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The Pagliacci
Dead as the Dodo
You shall be driven mad by the sight of what you shall see.
Player: @omilioo
Super Group
Le Fol
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Darsteel Accord
Real Name
The Pagliacci, Clown, Cody, Jared, Jessica, Robin, Bruce Wayne ...
Flag USA.png USA
Apparently VB
Apparently VB
Apparently Magician
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparently Human
Apparently Male
Apparent Age
Body Type
Apparently a gradiant combination of Black, Purple and Light blue
No pupil, white
· Distinguishing Features ·
Jester Mask, petrified grin and blind
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Illusionist, Hipnosis, Pain resistance and unpredictable combat abilities
· Equipment ·
Silver Lighter, tons of cards, Bunnies, plastic flowers, dust, smoke, mirrors, several canes, folding white cane to help on walking
· Other Abilities ·
Occult knowledge, Manipulation, Summoning


I heard a joke once: Man goes to a doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says, "But Doc... I am Pagliacci." Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum.


In a world full of Yes and No, someone has to take the role to show who's sane and insane. The madness is a tool to identify whom is perfect, whom is sane, whom is Human. But we are all the same: crazy, sick, instinctive. It's hypocrisy to believe only the sane can save the world, when themselves are crazier than the ones trying to destroy it. I don't seek Justice or Heroism, I look forward a cheap physolophy, doing whatever it's necessary. And If this path turns out too vile, too repulsive, too brute, remember there is always madness HHAHAHA.


An infernal paradox, the mixture of fire and ice would be the best description for this scenery. The heavy breath of the poor creature weights more than mountains, which succumb gods, hope and life; his bloody hands force himself out of his tomb, every movement: one scream... Latent. Pulsating. Merciless. Tenebrous. A thick trail of blood, like the Death itself, voracious and startving for that little life, follows the torn, hurt and almost destroyed body. "Dad... Mom..." The scenery started becoming hell itself: dark clouds of ash spread across the sky bringing shadows and darkness, the fire acts like a beast, devouring life through its path. Among that chaos, a little kid's strength and will started fading; there was nothing left to do besides waiting for his imminent death. The dry and dark trees cracks seemed to sing chorus of gried and suffering, as their own vitality would fade with the boy's life. "Aght!", with an unhuman effort the boy forced his frail and little arms against the snow attempting to stand up, however his limbs weren't loyal to his body and he falls, hitting his head on the snow. He releases a pitchy scream when the cold snow embraces his wounds. Howevr, he struggles! Stands up, holds his ribs, with the other hand finds support on a tree and leans there. Blood, tears and ice kept torturing him, provoking his mind and spirit. Slowly, mumming with each step, He peregrinates towards the chopper engulfed by flames, whispering in pain with every step his parents name. "Huf... gh..." that seemed the end, but memories of his mother's smile, his father's gently tap on his shoulder gave him strength. He raises his left arm, speeding his feet to reach the helicopter but everything stops, the time seemed to stop at that moment and his pupils were the last thing that moved. HeatYellowDadFireRedMomDeathFireExplosionHell. On that fatal climax hell seemed to take over the Earth and nothing seemed to be left besides fire and smoke. He is sent miles backwards finishing any effort he could have done to save his parents and himself. Something heats inside his heart. Closes his eyes. SIlence is possibly more painful than death itself, the few seconds of before death, that exact moment where you simply give up. ... When the little kid came to his senses, hell and death was gone and instead of it was a white room, extremely clean, white blankets covering his body his head full of band-aids and stitches, the lack of left arm and plaster around most of his limbs. His eyes moved to flower by his hospital room and it bounced a bit with the wind.



The Pagliacci is an unpredictable, stubborn, reckless, masochist, maniacal, lunatic, manipulative, intelligent and extremely friendy rogue who wants nothing but achieve his own phylosophy, even though that means the suffering of others. With the only known exceptions being his appearances as Otto, the accountant: cinical, almost emotionless, cold, clean and extremely polite His malevolent, dark sense of humor and psychopathic tendency of murdering whoever he wants in order to achieve his goals is in the end his biggest weakness.The Pagliacci is a magic genius but uses his intelligence for black and white schemes. The Pagliacci's true fun is to corrupt his enemies and allies just for the matter of his said Fun. Although his dangerous behaviour, he maintains close connections with The Mystic World perhaps due the even more dangerous information and the blackmail he might set up, or due his power and magic knowledge. The Pagliacci has cheated death and broke more deals than he could even remember. This led him to some serious psycologic illnesses such as paranoia, bipolarity and some Schizophrenia. Although unstabble he enjoys hiding his secrets or coming around with lies and lies. You will never see him assuming his evil mind and bad demeanor. One should wonder when will everything explode? When will the Fool fall from the cliff?



Jericho Eyes: In order to increase his powers he had to exchange his sight for a flesh left arm. This deal with pagan gods gave him an unusual sight called Jericho eyes, granting him the ability to see distorced vermillion forms depending on individuals malice instead of physical forms. Mostly like a Rodin's painting.

Psychos: Throughout his years with magic experiences he has gathered several sidekicks and servants including ghosts and magic creatures, who at most time advice him where to walk or who to talk. Besides ubviously doing some is naugty jobs or just to entertain him.

Body painting: Considering his several broken deals and enemies he has made throughout the mystic world, he had to seal several wards and runes on his own flesh protecting him from possessions, dark influences and attack from dark creatures - at some point the single touch of a demon on his own body would instanly carbonize said creature and banish it to their plane.

The Sway: Pagliacci's connection with The Trismegistus Council is pretty much deep, at some point he became the leader of a secret magical elite society within the council. This mystics are the ones whom revealed most proficiency and gift in the mystical arts being able to develop at young age 'The Forbidden Spells'. Rumours may say that this mystics when together are able to share their sight multiplying their vision range on unthinkincable scenarios.

Bring the force jacket: The unpredictability of The Clown's mind is possibly his strongest power and weakness. Depending on the scene he can either save a school van burning into flames or either kick a cat across the street. And this insanity amplifies in the battlefield, not only can he jump flailing his arms at an enemy, but he can after a few seconds draw a knife and stab its shoulder.

Under the mask: Jesters and Clown have been indicated as traitors and tricksters among tales and fables. Pagliacci is definitly one, with his powerful ability to copy bodies and voices he has cheated, stalked, spied, researched and surveilled fields and sides one couldn't imagine. This seems to be extremely useful for him when it comes to keep his identity safe around VB and other places he might be wanted. In the end this skills seems so natural that he might be caught featuring exotic accessories like a tail or a different hair color.

The Punchline: Pagliacc's strongest illusions and mental spells are conjoured through speech, in order to strategically succeed them he has hidden key words for the witchcraft among jokes and even his laugh entonation. Enemies' who underestimate the power of a simple 'mind if i tell you a joke?' tend to find themselves releasing Pagliaci from their own cuffs or even alone in middle of the sea.



Flinch Challenge: His insanity works in both good and bad sides. Either it can convince other people by fear, either it can set him infront a hulking size creature, but be sure he will give a god damn spit on its face without a single flinch.

Paranoia: Before attending to a meeting or even walking-up a scene he will himself surveil the scenario several times or ask for his servants to do so, in order to arrange an exit plan if things go dirty.

Experience: Paggliacci's been in the mystic world for several years, starting at the age of 5. Which means he has lived and experienced more than an average mystic would have had. This is one of the factors that corroborate for his Paranoia issues, driving him into rare PTSD brought by flashbacks and deja-vús.




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