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Treasure your friends, and stand by your allies. There is always something you cannot do alone.
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Sylviana 2 commission by zachula medium narrow.png
The Keeper of the Cosmic Secrets
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sylvi Eon
Known Aliases: Sylviana
Gender: Female
Species: Anomaly Enhanced Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian/European
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Relatives: Sergei and Melissa Eon (Her parents)
Age: 23
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eyes: Brilliant Blue
Hair: Snow White
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Slim
Physical Features: Cute face, delicate features, wears a little makeup usually.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Researcher, Professor of physics
Education: Graduate School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Science, Space, Time, and Reality manipulation using the cosmic secrets embedded in her mind and DNA,

the powers this grants her are vast in theory, but very limited in how much can actually be used.

Equipment and Paraphernalia
None usually.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


Sylviana's theme song is Open Your Heart by Crush40. Feel free to listen as you read this page! I chose this song because Sylviana is normally extremely restrained, keeping her immense power in check for fear of hurting people, however there are some cases where she needs to use that power to defend the world. When she does cut loose, and open that cosmic can of whup ass, this is the song I imagine.


The Omniverse is a place of wonders. A place of power. A place of Secrets. The laws of science and nature all are based on fundamental yet incomprehensible secrets, secrets which would kill those who knew them, secrets too complex to understand. If a mortal being could harness even a tiny portion of these secrets, however impossible that assumption would be, they could become among the most powerful mortals alive.


Melissa Eon was a happy woman. married just a year ago, she now had just found out she was pregnant with her first child. On the way home from the doctors office, she found the road ahead of her closed for repairs. Turning onto a side road, she began to take the long way home, not knowing of the dimensional anomaly which had been laid right in the car's path. It was a freak dimensional anomaly, something which in all currently known scientific sense should not be able to exist, and even as Melissa drove through it, she wondered to herself why she was the only one driving on that particular road... The anomaly was invisible, intangible, and short lived, vanishing shortly after the car passed through it.

Months later, the child was born. She was named Sylvi, and was as hungry and cranky as any newborn baby.

A year passed. One day while she was being driven to a routine checkup, her mother's car was held up by strange looking men wearing black and green. The child was snatched from her mothers arms, while the screaming, desperate mother was restrained by a paralysis device. The kidnappers took young Sylvi, leaving her mother sobbing and shaking in the street.

Sylvi was brought before Empress Istvatha V'han, the Empress of a Billion Dimensions, who had, unbeknownst to anyone but herself, set up the anomaly young Sylvi had passed through as a dangerous experiment. V'han, with further future intelligence, had decided her experiment was a "success" and ordered the child captured. V'han's anomaly had encoded secrets of the Omniverse itself in Sylvi's very being, her DNA, her Mind. V'han knew that although she could not steal these secrets from the child without being destroyed by them, she could raise this child as her own servant, and use the power these secrets grant in her own interests.

Taking a sample of Sylvi's DNA as a backup, she prepared to have this captured child raised and taught as a faithful minion and pawn.

The Drifter, however, had been "driftin' through" and saw the danger young Sylvi was in.

Managing a daring rescue, he snatched the child from the Empress' grasp and returned her to her parents. V'han still had her DNA, but now Sylvi was safe.


In the mere 2 years or so she's been an officially registered hero, Sylviana has accomplished much, and been through a lot. The current Sylviana is not even the same person as the original she was born as, for instance. V'han had created a clone from the DNA she still possessed, and had sent this new pawn, raised to serve the Empress, and with all of Sylvi's powers, after the original to kill and replace her.

Sylvi, however, was sympathetic to her genetic twin, realizing that if she could be freed from the empress' control, she'd simply be the sister she never had, an unfortunate casualty of a villains manipulative schemes.

after many confrontations and attempts at redeeming her "sister" the original Sylvi had defeated her clone, and as she waited for the authorities to arrive at the scene, a bizarre event occurred which would forever bind the two, body and mind. -more coming-


Sylv Primusproof.png

Sylviana normally wears a skintight black costume with electric blue patterned lines running down the outside of a silver middle stripe. A red waistcloth or ribbon belt adorns her hips. She has fair skin, and strikingly pure white hair, and brilliant light blue eyes.

Her body is slim, a bit short, and only slightly toned, with medium curves. Noticeable round disc accessories cover her ears.


Sylviana has a sweet, slightly naive seeming personality. although smart, she can tend to let important information slip into the wrong hands, purely by being too trusting. She's an optimist, but those things which do worry her can occasionally become obsessions.

A caring and supportive friend, Sylvi is an excellent mentor, and friends feeling unsure of themselves or just plain sad often feel better after speaking with her. Sylviana isn't charismatic in the usual sense- but someone who speaks with her for any length of time will often find themselves feeling reassured and comfortable, feeling that they've found someone who really cares.

