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Chapter 43

Amana, Lazarus, Calliope, Junon, Adam, and Tob stared at the skies as it began to rain. We had won, but at a huge cost.

I took one step but felt to my knees. This was it. My body couldn't handle anymore. One last spurt of Darkfire would kill me.

Amana and Tob grabbed me.

"Hey bro, you good? Let's sit down." Tob urged me, but I shook my head.


"Uhh, no dude. You need to rest. Let the Restoration thingy take over. Alright?"

My serious expression said everything, as Tob's smile faded. "Sam? What are you doing?"

I got to my feet, struggling. One final burst. Bridget had said. A power that even Deimos didn't have. The power of true magic. I always pondered it, but now, I think I started to see what she meant. Why no Conduit to the Unity ever existed. Because the true power of the Unity wasn't just to unify and amplify the other energies. It was so much more.

Beautiful, and kind. But at the same time, could be so fatal.

Fall of the gods. The Aspects were defeated. But at the cost of our friends and family.

There was still one thing left... one final line to the prophecy.

"The rise of man." I whispered. Tob stared at me. "What?"

I could sense Bridget smiling. "So you finally understand, child. The power of True Magic."

I turned to Tob. "Hey man, I'm happy for you."

Tob's face began to panic. "Wha- What are you talking about? Happy for me?"

I smiled. "You and Janna make a hell of a couple."

Tob looked at me inquisitively. "I never thought I would hear that from someone like you."

"Be happy for me, dude."

Tob's eyes widened. "Sam... wait. Don't go. Don't-"

I raised my hands. "Bridget... send me to the Unity."

My body began to glow as I could feel the rest of my essence disappearing. Only my body was left, just a soul, a white figure, glowing with the Unity. Quinta descended from heavens, in her fully restored glory. Her spirit, welcoming.

One wish, Champion of Acadia and Croft. Quinta's voice spoke in my mind.

"I wish... for all the lives taken today... to be undone. The pain and suffering caused by the Aspects to be taken away. Bring them back, bring my new family back."

Quinta smiled. Well chosen, Decen of Acadia.

I closed my eyes, as energy streamed from my body, arcing everywhere, all over Acadia and Corinth. Then to Croft, all of the multiverse, the glory of Quinta's power glowing bright.

I watched, through my eyes, ever so glowing, ever so seeing. The people who had died, restoring in a flash of light. Reya and Dennis, recovering and restoring, hugging each other. They stared at each other in embarrassment.

Janna and the rest of the Inquisition finally reached us, as she ran to Tob's side.

Amana stared at me. "Sam?"

I turned around, my body glowing like an angel. "Remember my promise. Look after Danny. That means you too, Jason."

Amana's eyes widened, as she turned around, to see Jason fully restored. He smiled at his girlfriend as she screamed his name, running up to him and pulled him into a kiss. I couldn't help but smile.

Jason looked at me, his eyes had tears. "I will..."

I sighed, as the rest of Samuel Mason began to crumble, revealing my true form. Black long hair, magenta highlights. My muscle mass decreasing as I became skinnier, a long navy blue coat lined with red, baggy track pants, and graphic tee.

Jason's eyes widened. "Decen..."

Tob stared at me. "So... that's what you really look like?"

Janna gave me a nod. "It is nice to finally meet you, Paladin of War."

I smiled. "Likewise, Aspect of War."

Danny and the others finally caught up to me. Danny stared at me. "Da... Dad?"

"Yeah." I chucked. "So who's the better looking one now?"

Danny laughed... along with his tears. "Are you... are you going to stay?"

"I'm sorry kid. But this is your family now. I wish I could be there for you... I wish..."

"It's okay, Dad."

I looked at his magenta eyes with mine. "When I was your age, I never learned to forgive. I guess there's hope for you after all to be better than I ever was!"

I turned around, staring at the light. Someone was standing there, a girl, in her twenties. She had long frizzy green hair, a huge smile on her face as she held our her hand. Her spear manifested from my side and she caught it.

"What are you waiting for, Cheesen?"

I laughed. "Hold on, fish girl. I'm trying to make this epic."

"Well, don't take so long. I want to make my dream come true. You being a slowpoke isn't going to make it better."

I walked up to Merrow Rivenlight, taking her arm. We walked towards the light. "So what are we going to do again? Fishing?"

"Very funny. You know, don't deny it."

I chuckled. "I know... let's go. Let's travel around the world. In fact, I'll do you one better. Let's travel all the worlds. All the universes! We'll see em all."

Merrow smiled. "Ever the nerd. Come on, then. Let's head out. Together."

I took off my amulet, as it began to dissipate, just like my past.