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Clone C
B-???: B is for "???"
Designation: ?

B is a Westside clone.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone C
C-343F: C is for "Crispy."
Name: Ciara Gealachabhainn

C is a Westside clone. C with two of her sister C models, C-345L and C-554F, survived a small nuclear explosion in an abandoned uranium mine recently while helping UNTIL. She was burnt horribly, and while the radiation damage was magicly removed thanks to an on-site hero, she's still not quite up to snuff. Having spent the last few weeks dozing in the Medbay, she's wandered off to have a bit of fun...

Since then she's joined the fae-led gang Merry Men, acquired an ensorcelled baseball bat, and lost her shadow to Black Paladin in an ambush in San Fran. As an added bonus? She now has a lovely Faery Spear thanks to the defeated leader of the Wild Hunt. Good times!

While she did eventually get her shadow back from Black Paladin, it left a series of faint runic scars on her chest. Given the name Ciara [Dark Haired] to diferentiate her from the other C-models. She's recently been "adopted" by Eoghainin's family. their welcome gifts include longevity, a Fey-doll and a small baby blue dragon her sister clones have taken to calling "Splash" [he likes to swim]

For a very brief time C because a surrogate mother when her friend Cynthia was injured in a carbombing. She became very protective of the baby, and psychicly could hear it think. As the clones have a abnormal phisiology, the baby was saved but she had to return it to it's mother. C is currently staying with her friend OConnor at her moonbase.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone D
D-337B: D is for "Deceptive."
Designation: Dee

She is the spy-clone, trained separately from the others, given enhanced mental blocks to segregate her thoughts from the clone collective by villainous Psychics. Due to this manipulation she is one of the strongest telepaths in the clone collective. She is also a qualified pilot. She was inserted into the school clones as an undercover agent. Later she reported personally to the Super-villain for several special assignments- one of which he severely injured her so the others would not be suspicious. She still bears faint white scars near her right ear from this. She is the one that infected the school clones with toxic nanites and made them seriously ill [also causing the unintentional discovery of a new hallucinogenic fungus] Ms. Sterga created a cure for the clones while they were in Hawa'ii recovering.
D fled upon discovery of her subterfuge- Glenn the Telioraptor had been suspicious of her behavior for quite some time- and the Boss retired her to a small cottage on the beach in the Caribbean with her own Mook. D suspects the mook was placed there to keep an eye on her and ensure she had no contact with the other clones stationed nearby. Subsequently she grew quite friendly with the locals and avidly took up cooking the local cuisine. [She makes a wicked jerk chicken!]
After the Space Rock Incident D took the place of M at the School for Troubled Girls- and was later was released upon Good Behaviour. She felt she owed the school clones, and this was a way of repaying it.
Currently she lives in Westside with the other Ex-villain clones. She is taking Muay-Thai classes as exercise.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Ozzy Osbourne

Favorite Book: ?
Favorite TV Show: Remington Steele
Favorite Food: Ginger beer and fried Cassava

Clone C
E-???: E is for "???"
Designation: ?

E is a ???

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone F
F-777L: F is for "???"
Designation: F

F prefers to be called 'Lucky' as there are too many bad jokes associated with her name. She lives in Westside with over 800 of her clone sisters.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone G
G-557C: G is for "Grumpy."
Designation: G

Keeping her word is important for G. Even when it involves doing something she shouldn't.
She stabbed the unfortunate Chevalier because of this, and as a result, got the Westside clones banned from school property.
She has a very short temper.
G lives in Westside.

G needs a much longer bio, but I am lazy and have to think of something amusing for it. :P

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Daft Punk
Get Lucky

Favorite Book: ?
Favorite Movie: Vampire Hunter D
Favorite Food: Grilled cheese with extra ketchup.

H-442S H is for "Hats."
Designation: H
Name: Helpful Haven

She was the Head clone in Villain Fort 13B and her name comes from aiding Catbot Prime's schemes, as well as chauffeuring her between the bases. When the clones became concerned Catbot Prime's robotic replacements would take their jobs, and after the Space Rock Evacuation, she formally gave notice they would not be returning to work for the evil empire.
H has short hair and a collection of assorted hats, her favorite being a fedora. She is an avid reader, speaks the best English of all the clones and is a certified pilot. She maintains a stolen Transport plane in the parking garage under the Westside apartments.
She was mentally abducted for several days by a Viper telekinetic for being a little too curious. This landed her in a coma though recovery once the Telekinetic was defeated and her mind freed, was rapid.
She discovered the Purple Alien wandering the docks and was ordered to observe her. This led to the Super-villain stalking H to amuse himself. She spent the next two weeks without sleep in the lair of Felicia, a local Vigilante.
H has become the unofficial leader of the Westside clones, keeping them organized, clothed and fed, as well as keeping them in line. Clone K sometimes acts as an enforcer for her, particularly when other gangs are involved. Recently shot three times by an unknown Sniper. She has recovered, and after a brief vacation in Lake Havasu City, resumed life as normal in Detroit.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
David Bowie
Space Oddity

Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Colour: Black. And Sea green. And maybe Lime.... H can't decide.
Favorite Food: Pear Gelato

Clone C
I-???: I is for "???"
Designation: ?

I is a ???

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone J
J-???: J is for "???"
Designation: J
Name: ?

J is a Westside clone.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone K
K-956X: K is for "Killer".
Designation: K
Name: ?

Clone K, like most of her sisters, used to work for an evil empire led by a powerful super-villain. While the witch Severin gave all the Westside clones the magically created General Lee, K claimed it. She is both the best suited to drive it... and executed the Duke Boys that came with it. She discovered that Ethan, the EBI groundskeeper, saw this has come to an 'arrangement' with him. She's very social, prefering none-clone company and is rather outgoing, if somewhat paranoid. K is also the muscle for clone H, especially against the other Westside gangs. She gets things done.
Recently She was kidnapped by an escaped Meta-human convict in an abandoned warehouse. He informed her he was being paid handsomely to kill her and that her sister's lives were in danger. Shortly thereafter the Flying Dutchman broke in and rescued her, then returned her to Detroit. She was about to enter the local police station to make a report but was shot by an unknown Sniper. She spent a long time recovering in a stasis chamber and is on medical leave at East Briar, seeing the speech therapist there ... and keeping an eye on her very distractible sister, R.
She tends to dye blue streaks into her hair.
K uses a classic .44 Magnum.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Dancing Queen

Favorite Colour: ?
Favorite TV Show: What's Opera, Doc?
Favorite Food: Peanut-butter and Jelly sandwiches.

Clone L
L-156T: L is for "Looney."
Designation: L
Name: ?

L is mildly obsessed with Surfing. Occasionally she "borrows" the East Briar Institute Anti-gravity sleds for moving heavy furniture around the school, and goes on a joyride through town. Though not very fast as the sleds are rather slow.
Once bitten by a shark while on vacation in Hawa'ii, she promptly bit it to death in return. Her sisters were quite amused and took the cleaned jaws home as a trophy. It is now on the wall of her dorm room, beside her Longboard. She practically lives in her Three Palms Resort T-shirt.
She is known among her clone-sisters for being hyper, easily distractable and prefering knives to guns.
Recently she as winged in an attack by a sniper while test-driving Chevalier's new car. Don't worry, she's fine. She helped organize replacement parts to be shipped to the school to fix the car. It's a sweet car, she hopes French will let them try driving it again.
Currently L is learning to play Pipeline on the guitar, and has taken to surfing the Detroit River. She's the only clone that can swim on the surface.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Beach Boys
Good Vibrations

Favorite Book: National Geographic
Favorite Colour: Electric Blue
Favorite Food: Canned Peaches

Clone M
M-234B: M is for "Mayhem."
Designation: M
Name: ?

M took to robbing banks early, leading a squad of nine clones in bloodless raids before vanishing into nearby storm sewers. While very capable she has a rather short temper and this has caused her quite a bit of trouble.
Involved in the raid on the bank after 'Linden's death, she was injured and with four others surrendered to authorities. Later she threw the Purple Mercenary out a dorm room window, mistakenly thinking he could fly. [He recovered fully but bears a strong grudge against all of the clones.] She turned herself in to police and while in custody at the city jail had a mental breakdown. She clawed through the wall of her cell and found a power cable- then hugged it, thinking the electricity within was her friend the "Blue Light" and caused a fire and the brownout of areas of the prison. She was transferred to a School for Troubled Girls, away from Detroit. She was not the best pupil there and often ran afoul of the rules.
During the Space Rock incident she suffered a severe panic attack and was allowed to return to stay with her sisters. Once things calmed down it was discovered clone D had taken her place. Allowed to return to East Briar on Probation, M has resumed her studies there- though she does tend to keep a low profile.
M has a knack for robotic technology and has made several interesting items, including a miniaturized Death-ray for Ms. Sterga [also doubles as a cigarette lighter] and putting the finishing touches on Mechanicat. Recently she has made tiny video-cameras accessible by cellular phone that are scattered through the school grounds. The clones use them for remote surveillance. They're fairly sure both Chevalier and Atlus use them a well.
Because of the electricity that passed through her system her nanite-augmentation malfunctioned along her left side. Later the defective sections were removed via surgery. Her augments are now fully functional but remain in a passive role.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
The Clash
Bank Robber

Favorite Colour: ?
Favorite Movie: The Magnificent Seven
Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate M&MS... but only the red ones.

Clone N
N-266F: N is for "Ninja!"
Designation: N
Name: Natalia Waters

N goes to school at the East Briar Institute of Higher Learning, taking Choral, Home Ec. and Biology. She is also enrolled in several archery courses for extra credit this semester.
She has a fondness for badly translated Ninja movies.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Alice Cooper
Clones [We'reAll]

Favorite Song: ?
Favorite Book: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone C
O-???: O is for "???"
Designation: ?

