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Player: @RavenForce
It's true, psychic blades do cut the deepest..
Character Build
Class Focus: Telekinetic
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Miss Violet Pheonis
Known Aliases: Pslicer, PsychBlade
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mutant)
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: The Summerstone Mansion
Relatives: Mr. Reginald Pheonis (Father), Mrs. Alandris Pheonis (Mother), Ariadne Pheonis (Sister), Adrianna Pheonis (Sister), Harry Pheonis (Brother) and Jessica Pheonis (Sister)
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Weight: 139 Ibs
Eyes: Solid lilac (No pupils or iris)
Hair: Black with violet highlights
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Lilac eyes when not in civilian wear.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: American Citizen
Occupation: Registered Superhero
Education: Graduated from The Millennium School (formal education), Graduate from The Summerstone Academy (degree level education & super powered training)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Telekinesis, Telepathy, Flight, Enhanced physical condition and Psionic healing factor.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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PsychBlade (Violet Pheonis) is a mutant with psionic powers, which manifest as telekinesis and telepathy. Violet was lured into becoming a member of PSI, working amongst their members and aiding in converting unsuspecting civilians with psionic potential into members and / or drawing information from them to help fund the organization. Violet was soon freed from PSI's grasp by Mentella and was a student at The Summerstone Academy. Violet feels grateful to be free from the PSI propaganda which had twisted her mind and has trained hard to earn her place within the superhuman community, taking on the name 'PsychBlade' to fight crime. She is a well balanced individual who enjoys taking on a challenge and working with others.


Spoiler Warning
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Born into a fairly large and upper class family; Violet Pheonis was the youngest of five children in her family, her mutation was not evident from birth but within the first seven years of her life it began to manifest itself. It started with little things, for example, small items in the room would vibrate slightly when she got particularly upset. This went on for a few years until it progressed to a stage where objects were levitating randomly, sometimes with a purplish aura around them. Violet's eyes were also a cause for concern as they started to cloud over, blocking out her naturally green eyes. Despite her parents fears, Violet was still able to see perfectly well, but her eyes were a solid lilac color by the time she was nine years old.

Violet grew up on the outskirts of Millennium City's Downtown district and was eventually allowed to be schooled within the private schooling system by the age of ten. Violet attended The Millennium School and continued her formal education there. Prior to this, her parents insisted on keeping her away from others and paid for a private tutor. Violet was allowed to wear shades to mask the visible element of her mutation from her classmates. Despite being within the schooling atmosphere, Violet's mental health declined due to it being painfully obvious that she was not the same as even her brothers and sisters who had no signs of being mutants. Violet felt extremely isolated and depressed as at times, she was shunned by her relations for her strange appearance.

Her mutant abilities were considerably low level but she was sufficiently interested in what she could potentially accomplish, so practiced when she could but she needed guidance and support both of which she did not have when it came to her abilities. Despite her situation, Violet learned with time that she was capable of not only moving small objects with her mind but also she was able to "tune in" to the surface thoughts of others picking up their fleeting thoughts or probe deeper to listen to their current line of thinking the latter at the cost of Violet suffering a strong headache, if she 'tuned in' for too long.

Although she was surrounded by her family, Violet felt completely alone during her teenage years. Coupled with the absence of positive sibling relationships, Violet fell into a crowd of misfits during her time at The Millennium School, who quickly convinced her to forget her parent's rules and strict schedules and 'live wildly and enjoy life'. Coerced by their smooth talking, Violet, James, Lydia, Henry and Sophie slipped out of the school grounds one afternoon and travelled into the city center. Violet's eyes were opened to a new way of experiencing life, and she found herself incredibly drawn to it.

Violet and her friends, still in their uniforms, were walking up to City Centre park when they were cornered by a group of New Purple Gang members, armed with various weapons and demanding money. The group of friends were forced into a nearby alleyway, one of the bigger gang members grabbed Violet and shoved her into a dumpster. The force of the impact knocked the protective shades off her head, revealing her softly glowing lilac eyes to both her friends and the now spooked gang members. Shocked at such a revelation, two of her friends, Lydia and Henry, used the opportunity of the stunned gang members to escape in search of help. Before the rest of them could follow suit one of the four gang members blocked them off drawing a slightly rusted blade from his back pocket.

When the teens revealed they had no money on them, the largest member of the gang moved towards James, punching him in the gut, sending him back, flying towards Violet completely unconscious from the pain. Violet backed away, bumping into a dumpster at her back, she started when Sophie screamed and something inside her snapped. One moment she was pressed up against the alley wall and the next, the dumpster was levitating off the ground and surged towards the frightened gang members, trapping them inside.

Violet woke several days later, the events of that afternoon were a blur of heavy breathing, distorted car sounds and the flutter of a cape and whispered words before she passed out. She looked up to see the blurry image of a man standing near her bed. He introduced himself as 'Edward Cummings', the head of Mind Inc, a self help organization. With the aid of careful telepathic manipulations and perceptual distortions, 'Edward' convinced her that her secret was out and that the hospital would hand her over to the government for experimentation. Violet's seventeen year old mind went into overdrive but was quickly calmed as 'Edward' offered to help her "get away" to keep herself safe from those who might seek her out to harm her. Disorientated, confused and scared, Violet willingly accepted his help and was whisked out of the hospital. Noting the way that they simply walked past several seemingly spaced out nurses and doctors, she surmised 'Edward' was a mutant as well. Violet tried to read his mind, but came up empty handed as if there was some sort of muffler stopping her from hearing his thoughts.

They made their way to a car waiting in the lobby and sped off in the direction of the City Centre Park and entered a nearby building surrounded by strange emitters which caused a little pressure on her sinuses, making her feel slightly queasy. Violet had unofficially joined an organization dedicated to grooming their "students" to be part of a group of lethal and devious mentalists, namely PSI.

