Eddie proved himself a valuable asset to the team and gained access to the more advanced facilities. He didn't want to use them in order to complete his own researches, but soon it becomes clear that small self-made laboratory in the basement of Eddie's house is not enough to advance "Project Trailblazer" to the next step. Tarkovsky started to work overtime, utilizing all available resources at Harmon Industries and it paid off as he was able to complete the prototype of the suit within half a year. But such merciless working schedule has taken its toll on Eddie's health – soon he started to suffer from constant nightmares about his inability to prevent Megan's death. Also, he started to experience partial memory loss.

Tarkovsky started to consult with a psychotherapist but it had no effect at all, so he decided to take a leave from work for a few weeks and cope with that problem on his own. It didn't help either as Eddie's condition worsened – he could remember only a few hours from his previous days as well as started to come to his senses often wearing prototype suit. Fear of suffering the very same fate as Megan pushed him towards setting up a surveillance system in his house. Tarkovsky hoped those recordings could provide him desired answers.

He didn't expect to see himself putting on the Trailblazer suit and literally going through the basements floor as if he was some kind of a ghost. Shocked Eddie couldn't believe it until he checked the readings after suit's diagnostics. It appears that his unconscious self was able to set suit's generators to incredibly high vibration frequency that allowed to penetrate any hard matter just as good as a heated knife goes through butter. The next day Edward attached a tracking device to the suit and finally managed to learn the destination point of his sleepwalking journeys – an abandoned warehouse in the Westside's docks.

It didn't take long to figure out that warehouse belonged to "Med Town Pharmaceuticals". Considering his relationships with Lynn Townsend it'd be hard for Tarkovsky to get in legally, so he decided to use the suit. After practicing in its usage for a week or so, Eddie was prepared to face what lied behind the doors of "MedTown" warehouse.

Getting past the guards and security gates was the easiest part. The warehouse was completely empty, but that didn't surprise Tarkovsky. He didn't expect to find out the truth behind his mental state that easy, so decided to literally dig deeper along the strange pipelines that were connected to some sort of generator. He guessed right and soon Eddie found himself in some sort of an underground research facility. The further he proceeded the louder soothing and calming voice in his head sounded – as if someone was guiding him towards one specific place. Soon Eddie found an oval room with a huge transparent reservoir in the center. Voice demanded to break it. Tarkovsky couldn't resist, shattering thick glass and letting all luminescent purple liquid out. It appears that someone was inside the reservoir and to Edward's shock he recognized Megan in that someone. She was plunged with different pipes and wires all across her body, her brain was exposed and covered in numerous tubes, her eyes were completely black – but it was definitely the woman he loved and mourned for three long years.

Their reunion was interrupted by security forces and Lynn Townsend. Eddie demanded an explanation – how it is possible for Megan to be alive and what has been done to her. But instead Lynn ordered to capture Tarkovsky and guards would've succeeded if not for Megan, as she literally ripped apart all opposition with a single glance. Terrified by her immense power as well as her rage that even echoed in his head, Edward tried to stop Townsend from further bloodshed but weren't able to. Consumed by fury girl simply refused to listen to the voice of reason and tortured her mother's mind, making confess everything she's done. It appeared that Lynn arranged fake funerals and locked up Megan inside the hot-sleep state for three years while drugging her with experimental medicaments. Even though mother did it out of good intentions hoping to find a cure, Megan experienced all of the painful side effects of drugs, twisting her ill mind even more and making her hate everyone involved in her "curing" process. Unable to contain her rage, girl kills her mother despite Eddie's attempts to stop her. Tarkovsky then confronted his ex-fiancee in a battle but lost, causing the whole facility to collapse. When Eddie was able to recover from the quake caused by their fight there were no traces of Megan.

Birth of the Trailblazer

Soon after the battle rescue teams recovered security camera recordings and MCPD put the blame onto both suspects. Eddie hid the costume with the help of his friend Travis while continued working at Harmon Industries and investigating all leads that could tell about Megan's whereabouts. Even with all his efforts put into that task, Tarkovsky wasn't able to gather any useful information. But a year ago he managed to find a clue – someone started raiding laboratories and stealing qularr technologies. Apprehended suspects told the same story about charming voice in their heads and following memory loss. Eddie recognized those symptoms and started to work on that lead. The further he investigated, the more he becomes convinced that Megan tries to recreate his experiment that gave them both powers. Though Tarkovsky wanted to help Megan return back to normal, he was sure that repeating the same procedure wouldn't do any good. Determined to stop Townsend from making another mistake, Edward decides to find her and deal with it all on his own terms. Tarkovsky returns his suit and creates a modern version of Trailblazer. As soon as he implemented all the necessary upgrades, the scientist decided to test the suit in the field. That paid off – he somehow ended up saving a few civilians from collapsing building and defeating a villain named Scorched Fist. Tarkovsky realized that he could do so much more for the city as Trailblazer. Since then he became renowned for his contributions in many search-and-rescue operations throughout Millennium City. But when night falls upon the city Trailblazer sets his sights onto local gangs and constantly pushes his abilities to new limits. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to stand a chance in his final showdown against Megan Townsend's new identity - Miss Magnitude.


Trailblazer suit

Eddie's suit equipped with ultra-thin HFV-emitters and AGMF-generators that allow manipulating gravity and vibration as well as using. Originally created for deep-core miners from vibration- and heat-proof leather, it protects Eddie's body from harmful vibration effects and extremely high temperatures. Other than that – it's just a nice black-dark orange sturdy leather suit that looks cool. Kinda.