O is a ???

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone P
P-335X: P is for "??"
Designation: P
Name: Scáil Gealachabhainn

P is a Westside Clone.
She has no bio yet!
I am a slacker!

Designated Eoghainin's security detail, she's been named Scáil, (Skaw-il), meaning "Shadow".

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Alice Cooper
Clones [We'reAll]

Favorite Book: ?
Favorite Colour: Fuschia.
Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy.

Clone Q
Q-007M: Q is for "??."
Designation: Q
Name: ?

Q likes cheesy spy novels, comic books and juggling knives. She once ate a dictionary and was dismayed to find that it did not make her smarter, or taste very good.
She once repainted her sister K's '68 Dodge Charger into the 'DETHMOBIL" from Animal House. She was made to repaint it into the General Lee colours- then allowed to buy a '59 El Dorado hardtop from a junker to fix for herself. Q is also taking Classical Dance lessons, though she isn't quite sure about the tutu yet...
She's a rare clone, the only one with heterochromia: this defect wasn't noticed until after she was decanted.

Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwich- with the crusts cut off

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Sons of the Pioneers
Blue Juniata

Favorite Song: ?
Favorite Book: From Russia, With Love -Ian Fleming
Favorite Food: ?

Clone R
R-332K: R is for "Rabid."
Designation: R
Name: Raphaelle Haven

She led a rather unexceptional life like many of her sister clones until she was kidnapped and murdered by a vindictive villain, her body horribly mutilated. She and another were to serve as an example to the others not to steal from him. She was put back together by the Catbots, and raised from the dead -slightly too early- by a well-meaning [but drunk] shaman. This may be the cause of R's later problems.
She has severe anger issues and has attacked people for little cause, usually with a knife, or whatever is at hand. Chevalier, Atlusbot, her sisters- it doesn't seem to matter. She had been asked repeatedly to stop, then locked in the school's security Quiet Room for several days when she continued. There she tried to attack Brother Ignatius, a Jesuit who works as a Counselor at the school. He frightened her into submission by claiming to be Dead. She is firmly convinced he is a Vampire.
A few days after that she picked a fight with a Super at Carl's gym, and he soundly mopped the floor with her. Upon her release from the school infirmary -and the calming drugs she was prescribed there- her actions have been slightly less violent. Her sisters doubt she'll continue to take them and have fitted her with a shock collar that restricts her access below the 18th floor. They escort her to and from classes, the cafeteria and the grounds with a modified taser and the controller for the collar.
Because of this, R is rather lonely and spends quite a bit of time by herself. She is not allowed to keep anything sharp: even the cutlery in the kitchenette has been replaced with plastic, just in case.
R had recently been kidnapped by a Voodoo sorcerer who performed brain surgery on her and imbued her with malevolent ghosts then sent her on a murder spree across town. She was Captured by "DEMON [apparently] recaptured by Atlus &co. and brought to a wizardly fortress for care and containment. It turns out there was a Loa, Baron Kriminel within her as well who somewhat managed to keep the other spirits in check. After the Loa was hit by hellfire from a vengeful fallen angel, thus weakening her condition, R was given emergency surgery to save her life. The full effects of this are not yet known.
A week after this in an attempt to save Exitus' soul from the fallen angel, the Loa repossessed R and slashed her wrists. She was found before she lost too much blood. After some time in a comatose state she awoke amnesiac and was eventually returned to the school- permanently changed by the experience.
R had a plushie of her former boss in a too-small pink tutu. It was damaged beyond repair while she was possessed, and her sisters replaced it with a plushie dragon R named Bessmoth.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Adventure Time
Bacon Pancake

Favorite Book: ?
Favorite Colour: Chartreuse.
Favorite Food: Broccoli in Cheddar cheese sauce.

S-667G: S is for "Snerk."
Designation: S
Name: Scáth Gealachabhainn

S likes practical jokes, Indiana Jones and sawed-off shotguns. She has a cheeky sense of humor and is likely to mouth off with some smart remark... even if the situation doesn't call for one.

She has a Australian Blue Heeler puppy, named Max, that she saved from the Maniacs gang with the aid of some local Vigilantes. She lives in Westside with 800 of her clone-sisters. She also has a bad habit of setting explosives....
Currently S is working [with 56 of her sisters] at a Theme park the next town over.

Designated security detail for Eoghianin, she's been given the name Scáth, (Skaw), meaning "Shadow".

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Alice Cooper
Clones [We'reAll]

Favorite Book: Gulliver's Travels -Jonathan Swift
Favorite TV Show: Gunsmoke
Favorite Food: Chocolate covered Raisins

Clone T
T-996S: T is for "Troublemaker"
Designation: T
Name: Tale Gealachabhainn

T is a Westside Clone. She likes to brawl. She likes Turkey legs and pickles... Lets go to the Ren Faire!
She has R-watching duty when R leaves the school grounds. T doesn't mind, they get along well.
T is smarter then she lets on, even by clone standards. She may have had some medical training.

T was given the name "Tale" for following another superhero around, as she was wearing a kitty-tail to "tail" him, and he felt "Tale" sounded better.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Luciano Pavarotti

Favorite Movie: ?
Favorite Colour: Magenta
Favorite Food: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Clone C
U-???: U is for "???"
Designation: ?

U is a ???.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

V-423L: V is for "Volunteer."
Designation: V
Name: ?

V likes to help. She's open, giving and unusually patient... compared to her sisters, anyway. She'll do what she can for you. Though.... like all of her clone-sisters her 'help' is sometimes less then beneficial, even if it is well meant.
She dresses a little "nicer" then some of her sisters who tend to "run over by a car" clothing ideas, but they share everything. She's partial to cinnamon gum, mini-lights, blue shoelaces and jingly bangle bracelets.
She is a terrible cook.
Recently she was badly injured in a sniper attack while test-driving Chevalier's new car. She has recovered fully.... The car on the other hand needs a lot of work.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Gwen Stefani
Rainbow Connection

Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Book: The Last Unicorn -Peter S. Beagle
Favorite Food: Dried marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal.

Clone W
W-427Z: W is for "Whacked"
Designation: W
Name: Wylda Brutality

W goes to school at East Briar Institute in Downtown. Early in her life she was nearly killed by a villain and left for dead. It caused permanent damage, leaving her with a very short temper and a sort of fear of large groups. W prefers bladed weapons over guns, particulatly "claws" she forms from her finger-tips. She tends to use stealth more then many of her sisters and often fights crime dressed as a ninja- mostly for her own amusement.
She has been described as one of the more "Catlike" clones, in both her use of stealth, and her temperment.
Like many of her sisters, W suffers from ADOS. "Attention Deficit Ooooooh Shiny!"

After a fight with her good friend Ferrum, W ran away and for a brief time joined the Black Aces gang, by persosnal invitation by their [ex] leader Archard la Vache. W was at first ill used by him... but they formed a rather unlikely friendship and she is now helping on his write-in bid for MC Mayor!
He can't be worse then Bisselle, after all!

Ferrum is helping her work through her more homicidal impulses, by taking her to an isolated beach for a working vacation. She learned how to swim there.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Killer Queen

Favorite Flower: Magnolia
Favorite TV Show: '60s Batman
Favorite Colour: Prussian Blue
Favorite Band: Aerosmith

Clone X
X-177C: X is for "??."
Designation: X
Name: ?

Guns are good. And Knives and pizza and cartoons, those are good too. But not those lollipops with the gum inside? Those are nasty. But those socks with toes in them? Those are cool! Can we go to the movies now?
She may have a slight attention span problem...
X is a Westside Clone.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Alice Cooper
Clones [We'reAll]

Favorite Movie: ?
Favorite Book: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone C
Y-002K: Y is for "Whyyyyyyyy"
Designation: ?

Whyyyyyyyy? Is a very inquisitive clone. Y is a Westside Clone.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
John Lennon
Give Peace a Chance

Favorite Book:  ?
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Food: ?

Clone Z
Unknown: Z is for "Zombie."
Designation: Z
Name: Zenobia Haven

She was saved by the Catbots during Blood-moon and fixed. Retains a desire to gnaw on things whenever the moon turns pink- this irks her sisters as it's usually them. She is Mute, due to her being decapitated in her zombie state and irreparable damage done to her vocal cords. She is learning American Sign Language- but tends to communicate with gestures, notes and her text-capable phone.
She has a part-time job in a small delicatessen in westside, mostly inventory and cleaning. She is not allowed to help the customers. She spends her paycheck buying spicy pepperoni sticks, much to the owner's amusement.
With her Sister M's help and Chevalier's patronage she made Mechanicat- who the clones simply call 'Kitty'. Z is in charge of Molly's care, riding her around town, bathing and feeding her and occasionally spending the night in her enclosure.
Unlike most of the other School clones Z is not afraid of the Super-villain and leaves him finger-painted fan art at his penthouse. If any of the art is ever actually seen by him, she doesn't know. She is no longer allowed to smoke anything he may give her as she doesn't react well to his special 'cigars'.
Her augments are in a passive role and she has no memory of her previous combat training [or anything else pre-Zombification.] She is taking self defense classes at a local gym at her sister's insistence.
Z has a pair of special plushies. The one that shoots fire from it's gasmask was a personal gift from the super-villain himself as an apology for badly injuring her. She also has toy T-Rex that "RAWR"s when you honk it's rear end. She was given a large clear green stone by Krioss- it may be an emerald. She likes to look through it at things.