As time went on, Violet was encouraged to utilize her abilities amongst other mutants with mentalist powers in Mind Inc. As her abilities began to slowly grow to the point where she could extend her telekinetic grasp to objects several feet from her location, she was taken to a sub-level within the Mind Inc HQ and that is where she first met with Medusa who played on Violet's apparent vulnerabilities, Medusa led Violet to believe that she showed exceptional promise amongst the rest of her peers and as a result would be upgraded. She was promised more power, more freedom and the ability to get back at those who hurt her in the past. The subtle mental conditioning which Violet had been subjected to whilst at PSI had already taking root and further twisted her mind. As expected, she readily accepted and was brought to a deeper level facility where she was prepared for the administration of the Psi Serum, a powerful mutation catalyst which augmented even the tiniest trace of psionic power within a person to near super human levels.

Getting prepped for the Psi Serum.
After Psi Serum infusion. Pslicer is born.

The infusion left Violet with an immense headache as her latent telekinetic powers received a sizeable boost, causing her to exude high amounts of psychic energy, her latent telepathic abilities increased to the point where she was able to read most thoughts with ease and communicate with other minds. She was quickly suited up in the PSI uniform and was already beginning to manifest psychokinetic armor almost unconsciously. Violet was moved to her quarters to get some rest before she began her training to control and apply her new found levels of power.

Violet underwent several months of training in a variety of fields including combat, espionage, research techniques, power usage and application before officially earning her place on PSI's roster. She was dubbed PSLICER by Psimon as her favorite application of her telekinetic powers involved manifesting psychokinetic blades to attack her foes, much like the infamous Mind Slayer. Her adeptness and confidence in her own abilities made her a rather noteworthy field agent within PSI, so much so that after she had completed her course, Psimon revealed that he was planning on attacking ARGENT as they had stolen a sample of the Psi Serum during covert raid. Psimon informed her that they already had a man on the inside, Evan Fox. Both Mind Slayer and Medusa were on other assignments as were Hypnos and Deuce. Soulfire was deemed slightly too unstable to deal with this delicate mission, so PSLICER (Violet) was among one of the first of the field agents he considered to have the ability to successfully pull off a counter raid on ARGENT and a strike team of the six most powerful field agents was put together to open the way for the rest of PSI's forces.

Sitting in on the briefing for her first big mission.
Speaking to Evan Fox.
The final soldier between her and the Psi Serum retrieval.

They made their way into the ARGENT complex, utilizing a group illusion created by one of the five mentalists she was with. The group made their way towards where Evan's psychic signature was focused and they attacked wiping out a sizeable number of the soldiers in the building at the time. However their victory was short lived as reinforcements began to appear taking the team by surprise. ARGENT's heavy reinforcements made their fight considerably harder, with most of PSI's additional forces occupied and kept out of the building. With two of the strike team mentalists taken down by ARGENT snipers, the four of them converged on Evan's location who had been exposed and was shielding himself using his psychokinetic powers.

Evan explained that the Psi Serum was close by but heavily guarded, so much so he could not retrieve it alone, but agreed to hold the barrier to aid with their escape if PSLICER was able to retrieve the Psi Serum information and stolen sample. Leaving two of her team with Evan to strengthen his psychokinetic barrier, PSLICER and her fellow agent KOMAA fought against the ARGENT soldiers and finally retrieved the serum before making a quick exit from the building using PSLICER's psychokinetic constructs.

The mission was a success, albeit with the loss of two field agents, a small price to pay for ensuring that the secrets of the Psi Serum stay that way.

As time went on PSLICER grew within PSI her powers growing to the point where she was able to easily go on missions of a relative importance with minimal support. Alongside her powers, her confidence in her abilities grew and she eventually forgot all about her former life as Violet Pheonis. She had effectively been completely brainwashed, transformed into a strong and valuable asset to PSI.

In February 2011, PSLICER and a few agents attempted to attack a nearby UNTIL building in City Centre, as it had been confirmed a few super heroes were in attendance alongside UNTIL agents and a few important officials. PSLICER lead an unsanctioned (not approved by Medusa or Psimon) attack on the building and to their credit managed to get relatively far, injuring many UNTIL agents and progressively making their way towards the super heroes. Unfortunately for them one of the teams members, a psychic scanner, picked up an impossibly strong psionic signature, so much so he was knocked unconscious as soon as he scanned. The corridor doors opened and a slender figure stepped out, locking the door behind her, her blond hair draped over her shoulder and a single golden eyebrow arched upwards when she laid eyes on PSLICER and her strike team.

It was none other than Mentella.

The encounter was over embarrassingly quickly, PSLICER and the remaining agents attacked and they were knocked out with but a single flick of the wrist from this mysterious superhero. The last thing PSLICER saw was the woman slowly approaching muttering the words; "Oh dear.."

Violet awoke in what seemed to be a white room, but it didn't seem to be a physical room. Suddenly the super powered woman appeared, assuring her that she was fine, but was currently in a place called 'The Astral Plane' and was currently experiencing 'a meeting of the minds'. Violet felt strangely calm and light weight, thinking clearly for the first time in a while. She looked up to see another, malnourished version of herself, shackled by heavy psychic restraints. Mentella explained to her what she was seeing and informed her that, if she was to accept, Mentella could help her better herself and truly live for herself.

Enticed yet sceptical of Mentella's offer, Violet accepted and Mentella assured her she had made a good decision. Mentella informed her that she would spend time in a correctional facility for the usage of her powers on UNTIL Agents but with a reduced sentence due to her being in the incorrect state of mind.

On March 23rd 2011, Violet was sentenced to a year long sentence in a correctional facility which utilized power dampening technology, which was sufficient enough to completely nullify Violet's mutant abilities. With weekly visits from Mentella, her psychological state improved and she had undergone therapy for impulse control, anger management and she was educated on what she had missed during her formal education whilst being a PSI member.

