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Born one Corazon Valenzuela, she is best known as Sapphire. She is that rarest of creatures, a superhero who is a rockstar. She began singing as a child and never believed she’d find anything she loved more than making music. That is, until one of her concerts was attacked by a supergroup of villains hoping to hold her for ransom.

Unfortunately for the villains, Corrie had more than just a spectacular singing voice. Her dormant mutant powers of energy manipulation suddenly manifested under the stress of the attack. Before she’d even had a chance to think, she’d blasted the bad guys into unconsciousness with flares of glowing blue energy.

That media was ecstatic: the only thing better than a superstar was a superhero rockstar. At first, Corrie wasn’t so certain about this new development. Her life was already hectic enough with concert tours and appearances. As she thought about it during those first few months after her superpowered revelation, she began to see that she could help people in life changing ways using her superpowers. It answered that niggling voice of insecurity inside her that always doubted her own worth.

She renamed herself Sapphire, in honor of the blue color of her energy powers, and began fighting crime. It turned out to be tremendously exciting and rewarding. When she learned Defender was looking to start up a new supergroup in Millennium City, she immediately signed on to become one of the Champions. It didn’t hurt that Defender was a dreamboat of a superhero.