Often found by a local outdoor food joint working on complex transdimensional math problems, or hyperquantum theory, she's very approachable and friendly most of the time, even while engrossed in work. However, don't focus too hard on the food she orders, as her eating preferences are considered cringeworthy by most. "No salt? Minimum spices? No sauce? you call THAT Pizza!?"

Her cooking follows a similar pattern, and hence is generally only edible by her alone.

Sylviana often spends entirely too much time alone in her lab, and has been known to spend 2 or more days in research with no other human contact and only short breaks to eat and sleep (which she does in the lab as well). This can worry her friends, but she's never run into problems doing so, other than missing out on her social life, which she admits she neglects too often- For Science of course.


Sylviana's powers are all derived from the base secrets of the Omniverse embedded in her mind and encoded in her DNA. The general scope of powers this grants her is vast, and makes her among the worlds most powerful living superheroes in theory, but her power has some strict limitations in most situations. The more power she channels through her altered, yet still human body, the more dangerous channeling such power becomes for her, up to the point of injury or even certain death. Meditation and intense concentration can extend the limits to which she can channel her powers, but only temporarily. She can't just bust out godlike power at whim. To sum up, she's got a connection to near unlimited power and knowledge in theory, but the amount she has access to in most situations is extremely limited.

Protected by Combat Clairvoyance, Sylviana can see attacks before they happen, and react accordingly, whether by dodging, a counter pulse of energy, force fields, or via teleport. In addition, regular power negators are near useless against her, as she draws her power from different channels than normal mutants. (Magical containment would be key.)

Sylviana's power level is hard to accurately quantify, as depending on how hard she pushes herself, and how much danger she puts herself in, (see Deadly Upgrade)
she is a 4 on the Super Weight scale, yet one of her more mundane yet undeveloped abilities, (the power to create microuniverses) touches on the low end of the cosmic scale, at 5.

Extended meditation and preparation can allow her to push herself further, reaching borderline cosmic power levels relatively safely for short periods, although still very stressful and exhausting on her body, often sending her into a semi comotose sleep afterwards.

While not immune to things like reality warping, she'll retain some knowledge of the fact something isn't right, and may be able to figure out what's happening. (Similar to the Reading Steiner) although not quite as immediately potent. This is because of the connection her mind has to the Omniverse, grounding her somewhat in the cosmic sense of existence.


Sylviana is an extremely talented Physicist, Programmer and Inventor, achieving superhuman feats of mental information processing, far beyond human abilities. Able to calculate vast complex equations in her head, while entering the information into a computer system at high speed for even further processing, she's become well known in the scientific and mathematical community even at her young age. She is a skilled and well trained martial artist as well, although not much exceeding what is normally possible for non superhumans.
Formerly a user of dual energy sabers, she's forgone weaponry in favor of all out power channeling.


While very powerful, and possessing the ability to see future attacks, Sylviana is far from an invulnerable type. Her body is only so much more durable and resilient than the average human, although she can toughen it by dedicating channelling power, and regenerate lost limbs in a similar fashion, although she will still feel the pain of injury. If an enemy is able to randomize their attacks somehow, or mask their "future signature" with some sort of time manipulation, her precognition won't help her much.

Sylviana also has considerable mental blocks, sealing away much of her power. She knows just what she's capable of and is fearful of it, knowing she could easily kill millions in mere seconds if she really lost control. Her personality is so adverse to killing, that she literally cannot bring herself to intentionally perform the act, no matter how neccesary she might understand it to be. Very few situations can push her into a state of mind where she could kill intentionally.

While "immune" to normal mental invasion due to the way the universal secrets manifest in her mind, She isn't immune to indirect mental attacks, things like spells or devices designed to make one docile or suggestible. Her strong will and protector devices mean it would take repeated attempts to get past her resistances however, and she tends to break free from mental control effects extremely quickly. Her powers would not be able to be activated in this state of control however, (they depend on her mind).

People with power drain abilities can weaken her severely if given the time to siphon enough energy while she's channeling, during a recent blood moon she was defeated by eclipse when she was drained to the point of exhaustion, and collapsed. She was saved by another hero who granted her enough energy to escape, and make a tactical retreat. Her energies will recharge over time however, as they come from the Omniverse itself, not her body.

When facing enemies like that she will generally use more force than usual and attempt to defeat them quickly, before they have a chance to gain the upper hand.



Ivlys: Sylviana's first nemesis, an assassin clone sent to replace her by V'han. It was Vh'an's original plan to raise young Sylvi as her pawn, failing that, Ivlys was plan B. Sylviana defeated Ivlys, but in doing so was forced into fusing with her, leaving her sharing her body with another mind. Fortunately, the direct mental contact caused her new alter ego to undergo a crisis of convictions, allowing Sylviana to convince her to join her, as a hero. Eventually, after enough time together, Ivlys became part of Sylvi in both mind and body, the current Sylviana in fact being a fusion of the old Sylvi, and the redeemed Ivlys.

-Galactron and Quantasma coming next-


-More coming-