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  | name = Saiyuu
  | name = Saiyuu
  | player = @saiceles#4945
  | player = @saiceles#4945
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  | image = SaiyuuAvatarNew.png
  | caption = Saiyuu in a casual outfit
  | caption = Saiyuu in a casual outfit
  | realname = Saiyuu Rivers
  | realname = Saiyuu Rivers

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Player: @saiceles#4945
Saiyuu in a casual outfit
Biographical Data
Real Name: Saiyuu Rivers
Known Aliases: “Hogger”
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: United States - Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Living Parents
Age: 27
Height: 5'5
Weight: 167 Pounds
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Bright Red. Medium-length, wavy.
Complexion: Young, attractive.
Physical Build: Very curvy, hourglass, slightly chubby.
Physical Features: Nothing unusual for a human.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Saiyuu Rivers
Years Active: 8
Citizenship: American
Occupation: College Student / Small-time Hero
Education: Last year of College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Metahuman Power: “Hogging”

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Gadgets and Tinkets
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
  • Concussion Bombs

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Background and Origin

Born in one of the outskirt districts of Detroit City, Saiyuu grew up to the sight of news about heroes, villains, and other such unusual sights. Dreaming of the day she would have such power, she was so very disappointed when she turned out to have no fancy, overwhelming powers, despite coming from a family of heroes. In time, she would grow up somewhat disheartened and bitter, which helped develop her somewhat introverted and sarcastic personality.

Childhood and the early days of her teenage were all too normal for her. She went to school, she made friends, she lost friends, she dealt with bullies and jocks, the list goes on, things that tended to paint a clearer picture on how she should restrict her friends list to a bare, trustable minimum. Her sarcastic, witty nature, acted as an efficient shield, and when it failed she still fought back in whatever way she could. Still, one might associate a certain drama to this period of her life. Her first crushes were something of a frustration, with the first one being "stolen" by another girl who she thought a close friend, and the second one who thought of little more than himself most of the time. But she learned from these experiences, matured even. The first sign of her unusual power however, was rather subtle. The pain, the tears, the bad things that she acquired from the annoying surrounding drama? She could put it away. At first, she thought it was much like most people did it, but it wasn't the case. She found a degree of ability to "command" that. Stop herself from crying at one time, only to cry it all later, or simply be sad for a longer period, or incredibly sorrowful for a very short amount of time.

At first, she thought little of it, assuming it was more of a regular Human ability, but eventually, little by little, started to find that it applied to many other things. Simple things, but that when put together painted a bigger picture. Examples such as spending afternoons sleeping, only to be able to turn that stored "sleeping" into an equivalent amount of extra hours of awareness, or even bursts of increased attention. Other silly things were stored, naturally. Once, she stored "hunger", finding herself well satiated, and releasing that hunger once she arrived at a pizza parlor, eating twice the usual amount of slices. Slowly, she found, that she had a rather unusual ability. Saiyuu was able to "hog" things, and not in the way most teenagers did.

Excited at the thought that maybe this could be her "superhero" power, she sought to take up PRIMUS's tests, but oddly enough they failed to identify the presence of any power within her. Later, she would happen that her power had the quality of being "non-existing" when not in extensive use. Nonetheless, this struck her documentation as a more regular Human, and thus she failed to join any of the Hero Academies thanks to that. Most didn't even bother seeing what she could possibly do, and she wasn't exactly the best at explaining the ability. It took some of her motivation away, naturally, but not entirely. In the following years, she still kept practicing with the ability, searching for its limits, its workings, trying to understand it. Searching in the internet, databases and so on, didn't result in much. It was that rare of a power. "Accumulating things"? Everything, in fact? That was unusual, to say the least.

Nonetheless, Saiyuu sought to lead a more or less normal life after the fact. She managed to enroll in a more regular college, under a course of Game Design, and joined the volleyball team in order to get some discounts on her pay. She found a nice, warm basement apartment to crash at, adopted an overly chubby cat by name of "Lancelot". Most of her life at that point became narrowed down to studying, playing games, playing volleyball, lazing about back home, and doing the occasional discreet hero work with the local police. While carrying a considerably powerful power, things didn't always work out too much to make her popular, and she didn't particular seek it. In fact, at times she hated having such powers. The lack of them in her youth, the hardships she felt she went through during that time, made her resent the notion of even having them in first place, feeling that sometimes society judged people too much based on their abilities. However, when push comes to shove, she will still step up and try to do the right thing.

About Saiyuu

Saiyuu is just a normal girl, or at least as normal as it goes for Humans. Not tall, nor perfect, even if quite cute and curvy. Long years being a game geek and an otaku have given her a little extra weight, but nothing serious - for Christ’s sake she’s just a little chubby (or so she claims). She likes to spend a lot of her time playing games, browsing the internet, chatting online, watching anime or movies or reading magazines and books at her little apartment. When she’s not doing that, she’s either doing her obligatory time in college or trying a bit of hero work out in the streets.

