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None At Present

Real Name: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Unknown
Henchmen: Unknown

Details: Unknown

Current Status: Unknown

Experimenting with a new Nemesis box for my character pages. Inspired by similar boxes in the Orochi page, by Anubisgod.

This is the format of the box:


Removing a line will set the associated field to default values.

Nemesis: The name of your character's Nemesis. This will link to the Nemesis character's page if one exists. You may be able to set it to a subpage if you use a format similar to HeroName/NemesisName{{!}}NemesisName; using the {{!}} is important as the template tends to blow off the traditional "|" character. Defaults to "None at Present".

Real Name: The real name of the Nemesis. Defaults to "Unknown".

Image: An image of your Nemesis. Use "NemesisImage.jpg" and not [[File:NemesisImage.jpg]]. Defaults to the PRIMUS unknown image. If your image exceeds the size of the box, you can add the Pixel parameter to the template with a value less than 100 (eg. |Pixel=80).

Powers: The powers you gave the Nemesis at its creation. Defaults to "Unknown".

Henchmen: The henchmen you chose for the Nemesis at its creation. Defaults to "Unknown".

Details: This is where you can provide a short blurb about the character's Nemesis. Defaults to "Unknown".

Status: This is the status of your Nemesis. Since you can have multiple Nemeses, it's likely that one or more will be "In Jail" or similar. You can put a short one-or-two word description to show if the Nemesis is active or not. Defaults to "Unknown" (this shouldn't be a shock at this point).

StatColor: This is a color available for the bottom bar. I tend to like to use "Green" to indicate a jailed or otherwise out-of-the-way Nemesis, and "Red" to indicate that the Nemesis is on the loose. Defaults to red.

See the example below:


Black Blade

Real Name: Any Random Name
Powers/Abilities: Swordmaster
Henchmen: Ninjas (swordmasters)

Details: Here's a description to show that this all works.

Current Status: Eaten by a squid