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Player: @FrozenViolet
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Vanguard Preparatory Academy
Real Name
Claudia Sonnen
January 6, 1997
Hartford, CT
Millennium City
Sonnen Industries
Legal Status
PRIMUS Registered
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Wilhelm Sonnen (father), Dagny Sonnen (mother)
Physical Traits
Genetically Engineered
Apparent Age
Body Type
Strawberry Blonde
· Distinguishing Features ·
Irises glow
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super Intellect, Super Reflexes, Augmented Vision
· Equipment ·
Sonnen Industries designed reflective armor, pulse rifle, support and attack drones
· Other Abilities ·
Science, Math, Engineering



Heiress to the fortune of Wilhelm Sonnen's industrial fortune, Claudia was born into a privileged life. Claudia wasn't born like other girls though, as her dad wanted the perfect child. Claudia's embryo was genetically engineered and modifed prior to be implanted in her mother's womb. She was given genetic augmentations for intellect, enhanced reflexes and enhanced vision. She was also given a genetic pass for appearance and health traits, wedding out anything her father found undesirable. Her dad would have the perfect little girl--intelligent, beautiful, charming and agile.

While growing up, Claudia lived in her father's expansive penthouse in New York City. She received the best schooling, day care and tutoring that money could buy. She was training in hosts and hosts of topics, including science, math, dance, art, technology, and engineering. Claudia was studying and learning at a high school level by first grade. She spent some evenings with her father at his industrial firm, watching and learning all she could. Her father was surprised with her aptitude and knack for solving problems.

By age 10, she was attending the Spence School in Manhattan, getting an accelerated pace on learning. The girl's school was a great environment for her, and she received advanced tutoring in a variety of subjects. During the next few years, she spend time after work getting involved in social activities and projects at her father's workplace.

For her 13th birthday, she went to her father's tech lab and received optical cybernetic augmentations in her eyes that allowed her infrared, nightvision and microscopic vision depending on what she wanted. It was exactly what she wanted for her birthday! The enhancements gave her eyes a blueish glow. With her newfound vision, she began to look into nanotechnology research, which would allow her to more easily manipulate materials.

Gathering in costume for a group photo

In 2012 she moved to Millennium City with her family as they started a Sonnen Industries research lab. The new facility also promised to provide better access to superhero ingenuity and talent with all the high profile heroes and scientists that lived in the City. She began working on projects at her father's lab, which new included special material prototypes. She even developed her own basic armored suit for experimentation.

Vanguard Preparatory Academy

After arriving in the city, Claudia's father enrolled her in the prestigious Vanguard Preparatory Academy. She started her first quarter there in September, and has already enrolled in some higher tech classes, using tutors to help her through the collegiate-level material.

It was around this time, she was invited to join Homeroom 8, a special class for students with special abilities and powers. It was in Homeroom 8 that she was introduced to the superhero lifestyle. She had never considered her abilities to be superheroic, but after meeting other members of the class, she decided to take up the moniker of Sonnnenblume (sunflower in German and an homage to her last name).

During winter, she became romantically involved with Richard Dash, aka Hard Drive. The pair became close since both were techies, and Rich was brilliant with computers, programming and artificial intelligence. The two collaborated on several projects together and began dating.

Powers and Skills


With her genetic engineering and augmentations, Claudia has the following powers:

  • Super Intellect - Her capacity for memorization and learning was augmented. She has a very high IQ and almost a photographic memory for recalling knowledge and facts.
  • Super Reflexes - Claudia's muscles were augemented to be more flexible and her mind links to her reactions faster than normal human capacity. This allows her to have better muscle memory on moving and dodging and she can react and move quickly.
  • Enhanced Vision - On her 13th birthday, Sonnen was given cybernetic optical implants in a special surgery at her father's lab. She is able to see in the infrared spectrum and has nightvision. Her favorite upgrade was the microscopic vision enhancement, which lets her view her work at nanotechnology better. She can switch between these at will by blinking in a certain pattern.


  • Nanotechnology - Claudia is a budding nanotechnology researcher. Her enhanced vision allows her to manipulate nanotechnology on a microscopic level without other equipment, giving her an advantage in the field.
  • Engineering - She has a lot of engineering experience even at her age. She started learning from her dad as a child and spends a lot of time in the engineering labs at Sonnen Industries. She is able to design and fabricate using advanced technology tools.
  • Mathematics - Claudia has advanced math skills well into the realm of math graduate students. her aptitude for math helps her in a variety of other fields of research.


Claudia's best relationships are with her father and mother. She is a bit of a daddy's girl and spends much of her time at his offices and takes an interest in everything he does. The two are best friends and frequently are in touch.

At school, Claudia has made a lot of friends at Vanguard Preparatory Academy:

Vanguard students hanging out after class
  • Hard Drive - Rich is her best friend at school and her romantic interest. She does a lot of schoolwork at studying with him and is enjoying their blossoming romance.
  • Mongoose - Brad is a great friend at school and gets along well with everyone, but sometimes is too honest and blunt.
  • Marionette - Alisha is one of her closeest girlfriends at school and the two get along very well. They spend a lot of time hanging out and talking.
  • Retribution - Hayden is another good friend and they do girl things quite often together.
  • Tumbleweed - Jordan seems always a bit distant to Claudia in some ways, but they are good friends nonetheless.
  • Velveteen - Mallory was one of her first friends at school. She's a bit of a more public figure at the school and has her own sponsor. She also has some toys with her that Claudia finds fascinating.
  • Flashfire - Ziek was anothe rone of her first friends at the school. They get along well even if Claudia used to tease Ziek about being the bad boy at school.
  • The Valkyrie - Leona was a bit newer to the school during the semester, but the pair have gotten to be quite close throughout the school year as friends.
  • Jaguar Mask - Miguel is another newer guy in Homeroom 8 and he seems to be quite friendly. Claudia doesn't know him too well yet though, but she does trust him.
  • Zeta - Claudia likes Zeta, even though she can be very shy and introverted in comparison to Claudia's outgoing personality. They remain pretty good acquaintances at the moment.


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