Liath MusicOpenPurple.png
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Favorite Colour: ?
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony
Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate Caramels


  • Currently there are 843 Snookii left, out of the original 1000.

  • Created by a shady underworld organization using 1A as both source dna and the basis for the clones nanite augmentations, they were made as expendable shock troops. Their Primary Function was to "Contain and Suppress a Hostile Population" -thankfully they've never needed to do this.

  • Given to a local Super-villain and told they were his clones, the majority of the Sisters never questioned this, even when the Super-villian killed several clones for fun. 1A, in payment for her services was brought to Detroit- roughly fourty of her Sister clones escaped and followed her. At this time they lived in the city sewers, cold, dirty but safe. They still maintain routes under the city for expedient unseen travel.

  • 1A moved to a survivalist bunker some distance from the city, and her clones moved there. The super-villain discovered their location, sought to kill the clones and was stopped by the Purple Alien. The bunker was destroyed during the battle, as was much of the surrounding property. PRIMUS cordoned off the area and the clones were moved to a super-school in the city and stayed in the dorms there until that school was attacked and destroyed. They had many adventures around town and began the early steps of becoming 'civilized'. Later the bunker was rebuilt and expanded, much to the sister's delight.

  • The clones moved to the East Briar Institute... and discovered the Super-villain had a penthouse suite 2 blocks away. This made for some very awkward moments and accidental meetings. Chevalier gave the clones Molly the Mastodon, saved by some of his associates from a madman bent on taking over Canada. The clones built her a house and take care of her needs.

  • After many adventures, both big and small, and a evacuation trip to the moon, the remaining clones left the Super-villain's employ and moved to Detroit, buying property in Westside. They audit the classes at the school, have taken odd jobs, scrap with the local gangs and generally have a good time.

  • The clones are very dependent on their friends to help them, be it with homework, shopping or the occasional parking ticket. People like Atlusbot, Chevalier and many others have been of great help to the sisters. While they can't repay their many kindnesses the clones are grateful to them and try to help in return... though sometimes not always in the ways intended!

  • The clones are mind-linked, not quite a hive mind, not exactly telepathy, though they are to an extent, psychic. 1A can hear all of her clones at any given time, they in turn can hear their sisters nearby, though this link fades at distance. They can Hear each others thoughts, feelings, and if they concentrate Look through their sisters to watch from across town.

  • While the clones will put on a 'Dumb Clone' act, and act interchangeably, often repeating the mantra of "We are One", they are smarter then might appear. While very young [Only 1A herself is four years old] they are still learning about and adapting to life. They were preprogrammed for many situations and uses in vitro, they do lack a general understanding of the 'whys and hows' most people take for granted. Emotionally they have a poor grasp of things, and react poorly under stressful conditions.

  • As time goes on, the secondary clones have become much more independent, and their individual natures are showing through- or at least to people who spend time with them.

  • The clones are not officially American Citizens- only Linden, created in Detroit may qualify. The clones have never asked about it, they don't want to get in trouble by accident.

  • The clones are less then four years old, and as they were decanted at different times and there are so many of them, they all celebrate their "Decanting Day" at once, July 14, the day 1A was activated. Not knowing when Molly's Decanting day is, the clones have taken to including her on that date as well.

  • 1A is classified as an Emancipated Minor, the other clones are listed officially as her dependants.

  • Shortly after their arrival in Detroit, the Westside clones were advised by Chevalier to get "Vigilante Licenses" so they won't get in trouble carrying firearms or 'helping' the police. These are standard Hero Licenses, but knowing the clones wouldn't apply under that term, simply called them by a name they'd find acceptable.

  • The clones are very musically inclined. While they may not be the best singers, they harmonize very well. They started their musical career by warbling Black Sabbath's songs usually while headbanging and playing air guitar, often while drunk. One night in the local drunk tank they were introduced to Caruso, and discovered opera. The Speech Therapist at the school suggested they form a choir, and they did. Clone Z directs them and they're expanding their repertoire quickly, including traditional hymns for Brother Iggy's services at the chapel.

  • The clones like to dance, but unfortunately aren't very good at it. They can do The Hustle very well, having watched Saturday Night Fever far too many times. They can do the Caramelldansen as well, but won't admit that.

  • The Westside clones have saved several of their custom Villain-built planes, which they keep in storage under a captured Viper base in upstate Michigan. They have 3 Transport planes, 4 Bombers and 11 Jet fighters. The clones have painted the planes as Cats, MLP and Hello Kitty respectively. Currently they have lots of ammo, but no avgas.

* should be 40 clones not counting linden or 1a

* should be 801 left. not counting Linden or 1a


  • Chevharmless1.png
    Chevalier [French]. The fencing master, Home economics teacher and head cook at the school. He keeps an eye on the clones, offers healthy eating options, a rational viewpoint [and spelling help] when they need it... as well as the occasional punishment. He refused them cookies for a month: the clones were very upset but did eventually mend their ways. He is something of a spy, has a rather mysterious past and a hobby of building robots and other useful gadgets. He helped Z build Mechanicat. Recently he restored a 1957 Bel Air hardtop. It was damaged in a sniper attack.
  • Brother Ignatius [Brother Iggy]. A Jesuit priest who works as a Counselor at the school, offering advice to the staff and students, and a cool head when needed. No one is quite sure if he has powers- or what they might be if he does have some- but he was unaffected by Clone R's attack upon his person with a metal cot. He has met the Loa that possessed R previously.
  • AtlusHacksDoor.png
    AtlusBot [BotBot/Delibot/Deathbot 5000]. He maintains the Flight Simulator for the school, is the clone's doctor [Medibot] and keeps an eye on them, often hauling them out of trouble... much to his frustration. Though his AI is not that much older then the clones themselves, he has a much better grasp on the world and the way things -and people- work. They come to him often for advice. He really wants a vacation. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Sharren Atlus [DocAtlus]. Sharren has helped the clones on several occasions, and gone to rock and roll concerts with them. She let V stay at her house once. She has a dog, BoBo: He was the first dog the clones ever played with. She was unintentionally injured in 1A's psychotic-psychic break. She came to Alaska during the Semzaya incident and stayed a little extra to spend time with Atlus and the clone, and helped 1A get re-used to dealing with people.

  • Priest Virth. An alien from the Maffei 1 galaxy, his title translates roughly to "Priest". He met the school clones over the Hero Radio and has taken steps to adopt them. He, and others on this team, have taken pains to help the clones on missions, with homework, questions they might have or simply letting them play with the team 'Dog' Frisket.

  • Angus McAlpine.[Mister Moo, Doctor McAlpine, Mad Rune] A rather surly wizard the clones have slowly gotten to know and trust. He's helped them several times with problems, and has loaned CloneR several magical texts to help her studies. Recently he joined the EBI staff as the Head of the Metaphysics Department.
  • OConnor. A woman with strange stories of her past who regularly gives the clones advice and sometimes hangs out with them at the car. Clone C briefly stayed at her moon base after some health problems.
  • Exitustestshot2.png
    Exitus. [Flappy Guy] A fallen angel that crash landed on school grounds and transformed into his human 'punishment', befriended clone R. She and her sisters are trying to help him adapt to life as a human, he in turn tries to help them as much as he can. Some time later he had been kidnaped then murdered in an attempt to stop Semyaza the Fallen Angel, then restored to life, having taken the clone's sins into him. The clones are unaware of this as yet.
  • Omnerathon [Omen, Nom Knee] a Nephilim in disguise recently hired on as the EBI school counselor. Though his association with the clones has been brief so far, his intentions in protecting them seem genuine.

  • OldGlory7.png
    Old Glory VII [Glory], Leader of the super-team Patriot Act- the group that R and T joined thinking it was an after school club. While neither clone knows him that well, he treats them like people, rather then laboratory creations. They borrow his desk to do their homework at and steal his mints while they're there. Turns out he's pretty good at helping them with math too!


The clones associate not only with the students and staff at EBI, but various people across town, and several still maintain friendship within the evil empire itself.

The Vigilante Safe House:

  • Damian the Cop. Was instrumental in investigating the sniper shootings of the Westside clones several months ago.
  • AtlusBrian1.png
    Brian the Ex-Maniac. His identity accidently revealed to the Super-villain by Snookums, Brian fled Detroit for several months, fearing retribution for the destruction of a drug-delivery van, and the eventual cracking of the Westside drug ring.
  • FeliciaPurpleEye.png
    Felicia the Wizard. She is part of an association to defend earth from magical threats and has been instrumental in stopping the recent arrival of Semyaza the fallen angel. She has a warehouse in Westside she uses as a base of operations. She is not a fan of unannounced clone visits.
  • Ethan the Ex-Maniac. Groundskeeper at EBI. He was badly burned by an incendiary grenade and attacked by the Maniac Skittles in the hospital. The clones shot him once, felt bad, and got him a job at the school. Clone K stalked him for a time- then came to an arrangement with him about the clones activities and his nightly 'hobby'. He lived for a time in a clone-built addition in the back of Molly's house, the mastodon quite likes him. He's since moved out of town.

  • RedZelk.png
    Zelkear the 'Short Surly Alien'. Is funny when not grumpy. He once crashed a UFO on EBI grounds and Clone Z got a ray-gun from the wreck. The Clones gave him a toque to keep him warm while he is on vacation in Canada. As he is on the run from Earth authorities, Clone T gave him a key to the bunker, in case he needs a place to stay. The clones discovered he gets drunk off paint thinner, and keep a few jugs around for him.
  • OldGlory9.png
    Danny. A strange boy T and R bumped into downtown. R is fairly sure she's met him before, but doesn't remember where... Danny is looking for someone, the clones want to help.