Her case was heard again on the January 18th 2012 and the decision was made to cut her sentence short based on the premise that she would be under the direct tutelage of Mentella herself at to finish the remainder of her correctional course and education at The Summerstone Academy. Violet made leaps and bounds, progressively transforming herself back into a real person as opposed to a somewhat mindless field agent with a lack of empathy. She progressed to the point where she was safe enough to be around civilians and was able to track down her parents and family with the aid of Mentella and reconcile herself with them, much to their delight.

With this new chapter in her life unfolding, Violet embraced the opportunity to right the wrongs she had committed as PSLICER and was inducted into an intensive six month course which saw her powers take an exponential jump in terms of effectiveness under Mentella's tutelage both her telekinetic and telepathic powers grew. She was registered with ASPRA and began her new life as a super heroine on the 24th of August 2012, renaming herself to PsychBlade.

Student Related Events - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES 2013

Aside from attending her scheduled lessons at The Summerstone Academy, PsychBlade has been attending various sessions to enhance her fighting skills and extend her psychokinetic powers. She has also been part of strike teams used by The Summerstones, UNTIL and The Champions to combat threats such as ARGENT, PSI, Cyberlord and even VIPER and the notorious villain VIPER X.

PsychBlade has been in the Academy from January to August, under Mentella's guidance and is currently using her September to December break to infiltrate ARGENT and discover why their presence in Millennium City seems to have increased as of late, causing authorities to be worried.

NOTE: The following information has been edited to a summarized version as specifics cannot be revealed without consent of CharmCaster herself, which she has not given. As a result, The Summerstone Sisterhood has not published the full report. We have instead provided brief summaries of parts of the report for possible future reference. ~ Dr. M. Summerstone.

October 2013 - Summary of events

On the 19th of October 2013, PsychBlade, along with Black Diamond, ForceGirl, Techna Ology and Mentella formed a team to find out exactly what had happened to CharmCaster as she was presumed dead after the Mega Destroid Invasion incident in late September. Mentella and Techna Ology had been working on upgrading CortexusTM, the machine which allows the communication between light years worth of distance, enabling Mentella to communicate telepathically with Xen, to alter it to be able to pierce the veil of this dimension in order to attempt to track CharmCaster's unique psychic signal. Techna Ology and ForceGirl both put their technical knowledge to use and built on modifications and after weeks of searching, Mentella located CharmCaster's psychic signal in another dimension, the Summerstones, with the assistance of Witchcraft and the Trismegistus Council, they breached the barrier which was keeping the invaders from the Qliphothic Rift contained and made short work of them.

Once they reached the portal, it was determined that Witchcraft would be unable to seal it from the outside as the energy had leaked through to such a state that it would be dangerous to attempt to close it without finding out exactly what had caused it to open in the first place. Due to the nature of the portal it was impossible to seal it permanently, so a team was needed to stay near it incase it allowed through anymore horrors into this dimension. ForceGirl and Techna Ology stayed behind, whilst the others journeyed into the portal with Witchcraft, Mentella kept everyone in telepathic contact for safety purposes.

Once inside the Qliphothic Realm, something went wrong, the travel had affected Witchcraft's protective spell, splitting, Mentella, Black Diamond, PsychBlade and herself into different parts of the realm, unable to physically see or interact with each other, except for Mentella's psychic link.

In a burst of blindingly powerful white light, which was visible to them all, the elusive Alara The Light Guardian appeared, explaining that she had split them up as they stood a better chance of helping CharmCaster, if they were spread out. She offered her assistance to their cause, using her abilities to defend each sisterhood member at their various points, once all three sisterhood members were reunited they began their assault on the Tower of Sharna-Gorak, where Alara said CharmCaster was being held. Alara informed them all a concealment spell had been placed upon them to ensure that the operation runs as smooth as possible.

After engaging the Despair Incarnates and Qliphothic Imps which guarded the Winds of Despair, the team made their way towards the cell where CharmCaster was being restrained, magically captured in a form of suspended animation. Alara explained that it would be impossible for them to break the spell without her using her true form and harnessing "The Eternal Light".

Alara warned that her activation of that level of pure energy would break the concealment spell she had crafted and may in fact summon remnants of The Kings of Edom as they are drawn to powerful energy, however, she explained it was a risk she was willing to take in order to assist CharmCaster. Mentella and PsychBlade created a psychokinetic barrier to block out the blinding light shining forth from Alara's Eternal Light Form.

At long last CharmCaster was freed from the mystical prison, but she was badly wounded and had been all but drained of her defensive magic. Alara transported the team back to where Witchcraft was facing off against a few Qliphothic Horrors. With CharmCaster in a particularly bad state, Witchcraft poured significant magical energy into creating a portal between realms and Alara The Light Guardian forced Light Energy through it in order to keep it open whilst they made the transition to their world.

After sealing the portal behind them, the team met up with ForceGirl and Techna Ology who had been fighting off Horrors which had found a way through into their dimension. As a group they brought CharmCaster back to The Summerstone Mansion where she was able to rest and recover.

November - December 2013 - Student Report Summary - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES
Infiltrating ARGENT HQ dressed as a PSI Member.

Note: The following information is a summary of this particular student tri-monthly report. Students are only asked to report significant events and developments, however PRIMUS has only been supplied with a portion of particularly interesting developments. ~ Dr. M. Summerstone.

PsychBlade is currently investigating ARGENT's Millennium City operations. She has had to rely on all her skills to defend herself against ARGENT's ruthless attacks and tactical power. After months of sneaking around, infiltrating it's ranks and telepathically coercing members to speak to her, PsychBlade has finally been able to find the location of ARGENT's secret warehouse filled with objects which have mystical significance according to CharmCaster. Knowing that PSI and ARGENT are not at all on good terms with each other, she decided to launch her attack dressed as a PSI Member using her old PSLICER costume.

