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Penta scarlet.png
Occult Simulacrum
The Red Mirage
Red Mage
Mirage Profile.jpg
"Symbols bear power. Let me show you."
The Grimoire
Player: @tmlsovereign
Super Group
Black Sun Rising
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Millennium City University
Real Name
Elizabeth "Liz" Kensington
The Mirage, Red Florence
Bexley, London
Flag GBR.png United Kingdom
Millennium City
Millennium City
Freelance photographer and reporter, journalism student
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
1.79m / 5'10.5"
64 kg / 141 lbs
Body Type
(black in civilian guise)
(green in civilian guise)
· Distinguishing Features ·
glowing irises, silver hair
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Sorcery, Arcane Energy Projection, Levitation, Teleportation, Healing
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The Red Mage

'Who I am? I'm just a mirage, a mere phantasm.'

Red mirage.jpg

Hair as white as snow, eyes glowing lavender - The local media have named this british sorceress the Red Mirage, a moniker she never actually used for herself before that, however.

Active in Millennium City since autumn 2014, the Mirage has aquired some lesser renown for standing up the gangs in Westside and the likes of DEMON - often assisting law enforcement agencies against paranormal villainy.

Immediately when arriving to Millennium City, she registered with PRIMUS, in a bid to avoid trouble with the authorities. However, Lieutenant McTaggart from the local UNTIL branch, who served with the London Metropolitan Police Service some years before, insinuated that the Mirage bears a resemblence to 'La Mystère', a villainous magician from France, who disappeared in 2009.

PRIMUS has since investigated this claim, finding it untenable eventually.

The Student Journalist

'Elizabeth Kensington, MCU Herald. May I ask you for an interview?'

Liz kensington m.jpg

Elizabeth Kensington, 24 years old, is a journalism student from the City University of London, who currently studies journalism at the MCU with a F1 Student Visa.
Additionally, she works as a freelance photographer and as reporter for the MCU Herald, a students' newspaper at the MCU.

Unbeknownst to those who know her as the introverted british student, she fights crime as the Mirage, disguising her hair and eyes with simple enchantments while being Elizabeth - making them appear black and green respectively.

She is rarely seen without a notebook and her Canon EOS 100D, as she roams the city for an opportunity to capture a better known 'cape' on digital film or to score an interview - since the meta-human world is a subject often covered by her in her articles.

Sharing a flat with a few other fellow MCU students, she occupies an apartment in Millennium City Downtown.

'The journalism thing? It seemed like a good idea at that time, that's what I told him as well. It gives someone ample opportunity to snoop around and a press pass opens doors, that would otherwise be closed.'


September/2014: Elizabeth Kensington arrives in Millennium City with a F1 Student Visa and enrolls at the MCU as a journalism student.

The Red Mirage appears for the first time in West Side, Millennium City. Later that year she reportedly lends assistance against the threat posed by Mechanon.

November/2014: A PRIMUS investigation with authorities in the United Kingdom, regarding the authenticity of Elizabeth Kensington's identity, yields no evidence that might point towards a forgery. Everything seems perfectly fine. Perhaps too perfect.

January/2015: Elizabeth Kensington begins working as a freelance photographer and writes for a student newspaper at the MCU.

The Red Mirage is reported to have thwarted a scheme of DEMON.

April/2015: A Millennium City University students' newspaper releases a series of articles about a number of superheroes, written by MCU journalism student Elizabeth Kensington. Some of these articles include short interviews. Featured heroes include Defender, Sapphire, Thundrax and Professor Mystic. Unfortunately, Nighthawk wasn't available for an interview.

May/2015: Due to the actions of the Mirage, Sigmar "The Inquisitor" Anderson, an insane zealot and supervillain, is incarcerated in Stronghold prison.

June/2015: The MCU Herald publishes a series of articles, titled "The Globalized Meta-Human" by Elizabeth Kensington. The articles deal with various aspects of meta-human society in an increasingly globalized world. Included are interviews with a representative of Harmon Industries, a VIPER defector and the CEO of a shadowy organisation.

A silver haired sorceress appears in Canada, wrecking havoc on a VIPER outpost.


The Mirage is outwardly cold and distanced; snide, supercilious even at times. In the end, this is nought but a facade.
As the student, she is always kind and polite, however, reclusive and somewhat introverted.

The truth is somewhere inbetween - Both the Mirage and the student, they are but mere masks she wears to an end. The person behind is a compassionate but conflicted one, determined to put her powers - that were begotten through malicious intent - to a good cause, to atone for the evil they have wrought on the world.
However, turning a curse into blessing is quite so easy.

'He asked why I have become so gruff and abrasive, for what reason I'd change so much. The truth is, I didn't change as much as one might expect, given the situation. It's a facade, meant to protect not only myself.'