The Gangs The local gangs have dubbed the clones "The Sisters", and usually are on guard against them.

  • Maniacs: the clones know a couple ex-members [who have since moved out of town], and one current member- Skittles. She was freed from a upstate asylum and is on the lam.
  • Purples: The clones live nearer the purple gang and keep painting over the graffiti on their apartment walls that keeps popping up.
  • Cobra Lords: Clones hang with them a lot, talking cars and booze. Ethan hired one to watch K until she was shot, after that, there was no further need.
  • Black Aces: Not usually seen near the Westside apartments, the clones deal with them as the situation arises.
  • Merry Men: It helps the clone sisters know their leader, the Fae Eoghainin and his father. They're a new gang and based fairly far from the Clone's appartments. Other then a few misunderstandings, they've gotten along pretty good thus far.

Everyone Else

  • BlueFishWedding.png
    Zurine & Chompy[The Blue Fish/Fishstick. Sharkosaur]. Their longtime friend and shopping buddy Zurine is attending a different school- but still comes over to visit. They 'borrow' her nail polish collection now and then. She married the Purple Mercenary [Kagewoe] and the clones are hoping for Eggbabies. Chompy is her pet shark-turned-raptor via a magic collar, and the clones love to fuss over him when he comes to visit. Chompy enjoys tummy rubs and muzzle scratchings and is an expert at Frisbee.

  • Krioss. [Shark] A Karkarodon, from the Bermuda Triangle. The Former EBI Lifeguard, he now works at the Kitty Cat Klub as a stripper on Ladies Night. The clones get an unofficial discount there.

  • RedSterga1.png
    Sterga [Ms.Sterga/ Ms.Lawbringer]. The former Science Department head at EBI. The clones were much in awe of Sterga while she taught there. She saved them from their own foolishness more then once, as well as from the Super-villain's intentions. They refer to her as "Ms.Sterga". Clone D slipped and refered to her as "Ms.Lawbringer"- leading to her eventual discovery as an Evil Empire Spy. The clones were told Sterga was killed on Mars and they bought a nice stone monument and put a rose bush beside it.

  • BlueDemonBoy.png
    Nightbringer & Glenn. [Blue Demon Boy] A fellow student. He works for UNTIL and is suspicious of the clones activities- and for good reason. He was at the receiving end of one of the clone's games [Smooch Nightbringer] and has never forgotten this. He has a collection of cursed plushies which he periodically delivers to the 18th floor as a form of plushie punishment. Glenn is his pet telioraptor. He's quite intelligent, can read and write as well as speak- though with a odd accent.

  • Jorge: an NPC medic working at the EBI Infirmary studying metahumans. Is willing to do a quiet patchjob on the staff if the need arises. Tried to get the Super-villain to institutionalize Snookums as he feels she is a danger to the public loose. Recently had been kidnapped, driven mad by a Voodoo Sorcerer, and treated in the Wizardly Citadel. He' returned to Detroit, somewhat less sane but with a better appreciation what the local supers have to deal with.

  • Lashwandala: an NPC nurse at Mercy General Hospital. She has an attitude, and will tell you where to go and how to get there if you cross her. She once tried to kill Fred the Ferret with a shoe.


  • MollybyCartun16a.jpg
    Molly is a cloned Mastodon. She's smarter then she appears, can read and write [albeit clumsily] and has been trained to be ridden into battle. She was saved from a madman set on invading Canada by Chevalier's friends, brought to the school and entrusted to the clones care. Her food is provided by a local zoo who is studying her: She's quite fond of apples.

    The clones have built her a enclosure; it looks rather like a elephant-size doll house with a wide lawn and a fence. Molly has discovered how to beat the locks and gives herself walks around town regularly. Clone Z made her barding from thrift-store quilts so she won't be cold at night and there is a hammock in the enclosure, sometimes used by Z, but currently a catgirl, Fleabelly, is staying there.

  • Dingo:
    Dingo is a small tabby cat. She is a stray that Molly found beside a dumpster and brought to scare the squirrels from her enclosure. Dingo is rather shy toward strangers but quite comfortable around the mammoth and regularly-seen people [the clones, Brother Ignatious, Ethan, Chevalier] She often spends the night asleep on Molly's broad forehead.

  • Mechanicat:
    Mechanicat is a robotic cat built by Z under Chevalier's guidance in the school robotics lab and later finished by M.
    There were some errors in the construction: laser beams out her mouth and questiontite claws may have been a bad idea- they were later removed. She has a toy's voice box to mew and is programed to simulate the actions of a real cat. The clones have leashed her so she does not wander off without them, as has happened several times. It upsets Clone Z. They have sewn several faux-fur "Skins" for her so if one is damaged or destroyed it can be easily replaced.

  • Max:
    Max is a Blue Heeler puppy. Clone S saved him from a group of Maniacs: they had the dog in a gunny sack and were going to throw him in the river.
    S noticed, saved the dog and after a running gun battle [aided by local Vigilantes] the dog was saved. He was checked over by Doctor Katy the Vet, patched up and adopted by the ex-Legion clones. They're trying to teach him tricks- it isn't going well.

  • FearlessFred.png
    Fred the "Fearless Ferret" is just that, Fearless. He is obviously some sort of Meta-animal. He speaks, is highly acrobatic, knows several martial arts styles and is unafraid to take on foes many times his size.
    Linden found him in a parking garage menaced by a dog and took him home. Since then he's gotten around town quite well. The clones aren't sure where he came from: they found him in Linden's backpack after she went missing. He spent some time with them then left when they tried to dress him in doll-clothes... not that you can blame him.


  • The School:

'The East Briar Institute of Higher Learning' - or simply abbreviated 'EBI' is a rather posh school for supers. Located in the middle of downtown Detroit near the Lemurian Embassy and incorporating Sakura Park, few know the well traveled plaza is bounded by the school buildings.
It focuses on teaching well rounded courses in anything an up and coming super might need; sciences, arts, magic and so on. It features a custom built air-and-space flight simulator, a well stocked robotics workshop, a fine library of eldritch tomes, and some of the finest staff available in the area. A chapel is on premises for quiet reflection as well as an infirmary specializing in training doctors with Meta-human patients.
An eighteen floor dormitory is available for student housing. Floors Fifteen through Seventeen are built to accommodate students with special needs or living conditions.
It should be noted that PRIMUS has a ROTC training corps on the grounds and security is very high while being kept subtle. The priority is keeping the students safe as there have been several attacks within recent months and several areas of the school itself nearly destroyed.
The school Mascot is a cloned Mastodon named Molly who lives in a fenced enclosure on the grounds. She is very popular with the students and they are encouraged to take an interest in her upkeep and wellbeing.

  • The Westside Properties:

The clones bought three rundown apartment buildings within a half block of each other and refurbished them to live in. It is a tight squeeze with eight hundred clones in he buildings but they seem to manage alright. The parking garages below two of the buildings are used to store the jets and transports the clones brought with them when they left the Super-villain's employ.
There have been problems with local gangs since they moved in- mostly graffiti on the walls, but a few physical altercations have occurred. The clones have installed gates and security cameras in hopes to stop further unwanted trespass.

  • The Bunker:

At first an old survivalist bunker some distance outside the suburbs Snookums acquired for her home, it soon became a safe haven for the Forty-odd clones that followed her to Detroit. They lived in cramped conditions until the accidental discovery and destruction of the bunker by a local super-villain. The clones were evacuated by PRIMUS to a nearby school at which they stayed until it too was destroyed, and they were enrolled at East Briar.
Unknown to them a friend [the Purple Alien] used her contacts to have the bunker rebuilt and upgraded so the clones could live there comfortably. The clones all have keys to it, and have entrusted them to a few select people should they need to 'Borrow' it for a few days. As the clones live in either East Briar Dorms or the Westside apartments these days, it sees relatively little use. They do visit to have barbecues on the lot above and store their private arsenal where it can't be confiscated.


FIX SPACER Known Powers: The clones were created to be tough regenerating shock-troops and their abilities reflect this.

  • Nanite-Laced Bones: Their nanites are adaptive and -save for a few specific clones- are always on and act protectively, forming armour, sealing them from noxious gasses and excess temperature and pressures, with holographic stealth, and shielding them from external tracking.
  • Advanced Technology: Internalized sensors, communications system and drug stimulation to keep them on their feet and combat ready. As the clones have their mental link, they tend to use the comms to speak with others. They also have an automated distress beacon should any of them be too injured to get to safety under their own power.
  • Regeneration: The clones heal at a slow but constant rate, cutting down drasticly on recovery time when injured. They are built to be sturdy and even their skin is hard to pierce, the EBI Infirmary keeps Questionite supplies to treat them with.
  • Movement: The clones can run faster, jump farther and lift and throw more then a normal person, they commonly throw cars at escaping villains, and Snookums herself once lifted a 40 tonne alien and dragged him around.
  • Mental Link: An unintentional side effect of the Clone's secondary DNA sequence was the creation of a mental link between all the clones and Snookums. This link can be blocked [by the clone willingly, by unconsciousness, distance or an outside source] and it allows them to both see and hear through any other clone. Some clones can force telepathic contact toward others, usually with painful side effects. It can be done at short distances, but touch-contact seems to be preferred.
  • Weaponry: The clones came trained in several ballistics and hand to hand combat tactics, and most carry some combination of guns, knives, grenades or other weaponry. They own and wear custom body armour and left the service of their Villain father with specially built airplanes, transports and fightercraft. While they hesitate to fly these in town, they will, when the occasion calls for it, put them to use.