However this was a mistake on her part, as her act was too convincing and ARGENT attacked PSI resulting in a small clash between the two groups. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties but she was counseled by Mentella about her method of infiltration and had to "save" ARGENT members from PSI by taking out PSI Members who had infiltrated the higher levels of the HQ in Millennium City, where her documents and information regarding the secret warehouse were stored. After successfully taking down the opposing forces she reached her destination and quickly located the documents she needed.

Once the documents had been secured, PsychBlade ran into another undercover agent who was also working to expose ARGENT's darker dealings. They formed an alliance and teamed up to take on ARGENT's forces which would no doubt be swarming the Warehouse. Together with Photon Fury who used her radioactive abilities to assist in the assault on the secret ARGENT Warehouse, PsychBlade was able to fully retrieve the artifacts of mystical significance.

Taking down a Mech-Enforcer with Photon Fury.

Groups and Various Affiliations

Violet has been part of two major groups so far, for a while she worked for PSI, whose Psi Serum increased and interacted with her latent psionic energy, amplifying it to the extent that she could use them effectively. She was trained under their mental manipulation and became a successful field agent, she dubbed herself PSLICER at the time. With Medusa and Psimon pulling the strings, PSLICER quickly became a force to be reckoned with. However, Violet deeply regrets her time in PSI and is grateful to Mentella for being able to extract her from a life of crime.

After leaving PSI, Violet went on to join The Summerstone Academy's Induction and Correctional Program, a program specifically tailored to reintroducing former villains (if they so desire) into the wider society as law abiding citizens who may go on to have the opportunity to utilize their skills for good. After a considerable amount of time, Violet emerged as a respectable citizen and adept heroine, she has gone through further training to hone her skills and is not only part of the Alternative Placement Program, but is also a member of The Summerstone Sisterhood. With her new life realized and her re-education and training, she renamed herself as a means to rebrand herself and start a new life. She is now known as PsychBlade.

Her past with PSI is one particular affiliation she is ashamed of, but holds somewhat mixed views about. On the one hand, she is grateful for the Psi Serum's ability to enhance her latent psionic powers but she also feels extremely bitter about what she carried out under their direction and understandably, feels used by the organization. Thankfully these days, Violet operates on the right side of the law, and is a student at The Summerstone Academy and has recently gained status as a Summerstone Sisterhood member.

The Alternative Placement Program, is a service provided by The Summerstone Academy where exceptional students are added to the list and are available to be inducted into various fighting forces, strike teams or groups of heroes. Amongst the select few who attained high enough to gain a place on the program, two students have made an exceptional effort, namely Solaris and PsychBlade. An example of a previous student who was on the Alternative Placement Program is Joule. She currently operates with DE:LTA.

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

PsychBlade is a student who has graduated and is reaching the end of her additional year at the academy, she is set to graduate on the 20th of October 2013.

Alongside her classmate Solaris, PsychBlade is a part of the Alternative Placement Program for the Summerstone Academy. The aim of the program is to expose the students to life outside the Sisterhood and Academy, in an attempt to get them to consistently work with others. A previous student who was on the program earlier this year is Joule, she was quickly picked up by DE:LTA and works as an Agent of DE:LTA.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

2/1/2014 - Mentella's Note: Due to UNTIL cutbacks certain divisions have been closed down. In this wave of sweeping cutbacks, unfortunately DE:LTA was affected. As a result, due to loss of funding from UNTIL, DE:LTA was forced to close down. However the group of heroes remaining with the "spirit" so to speak have kept the name, albeit loosing the acronym associated with it. The team now goes by the name Delta.

The Summerstone Academy's Alternative Placement Program: PsychBlade

After PsychBlade's additional training and subsequent graduation on the 20th of October, 2013, she accepted an invitation by Mentella to join the Summerstone Sisterhood and was placed on the Academies Alternative Placement Program. The aim of the program is to expose the students to life outside the Sisterhood and Academy, in an attempt to get them to consistently work with others with the view of perhaps joining an external team or organization on a permanent basis.

All graduates of The Summerstone Academy are placed on the Alternative Placement Program and are ASPRA (American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act) registered, as such they are able to operate as super heroes upon American soil.

PsychBlade mainly worked within The Summerstone Academy after her graduation as a teaching assistant or ran classes on the chance that the necessary teacher was away, but still managed to operate as a superhero within Millennium City, sometimes dealing with threats to Steelhead, Project Greenskin, Monster Island and even ventured to Lemuria on several occasions. Her level of activity within The Summerstone Academy as well as her successful work as a solo hero, lowered her position and priority on the Alternative Placement Program list.

However, due to the largely mysterious and unexpected closing of The Summerstone Academies world wide by the end of May, 2015, PsychBlade's priority has increased as the list has shortened over the years. Recently UNTIL have shown interest in PsychBlade, after talks with Mentella Summerstone and PsychBlade, it has been agreed upon that she will join a new and upcoming division in UNTIL named Project Genome.

Project Genome

Project Genome is a mutant/mutate response and development initiative set up by UNTIL as a way to improve human-mutant relations in the wider world after frequent incidences of human and mutant clashes.

Project Genome's director is Vera Dubois, a mutant and a now retired hero with the ability to control and create vibrations who went by the name of Vibra . She married a wealthy and well connected business man and revealed who she was to her husband after their son, Alex was born. Together they spent the next 15 years working with UNTIL to set up Project Genome and it officially launched in June, 2015 with the first member of the group, who is their son. Alex Dubois dubbed himself Hydro because of his mutant ability to control water.

As the name of the division suggests, it is an all mutant/mutate group sanctioned by UNTIL and directed by Project Genome's Vera Dubois.

