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Player: PirateSpice
Class Focus:
Power Level: 20
Research & Development: Science (Exposures)
Personal Data
Real Name: Saru
Known Aliases: Subject 202
Species: Monkey
Ethnicity: Not applicable
Age: 3
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Not applicable
Occupation: Monkey
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Psionics (telepathy, mind control, psychic assault, etc.)
Known Abilities
"Brass Monkey" armor

Hero Data


Saru is a friendly, outgoing monkey who seems to desire companionship above almost all else. He has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to his powers, apparently instilled in him by his previous mentor, "Harry." He wants to be a super-hero and use his powers to help people. He is fairly naive and trusting of others, but fortunately those he has befriended seem to have his best interests at heart.


Saru is a genetically engineered primate comprised of the DNA of various monkey species, as well as that of a human psychic. He was designed to be an ideal subject for the study of psionic abilities. As is wont to occur with experimental creatures, he developed in unanticipated ways, and he escaped with the aid of one of the scientists by the name of Haru "Harry" Nakamura. Sadly, Harry and Saru were seperated. Now Saru is on the run from his creators, though he has no idea who they are. He really just wants a friend.

Powers & Skills

Psionics: Saru has burgeoning telepathic abilities, including commmunication, limited mind control, and pain-inducing psychic assaults.

Enhanced Physiology: Saru is stronger, faster, and more agile than a typical monkey.

Enhanced Intellect: Saru has high-level human intelligence, though he still thinks much like an animal and often behaves instinctively.

Armor: Saru has a customized suit of armor that provides physical and environment protection.


Non-Verbal: Saru does not have human vocal chords, and so he cannot speak aloud. Telepathy and sign-language are his only means of communicating with humans.