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Alter Ego

SeekerSummary is intended to summarizes a character's details. This could be used on individual character pages, or on a user page to collect your characters in one place.

The template was influenced by Template:GameCardBox and Template:InfoBox but I wanted a larger more prominent image but thanks to those authors for doing the hard coding work and collecting the various power definitions.

Usage: Copy the following template to your page and fill in the sections as appropriate (see below for further information).
Note: If you do not wish to fill in a particular category remove the =(equals) sign and the default value will be used instead.


|profileimage =
|link =
|charactername =
|alterego =
|age =
|gender =
|species =
|nationality =
|supergroup =
|alignment =
|fame =
|strength =
|speed =
|agility =
|reflexes =
|stamina = 
|durability =
|recovery =
|bordercolor =
|textcolor =
|textborder =


profileimage - Character image. Should preferably be square (500 x 500). If it's too wide (or too small) it will be automatically shrunken (or expanded) to the appropriate size. If you have no image, don't include this parameter and it will default to a placeholder image instead.

link = Include a link so clicking on the summary box will redirect, usually this will be your character page name (if you use this box on your user page). No need to include [ or ] brackets. Default will link to your profileimage if no link supplied.

charactername - Your character's preferred name (note this does not need to be exactly the same as your character page title, for example if you wished to exclude a suffix required to make your page unique e.g "My Character" rather than "My Character (@handle)"). This will appear in at the top of the info box.
If your character name is too large for the space you can adjust it using CSS e.g character = <span style="font-size:95%;">Character Name</span>.
If you wish to link your character page you can do it as follows e.g character = [[Character Page Name|<span style="color:#ffffff;">Character Name</span>]].

alterego - Your character's civilian identity. Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.

age - Your character's age or date of birth

gender - Your character's gender

species - Your character's species e.g Human

nationality - The country or interstellar empire your character claims citizenship of. Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified. If you wish you can include a flag from the Category:Flag using the {{ico|country code}} e.g {{ico|USA}} American will display as Flag USA.png American.

supergroup - Your character's current Supergroup Name. Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified. You can add a link to your supergroup as follows: [[Supergroup]]

Social Status - For each of the Social Status attributes simply enter the value next to the description below which best fits your character.


Your character's fame / how widely known your character would be.

  1. Redacted - All reference to your existence has been redacted.
  2. Recluse - You avoid fame and attention as best you can.
  3. Unknown - You are either new to the scene or don't make yourself known.
  4. City - You are a known of across the town or city you reside/work in.
  5. State/Region - You are known across the state or region that you reside or work in.
  6. National - The nation you reside in, as a whole, knows of you and your reputation.
  7. Global - The entire world knows of you and you may be asked to participate in international situations, good or bad.
  8. Renowned - You are well known by the world, and most people have heard of you.
  9. Legendary - Almost everyone in the world has at least heard of you and even some people on other planets have.
  10. Intergalactic - You are known throughout the galaxy to some degree or another.

Your character's alignment, good, bad or neutral.

  1. Lawful Good: A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty.
  2. Neutral Good: A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition.
  3. Chaotic Good: A Chaotic Good character favors change for a greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well.
  4. Lawful Neutral: A Lawful Neutral character typically believes strongly in Lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules and tradition, and often follows a personal code.
  5. Neutral: A Neutral character doesn't choose sides. They typically do what feels beneficial for themselves and those close to them.
  6. Neutral: A Neutral character doesn't choose sides. They typically do what feels beneficial for themselves and those close to them.
  7. Chaotic Neutral: A character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions.
  8. Lawful Evil: Characters of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while they usually obey their superiors and keep their word, they care nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and are not averse to twisting the rules to work in their favor.
  9. Neutral Evil: Characters of this alignment are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their allies-of-the-moment.
  10. Chaotic Evil: Characters of this alignment tend to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel.

Power Grid - For each of the power grid attributes simply enter the value next to the description below which best fits your character.


This is how physically strong your character is, aided or unaided.