PsychBlade is scheduled to meet her new team members within the next few days, although older than perhaps most within the division's super team at present, PsychBlade is confident she will be able to fit in and perhaps even assist with coaching her team mates if necessary.

APP Update - November, 2015: Due to unfortunate cuts within UNTIL, the Project Genome division was shutdown after only four and a half months. As a result PsychBlade has re-joined the Summerstone Sisterhood, but is actively searching for a new group of super humans to join.

Powers and Abilities - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Teaching Notes for 2013

Student Ref: HM-108-97

Name: Violet "PsychBlade" Pheonis

For classification purposes, Violet (PsychBlade) would be classed as a human mutant, meaning her genetic information and sequencing has deviated from the norm which results in a typical human. Violet's particular mutation gave her an enhanced level of psionic energy within her mind, whilst it was not initially strong enough to be of any particular consequence, she gained the ability to tap into her psionic energy in a unique way, via addition of the Psi Serum, created by Dr. Sebastian Poe but has undergone further training to hone her abilities. Her powers are variations of the conventional category of Telekinetic / Psychokinetic classed abilities. Violet has been taught to expand her telepathic ability as well. With her telepathy, she can probe minds (to an extent), read thoughts and fire "Mental Bursts" at opponents. I have supplied a select number of my teaching notes below. As her instructor and mentor, my notes are particularly detailed. Within these notes are pictures taken by Techna Ology's Techna-SpyBot Cam.

Psychokinesis (Telekinetics)

PsychBlade's primary and perhaps most potent abilities are based on the ability to move objects using the mind, namely telekinetics. Her powers are variations of this ability. For the most part, PsychBlade does not always utilize her Telekinetic powers to move objects or people with her mind, despite having the skill and power to do so. She prefers to use it to propel herself towards her opponents or to bind opponents in one place for a short period of time. In combat she utilizes psychokinetic blades and barriers in order to fight and defend herself. Her abilities as aforementioned cover a range of telekinetic feats, including:

  • Telekinetic Combat
  • Binding
  • Telekinetic Blasts
  • Psionic Enhanced Movement
  • Telekinetic Construct Generation
  • Psionic Regeneration

Telekinetic Combat

Using her psychokinetic weapons to take out New Purple Gang Members
Using her Psi Blades on a VIPER Agent

Violet's primary, and perhaps most potent form of her telekinetic ability, comes in the form of psychokinetic weaponry or "PK Weapons" as she calls them. Her manifestations have a particular focus on sharp instruments such as swords, knives and blades. Her blades effect on a target can vary based on what she is aiming to do with it, for example, her blades can be tuned to have no physical effect and instead rend her target's psyche, setting herself up for future attacks by lowering their psychic resistances. They can also be tuned to literally rip apart her opponents with solidly constructed psychokinetic weaponry and thus having a very physical effect.

I taught her to forge stronger versions of her blades which she calls "Psi Blades", they have the ability to cause neurological collapse to affected targets, this collapse renders opponents unconscious for a number of hours or even days and is in most cases immediate. Violet is tracking well with this skill and should soon be ready and confident enough to use this in the field.

Visually they are more "phantasmal" in appearance with edges comprised of a free flowing psychic energy which, for Violet, most closely resembles fire. They can affect both the psyche and the physical body. Violet is able to decide whether she requires them to have a greater physical impact, to the point of causing clean cuts in solid objects or greater psychic impact, to the point of causing psyche scarring and neurological collapse in her victims. These "Psi Blades" combine elements of both her "PK Blades" in one form.

Using her binding field to trap an ARGENT Mech-Enforcer

Violet is able to affect objects within her line of sight (and to an extent those out of her line of sight) with just the power of her mind. Prior to being under my instruction, Violet was capable of generating her knives but was not trained in the use of her abilities past that point (A travesty!). Under my supervision and guidance I taught her to develop her psychokinetic abilities further, with various applications. One such application of her telekinetic power is the ability to lock opponents within prisons of telekinetic energy. Her personal style of binding takes the form of telekinetic entombment, meaning she surrounds her target with telekinetic energy, holding them in place for a short while. Her style is similar to that which can be achieved by my sister's force field abilities, but she is incapable of exerting extra force on the imprisoned target. It is interesting to note that for Violet to utilize this skill in combat is extremely rare and she tends to only use it if she is under heavy fire or if an enemy is causing significant trouble and is difficult to fight. She is only able to enforce her will on a target for a short period of time before it becomes strenuous, an unfortunate side-effect of Dr. Poe's Psi Serum is that it can unintentionally impose actual psionic limitations on a person's mind, capping their ability so to speak.

Telekinetic Blast

Violet can collect and store telekinetic energy and release it in a projectile form. (Mostly a spherical mass in appearance). With this ability Violet is able to "mark" and bring down enemies who may be flying above or moving faster than she is, slowing them down for a time. The blast is strong enough to cause significant damage and can cause loss of balance in targets affected. Again, despite training, it is extremely rare to see her utilize this ability in combat situations. This particular ability is a remnant from her days with PSI and bears a similar resemblance to the assault from a PSI member classed as a 'Neophyte'. It has taken longer than anticipated for her to develop this ability to what it is today, during teaching she would often get frustrated when using this ability. Upon attempting to get to the root of the issue, I discovered that Violet had created an unconscious association, linking this ability to high levels of anger, which in her case can be a limiting factor to her ability progression. After several sessions I was able to help her progress to a point where she was able to dissolve the link, allowing her to open up a part of her power she was normally ashamed of using due to it's obvious links to her PSI past.

Psionic Movement and Enhancement

Violet has been using this ability since PSI and required a little push to further develop this area past the point which the Psi Serum had bestowed upon her. The ability to use her telekinetic powers on herself beyond what she normally does was not something she actively pursued.

