S.T.U.R.M. Combat Gear

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S.T.U.R.M. Combat Gear
STURM suit male.png
Male variant of the standardized S.T.U.R.M. gear
Item Data
Known Aliases: S.T.U.R.M. Suit,
S.T.U.R.M. operations armor
Item Type: Armor,
Powered Suit
Creator: STURMHeader.png
Creation Date: Confidential
Known Owners: Arody, Catana, Conex, Infiltraitor, L0V.e.L4C.e.D, SoulEye, Technolark
Item Speciality: Technological
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

The standard combat armor and corresponding gear used by S.T.U.R.M.. Designed and assembled by S.T.U.R.M.'s own Tech Department, it follows their strict philosophy on quality and usability.
Primary aspect of the suit is protection, even though the gear includes offensive weaponry.
Every suit is fitted for its wearer, thus no duplicates are available. Spare parts are only assembled when necessary.

Suit & Armor

Here, all of its important parts are showcased.


The undersuit is, without a doubt, the most important part of the whole gear. It not only functions as a very well isolated and comfortable underpiece, but is also slash- and stab-resistant.
Although it's main power lies in its strength and movability enhancing.


The armored parts of the S.T.U.R.M. Combat Gear are bulletproof, even though being made out of a light alloy. Thus, it still allows quick movement.
The chestpiece also houses the primary power supply and its communication module. It needs to be recharged every three operations, to ensure steady working condition.

Gauntlets & Boots

Contrary to popular belief, the boots and gauntlets of the gear are the heaviest part of the suit. Reason being that they are bulletproof and completely slash- and stab-resistant.
The shield attached to the left forearm emits an energy field and provides great protection.
The boots have strong electromagnets, which enable the wearer to walk on magnetic surfaces at every angle.

Utility Belt

The suit's utility belt comes with multiple health packages, ammunition types and an integrated GPS sensor.


What separates the S.T.U.R.M. Suit from other, comparably strong suits is that it can enhance the stength and movability of its wearer.

Strength & Movability Enhancement

The suit connects to a neural chip inside the wearers brain, allowing the suit to evaluate every move and reflex. This enables the suit to go into symbiosis with its wearer.
The undersuit then takes this information to power up required bodyparts and aid the wearer in his actions. This can be seen from the outside, as the undersuit begins to swell.


Additionally to its utility belt, the standard gear also is equipped with a high-class vibrosword and a firearm.

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