  • Discovery of 1A. She is given endurance training, Super-villain style then returned to Detroit. The secondary clones are discovered living in the storm sewers. The Clones are sent to the Westside school. They discover a trick, and get free booze by robbing- and saving- local liquor stores. The clones are bought by the Super-villain, fellow students outraged.

  • Clones attempt to cook and inadvertently create a hallucinogenic fungus. This is later refined into a designer drug by Sterga and the Super-villain. Chevalier dies by rail-gun over a misunderstanding. A horrified 1A willingly takes a mind-wipe. This leads to the creation of Linden. Linden joins the Super-villain's army, then is put in charge of his Westside drug ring- still wearing 1A's body. Linden and 1A begin to have problems coping with 2 personalities in 1.

  • Villain rock concert: Clones meet Sharren Atlus. Clones get new jobs: shifts at ARGENT, escorting old ladies through Westside to protect them from muggers. Linden massacres a bank, she is chased and killed by heros. The clones riot when they find out, and massacre everyone at the massacred bank, then blow up 3 police stations. V has a broken leg and watches this through her sisters in Sterga's office. Five clones are injured, and are taken into custody.

  • Destruction of Westside school: AtlusBot is critically injured, later rebuilt. 1A creates Linden in Sterga's Laboratory, gives herself a genetic overhaul. Linden is made in a week, and becomes a skinny 6 foot blonde teenager. She joins the EBI cheer squad. She injured in a bus accident, given a commendation by the Mayor and is later kidnapped by the Super-villain, then returned by him. UNTIL Agent Python discovers Linden and destroys the drug ring. Linden is taken into UNTIL custody.

  • Clones are enrolled at East Briar. M builds Z a toy boat, Chevalier and Sterga are hired. Z builds Mechanicat. Defenestration: M goes to jail for throwing the Purple Mercenary out the dorm window. In her defense, she honestly thought he could fly. Z is injured by the Super-villain tossing her across town and given a special plushie as an apology.

  • The Catbot goes mad and becomes Evil. The Space Rock Incident: Acyth goes free as the local Star!Guard is recalled for investigation over Chevalier's death. Her space pirate friends show up to bombard Earth from orbit. M has a panic attack and is temporarily released from her school. Evacuating to the moon, the clones and a selection of Earth's population escape. Heros arrive to fight the menace from space, and the fleet is destroyed with the unexpected aid of Doctor Destroyer! A few days later Zurine gets Married, 1A is the Maid of Honour.

  • Leaving the Evil Empire! The clones give notice and quit, moving en masse to Detroit. They pool their money and buy property in Westside. They are given new orders: No killing! Then told to get 'Vigilante Licenses'.
  • Viper Attacks! Linden is kidnapped....again. 1A buried under Chevalier's desk as the school is destroyed. H is trapped then freed from a Viper Psionic. Then Viper takes over world via drysha gas.

  • Viper stuff! Unfinished RP Arc!

  • Cat Hunt! Around the globe after the Evil Catbot with Chevalier and 1A, 1A is given Junior UNTIL Agent status. East Briar is rebuilt, improved upon, especially the kitchens. The new school year begins. Following Acyth, H is traumatized by the Super-villain, doesn't sleep for 2 weeks and hides in Felicia's warehouse. Clones add purple dye in the school shampoo as a joke. M returns and is D in disguise.

  • R attacks Chevalier & Atlus with a knife and is subdued forcefully. She is brought to the quiet room where Brother Iggy meets with R then the clones. 1A gets new job, M helps. A Paramilitary base in Westside is attacked and destroyed, the clones shamelessly pillage it. Now they have a nice Jacuzzi!

  • Exitus Falls on the School property. Shortly thereafter a student is kidnapped, and in trying to rescue her, R's back is broken. The Paramilitary group retrieves the student: their Leader dies pointlessly tying to destroy the Super-villain. Super-villain gives 1a mental link to him for Christmas, after she gives him control of the Paramilitary base.

  • R hallucinates pink Space Bunnies in the school Infirmary. This causes her sisters to want to see them as well, so 1A buys drugs from the Super-villain. She tries them and takes 3/4 of the student body on bad trip. Clones across town drop into a coma, Sharren is hospitalized. Theme-park of Evil is built two towns over.

  • Super-villain kills 1A to solve the comatose clone problem- the clones wake up. Ethan murders Jackknife very deliberately somewhere outside of town. 1A is brought to Atlus' Alaska lair, and not fully coherent attacks Z, and is promptly killed by Atlus. 1A regenerates in his holding room and defaults to her factory reset. She imprints on Atlus and he re-teaches her from the ground up.

  • The clones accidently summon a witch and she causes the General Lee to pop out of their TV. K executes the Duke Boys to keep the car, Ethan sees her do it. An angry G shanks Chevalier for wrecking the car which the witch promptly fixes. Westside clones are now banned from school property and new security measures implemented.

  • R breaks a lamp, is punished by the school clones. She is upset, runs away, is found by Brother Ignatius who brings her back and lectures her sisters. Atlus also lectures them and takes their game console as punishment. R runs away again and is found by The Voodoo Guy. She is kidnapped, given brain surgery, possessed by evil spirits and sent on a murder spree across town. Atlus catches her and brings her to Mercy Hospital for an evaluation. She casts a spell and escapes, killing people at a mall, then escaping into the storm sewers and murdering the teams sent in to look for her. R shanks Exitus and nearly kills him.

  • R is captured by "DEMON" and destroys one of their rituals before being captured by Atlus and others. The Loa Baron Kriminel reveals himself. The deranged clone is brought to a Wizard Fortress, held in their dungeon for a month. The Loa talks some, is placated with rum and fried chicken by reformed Demon Ra'jin and spends his time riding R watching the Evil Angel. Evil Angel gets irked by this and zaps the Loa with hellfire, injuring R. Voodoo Guy then kidnaps Jorge the Doctor from his apartment.

  • Loa permits R to speak and describe where the Voodoo Guy brought her, others hunt Voodoo Guy and Felicia is injured. Loa speaks to healers: R is dying so they preform brain surgery, removing the magical dead flesh Voodoo Guy added. K follows Ethan around town to secret meeting, sneaks inside, is busted and gets captured. Mooks try to use band saw to remove her nanite mask. This fails, they let K go.

  • K kidnapped, informed her sisters lives are in danger and is saved by the Flying Dutchman- then is shot by snipers outside the police station before she can report the incident. She is critically wounded and placed in stasis. Death threats are sent to the Westside apartments. H, L and V are shot. So is Chevalier's new car. Exitus dies, is sent to hell and is captured by the Evil Angel who uses him to come to Earth. Jorge is rescued but driven mad by the experience. There is a massive fight to defeat the Evil Angel Semyaza. The School clones hide in the Kitchens, while the Westside Clones evacuate to Las Vegas. They are attacked there by Killer Robots and escape to Lake Havasu City. They spend their time there shopping happily.

  • The Clones return to Detroit. K is released from Hospital after reconstructive facial surgery. She spends time at school on medical leave, seeing the Speech Therapist. R is returned to the school- able to do magic. Her sisters initially shun her, but are lectured by Chevalier and welcome her back. Chevalier breaks his hand slapping sense into the clones. R spends a lot of time in Brother Iggy's chapel, sleeping. She's concerned about "Bad Men" coming to get her.

  • 1A returns from Alaska and does not react well to the clones or the city, spends most of her time alone, baking and trying to cope. On the upside, she passes Home Economics class! Her other classes, she isn't doing nearly so well in. Linden returns from vacation, shoots 1A, runs and is promptly caught by Iggy. She is then placed in the EBI Quiet Room and made to listen to Justin Bieber as punishment for a month. Clones "borrow" a Police horse for Chevalier to ride.

  • T and R join the Patriot Act thinking it an After School Club. M joins the Firewatch Initiative, as part of her Probation. Jorge is put on medical leave at the school Infirmary. T gets bored and reads Old Glory's files, discovers several things she probably should not have seen. She photocopies classified blueprints, gives them to M who then makes them into bean-shooting remote control toys for her sisters. Clones decorate Champs Headquarters steps with sidewalk chalk, T&R get kidnapped. Taken to Stronghold then Monster Island. T manages to broadcast over the communications link, revealing their whereabouts. The clones are left to die while 1A visits Old Glory. T and R saved by Prof. Infinity and returned to Detroit. He teaches them about other clones and SCIENCE! They bring home many coconuts as souvenirs. Clone M begins making prototype power-armour suits.

  • Mechanon infects part of town with killer nanites. Three clones are infected. Westside clones try to treat them, and Chevalier has them brought to the school. Six other clones become infected and camp out in the walk-in freezer while their nanites try to combat the invaders. They are brought to the school infirmary for observation later. Mechanicat is also affected by Mechanon and attempts to maul Chevalier in the cafeteria. She is put in a Faraday cage until the symptoms reside. As a precaution the school robotics and security systems are shut down, Westside clones fill in. One clone is lasered by an invading giant Destroid, gets her arm cut off. She's taken to the infirmary and is fine. Giant Destroid leg later brought to the school for students to take apart.

  • Westside Clones allowed back on school property due to exemplary service in protecting the school. Clones have a picnic in Psi park to celebrate. They watch local Heros fight off Zombie Invasion, Clone T accidently hit by lightning, teleported to the school and resuscitated by Chevalier. She's fine. *Clones are lectured on proper behavior for Trick-or-Treating. Z gets the munchies and robs the cookie-safe. Chevalier makes 1A a psi-proof helmet. Magic Head Yoshirou and Iggy remove the dark spirit from within Z: no more blood moon bouts of gnawing now! Clones are lectured on irresponsible weapons use by Yoshirou.

