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The Alexandrian Confederacy
For the good of all, a few of us damn our souls.
Logo First draft.jpg
Leader(s): Liberator, Unknown number 2, Summoner
Base of Operations: Underground Nation
Concept: Anti-Villains out to save the world
Founded: 1865 ((By liberator))
Website: [ Click Here]
Members: Varied
There are either all jaded heroes turned anti-villain and or reformed villains in his ranks.

The Alexandrian Confederacy

The Confederacy what you know

Up until recently said movement has been a fairly decent sized rumored roughly three thousand total nomadic people. Reports say that after several clashes with his last base of operation between heroes, government forces, Viper and another Villain. Of the rumored three thousand, a bit over two thousand of his followers were found dead, combatants and non combatants alike. He and his remaining followers disappeared. With in a couple of months he had resurfaced, with tech according to PRIMUS officals is "On par and if not better then ours in some respects." Which has lead to the development of the theory and rumors that he is backed by a clearly large and powerful alien benefactor. As per why they chose to back him has not been confirmed. He has returned with a vengeance and a fury, as reported by a PRIMUS official, "I am just glad we aren't the ones responsible for the death of his non combatants and civs. The man seems on a warpath." A worried PRIMUS officer was rumored to have reported, "I have been doing this job a long time. And yes his gear is powerful and able to match us on a one to one ratio, and surpass us in many regards. But I have been looking at that tech of his. And hell, I think that is the cheap mass produced stuff, I think his alien benefactor has more to give him." It has been seen by an UNTIL agent he does have an underground city state of at least one thousand people.

What you don't know and statistics.

As of right now all that is needed in here is the fact that his city is a full city as far as self sustaining. He does have an alien benefactor but he has to pay for equipment. Current city statistics
Undiscovered location.
Health and stability 100%
1520 ((Rounding for simplicity.)) Non combatant civs of all walks of life and age.
480 trained men as follows: 80 spec ops grade army rangers etc etc, 200 experienced vets, 200 classed as fresh vets.
150 new military recruits dedicated to peace keeping.
Armory full of his alien gear, secondary armory full of stolen earth tech. 380 alien combat armors, 380 rifles, 50 LMGs, 50 Shotguns, 5 missile launchers, 5 sniper rifles, 600 pistols, 100 hard vests. 1 alien hover tank, stealth transport and three stolen jeeps and 3 alien apcs. No bothering to count the assorted stolen earth tech weapons. Only 3 "Hunter Killer rockets" 6 basic rockets.
One alien bot best alined to an advanced terminator.
Four Exo suits, think AVP and or Natural selection 2 exo suits.
Current bank roll, 1.3 mil

Some tech stats

Things your toon would know would be in plain, Brackets for unknown. Fair warning these guns are strong yes but that is the plot reason as to why he is still a viable threat do to his fire power and his men's skill.

Now heroes can still fight but have to think a bit more then hit it with a rock till it goes away. The point is the grade of his fire power makes him the threat as in the schemes of things his numbers lack

PRIMUS file: LW-006 The majority of his new weapons appears to be Gauss based weapon. None have been captured yet to date except for one, do to the efforts of one MCPD detective Lydia Renee Grayle, Aka Feral Capturing one of the Gauss pistols.

LW-006.1 The average side arm of his troopers, dubbed by all "The 45". A rather large pistol, but do not let its size and kick fool you. It fires with roughly the same kick of a .45 After test firing and ballistics of attacks with said pistols the muzzle energy of the pistol was tracked at 11556.25 joules, and a muzzle velocity of 4,300 meters per second. now compare that to an average .45 pistol with a muzzle energy of 564 joules. The rounds are 4mm flechette made of tungsten, to save its armor piercing capabilities. ((OOC knowledge, Gun model SP-7Y.))

LW-006.2 The rifle of his base line infantry, it appears to be a Gauss assault rifle. It seems to fire at roughly the same damaging effects and muzzle energy we predict of the pistols, but do to larger frame and being a rifle it allows for rapid fire reliability. Not much is known but these are lethal and highly dangerous. Same velocity of the pistols and roughly the same energy expected 11556.25 joules. ((OOC knowledge: Gun model GAR-443-A1))

LW-006.3 A shot gun, Gauss design. Simplicity states call it the aliens take on a Gauss aa-12. Velocity 4300 meters per second, normal rounds and solid slugs reported. Tungsten based ammo like all previous guns. Joules of muzzle energy estimated to be around 15000 joules. ((OOC knowledge: Roughly what is expected is true gun model :SSW-73S))

LW-006.4 A LMG, comes in two variants, each one fires at roughly 4,600 meters per second. The personal version fires same material but 7mm rounds, the mounted version fires 20mm rounds. Estimated muzzle energy of the Personal one, 46225 joules of muzzle energy and 371490.25 joules of energy for the 20mm. ((Gun Model: SSW-44B))

LW-006.4 Unidentified missile launcher, rumored maximum range 10km. ((OOC knowledge: Has a 15-20km max range but needs a spotter once out of visual range of the weapons team.))

