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Player: @Autoratchet
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Big, Intimidating, Strong, Silent, and Buff
Biographical Data
Real Name: Duncan Timothy McGrath
Known Aliases: "D" "The Letter Before E" "Big Boss" "Little Brother" "El Be Be"
Gender: Male
Species: Appears Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Detroit Michigan
Base of Operations: West Side
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 19 (DOB: October 19, 1994)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 285 lbs (5% body fat))
Eyes: Has a permanent silver reflective eye-shine
Hair: Black, often worn in a spike-hawk died some bright color
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Bodybuilder. Extremely buff, muscular and vascular. He's fuckin' huge, he knows it, and likes to flaunt it.
Physical Features: Scar over the right eye. Shit ton of piercings. Multiple piercings in the ears, lip, nose, and other places. He has a large number of tattoos covering his arms, back, chest, and the back of his neck.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity:  ?
Years Active: less then one
Citizenship: U.S.
Occupation: Graphic novel and comic book artist. Professional Bodybuilder. Bouncer
Education: High School drop out
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Great Strength, and some supernatural stuff
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Wears a dog collar with a crucifix inscribed with Psalms 27:1-2. Carries a NIV translation of the Holy Bible
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Duncan, or D for short, stands six foot, two inches tall. He is a bodybuilder, and was working to go pro. He weighs a staggering 285 pounds of solid muscle, and has body fat content of 5%. His muscle is covered in thick roping veins. His stature is bull like, and his thick neck helps to amplify this. His hair is often styled in a spike-hawk, died in bright colors, though he favors blue and sports a 5 o'clock shadow.

He often wears punk like clothing, ripped, torn or shredded, showcasing his physique and often adorned with spikes.

His hands are the hands of someone who works hard with them. They are rough, and heavily calloused.


D was born with a rare disease called Loral-Opitz syndrome, which causes him to be allergic to the sun, irises of his eyes became translucent and caused the retinas of his eyes to form a reflective film, which gives him a permanent eerily silver eye-shine.


His voice is somewhat deep and gravely, but not unpleasant. (Example of his voice: Bostin Loyd)


D had an air conditioning unit fall on him from two stories above, The corner of which, gashed a long cut along his right eye which scarred over.


piercing names and location on the ear
  • His left eyebrow is pierced with 3 rings
  • His right eyebrow is pierced with 1 bent bar, with spiked studs
  • His left ear has 5 bent barbell piercings along the lobe, 5 studs along the helix and one ring and ball in the forward helix.
  • His right ear contains 4 bent Barbell piercings along the lobe, and 4 ring and ball along the helix and one industrial.
  • His nose has a ring in the left nostril
  • His lip is pierced with a ring on the right side.
  • His chin is pierced with a spiked stud.
  • His tongue is pierced, twice
  • The nape of his neck has a industrial piercing through the skin.
  • His nips are each pierced with a ball and ring.
  • And others in various locations.


His arms, chest, back, and neck are covered in an assortment of tribal like tattoos. All very professionally done.


Drawn picture of Duncan's face by oopsiartedagain showing piercings


  • For D, first impressions are of most importance. He has little patience for stupidity, and idiots, and has no problem expressing it. He has a mouth, and uses it. He often comes off as brash, aloof, dark, taciturn, eerie, cold and calculating. He is currently working though deliverance on these behaviors.
  • He watches and studies his environment, and even though it seems like he is not paying attention, he is.
  • He dislikes being touched, and will only allow it if he gives permission. Unwarranted touch often results in an explosion of rage.
  • He is often quiet until he is angered or annoyed, then he becomes sarcastic, mean, judgmental and downright dangerous.
  • However, this is all a front and a consequence of his past experiences. The few that have managed to break past this, have found, that he is....just a teddy bear....a really scary teddy bear.
  • He does not see himself as hero, but often does the right thing anyway.
  • Light drizzly rain, has a calming effect on him
  • He knows that he is huge, and likes to flaunt it. He often flexes just for the hell of it, or knows if he is being watched.


  • He is a gifted artist, able to quickly draw realistic profiles of people, places and things. He has an eidetic memory for faces, and pictures but only when he draws them. He can draw with great precision, placement and position of objects, with accuracy to ratio, when drafting schematics with only seeing the place or layout of a location once.
  • Is very gifted at sleigh of hand tricks, which served him well when he was a pick-pocketing
  • Is also gifted at impersonating male voices, and some female, including intonation, almost exactly with only hearing the voice once.


  • Duncan is a non-denominational Christian, fairly charismatic and Pentecostal. He has a quiet faith in the God of Abraham and Issac. He, however, is not religious; has little patience for legalism and ritual.
  • He sees religion as putting ones trust in a system, which he abhors.
  • And faith as putting ones trust into God.
  • His faith is a grounding force for him. A rock to which he can hold fast to when the beast rears it's head. It offers him solace, and peace.


Dull, gold and purple


  • Is a comic book Illustrator/artist that works on both comic books and graphic novels.
  • Bouncer.
  • Is working on going pro in his bodybuilding.



Duncan at seven years old

D, was an unwanted child. His father is unknown, and when his mother was in labor at the local hospital she made it clear that she had no intention of keeping him. After his birth, she named him Duncan Timothy McGrath and signed him over to the state, where he was taken to an orphanage in West Side.

There he spent his childhood. Though, it was not terribly bad, it was not an entirely loving atmosphere, with the caregivers attention too distracted with the other children to have a close relationship with him. He was subjected to physical and emotional abuse, though the offender was caught and fired. However, the damage was done. D would never again be hurt again, and lives his life out of this experience.

When he turned 12, he started doing odd jobs around West Side to earn a bit of cash. He quickly invested this into bodybuilding, and started his training at this age. He spent the next 6 years working to get huge, a dream that eventually came to fruition though his hard work. At the age of 18, he aged out of the orphanage. They helped him to find an apartment, and a full time job at Burger World.

It was at this point in time, that D started pick-pocketing, where he learned sleight of hand tricks to confuse people and make it seem that he did not steal form them.

Teen years

Starting to get big. Duncan at age 16

His academic skills are lacking and school was not a place that nurtured him well. He enjoyed playing football in high school, and did well playing as a fullback, however, he was kicked from the team when it was discovered that he was "juicing". He eventually dropped out of high school, and continued his pursuit of becoming a pro in his sport of choice. He tried college at MCU, but that too turned into a fiasco, where he just stopped showing up to classes. With no real direction, a crappy job, and bodybuilding being his only real grounding force, he stumbled though life.

Life turned upside down

At the age of 19, D was working on entering the Mr. Michigan bodybuilding contest. He chose to train late at night, owing to the fact that they gym would mostly be deserted and he could train without distraction or inconvenience. Three days out from the competition, on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014, D was waiting for the 11:00pm bus after having just left the gym, when he was hit in the back of the head and knocked unconscious. When he awoke, his life was forever changed.



D favors unarmed combat, however, he is proficient in the use of the great sword, and in tight quarters, sickles


He does not wear armor.

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