Saiyuu in casual clothes

She holds a rather friendly personality. While she can be reserved at times, among strangers, she can prove to be far more outgoing and playful when among people she knows and trusts, sometimes even drawing a joke or ten out of her. Saiyuu does however have a rather nastier side that comes out when she's feeling nervous, angered, humiliated or provoked. This side comes in the form of an extremely witty-sarcastic big-mouthed person. When the sarcasm-machine is cranked, there is no stopping it, one can only fall silent and hope for its burst to go away as quickly as it came. Another part of her personality comes in the form of being rather open and sometimes unknowingly flirtatious with friends, and also very curious and adventurous to a degree.

Now that we spoke about her personality, let’s proceed to her looks. Saiyuu has emerald green eyes, bright red and wavy short hair. Her height is regular, but she’s relatively short in comparison to more athletic girls. She’s curvy and is on the limit of her weight, if she gained a few more pounds she’d be considered a chubby girl. Her breasts are quite large, as for her waist, she has a regular waist and wide hips and thighs. In general, her body type is of an hourglass. While not enjoying leaving her apartment for many hours, she’s still quite clean and often takes bathes, so unlike most people that like to stay locked at home, she’s very clean.

Talking about her occupation and personal abilities, there are some things to mention about. Though she’s mostly sedentary, she has very physical condition due to playing volleyball, though is too lazy to exercise it further than that. She plays in the Libero position, which is a position that allows shorter players. She has excellent reaction time and her passing skills are above average. Being such a good player makes her someone quite popular among volleyball fans but she seems to avoid and hide all the time. Due to the last years living alone, she has learned how to be a good cook, but mostly can prepare junk food and things not-so-healthy. Her favorite hobby is using, programming and fixing computers and small mechanic equipment. She has a real addiction for computers and loves games too, being a rather good player, which usually is uncommon for girls. Though she likes most kind of games, she prefers MMO’s and strategy games, which she’s quite good at.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes

"Hogging" - A most unusual power and an incredibly powerful one when employed in the right way and conditions. Hogging, as it was named by Saiyuu, is an unique power of metaphysical nature, functioning beyond the spectrum of perceived reality. It allows Saiyuu to store up, and later use, anything that is directly affecting or affected by her. As far as she has tried and tested, virtually anything can be stored up. Speed, strength, health, endurance, awareness, mental fortitude, and many other such aspects. It even works on conceptual forces, such as time, luck, determination and so on. Once a quality is stored, a timer begins, accumulating a selected amount of that quality for the duration of the user's choice. Once stored, the user can choose to "spend" it in either the same amount of time, or in a different timeframe, for either decreased or increased effect. For instance, the user could choose to spend ten minutes being sickly, in exchange of being able to later use ten minutes of doubled health, or one minute of ten times the health, or even a hundred minutes of slightly improved health. The timeframe can be squeezed or stretched by the user's choice. As far as Saiyuu has been able to ascertain, there isn't a limit to how much she can store, but she can only spend qualities that she has previously stored in first place. As such, the powers does not allow one to take "loans" on qualities. Due to the ability of storing up essentially any qualities, Hogging can be an immensely powerful skill, but it has to be used carefully. With its potential yet not fully explored, one can only wonder how far the storing ability of Hogging goes. Hogging's activation is immensely difficult to notice, as it has no apparent visual effects and many of its changes do not occur in a strictly physical, magical or perceptive sense. Multiple qualities can be stored and spent at the same time, though the act of doing so must be a conscious one.

Physical Conditioning - Despite what her apparent proportions might imply, Saiyuu has an excellent level of physical conditioning. A side effect of using "Hogging" to store up physical qualities and make herself purposefully weaker, this has caused her to need to practice more often and harder than most, therefore building up a considerable amount of conditioning for her body. Even without her powers, her physical traits are comparable to those of someone who practices sports regularly.

Weapon Skills - Having access to her power didn't mean Saiyuu always had the right tool for the job. As such, in her time training as a hero, she has grown fond of using firearms as a primary means of fighting, though sometimes she also employs other weapons in combination with her powers, such as explosives. When it comes to skill with arms, she tends to be a very skilled firearm-user, and uses handguns as her primary weapons. She can however use makeshift weapons such as nearby objects.

Martial Ability - While not specifically based on any styles in particular, being more of a mixture of several instead, Saiyuu is capable of fighting while unarmed. This does however requires her to improve herself through the use of "Hogging", and isn't nearly as effective if she isn't utilizing it.


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