  • Linden and Liira injured in a cement-truck accident. Clones are sent to apprehend "Strong Guy" and his group to deliver them to police custody. K invites Zelkear to stay in their garage when he wants a Turpentine drinking binge. K is also arrested for driving an unregistered car. General Lee auctioned, bought by Chevalier and repainted in the French flag colours. Clones begin driver training. Clones K S and T steal an UNTIL shuttle by impersonating Kirk and Spock. Their punishment is to paint a mural on the gym walls. R begins to molt and runs away. She is returned to the school the next day by a local hobo none the worse for wear.

  • 1A has visions of the Purple Alien and passes out in the hall. She is hooked to a psychic monitoring device to record any other attacks. M's power suit is progressing: Insulation problems. Clones pool their money and buy the General Lee back. J punishes R for not sharing test answers with her, and gets an object lesson in why the clones go to the teachers for help.

  • 1A has a mental break, several people injured, 1A is moved to isolation. Altus removes the Boozelink from the staff lounge to the kitchen storage: too many teachers drinking. 1A's status is discussed and remains undecided. Q repaints the General Lee as the DETHMOBIL K brings her to the school for punishment. Q and Chevalier have words, clones learn a lesson. Q buys a 1959 Eldorado to repair. Clone H is kidnapped and used as bait in food-releated deathtrap by Chevalier's nemesis from cooking school.

  • 6 Clones make an attempt to "free" 1A, accidently let the Wallaby out of the Quiet room. Purple Alien has a hearing at the Hague, H testifies at it. H is accosted by a Red mercenary, she brings souvenirs for her sisters. Purple Alien's plane is deliberately crashed, she is saved by the Champions. Linden tries to help 1A by revealing forgotten memories to her.

  • Linden frees 1A who runs across town, she is found at Tamerlane Industries who return her to EBI. Clones take offense at a dragon living on the dorm roof: It squished some of their toys. R begins to moult. Z discovers she can chirp like a bird- all the clones are pleased by this development. 1A decides to become a reluctant super-villain, and after discussing this with Iggy, he takes her powers away. 1A becomes "Head Dishwasher" at the school to protect her.

  • The clones assist in training Liira to be a sidekick, with Nerf guns. This pleases them. Atlus signs permission slips so the clone choir can go to a competition in Chicago. They place third. Atlus resigns from the school. Robots attack the school kitchens targeting Chevalier courtesy of an angsty red dragon. Molly is kidnapped to the EAU, 1A is shot. Molly is rescued and 1A is sent to "Happy Valley" Retirement community.

  • 1A is kidnapped by Viper while giving directions, is saved by Chevalier and the clones, Viper base is discovered and sacked below AuTrain. 1A discovered evil plot to reserect a Babylonian Goddess under Happy Valley, Chevalier and Ignatius save Melisandre the mermaid from certain doom. The Loa reveals himself to Z, tells them stories. Linden escorts Liira around Westside selling overpriced cookies to gangmembers. Clones volunteer to help with heroic missions for extra credit at EBI. Clones discover abandoned baby, are not allowed to keep it. Linden helps spring the mercenary Killshot. Clones accidently create a Transformer out of a '55 Ford Fairlane Sunliner by adding random junked UFO parts.

  • Snookums falls through thin ice at Happy Valley, she's fine. Clones volunteer at local pet shelters. Linden saves Jorge from a carjacker, killing him. Jorge is injured. Z is kidnapped by Teleios, given the ability to speak briefly. Clones are mind-controlled by an "Unknown Assailent" through their nanites and vanish for three days. Linden takes Liira's Moosescout troop camping, accidently get involved in a hero fight. Teleios visits the school, twice. Molly and Z are kidnapped and used as bait to lure Chevalier to a Hunting Lodge of Evil. They return with former prisoners Juliet the Liger and her keeper, Dagmar.

  • Clones discover the "Puppykitten" space-dog Frisky. Clone C and her sisters are nuked in a mine helping UNTIL, they survive. Clone C grafittis the Merry Men base, meets Eoghainin. C is taken in as a member. 1A assists in finding missing heros in cold case from her Argent days. Clones are arrested for minor noise complains, Detective with vendetta blackmails them against 1A. Z tries to help stop an Alien Queen from building a superweapon, Queen agrees and gives Z the ability to speak. Is it Permanent? 1A casts doubt on her "Bombing Activities" of the past by admitting she worked for both Argent and UNTIL. Detective calls a vigilante, who shoots 1A. Priest has his people "deal" with the Vigilantee. Clone C ambushed by Black Paladin on mission, her shadow is stolen. C meets the Wildhunt, helps defeat the leader [Dubbed "Captain shirtless"] and takes his enchanted spear.

  • Maffeian Inquisistor Priest decides to adopt the clones- all of them. Clones are given "Jedi" training by the Maffeian inquisitor Varinhall. 50 clones are Squired by Eo. C is given the name "Ciara" for being the Best Sidekick, she regains her shadow, though is scarred on the chest by the ritual to do so. She is inducted into his family. Clones dress as clowns for Halloween so they can have "Clownpocalypse"- Westside clones are hired by the city as roving "Zombie Kill Teams" to dispose of Bloodmoon problems. R is given magic texts to read by Angus MadRune. Clones get brainwashed by Nanite-control again, were packed on cargo ship to be delivered to Leamington, Ontario. Connection with Homicidal clownbots targeting Priest? Clones given Faerie dolls by Eo.'s Mother. Clones discover the Loa is Real, are unsure what to feel about that.



"Seven foot tall giggling girls in black on black ninja outfits are surprisingly not as sneaky as they think." --Chevalier, EBI Chef.

"Tranquilizing the clones has made my life so much easier." -BotBot, Clone Babysitter.

"Be they frilly coats or bombs, the clones seem to like things with buttons ..." --Piffle, TV star. Clones are Diehard fans!

"Just don't remind 'em that the vanilla extract has alcohol in it. Last time they smelled like Christmas cookies and puked on my cat." --Chernobyl

"Give the clones a flashlight and they'll find a kill setting." "Yeah, hold it backwards and club people with it." --Chevalier & BotBot on Clone Ingenuity.

"The antics of the clones are like an act of god ... you just watch from a respectful distance, enjoy the show and hope it don't knock over your house." --Piffle

"...And all that money will go on candy and ammunition for the clone... *sighs* ...more mess for the MCPD to deal with." --Aiko, Afterschool Club Member.

"Never underestimate the clone sisters when it comes to them getting something they want." --Chevalier

"Yeah, man. They're the girls who look like the other girls." --Mutt, Awesome Werewolf Band Guy!

"I'm certain they are insane." --Doc Giger, Grumpy Scientist

"I don't even wanna know how much they eat." --Mad Rune, Crazy Scottish Wizard

"What form you have to file when us involved?" "B-23: Bioweapon" --Priest & the Clones, discussing paperwork.

"Listen, have you SEEN them? They're like, eight feet tall or something. If the government doesn't give him money, it's a huuuge negligence." --Nightbringer, on Clone Adoption.

"You're going to learn to tune them out. They're like adorable felony incurring sanity sinks." --C.D.

-Deadpan- "Those three words: Snookum's containment protocol." --Ice-Heart

"Clones, seriously, Buzz Buzz is one of the cutest things I've been called. Thanks." --MindHive, Wasp Lady!

"...Crowd. Of Cloned Clowns. .. say That three times fast." --Hieratic, on clone Halloween costume selection.

-Chittering- "I am amused whenever someone cusses they say 'Bad Word'." --Black Mantis.

~She's just a Westside clone... trying to make it on her own.. something something midnight train going anywhere...~ --Wonderbolt, singing.

....West side sisters-----she's been livin' in a west side woooorld~Something something something Billy Joel, something something something something something. ~Thass whattayam~ --Miss Mental, Singing.

"Project Stein? Project Awakening? When will VIPER work on something useful, like Project Cloned Supermodel?" --Random Brickbuster.

"Remember kids "If life gives you lemons, kick him in the nuts and say 'I WANTED A BEER, BITCH!!'" --Chevalier, Insane Frenchman.

"And just like that, world domination was prevented by DVDs of My Little Ponies." --O'Connor

"They're like 2. But they're clones,'s complicated. I think they've got like...the bodies of 19 year olds." --Miss Mental, Telepathic Teen!

-Is fairly sure the clone is joking- "Snookums?" --Winterstar from Wyoming

"My god, he is raising a private army." --Roger the Duck|[1], on Clone Adoption.

"That is good, I am happy for all of you and sympathetic to your Father." --Chevalier, on Clone Adoption.

"Sometimes, when they won't listen to reason, for a normal child you could give them a time out, but it won't work on super powered clones. so I had to improvise "Time out" Methods..." "Teach me your ways. It'd be nice to have a way to reign in the clones when you're not around." --Priest & Zarek Nightwood

"Ack, I used anyway twice in one sentence, and my grammar had to be corrected, the clones-they are infectious!" --Brenda B.

