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Country of location: Confidential
Affiliated with: Confidential
Notable inhabitants: Confidential
Notable visitors: Confidential
Status: Confidential


Fill out the cheatsheet with the list of parameters below.

List of Parameters

  • color1 - Color of header bar above image and bar below image, and outline. Defaults to '#0089b9' if not specified.
  • color2 - Color of coordinate bar and footnote bar. Defaults to '#0089b9' if not specified.
  • name - Name of location. Defaults to 'UNKNOWN' if not specified.
  • coordinates - Global GPS coordinates of the location. If you don't include this parameter it will read: Coordinates unknown.
  • image - Picture of the place in question. Should not be wider than 300 pixels. Will auto-resize if image is too small or large.Lack of image provided will result in placeholder image being put there instead.
  • caption - Text that goes right beneath the image, if you think the image requires further commentary. If not, don't include this parameter and there will be no text in the block below the image.
  • country - The country that this location can be found in. Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.
  • affil - Who is location affiliated with, if anyone? Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.
  • inhabit - Who is notable that lives here? Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.
  • visitors - Who is notable that's visited here? Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.
  • status - The current state of this location. .Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.

  • footnotes - Room for any notes you want available at a glance that aren't covered by the above categories will be placed in the bottom box.

LocationBox Cheatsheet

Copy the following onto your page and fill out the appropriate information.

| bg1 = #0089b9
| bg2 = #0089b9
| name = 
| coordinates =
| image = 
| caption =
| country =
| affil =
| inhabit =
| visitors =
| status =
| footnotes =

Created by Firestrike2 based on the template boxes made by @User:Destructor