  1. Weak - Weaker than the average healthy human (Cannot lift an object of their own weight)
  2. Human - At average strength for a healthy human (Able to lift roughly their own weight)
  3. Strong - At strength equal to that of a human who is physically fit and works out regularly (Can lift roughly twice their own weight)
  4. Body-builder - At strength equal to a human who engages in regular body-building (roughly 300-500 lbs)
  5. Olympic - At strength equal to a human at peak potential (roughly 700-1000 lbs.)
  6. Inhuman - Able to lift objects from 1-5 tons.
  7. Superhuman - Able to lift objects from 5-10 tons.
  8. Ultrahuman - Able to lift objects from 10-30 tons.
  9. Titan - Able to lift objects from 30-100 tons.
  10. Godlike - Able to lift 100 or more tons.

This is how fast your character can move, run, fly, or however else they travel.

  1. Slow - You run, fly, or move slower than running speed of the average healthy human.
  2. Average - You run, fly, or move at the running speed of the average healthy human.
  3. Athlete - You run, fly, or move at the running speed of an athelete who excercises regularly.
  4. Olympic - You run, fly, or move at the running speed of an olympic runner (20-25 MPH)
  5. Inhuman - You can run, fly, or move faster than any normal human (30-100 MPH)
  6. Superhuman - You can run, fly, or move at superhuman speeds (100-600 MPH)
  7. Sonic - You can hit the sound barrier or slightly beyond (Mach 1)
  8. Supersonic - You can reach supersonic speeds (Mach 2-5)
  9. Hypersonic - You can reach hypersonic (Mach 5-10)
  10. High-Hypersonic and Beyond - You can reach high-hypersonic speeds or more (Mach 10-25 or faster)

This is how agile and how acrobatic your character is, including their ability to jump without the aid of super-strong legs (however, super-strong legs are not absolutely excluded).

  1. Clumsy - When it comes to keeping your balance and jumping, or even running, you tend to stumble more often than not.
  2. Normal - You have normal balance and jumping capabilities for an average healthy human being.
  3. Athlete - You have a better sense of balance and jumping capability than the average human and can do normal flips and other minor acrobatic feats.
  4. Gymnast - You have a fairly good sense of balance in comparison to most humans. You are able to do somewhat impressive feats of acrobatics like multiple flips, back flips, and jump much higher than the average human. You may incorporate fighting into your acrobatics if trained.
  5. Olympic - You are an amazing acrobat for a human and can do impressive acrobatic feats and/or jump impressively high and/or far. You are able to fight fairly well with the inclusion of your acrobatic skill (Able to jump 25-35 ft. in distance, and 7.5-8 ft. in height)
  6. Cat-like - You have acrobatic skill and possibly flexibility beyond a normal human. You can jump high and far and perform complex acrobatic feats and rarely lose your balance. (Able to jump 40-50 ft. in distance, able to jump 9-12 feet in height)
  7. Inhuman - You are well beyond the balance and acrobatics skill of a human (Able to jump 50-70 ft. in distance, 15-25 feet in height)
  8. Superhuman - You are amazingly acrobatic and able to do complex aerobatics while jumping and doing amazing acrobatic feats (Able to jump 70-100 ft. in distance, 30-40 ft. in height)
  9. Titan - You are beyond superhuman into the uncanny. Your acrobatics and jumping capabilities are decidedly amazing (able to jump 100-500 ft. in distance, 50-100 ft. in height)
  10. Godlike - Through pure knowledge of acrobatics and the physics of jumping, you are as capable in the middle of a jump as on the ground, and can fall from any distance without harming yourself (Able to jump farther than 500 ft. and higher than 100 ft.)

This is how fast your character reacts to things.

  1. Slow - You have a very poor reaction time, less than that of the average human.
  2. Normal - You react at the speed of the average human.
  3. Quick - You have the reflexes of a quick human.
  4. Honed - You have honed reflexes similar to those of a highly-trained human.
  5. Inhuman - Your reflexes are inhuman, allowing you to react almost instantly.
  6. Superhuman - Your reflexes are superior to any human's, giving an instantaneous reaction time.
  7. 6th Sense - Your reflexes take in all stimuli of the world around you and provide reactions to things you do not consciously notice.
  8. Sub-ESP - Your reflexes take in all stimuli of the world around you and give reactions before things happen, based on the environment.
  9. Slow-mo - Your perception of time is altered to some degree to the point where time moves slower for you, allowing you to react and adapt much faster to situations.
  10. ESP - You literally see a few moments into the future, allowing you to react to things just before they happen.

