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Rose Marble
Rose at the Renaissance Center
Player: @FrozenViolet
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Super Group
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Real Name
Rose MacKenzie
Millennium City
Millennium City
Millennium City
Legal Status
Trismegistus Council registered
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Very fair
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Pink glasses, freckles
Powers & Abilities
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Arcane, Earth Magic, Fertility Magic
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Researching, Book restoration



Since she was young, Rose MacKenzie was always interested in books. Her parents read tales to her when she was a little a girl, and by Kindergarten she was reading at an eighth grade level. She absolutely loved getting lost in books, and eventually began to collect them and loan them out to people. She became known as 'Bookworm' throughout school and spent a lot of her time learning and researching books.

After fourth grade, she found books in other languages to be appealing, and began learning languages at a rapid pace. She especially loved old languages and when she wasn't studying in school, she was training herself to read ancient scripts. Just before leaving middle school, she had a great working knowledge of Sumerian, Ancient Egyptian, Aramaic, Greek and Latin.

Her Latin got even better in high school as she took a Latin class at school. She wasn't very popular at school because of being such a studious bookworm and was picked on a lot. She took up a part time job at the school library, where she could do what she loved. Over the next couple years, her vision got worse and she had to start wearing glasses because of all the eye strain of reading.


Rose doing some research at the library

During the summer after her Junior year in high school, she took an internship to join an archaeologist expedition to the site of Sippar in Iraq. The excavation of the site was hard work, but they were working on a closed site that was uncovering an ancient ziggurat buried under the sands. Most of the area was clear and they had been trying to find an entrance to the structure. Rose believed the site could be the place where Xisuthros had buried the archives of the antediulvian world.

One evening, she went out to the site by herself while most people slept. She evaded the guards and went to the base of the structure. She studied the area and eventually found a hollow block in the structure. She cracked the block, which appeared to be just clay painted like rock, took a torch and crawled inside.

She wiggled her way in until she was able to stand, and read the walls illuminated by her torchlight. The glyphs indicated that she was in an unknown tomb of an ancient priestess of Inanna. Amazed, she made her way to the tomb chamber and saw the sarcophagus along with lots of beautiful burial items. She was careful not to disturb them, but on an altar nearby, she saw two cuneiform tablets. Curiosity got the best of her as she read them and discovered one of the tablets described ancient fertility rites and the other earth rites. In a flash, the tomb lit up, sparkling in magic as the tablets glowed and surrounded her with light. It was the last thing she remembered.

She awoke in a tent with the other archaeologists who chastized her for what she did, but since she also discovered the way in, she was given a bit of a reprieve. The discovery was heralded as an amazing cache of ancient Sumerian culture.


Rose on a date with Amaya at a club.

Over the next few weeks, Rose learned she had the capability for magic now. She could feel the magic within her and was able to turn herself into a stone statue that moved. She also discovered she was becoming more beautiful looking. When she returned to school for her senior year, she had changed from a nerdy bookworm into a sexy librarian and even the popular girls at school were jealous of her new figure and changed looks. She also learned she could control aspects of her own fertility and those of others. She was certain now that Inanna had granted her these gifts.

She spent her senior year being very popular at school, as guys finally took notice of her. She, however, was more focused on studying and research and attempting to cope with her new powers.

She took a break from the school and was approached by a gentleman who ran a personal library, offering Rose the opportunity to be a librarian there. The man, who only introduced himself as "The Tomekeeper", promised to help with Rose's magical education at the Institute and any other academies she would like to attend.


She signed up with the Titan Institute, an academy that specialized in classes and had a very competent magical staff. It was here that she trained and learn to transform and better use her statue form. She also delved into the basics of magic, learning smaller things along with her fertility magic.

Tragedy struck when the Institute was attacked by Ebony Tarantula and forces loyal to Slade Thron. There were casualties at the Titan Tower, but Rose was away during the time. When things settled down and deemed safe, Rose returned and they formed a new group called the Nexus Academy.

Powers and Magic

Rose, in her statue form, helping a lost civilian

Earth Magic

  • Statue Form - Rose can turn into a marble statue, with the strength and durability of such. While in the form, she takes very little damage and has heightened strength.
  • Earth Meld - She can meld into the Earth and travel through the ground. This is great for stealth or hiding from trouble. Rose does prefer to avoid trouble if she can help it.
  • Earthquake - Rose can make the Earth tremble and rupture in a localized area through use of her magic.

Fertility Magic

  • Sense Fertility - Rose can determine pregnancy in any entities she meets.
  • Make Fertile - She can also induce fertility in others if women or men are having fertility issues. She can temporarily remove or induce sterility as well. This even works on men or women that are too old to be fertile. She is hoping to eventually use these gifts to help infertile men and women finally conceive.

General Magic

  • Arcane Barrier - Rose can create a magical shield to protect herself
  • Circle of Protection - She is also able to cast a magical circle which provides her with increased protection from damage. This, combined with her statue form, make a potent combination for enemies to overcome.

Public Opinions

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