HFV-emitters: stands for "high-frequency vibration emitter". Trailblazer can emit destructive vibrations into the ground to create earth fissures or propel himself towards the enemy. Also with the help of HFV-emitters, he's able to penetrate the hard matter and travel underneath the ground on high speed. As for defensive capabilities, HFV-emitters create a thin layer of vibration to absorb and reflect small portions of damage making his suit more durable and sturdy.

AGMF-generators: stands for "artificial gravity and magnetic field generator". Specifically tuned to affect even the tiniest bits of iron and metal inside the ground, generators allow Trailblazer to magnetize parts of his suit to enhance melee and defensive capabilities. Artificial gravity created by those generators allows lifting and manipulating objects with weight no more than 1 ton.

Thermal goggles

They serve both as protection and as thermal scanner. They allow Trailblazer to track his targets more efficiently and to measure heat level of different objects.

Utility belt

Nothing too fancy here, just a belt stuffed with different useful gadgets such as listening devices for espionage, noise bombs for distractions, handkerchief for unexpected cases of nosebleed.

Painkiller serum

Used as a last-ditch effort to overcome physical exhaustion from wounds (3 vials). Right now it allows basically ignoring the pain and staying conscious for ten minutes. The serum doesn't have any healing effect on the person and will immediately knock out the recipient after time expires. Also, the user will have to deal with over-exhaustion for 2 straight days as a backlash effect.


  • Tunneling - Trailblazer uses high frequency vibration to phase through solid matter and hide himself under the ground.
  • Engineering skills - to create something new from the scraps and to learn how things work became Eddie's passion as soon as he was able to stand on his own feet. Inherited an inquiring mind from his parents, Tarkovsky is natural when it comes to fixing and upgrading different mechanisms and electric devices. Though not genius Eddie still possesses a vast knowledge of modern machinery and is often able to come up with a creative solution even with limited resources.
  • Hand-to-hand combat - as soon as Eddie taken identity of Trailblazer, he realized that he couldn't solely rely on the power of subterranean suit. After taking some lessons in martial arts he came to conclusion that it'd be better to learn from own experience. Eddie spent almost three months brawling with the street gangs and finally was able to come up with his own style. Though as not disciplined or threatening as traditional martial artists, Trailblazer can stand on his ground even without a suit.
  • Photographic memory - Eddie developed his memory to such state that he can memorize even the most complex of maps and schemes to reproduce them later without missing every little detail. But when it comes to the dates and names– then his memory fails him horribly, most of the time leading to awkward situations.
  • Enhanced tremor sense - Eddie gained this power at the age of 19 after being exposed to the DNA-alteration. After experimental qularr mining machine malfunctioned, Eddie and his fiancée were affected by outburst of an unknown energy and received supernatural abilities. Tarkosvky is able to tune into different vibration frequencies and sense presence of all living objects or constructs even without hearing or seeing them. Current range of this ability– 50 ft sphere.



1) Easygoing – Eddie's positive attitude and laidback nature makes him one of the easiest human beings to communicate with.
2) Creative – he's used to thinking outside the box and it always comes in handy when the problem demands immediate and non-standard solution.
3) Plain – he's so easy to read it hurts. Terrible at hiding his emotions and telling lies, Trailblazer isn't someone who you'd consider for an undercover mission… or to organize a surprise birthday party.
4) Gullible – though he definitely not stupid, Eddie tends to fall for pretty obvious traps and ruses in his everyday life. As Trailblazer he's far more cautious, but still, it'd take him some time to realize he's been played. Those mind games, duh.
5) Responsible – a man of his word Eddie never backs down on his promises and tends to approach every assignment or task with all seriousness.
6) Resilient – even after the most devastating defeat Eddie will stand up again to prove that his previous failure was nothing more than a valuable lesson.
7) Unforgiving – Eddie tries to think that all of us deserve the second chance, but he just can't forgive those who treat human lives as if it's nothing. He still might tolerate such people but only if it's out of huge necessity or some dire circumstances.
8) Science junkie – sometimes there can be too much Eddie when it comes to science. Whether you're interested in his opinion or not it doesn't matter - you'll hear it anyway. As well as receive at least 50 possible variants of improvement and theoretical possibilities of your project.
9) Overprotective – Eddie's care for his friends sometimes can go out of hand and he becomes some sort of hybrid of a goose-mother and homemade tyrant.
10) Just – he literally can't go past all of the injustice that is happening around him – both as Edward Tarkovsky and as Trailblazer.


1) Being exposed – the most common fear of all masked superheroes. Eddie doesn't want to endanger his friends and family. There is one more reason to it – the very first iteration of Trailblazer is wanted by MCPD after the incident at "MedTown Pharmaceuticals" warehouse.
2) Height – Eddie is desperate to overcome his fear of extreme heights. He prefers to stand on solid ground rather than being up in the skies – that way it feels safer and more controlled. Nevertheless, Tarkovsky tries to overcome his fear by practicing flight techniques in a suit.
3) To become a burden –Tarkovsky is genuinely afraid of being useless and it makes him "I'll do it on my own so my friends don't have to trouble themselves" type of guy. That being said it's hard for Eddie to accept help or ask for it.
4) Loneliness – THE biggest source of anxiousness for Eddie is being isolated from those who he loves and cares for. As an extremely social human being, Tarkovsky needs someone to talk with even more than air.


Likes: spicy food, creating things, cyan color, sci-fi and fantasy, scary movies, board and video games, roller-skating, straightforward people, winter, sour sweets, solving puzzles, upbeat music, challenging tasks, classic cars.
Dislikes: arrogant people, overconfidence, milk, unreasonable stubbornness, nepotism, boasting, airplanes, porridge, scheming, unnecessary violence, indifference, prejudice, telepathy users, fuchsia, flowers.