This is how long your character can last in a fight or other activities before requiring rest.

  1. Low - You can only fight or engage in vigorous activities for a couple minutes before requiring rest.
  2. Normal - You can fight or engage in vigorous activities for about 20-30 minutes before requiring rest.
  3. Fit - You are equal to a fit human being and are capable of fighting or engaging in vigorous activities for an hour or so before requiring rest.
  4. Olympic - You are equal to a human at maximum potential and can fight or engage in vigorous activites for a few hours without resting.
  5. Inhuman - You can fight or engage in vigorous activities for several hours without resting
  6. Superhuman - You can fight or engage in vigorous activities for whole a day or almost a whole day without rest.
  7. Extreme - You can fight or engage in vigorous activities for a few days without rest.
  8. Ultrahuman - You can fight or engage in vigorous activities for a whole week without resting.
  9. Hyperhuman - You can fight or engage in vigorous activities for a couple weeks without resting.
  10. Godlike - You never require rest.

This is how tough your character's body is, may include armor but generally not forcefields.

  1. Fragile - You are especially brittle like glass.
  2. Weak - Less physically durable than the average human. Highly susceptible to cuts and bruising.
  3. Average - As physically durable as the average human. Susceptible to normal cuts and bruising.
  4. Tough - More physically durable than the average human due to physiology or physical fitness. Susceptible to cuts and bruising.
  5. Resilient - As tough as a human can get. Cuts don't bother you as much, and you only bruise when hit hard enough.
  6. Inhuman - You are nearly bulletproof, and bullets may not exit your body. You are resistant to cuts from normal blades and almost never bruise.
  7. Superhuman - Most smaller bullets will bounce off of your skin, possibly leaving bruises, normal blades barely bother you.
  8. Bulletproof - Almost all bullets will bounce off your skin, possibly leaving a mark. High-frequency kendrium blades and better can harm you.
  9. Titan - You are nigh-invulnerable to most foes. Only questionite and stronger weapons can harm you, and even then only when enough force is applied.
  10. Godlike - You are all but indestructible to all forms of physical damage.

This is how fast your character heals, whether normal or super.

  1. Slow - You heal slower than the average human being.
  2. Normal - You heal at the rate of the average human being.
  3. Fast - You heal at the rate of a human being who seems to heal quicker than most humans (roughly 1.5-2 times as fast)
  4. Enhanced - You heal faster than a human being and may not develop scars (roughly 2-5 times as fast)
  5. Inhuman - Your ability to regenerate from wounds is beyond human, and you rarely if ever scar (Heal most wounds within a week)
  6. Superhuman - You heal quickly and may regenerate lost limbs (Heal most wounds within a few days, limbs maybe a bit longer)
  7. Regenerator - You heal rapidly enough to heal most wounds in a day, severe wounds and limbs in a couple days.
  8. Super-Regen - You heal very rapidly, even on the spot. Limbs and severe wounds may take hours, minor wounds take from seconds to minutes.
  9. Hyper-Regen - You heal fast enough that minor wounds heal nearly instantly, severe wounds and limbs within a few minutes or less.
  10. Ultra-Regen - You regenerate back completely from any wounds. You also heal rapidly, limbs regrow within a minute or less.

In each of the color properties acceptable values include:

  • Standard HTML Color Names
  • Any hexadecimal color value e.g #ff0000.
  • Any RGB color value or RGBA color value (allows transparency) e.g rgb(255,0,0) or rgba(255,0,0,0.5).

bordercolor = Sets the color of the border. Defaults to Dark Grey.
textcolor = Sets the text color. Defaults to White.
textborder = Sets the color of the border around text. Defaults to Black.

align - Sets wether you want the box to align to left or right of your page. Default is left.

Created by MyLittleSeeker