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Height 6'9

Weight 285

      As a scientist and inventor, I built a device called the Ultracymatron.  This device could record and emulate cymatic quantum vibrational energies.  I discovered super human's vibrate in a Phi frequency to varying degrees. Using a Trans Dimensional Telescope to see through the multiverses, I recorded many different Phi energies. 
After much research, I found two beings in one universe who possessed the greatest levels of this Phi energy I had ever seen. I used the particle frequencies from each being in an attempt to create a third quantum frequency that would be perfect, when something went wrong or should I say right and my Ultracymatron malfunctioned and exploded entangling my frequency with the other two. 

    I was blessed with powers from each them. Granted cosmic strength, awareness, and speed. I could lower the temperature of objects by looking at them. My greatest powers are quantum healing and Cosmic Strength.  My strength seems to have no limit. Every since I gained powers I just keep getting stronger and stronger. Recently, my strength topped out at over 300 Quintillion tons,  I feel I can lift more.
      I fight for those who can't fight for themselves. 
I call myself Super-Marvel in honor of the two heroes whose energy I share. I salute all those who try and uphold the heroic ideal.
     I believe we are all here for a reason.  Use this time, be good to others.  Treat other people the way you want to be treated.---This is the Golden Rule.
     Being around my family has altered their quantum fields, giving them Incredible powers. My family is comprised of Ultra-Marvel my wife, my sons Omega-Marvel and Power-Marvel.
    My Arch-Enemy is Drungador the Serpent Conqueror a Cosmic tyrant bent on ruling all life in the universe.