"Would be extremely discouraging to openly deny the clones some leeway and -faith- in their abilities." --Mad Rune, AKA. "Mister Moo"

"Keep cover. Stake later. Still, good job." *Is for once complimenting a clone~!* --Zarek Nightwood, Monster Hunter

"I actually trust the girls to use good judgement, and respect their curiosity and sense of fun." --Mystech

"I feel a disturbance... It's almost as if a large amount of people all blinked at once and then went silent..." --Ephrael

You could START a bottle rocket dueling club. --Miss Mental

Oh, and Girls, please understand that the Mystical Dueling Club is not about shooting bottle rockets at each other while shouting Harry Potteresqe Latin. --Sarah Quinn, EBI Magic Teacher

"The communicator device is right next to my ear. Can you tone down the screaming?" --Irios

Haha yeah, the clones are cool. --Rainbow Soul, East Briar Student

You're trying to talk sense into the Snookii. Man, that's cute. If hopeless. --Angus

-Chirps- Unit designated CYI request authorization to organize Unit designated Unknown Females / Skynet Faction into command structure? --CYI, Happy Killbot

Girls, don't go to the roof, the dragon will get spooked. And would you people -please- stop calling referring to them 'per clone.' For some reason it sounds horribly inappropriate. --Angus

"I guess you could say they're kind of like bioweapons?" "Yes, Programed with forty ways to kill the person in front of them at any situation, but VIPER made them to be disposable storm troopers, they didn't feel much about giving them "Life skills"." --Starlet & Priest on Clone Origins.

"As are you girls. We are kindred spirits in so many ways." --Mystech

"I've seen the clones go to a CobraLord bar, and start juggling motorcycles in the parking lot, people in town know full well what the clones are, and just how many ways they'd kill them with their bare hands... while you are oblivious of the clones, everyone else is fully aware of the Seven foot killing machines. We normies of the city, all know just what the "sisters" are capable of." --Bill

"VIPER, when distraught over heroes finding ways to smash their new "Terminator" Kill droid of the week, thought "What would super soldiers fare better" And Ergo, we have the clones." --Priest

Everybody's quick to bitch about Priest and his issues with controlling the clones. But I ain't seen one of you, supposedly experienced world-weary people come up with a viable solution that does not involve euthanizing them. --Angus

"This is why their adopted father is lucky he has a cybernetic liver or the amount of bottles he goes through would kill him." --Friend "Pooter" Computer

"When you're seven feet tall, nobody IDs you." --Mystech aka "Mister Goodbar"

"You girls are the sort kidnappers return after five minutes with a twenty dollar bill strapped to your forehead and a note that says 'You can keep them' stuffed in your pocket." --Duck Vermillion

You're doing it because you've all horribly misunderstood the concept of "Roofies" --Neuroshade

"Is that bad?" "No Girls, you are joys to be around." --Clone G & Sarah Quinn, EBI Teacher

Well, they've got the mentality of four-year olds with an Einstein brain in each of their gullible little noggins. --Angus

"I certainly don't mind that suggestion! We artificials are like unto a tribe, after a fashion, are we not?" --Mystech

You're a great big family. ...of personalized natural disasters. --Angus

I want to hang out with the clones, now. They seem fun. --Lou

That's because I don't rightly care what happens with the clones. Either they'll be put in line one day, or they'll do something bad enough one day it'll force others to do it. --Zarek Nightwood

See? When are the clones ever wrong? --Lou

"You girls set one foot near the UNTIL files and I'll set the rest of you on fire." --Duck Vermillion

If you add them together, they're like three adults. --Lou

"Are you guys really arguing for clones with the minds of four year olds going to see naked women and guys?" --"Auntie Epphie"

-GASP-.... Comically overlong gasp. This is one intense gasp.- CongaAUGH! -air whoosh followed by a crash-" "...Ugh... Congrats!" --Mister Mutt

"Ya mean, they went alla way to Vegas fer a Shotgun wedding?" --Permafrost

Well. Let me ask a question to the Snookii, yeah. ARE YE OUTTA YER BLOODY MINDS FER FUCK'S SAKE!? *huff, huff, huff* --Angus, on Clone Marriage

"Last man standing goes to the moon Girls.. OW... their Dad hit me." --The Dread Pirate Red

"You never mentioned they had a mage like that. If I had known that, I would have brought my gear with me. He possessed the Clone. And she shot me. Twice." --Artifist

"The Clones are good minions, but often get distracted with the Spear leaping feat, and fly into the walls. --Eoghainin

They have a swear jar. It's uh, They're doing it wrong, yeah. --Miss Mental

"Very much so! My fellow artificial sapients are rarely incarnated so cutely." --Mystech

Evil test tube baby. --Britannia

Girls, I don't think your actual age is really a ... good measure of your maturity. How many of you are married now? "Wait. Three-to-five year old clones? MARRIED!? Yeesh." And the Broodling is an excellent mother to her own broodling. --Sarah, Nightfrost & Ember on clone marriage


"And this is why the Clones still count as among some of the better heroes on the planet." --Dread Pirate Red [AKA George]

Listening to this man will most likely lower your IQ and common sense girls. --Safe Room

...Yer one of them kids w' imaginary friends that can flip trucks, ain't ya? --Punchin' Judy

Well whatever your origin story is, just go a bit easy on the Kid-Clone-Thing, alright? They've got the collective heart of a warrior. "And a collective head full of rocks." --Wight & Duck Vermillion

"The clones aren't exactly playing with a full deck. Remember the bug incident, Red?" "Cause they are like five." "That doesn't make it better, Red! I had to spray her down with fire. Twice!" --Duck Vermillion & Red

"Stop, yes, I get it. Tacos and Kittens are great. Now Answer the question!" Think you just found out? *Gasp* *Giggling Clones* "You devious... clonelings!" --Nightbringer, Flashdrive & Clones

"Red. Educate your clone daughter." "Not my daughter! And you go back to setting women on fire." "It was for her own good." --Duck Vermillion & Red

"Ah, their naiveté amuses me immensely." "In all fairness, these are children." "It still amuses me." --Cyberstrike & Count Murcielago

"What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of you getting punked by a bunch of clones." --Duck Vermillion

Nothing's wrong with being a clone. I specified them to clarify they're not in the "bitch" category. --Miss Mental

"Cause you kept barraging me with texts, till I fixed it... all eight hundred of you... thank gods for unlimited data plans." --"Hippy"

"The clones laugh at my misfortune. Such villainy." --Nightbringer

"For Glorious Future of Clone-istan!" --Boogaloo


Do not tell the clones that. They would fill the auditorium with baking soda and bring in a tanker truck of vinegar... I almost want to see that... --Chevalier, on the EBI Science Fair

I just.........dammit! Once a dang month! Stupid goshdang clones.......[her voice sounds a bit odd. like she's holding her nose for a nosebleed] --Miss Mental

"Anyways, I'd rather you didn't bust my kneecaps. I kinda need those." "Oh fine" "But just cause us likes you." "Good clone people." --Nightbringer & Random Clones

Uuuuuh what ...Priest? Are these particular clones assassins? --Miss Mental

We are decanting children. This is a strange and glorious world. --Bosenkraz

"Did the clones just discover what prostitution is?" --Irios

"Der clonez are childish" --Fräulein Freiheit

"Clones are Both, Twenty One, Sixteen, and Five all at the same time, and Trained with at least Seven ways to kill someone with their thumb. Bit of booze won't do them any Harm." --Jasmine Brady

"Christ almighty. It's kinda creepy when they do it all at once." --Auntie Ephi

"They are so smart when they shouldn't, but when you want to instigate a bit of fun, they draw a blank." --Han HalfFace

"Of course they are. They're the type of uncool clonepeople who'd prefer ninjas over pirates." --Nightbringer

"I'm happy for your family, and I now have a means to ruin Linden's life with her sisters." --Han HalfFace

"I can't understand anything you say. Sorry." --Kenseijin

"Can I make confiscate you shirt?" "If you were older clones, I'd be asking if you were just trying to see me shirtless...sending a link." "But you am like 10?" "No him 12." "Him a bazillion because him an elf." "I'm 90, yes." --Clones & Han by the pool.

"The data We- I have on them indicates they were two when I last interacted with them." "We five now." "It was an interaction concerning muffins." --Myriad & a clone

"......Clowns?" "Clones; a re-creation of an individual or individuals." They are homunculi. "For a comparison: a copy of a painting is a copy of a painting. a clone is a copy of a person." "They're complicated." -- Lonesome Lich, Myriad, Doctor Viro & Danger Ma'am

"If you girls have it your way, I'll be going around as Conan won't I?" --Han HalfFace

Science is mostly just alchemy with weird words. --Doctor Viro

"Do not kidnap him." --Tracer

"Zugegeben. But I hav to question getting children involved vith tzis. Zuperheroing and fightink bad guyz iz nothink for tzem. Too Dangerous." --Fräulein Freiheit

"Hello, Clones." --Han HalfFace

"I don't care if it looks fizzy and yummy green, stop drinking what they give you in the laboratory!" --Chevalier

'Well, Snookumses are loud ... but are nice! ... very clever fingers for scritches and such. Biggest litter I have ~ever~ seen!' --Fleabelly, to another cat

-Messes around with his police scanner to see if he gets that frequency with a thousand girls speaking with the same voice- --Roger the Duck

Black Mamba is heard laughing. "I got the clones to cuss! VICTORY!" --Black Mamba

"And for your information, it will take more than the casual encouragements of a little rabble rouser like you to get me mad, at my daughters." "You heard that, Snookums old gal? He called you a rabble rouser!" --Priest & Crack

It taste like fuzzy chicken nugget. --Captain Caffine

"I do not see how you would do any worse. And yes, I say that not moments after you agro'd an entire castle with a battlecry of Batman." --Wyvern

"You tell him, Snookums, he doesn't get you. Tell him he's not even your real dad." --Crack to a clone, about their Father.

"Sounds more like she is a liability to the safety of your fellows and should be put down for the good of the community." --Ivik, about a particular B model.