Psionic Flight - Whilst it was an enduring process, with time she was able to fully levitate herself and propel herself at reasonable speeds to simulate flight. Violet's psionic flight takes a fair amount of sustained concentration which she has been trained to cultivate. She can easily be spotted when she is flying as her telekinetic aura flares up into the visible spectrum, surrounding her in crackle of purple psionic energy. She can fly at up to 193kph at the peak of her psionic flight, the psionic energy around her greatly diminishes the effect of G-Force on her whilst flying, allowing her to see clearly and navigate with ease. Over the course of her development of this ability, it became increasingly apparent that her "psionic aura" if you will, was causing low level disruption to cellular devices within a 10ft radius if she was flying, she has been cautioned regarding this and does not use this ability at street level. It is advised that any communications devices that she has to wear is shielded against this effect.

Psionic Enhancement - A basic skill for any telekinetic is the ability to enhance personal movement speed, regardless of the surrounding medium be it water, air, space etc. Violet uses this skill to increase her own running speed to be of an athlete standard, she also uses it to slightly increase her agility in combat. As she tends to fight in close quarters, this is a much more valuable skill to her than say, to a telekinetic who utilizes a more distant form of combat. Violet can also use this ability to augment her strength to a degree.

Sustaining a telekinetic barrier to protect herself
Telekinetic Construct Generation

Violet is capable of using the same skill to forge her psychokinetic blades to forge constructs of a reasonable size and varied complexity. At this time, as part of her self styled uniform, she generates psionic constructs on her uniform for offensive and defensive purposes. She can normally be seen 'wearing' bracers, shoulder pads and breast plate-like constructs, all of which can be mentally stretched or shaped to provide relative resistance to incoming damage such as bullet fire, energy blasts and the like. Violet typically increases the presence of such telekinetic constructs if she senses that she is in danger. Violet has also been trained to generate a personal barrier comprised of pure telekinetic energy which can aid her in withstanding impacts she naturally would be incapable of withstanding alone. She can manipulate it to wrap itself around her temporarily, increasing her durability and absorbing physical impacts and converting them into useful energy to empower herself.

Psionic Regeneration

This is a skill which required significant training for her to develop. Whilst Violet's body does promote cellular regeneration on a heightened level in comparison to baseline humans, it is somewhat limited. Further investigation revealed that her increased cellular regeneration only applied to tissue damage, not bone. This of course means that in the event that she broke a bone, she would have a 'standard' recovery time. For a human, the amount of time it takes to fully heal a broken bone can be several months to a year, however, within six to twelve weeks she would be somewhat operational, but not at her peak.

For someone in Violet's position, this recovery period is not ideal, so I have helped her to tap into this latent ability to heal herself, including bone damage.

First method - Personal cellular regeneration via focused telekinetic energy. - This method is limited only by her ability to focus on the healing process, she has consistently shown the ability to heal minor to moderate wounds, such as cuts, burns, bullet grazes etc. via this technique with relative speed. Whilst this is a promising ability, it does put a hard stop on her ability to fight as a majority of her power is devoted to self healing. As a result she will only engage this ability when safe, as it can make her vulnerable.

Second Method - Personal cellular regeneration via Psi Blades - This form of psionic healing is fairly difficult to accomplish and at best is situational but is extremely effective and does not impact her combat ability. This method is her preferred method of healing, as it relies on the presence of a sentient opponent in order to carry out the healing process. As previously mentioned the "Psi Blades" she is able to create can be tuned to affect both the mind and the body. I have taught her to exploit this to her advantage as the blades are capable of siphoning vital psychic energy from the mind of the opponent. In all beings which posses a brain and have the ability to heal themselves, it is the minimal psychic energy present which fuels the healing process as it is all coordinated by the brain. By siphoning off this energy in reasonable amounts, a mentalist, can, in a sense, "feed off" the energy and use it to replenish their mind, body and energy reserves. (This is not the case for all mentalists as for some, the psychic energy of others is harmful)

Both methods allow Violet to induce rapid cellular regeneration and can allow her to recover from shattered bones, bruised organs, deep tissue wounds and in rare cases minor appendage loss (Violet lost the tip of her finger in a training exercise and was able to regenerate it fully.).


Violet's telepathic ability is unfortunately limited, once her mutation became increasingly evident as she grew older, much emphasis was placed on her telekinetic abilities rather than her telepathic ones. Her telepathy manifested in a very weak form, as she would occasionally pick up the surface thoughts of people in her immediate vicinity, being nothing more than a whisper, uncontrolled and completely at random. The introduction of the Psi Serum did interact with this ability of hers and amplified it to the point where she was capable of communicating with other minds and picking up thoughts, however it was still limited to her immediate vicinity. She was also unable to utilize her telepathy offensively to attack other minds or defensively to protect herself from other mental attacks.

Before delving into cultivating her telepathic ability I had to first determine her limits, seeing as it is not her primary mutant ability, it was to be expected that it would be much weaker. I soon determined her limitations and started working with what she was capable of doing.

Telepathic skill training does take considerably longer than conventional training due to the variety of dangers the average mind can pose for telepaths with limited ability, such as Violet. Through no fault of my own nor on her part, the human mind has limitations on what it can achieve in comparison to that of some other species. Whilst it is true that some humans, such as Menton have greatly pushed the limits of the human mind in relation to psychic ability, the limitations still exist and are very real and varied for each human mentalist. In Violet's case her limits were apparent but I sensed that there was enough potential to warrant interest and room for development.

Over the course of several months, I taught Violet the "Basics of Telepathy" such as how to construct mental barriers and shields, communicate with other minds, read other minds as well as tap into and probe the minds of those around her. She was also instructed on when to use this ability and I made her aware of her limitations and on what beings her telepathy should not be attempted on for her own safety and that of others.