Elizabeth Kensington claims to hail from Bexley, a borough of London. According to her, she is the sole child of mundane middle-class parents and her powers began manifesting slowly with the onset of puberty. She also asserts that she always kept her abilities a secret and never fought criminals before coming to Millenium City.
Between 2012 and 2014, she studied journalism at the City University London, moving to Millennium City to further her studies afterwards.

While there is indeed no prior record of any acts of vigilantism on her part in the United Kingdom or elsewhere and evidence of the contrary is lacking, there are some who suspect that the identity of Elizabeth Kensington is fake, albeit a good one.

A few people have contended - without putting forth any hard evidence however, that the Red Mirage shares some similarity in outward appearance and manifested powers with Alexandrine Deruisseau, who gained some infamy in Europe as the villain 'Mystère Argente' for a short time, before disappearing in the wake of an incident in 2009.

During this incident - on Samhain 2009, the Mystère Argente attempted to utilize ancient arcane geometry to shunt the city of London into a small pocket dimension of her own, for purposes unknown. Before she could execute her plan, however, she was thwarted by a team of upstart european heroes.

Details of the incident are obscure, but it has been reported that Mystère Argente was inadvertetly killed by the heroes. This seems unlikely however, as she returned a short time later, in order to exact revenge and attempt to execute her plan one more time. Again she was thwarted and dissappeared without a trace afterwards.


Powers and Skills

The Mirage utilizing a magical array

The abilities of the Mirage are magical in nature, her very body is a focal point for a arcane energies, magical lines of power - that fuel her powers.
The actual capacity of this, however, is severely limited by sheer physical boundaries.
By actively manipulating the flow of these energies within and without, the Mirage is capable of producing a variety of spells and effects:

-Levitation and Flight
-Focusing, projecting and binding of arcane energy
-Channeling of aneris and eris, spells that either heal or disrupt
-Sorcery, enchantments in particular

Further Information


The Zealot

Inq and.jpg

Name: Sigmar Anderson
Alias: The Inquisitor

Sigmar The Inquisitor Anderson is an insane zealot and self-proclaimed champion of god. One would be very hard-pressed to actually find any resemblence to any existing religion contained within his mad delusions, however. Empowered by celestial magic, whose origins are obscure, and technical aptitude, he invisions himself destined to punish all those sinners. Problem is, from his point of view, everyone is.
Soon after attempting to implement his world-view in West-Side, Millennium City, he came into contact with the Red Mirage. After several altercations, his schemes had finally been stymied.
Currently, Inquisitor Anderson resides in Stronghold Prison.

The Déjà Vu

Screenshot 2015-05-11-17-55-38.jpg

Name: Alexandrine Deruisseau
Alias: Mystère Argente

Someone the Red Mirage hoped never to see again, yet has to see everytime she looks into a mirror. Alexandrine The Mystère Deruisseau is back and she is out for revenge.
Considered gone for good after 2009, the french sorceress has somehow returned from the dead again and no matter the circumstances of her resurrection, she is at least as callous and dangerous as before, if not even more so.
First reappearing in Canada after she took over a VIPER facility to some sinister end in June 2015, she has since left behind a trail of occult mayhem across north america. Currently, the new Mystère remains at large.

The Hitman

Kol hitman.jpg

Name: Unknown
Alias: кол (Kol)

An assassin for hire, sent by [REDACTED], Alexandrine The Mystère Deruisseau's father.
After hearing rumours that his illegitimate daugher is still alive and at large in Millennium City, he hired the assassin кол to take care of that problem, before it might endanger his political career yet again.
While not being a super himself per-se, кол has a reputation of being very proficient at dealing with meta-humans, especially those of the magic using sort.
His identity is unknown, but it is rumoured that he might once have been a member of a special operations unit from an eastern european nation.



Blue-Collar warlock - Not exactly the traditional sort of sorceress.

Occult detective - Only part-time.

Supernatural is purple - Exactly what is says on the tin.

The Red Mage - Quite literally. She is rather proficient in both healing and destructive magic as well.

Older than they look - Only by a few years, though.

Doppelgänger - She resembles a villain that disappeared in 2009.

Clone by Conversion - There's a reason why she resembles a villain.

Battle in the Center of the Mind


Mystical White Hair

Purple Eyes - She has purple eyes...

Glowing Eyes - ...that glow in the dark.

Personality and Morality

Neutral Good

Lady of black magic

The Cynic

Dark is not Evil

Good is not nice

Jerkass Facade

Hidden heart of gold

The Atoner

Brainwash Residue - Something might have rubbed off afterall.


Ritual Magic

Geometric Magic - A lot of her spells involve this.