"she's... an early prototype model, the girls are numbered of A-Z based on the 'Batch'. Each subsequent batch had the flaws of the former removed. There are only two surviving A's... the trouble child is a B... Each progressive model gets more and more 'Advanced" You should see the Z's, you'd hardly tell she was a clone super-soldier designed by Viper for mass destruction. Of course every model after the A's was made on a lesser budget, so the B's had flaws the original didn't, as they were, well, 'Budget' models. They got better as they refined them as time went on. I believe the H's were the pinnacle of the cycle." --Priest on the various models.

"Kinda worried 'bout what made 'em violent. Yer clones ain't so savvy wit' th' bloodlettin'. Makes me wonder iff'n someone tampered wit'em." --Ivik

"She should be in jail for the premeditated murder she is planning on your sister. But if I send her to jail, she'll Four oh Four and cease to have high level thought..." --Priest, on a B model.

"I love my sisters dearly but some of them just aren't all there, you know?" "Yes and some are extra not there." --Clone K & Red, discussing her sisters

"That sounds like a bad joke ... 'a clone walks into the cafeteria door ... the second clone opens it first'" --Fleabelly

"BECAUSE... you girls are insufferably ... special." --Priest

Yeah, uhm. She's apart of a big batch of like... Hundreds of clones made for combat, or something- Hi. --Auntie Ephie

"She claimed Earth's Space craft were protected by Corbomite." --Pooter

Well, Okay. I guess you sound trustworthy... Don't let me down! --The Galah

And all those faces are looking at you, they're like: 8D. This is what it's like: 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D. I be like "nuuuuuu" "Back away slowly, they must all be on drugs!" --The Dork Knight Returns & Redline

"I caught one swallowing a bit of irradiated material on a dare... a bullet shot, won't even phase them.. They just say the irradiated bar they swallowed gave them a stomach ache." --Priest, on clone snacking habits.

We ALL know the clones only like mac and cheese and bullets. --Little Gun Girl

"Auntie Ephie has spoken, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh." --Ephrael

...Do you have a name, scary laughter? "We are One" "We are Many" "We are Snookums" "You will" "Fear us?" Oh God, I... wait... Snookums? Seriously, your name is Snookums? --The Galah & Several Clones.

"It's not so much an insult, but some of the more troublesome clones have indeed engraved themselves a nice seat in hell. Virth is hopping he can teach the clones empathy, some are resistant to training, so he is trying how you parent a sociopath. If they don't want empathy, you teach them fear of Punishment." --Varinhall, Jedi Master

"....Kay" "we go am draw straw now" "...Pffft... You doofuses." --Clones & Ephie

So, how many of you are there, anyway? --The Galah

"Yeah, she's a part of a big ol' batch of clones" "You know, I had questions. But now, not so much. Good on you, number 23." --Ephrael & Apoch

-Snerks down at Wylda.- "You choose that timing deliberately, You and your I R good clone, act." --Jasmine Brady, to W.

"That secret identity is paper thin, really. I mean, I would prefer to keep it a while. I like being around children. They make me feel less evil." "This is good. And we do not think you Thaaaat evil. Not hardly at all!" --Mr. Goodbairn & Clone on his alternate persona.

"They will put me in the car, put cuffs on me, sack on my head, drive me to any free church at the soft threat of violence." "Why would they take you to a church? The wine there is reserved for ceremonies only, I think." "I... may or may not be dating one of their adult siblings." --Ferrum & Nightbringer

How's...clonetown? "Please. Clonesylvania." --Miss Mental & Mystech

-She Snickers- "But they REALLY like dey guns" Yes, they do. Enthusiastic, persistent and very, very ineffectual. --Liira & Chevalier on clone hobbies

Am I the only one who gets rather terrified of how muscular some Heros look? I mean I know that I've said this before, but geez. "Just because us am can bench press semi-truck is not mean we too muscular!" Noted. "That's because you are like half giant girl clones." --Saferoom, a clone & Nightbringer

"I now know who feeds the Clone's Busy Body Streak." --Ferrum

Should have left those two in their tanks a little longer... *Shakes his head and heads inside to make some phone calls* --Chevalier on a particular L & J.

"Okay, can I, like, buy exemption from the swear jar? Because if all the soap eating and whoopings I took didn't clean up my language, this won't either" --Mutt, being thoughtful.

"Hello. I just take Exception to him hijacking one of the... softest clones for his humor, When he clearly materializes willynilly when it suits him." --Han, on R's invisible friend.

I feel like Michael while the clones are both Sonny and Fredo at times. --Chevalier

"There was a herd of clones inside five minutes ago... now there's just the herd on the yard... I am scared." "Referring to groups of clones as herds is offensive. Please refer to them as clusters, or groups." --Legion & Nightbringer on the Clone-swarm

"This is America, the land of Free Speech, and I am using my speech to freely drop nuclear F-Bombs in order to free others!" --Mutt, on the reason the Clones have a Swear Jar

"And the ssspawn." "The what?" "The ssspawn. The Snoookumssspawn. Sssnookumsssesss sssem to breed hatchlingsss fassst." --Glenn & Crack on Clone Babies

Go, shoo, I have to work. --Chevalier, about Spring Break

Stealth Clones: The world will never be safe again. --Exitus

"Fooockin" "Fockin" "Hee" "Foooooockin" "I think I'm teachin yer clones how t'cuss in Irish slang" --Several clones & Black Mamba

-Screams in pain from being shot- Bozhe moy, ty, chert voz'mi, zastrelil menya, bezumnyy ublyudok! --Toxic

Well they are like pesky pets aren't they? "Some. Depends on the clones, or the models. Or the clone models. The clodels." --Nightbringer & Chevalier

"He ain't got nothing better to do. Also, stalker dad syndrome. I can't believe people actually use this thing." --Crack, on Hero Radio via Clones and Priest's relationship.

Send in...the clones; Those laughy, daffy cloooones… --The Loot Critter

So the clones took finally over? I for one welcome our clownish overlords...(sounds right?) --Nuna Plar

"Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh." --Chevalier

"From my information that comm belongs to a whole host of clones" *Snickers* --Ishmael & Blue Fox

"French, why do canuckistan have thanksgiving too early?" "I do not know. However your instructors have told me to tell you to write out a three page report on why that is. Enjoy." --A clone & Chevalier

"Who the hell would leave their kids to the care of the snookumses?" "Some crazy mofo, no doubt." --Brad & Quinlan

While there is potential amusement in watching the bott's try to shoo the toddlers off the ceiling with brooms, I have to get some sleep. --Chevalier

-Another clone- "Red? RED?? Did you make bring us space ice cream?" "You can't make ice cream out of methane, if I need to slap you all like a skit comedy to make you learn that I will." --Snookums & Red

"The snookumses are so weird..." *Says Crack, whom despite having as nearly as much meat on her mouth as the clone manages to speak quite nicely.*

"You girls are exciteable." --Lu-Kris of House Ren of Clan Dai.

-More scuffling, sputtering and "PANCAKE LOVE ME! PANCAKE APPRECIATE WHO I ARE AM! I GOING TO MARRY HIM NOW!" and the comm goes "thuk, fzzzzz”- "Well that just happened... " "They.... are very very excitable...." "I can tell.” --Clone F, Victoria Salanova & Priest on clone boyfriends over Hero Radio.

“Why.... why... why...” He storms off... he can enjoy a bit of humor, down to Wotty's refabricator, he makes up a giant foam sword, like a nerf sword, weevil shaped nerf sword...then comes back into his office where he left H and BOP ...on top of the head. “...That's cheating!” *H just cracks right up*"I will dub this sword, Webel, the Weevil blade of Snookums control." --Priest, Clone H and a large foam sword

Ooh boy someone ate paint chips...oh! *Gets excited* Is it a self learning AI at the developing stages?? "Wait wait wait. *Who's* the self-learning AI at the developing stages? Might be able to hook SOCRATES up on a blind date." "Heh!!" "Not Quite, close, More like if said AIs were put in organic bodies, and then forgotten about." --Bee Sting, Blue Fox, Ishmael & Priest

"Also in case of a "Klun" got married bothering something, the Clones vary drasticly across the collective, Some like Killer her are as developed and mentally adapt as their looks Imply, but the ones normally on the coms, are some of the “Youngest” of them mentally. Wylda the married one is like Killer here... and Wotty is another alien from my home space that is on Earth.” “Wotty is like our uncle, he's pretty badass. “Also he can survive my sister's cooking, which says something.” --Priest & Killer on aliens and clone sapience

"I am your father, I am allowed to Patronize and Guilt at my leisure, young lady." "Wait, really? Hey Capes, is that true?" --Priest & Killer discussing family values on the Hero Radio

"I don't care if it's gone, we're still getting out of here." "What about the snookums?" "Screw the snookums." --Crack and Nightbringer, on Mars

If Molly, Rin Tin Tin here and the clones have a spelling bee, I don't think the clones will do so good. --Chevalier

"Hippy vipers." *More giggling* "We're imagining VIPER goons with long hair and weed pipes now... thanks clones" --Clones & Cacophony

The average checklist for starting up a plane takes several minutes at the minimum. Do you honestly believe they would wait that long when they could just push some buttons and go "VROOOOM"!!! *Makes a takeoff gesture with hand* "Heh... yeah okay, they like the vroom." --Chevalier & Helpful, on Piloting

Did they you out of the tanks early? "...Yes. Why? There was a problem with our batch, the tank malfunctioned. We decanted three days ahead of schedule! I dunno why. Why do you ask?" Explains much. *starts locking down the armor so it doesn't "somehow" end up with certain young ladies trying to wear it* "What do you mean? What does it explain?" *They would try it on for size, yes.* Your love of coffee. *Arms the "anti-clone" device and ushers the clone out of the Machine Shop* --Chevalier and a chatty G model


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