After making sure she was fully aware of her 'new found' abilities, She was introduced to the Telepathic Offense program (Series 1-15) which taught her how to use offensive forms of telepathy and effective steps to resist mind controlling influences as well as forging the secure psychic link with her mind for protective purposes. Violet has shown some reluctance to develop these skills but she is able to attack several minds at once with her "Mental Burst", read minds*, probe minds* and communicate between herself and others telepathically.

Fighting off invading PSI Members, using her Mental Burst Skill.

Skillfully dodging an attack.

Reading Minds - Violet is able to passively read the minds of allies and foes of a Class 5 and lower. Individuals who are Class 5 and lower are average to weak minded individuals, she is capable of reading their minds without having to probe. She generally does not read minds as it takes a level of focus which can be hard for her to achieve in high stress environments. However she has been taught to ask before she reads to avoid issues.

Probing Minds - Violet is able to probe the minds of allies and foes of a Class 6 and lower. Individuals who are Class 6 and lower are relatively strong willed to weak minded individuals as well as those who may posses some form of mental shielding. Her ability to probe is fairly well developed considering it is a secondary mutation. Without focused effort, she is unable to penetrate mental shields. Even with focused effort, she may still be unable to pierce a mental barrier. If she were to strain against a mental shield she cannot pierce, she may suffer from considerable psychic strain and harm herself and the individual.

Agility - As a younger person, Violet was a promising gymnast, whose reflexes, flexibility and agility were of a good standard despite having no formal training. She can use her telekinesis to increase her natural ability and readily does in combat to protect herself. She still retains her flexibility and agility in combat, moving almost fluidly from one opponent to the next.

Additional Information - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Utilizing her Psi Blades and Psychic Reverberation to fight against VIPER X's advanced battle suit and protect Mayor Biselle.
Fighting off a VIPER Ambush by Infiltrators..
PsychBlade possesses a unique genetic code, as do all humans, however as a mutant, and a mentalist mutant in particular, she has an ability which at first was rough and barely functioned; however through working with her it was polished and shines brightly. This ability is known as "Psychic Reverberation", not many mentalists are capable of such a feat as it is a fairly complex skill to develop and utilize. Outside of myself and PsychBlade, I know of only a handful mentalists who are capable of this skill. Whilst it cannot be physically identified; to "aura" sensitive people, powerful mystics and experienced telepaths, it can be sensed or seen as a subtle hued distortion around the mentalist. This is typically observed around the forehead or fingertips.

Normally PsychBlade is largely unaware she uses this skill, even though she is a relatively experienced fighter. Psychic reverberations are different for every mentalist who is powerful enough to manifest such an ability or has been sufficiently trained. These reverberations serve as different purposes for each mentalist.

PsychBlade's Psychic Reverberations allow her to subtly adapt her various weaponry to strike harder or cut deeper, setting her up for future attacks on enemies who may have better mental or physical defenses against her attacks.

PsychBlade & VIPER

PsychBlade is aware that VIPER operate around Millennium City and a small division within VIPER are rather interested in mutants like her to study, in hopes of advancing their Psionic Super Soldier Program in various locations worldwide, by utilizing her genetics.

Throughout her time as a hero she has had to ward off multiple attacks when operating in and around Millennium City, it is not uncommon for her to be seen fighting or being chased by VIPER.

PsychBlade's thoughts:

"VIPER are interested in me, because of my genetics, apparently they may hold the key to producing higher capacity human psionics, especially since the Psi Serum has affected me. They think it may have altered my DNA somewhat. I don't really care for any of that, I just want to be left alone."

VIPER's Project Awakening and other global projects like it have long been an object of interest for both PSI and other groups, however, PSI have been the only group to interfere and siphon members from the VIPER psionics program for PSI service. Despite being both villainous groups, VIPER and PSI do not get along at all, as VIPER still hold the Baltimore Incident against them.

PsychBlade once listened to what happens to psychic heroes and villains alike who are captured by VIPER in that area and has had a healthy fear of running up against VIPER ever since.

A New Look for 2018

Previous look...
...New Look!

For the past several years, Violet has retained the same look. Due to unfortunate recent events, including the loss of a dear friend, Violet has had her super suit has been modified by her friend Dr. J'asira Summerstone (Techna Ology) and she has also gained a secondary suit for more dangerous situations.

To match, Violet has also updated her own personal look. Her old uniform and her new uniform can be viewed here:

Miss Pheonis's personal comments:

"After the events in the past year which have shaken my close friends and I as well as our world, we've all had to change a bit. I've been revisiting my training that was provided by Dr. Mentella Summerstone and tracking myself to see if I'm putting it all to good use and I found several areas for improvement. I've been in the background of the hero world for a while, just working to get myself back to where I was when I graduated. In addition to a mad rush by J'asira to improve some of our super suits, I've felt like I needed a new look as well, something more 'modern'. I wanted something less revealing, mostly because I'm visiting places which have different weather patterns and climates...and a revealing costume like I had previously, didn't always go in my favour as I was expending a good amount of energy to keep myself warm by generating additional coverings via my telekinetic constructs. Speaking of my constructs, I've kind of stopped wearing them for more routine missions or assignments or when I am on patrol. I've noticed that people don't really respond well to seeing lots of visible telekinetic armour, they do get a bit scared. It's something that was mentioned to me years ago, but I didn't really take notice until I've had several heroes over the years, mistake me for a PSI member and try to jump me. I don't know if I've hit the mark with this redesign but, I'm happy with the result and blown away by the other costume J'asira put together for me, I can see it being of great use if I ever run into a really dangerous situation. 2017 has been mostly about me getting into the hero world in a bigger way and I've received positive feedback from friends and other heroes so...I'm optimistic about the look. I can't say I'm super optimistic for the future, but I'm always hopeful. For now, I'm still a solo act, hopefully that'll change one day soon."