The Current power houses of the organization.

Fair warning any and all people listed in the main power are preset by the fact they are Anti-Villains, if you want more info on what to expect look here. [1] and they hope to really save the world ala this style of thinking [2], to them Utopia does mean taking over the world and sadly having to fight heroes and the good people just following the orders of in their minds corrupt government officials.
This page currently covers liberator and his top men, or in the words the 5 bad band, as explained here. [3] It is currently a five man part of players, each toon played by another person.

Liberator the Big Bad

Liberator PDB.png

Liberator is the Big Bad,[4] , in the 5 bad band. His powers are typical super brick.

"Say what you will about the man, he may have the right ideas but he has so far gone into his "Final Mission" he is beyond talking off his duty." FBI Forensic Psychiatrist.

"Yeah, I know that man. Hell I am that man. And to be frank Kaufmann, the only difference I can see in how Liberator and my life turned out was, I got caught." Luke Rogers, Liberty's Shield to Kaufmann after a heated battle with Liberator early in Liberty's Shield work on this earth.

The man known as Luke Rogers, Liberator, was once a simple Calvary Colonel in the Carolina 5th cavalry. He was born in 1835 to loving parents in a small farm in the Carolina foot hills. His family did employ slaves when he was a child but his family saw them as an equal and did hire on the three slaves as normal employees, and do to their remote status their little piece of the world was unaffected for the longest time by the increasing political troubles. The family was opposed to slavery and hoped mechanization would stop the act of slavery all together. Despite being a rich family they often lived humble as so much of Luke's father's income went to up and coming inventors claiming they could make automatic pickers and better plows. His father whole heartily endorsed project after project seeing the coming storm.

His family was one of the few vocal people on either side of the North or South to push for people to develop tools to help with the crop harvest, therefore reducing the need for plantations full of slaves. Hopefully if they could make a machine it would only need 2 or three men for the gin and another two for the machine, so just four or six workers. As the Cotton Gin made it for two or three men per plantation to handle and produce two thirds of the world's cotton supply which lead to the increase in need of slaves to keep the farm lands full of cotton for the gin. The answer seemed simple to Luke's father who was a modest trader and a wealthy man. "Why not make a damn machine that two or three men can pick cotton as quickly as a full plantation of slaves? We have steam power, do we really need to fight a damn war with the north. When they don't even see the issue as about the slaves. Damn it all I wager most of the northerners just want to pick a fight to preserve their power. Just make a damn machine!" A noble family sentiment, but about eighty years before its time.

War broke out, unbeknownst to the union forces a few of the doctors desperate to make something, a soldier strong enough to make many to keep the north at bay. Colonel Luke Rogers was one of thirty men to try to become the next era of soldier. All the doctors had at the time was steam power, metal and diluted rumored magical blood cock tails. Of the thirty men who went in eighteen died horribly, four were left crippled and in such states they quickly died with in days and the remaining seven the one successful experiment had to kill as they had turned into feral monsters.

The Colonel was force to march to war. As the war raged he agreed freeing the slaves was a worthy goal. He looked to his fellow leaders on the south and many of them had close family ties to slaves in their family trees with in close ties to themselves. He was then agreed with his father all the more, they could make a machine and then the south could get rid of all the numbers of slaves. Sadly his gains in this trust in mankind was shattered upon meeting the northern army, who many of them didn't as he put it, "Give a flaming hell stone about the matter of slavery, clearly a few people pushed an idea over a trade dispute with us. They use this as a damn moral flag, but damnation look at their army. They don't care about slaves on the whole, they are just fighting a war to keep us under their thumb. Men of the 5th Carolina cavalry hold the line, we won't be stopped here!" A rallying cry he gave his men trying to stop Sherman's march under scorched earth warfare.

One man can not win a war, can not stop the endless tide with leaders who throw their men foolishly unto southern trenches to let them be slaughtered to tickle down resistance. That was too much for the Colonel, he decided he could fix this, he could save this, he could save and fix the world. He could do something. With the death tolls of the Confederacy sounding, the Colonel took his men on one final mission, hit Washington. The LT Colonel of the regiment asked the Colonel, "Sir, what do we expect to do with this?" The Colonel responded, "Honestly... something, if good men do nothing defeat is certain, muster the men. WE march." His LT colonel looks to him and asked in private as they rode towards Washington, "Sir this is mad, then men will follow you to the bowels of hell, but what do you HONESTLY expect to accomplish." The Colonel responded with, "Something, anything... I can fix this, I can fix this... I can save this.. I can..."

When questioned as to why he lead an ill gotten march that was meet with crushing force and most of his men slain, Luke Rogers, now going by Liberator responded with. "I read Lincoln's inaugural address, the man said nothing about abolishing slavery when sworn in. It was clearly an after thought for the man to give him the moral flag. That is not true Morals my family has been pushing for that before he thought of being a politician."