Limitations - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Teaching Notes for 2013 (contd.)

Student Ref: HM-108-97

Name: Violet "PsychBlade" Pheonis

Despite being an impressive student of mine and having progressed to where she is today, both mentally and in terms of personal development, PsychBlade does have various limitations, these limitations are either by personal choice or natural.

  • Lack of Concentration - If PsychBlade does not fully focus in combat her powers will fail her. Her "PK Blades" and her "Psi Blades" as well as her telekinetic abilities as a whole will not function without concentration, if she is significantly distracted or finds herself in a situation where she is heavily outnumbered she does run the risk of being in danger. This occurs because in order to fight opponents, her mind must be fully focused on the type of weapon she wishes to use, to avoid unnecessary mishaps, such as utilizing "Psi Blades" (with a high focus on psychic damage) on robotic entities, her weapons are also real world extensions of her imagination, if she does not focus they can easily disappear.
  • Limited Defenses - Physically, aside from her suit and psychokinetic armor, PsychBlade has very little in the way of self defense against incoming damage. Whilst her suit is relatively "impact proof", her psychokinetic armor provides a form of damage absorption but it is not able to fully absorb impacts. Her psychokinetic barriers are based on her own personal estimation of how strong an incoming attack will be, if this is miscalculated she runs the risk of taking significant psionic feedback alongside a slightly dulled impact. This is a contrast to the mental defenses I have created within her mind which put a stop to unwanted trespassing. To her credit she has worked hard to focus and generate a low level telekinetic field around her in addition to her armor which absorbs in coming fire, however this does take her time to generate, purely through the nature of the ability.
  • Overconfidence - A trait that seems to surface in the heat of battle, which can detract from her ability to focus and could land her in significant danger. If PsychBlade does not focus or underestimates her enemies she may land herself in a vast amount of trouble. This trait seems to only surface when numerous victories precede the encounter or fight in question.
  • PsychBlade is still human - Whilst her telekinetic abilities are impressive for a human mutant, they do not allow her to be extremely precise with her telekinetic fields, as a result, a stray bullet could easily catch her if she is not vigilant. She can die as she is still human, she can only recover from significant damage if she is able to reach a nearby opponent and use her Psi Blades, if not she may not survive.
  • Telepathic Reluctance - PsychBlade does not employ the use of her telepathy in combat, which as a telepath, I find extremely odd due to the various advantages which come about from using her telepathy in combat. I firmly believe that a number of injuries which she has healed from in the past may have been altogether avoided if she constantly scanned in combat, which I have taught her to do, she instead uses it in short bursts and rarely uses her telepathy to attack foes from a distance.


  • PsychBlade is part of the Alternative Placement Program and is available for registration to groups or teams interested in her.
  • PsychBlade's mind is fairly readable, however she has the ability to utilize mental shields to shield her thoughts if she needs to.
  • She does find using her telepathy slightly more difficult than her telekinetic ability
  • When out of the field and going through her civilian life, she uses her real name "Violet Pheonis", her family are aware of her abilities, history and present lifestyle.
  • Violet graduated from the Summerstone Academy on the 15th of May 2014. She has a temporary place in the Summerstone Sisterhood as Mentella knows that Violet will soon find another group as she has opted to remain on the Alternative Placement Program, despite her graduation.


Personality Assessment Excerpt - Violet "PsychBlade" Pheonis

Assessment Completed By: Dr. M. Summerstone


Surprisingly, despite the course which time and unforeseen events in her life have taken her and her past with PSI, Violet is a relatively optimistic person, her optimism seems to just be a trait which she has retained, I suspect it is what has kept her going, despite her trials. She is a socially competent individual and will readily interact with those she is surrounded by. She does have a tendency to be rather blunt when asked for her opinion, which can sometimes not be to her advantage. Her personality seems to drastically change in combat, she becomes overly focused and quite deadly. Her temper seems to inhibit her ability to focus to form weapons and she tends to prefer to walk away than face the situation.

Social Interaction

At the start, before Psi Serum infusion, Violet was a rather shy girl as her mutation was apparent in her eyes and this lead to rejection from social groups at a young age, which can be quite psychologically damaging for an individual, and can lead to cognitive biases which can alter self and other perception, leading to depression and other negative mental states. However, in an unlikely turn of events, the acceptance found at the hands of her small group of friends, PSI and The Sisterhood has potentially saved her from being subject to a mental disorder. Presently, Violet is a psychologically stable person and enjoys making friends, she has a tendency to gravitate towards those who are also mutants however as she better identifies with them, hence her close friendship with Bionic Bullet.


Violet is the "silent type" when she gets angry, she usually vents her anger on objects such as walls or stones if the anger is too much for her to bear. She is not the type to get overly angry or in fact allow herself to reach such a state of aggression, preferring to walk away. Her powers can be influenced by her temper. If an ally is wounded in combat, her blades have the tendency to hit harder, but this is not advised, as a loss of control could lead to loss of the perception of limits. She does not like speaking about her past in PSI as she feels great shame and guilt at having worked with them and if the subject is pushed she has the potential to get very angry and sad.

Psychology and Mental Health

Psychologically, Violet does not present with any of the disorders found within the DSM-V (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders). However she has been known to suffer from bouts of depression when allowed to reminisce about her childhood in detail, something she is only capable of doing when she is completely bored, which thankfully is very rare. Aside from acute depression which if analyzed could be described as minor episodes in her life, from which she has quickly recovered from, Violet is a psychologically stable individual. She prefers to be referred to as "PsychBlade" or "Psych" in the field and Violet when not in the field.


Miss Violet Pheonis is a relatively refreshing person to be around, however her bluntness and matter-of-fact comments can get her into trouble. She is almost always "up for a laugh" and enjoys working with a competent group of individuals. She is a fairly amiable person and does her best to impress.