Over time the Colonel's final mission, 'Save the world', has become his sole goal. The man fights, if any would draw near to him they would see the truth. He wishes for the end to the war, but he can't stop. His mission is not yet done, he hasn't fixed and saved the world, so therefore the war must continue. Despite the undying warrior clinging to a final self given directive a last act of valiant resistance, the man is tired.

An unexpected result of his first experiment left him an ageless super soldier, an ironic hell for the man who only wishes for peace and happiness; to be an ageless warrior. His first attempt in the civil war left it's mark one the Colonel, a desperate last stand at Atlanta leading Sherman's men around merry chases in the burning city. It took its tool, it left his lungs scarred and damaged he needs a mask to filter out in impurities in the air, his lungs scarred beyond healing factor. Rumor has it a new ally has cured his disability.

The man has undergone four more super soldier experiments, "Anything... to finish the mission, if I am to damn my soul to hell, but save the world. I will pay that price." Is the mantra that man works under, each experiment has stacked and made the man more. With now a trio of super serums to further increase his capabilities, he fights on. With several various governments he has aided and or been forced into helping, ranging from the Israel people to protect them, to being forced into servitude with his people's lives held hostage.

Summoner Co Dragon, heir to the reigns of the confederacy.

Summoner PDB.png

Summoner serves the duty of Dragon,[5] , and more directly Co dragon, [6], with the Number 2 in the confederacy, the man named Sarge. Summoner and Sarge are set to take over for Liberator to lead the people in case of the man's death. Liberator fully expects one day to fall to blade or bullet. These men's jobs are to take his lives work, Martyr or condemn him to keep the mission going.

Not much is known about Summoner, he aided a super group, The Vigil, lead by a female hero Green Diamond and her boyfriend Sovereign Steel,[7],. Once a steadfast ally of the heroes he came to see the good in Liberator's heart and intention and joined him to get the mission finished.

Summoner's magic seems to be a form of dark shadowmancy with feeding on negative energies. Those who have fought Summoner report, loss of memory, traumatic memories of said events and Schizophrenia. He is constantly guarded by his warden the demon Reginauld.

Not much is known of this man but he is very dangerous.

Mojo Thief, the evil genius.

Mojo Thief PDB.png

Mojo Thief plays the role of Evil Genus,[8] , in Liberator 5 bad band, under the guise of the magic style of that type of personality. Mojo Thief is a traditional voodoo magic high priest.

Mojo Thief has been called many things over his career as a Voodoo Shaman, although that title also varies by who you ask.

By the people of his home Jamaica he is known by his true name which none would tell to the agents looking for information. By the people of coastal South America he is known as the Voodoo Healer. By the people in Africa he is known as Mojo Theif which is where the Viper agents fighting him gave him a name.

He has also been called many more and considerably more colorful names by the people who do not understand what he does. His profession was primarily to heal and help the tribes that find themselves plagued by the as they called it, "Bad Juju" being thrown at them from the unspeakable. Now he has aligned himself with Liberator for reasons we can only assume.

The silent destroyer, simply the cunning muscle.

Brute PDB.png

This unnamed and silent brute is surprisingly intelligent despite the destruction she leaves in her wake. A combination of the Brute [9]and the Juggernaut [10] topped off with the voiceless [11]. Also for the gag to offset this characters power level and seriousness on the field of battle off field is the Silent bob style of toon, [12]. End result, this is Liberator's answer to teams of Omega grade threats. You know the really big dogs? The ones he has no way of handling alone.

This silent juggernaut tied to Liberator has never been seen outside of her armor or head to speak. But one thing is certain despite being half a foot shorter then Liberator is possible as dangerous and mostly likely more dangerous then all other of his top men and himself put together. Strength that is rumored to be rival if not surpassing his, reflexes that would leave Red Snake baffled, what appear to be nano molecular claws in her suit, and the ability to turn a Viper tank depot to molten slag with her suit. She is a high grade threat but has only ever been seen on the field of battle twice, each against Viper.

Omega grade threat engage at your own risk.

((Many secrets circle around this toon, but you have to infiltrate the city to even begin to sniff around for them. But these secrets are her krpytonite if a spunky hero wants to risk sneaking into the den of the beast. So... read this if you want to get the idea [13]))

Nova Flare, the dark chick

Nova Flare PDB.png

This toon is still a work in progress to my friend. But as of right now she fills the dark chick role in the 5 bad band.

The City Itself

It is a fully function city, located underneath the barren empty lands of North Dakota and Canada. It is possible to detect, but VERY very difficult, ask me in game how you would have to. The city is fully self sustaining and clearly capable of housing at least 4 times more.

It is hard, if not impossible to infiltrate the city as a spy. But if a hero and or government agent wishes to be taken to the city for talks and or human rights check ups, liberator whole heartily will agree to these.

Details to come in the morning. Short answer, it is easier to get into the city under the grounds of "Humanitarian checks", over trying to sneak in. Trying to Infiltrate is a very likely chance of death.